Talisman Emperor (Mortal Dimension) Jumpchain

 kTalisman Emperor: Mortal Dimension Jumpchain

Books 1 – 7 (up to chapter 432)

By Qīng Tíng (a.k.a. Herid Fel)

Version 1.02

“Chen Xi was a jinx who radiated misfortune the way a torch radiated light, and everyone around him knew it. His entire clan was annihilated when he was young, and not too long after that his parents disappeared. His marriage contract? Poof. Torn to shreds and gone up in smoke before the eyes of everyone in the city, almost humiliating his grandfather to the point of suicide! Cultivation? No time for that, he had a family to take care of!

This is the story of Chen Xi, a youth forced to stop cultivating and instead craft talismans to pay for his younger brother’s tuition… and who, in the process, would rise to become known by all as the Talisman Emperor!

Crafting talismans. Physique refinement. Cultivating the supreme Dao of the sword. Comprehending the profound meaning of the laws…..

In this world where primordial beings roam freely, Chen Xi relied on outstanding courage and wisdom, and heaven defying fortuitous encounters to eventually step onto the peak of the boundless Great Dao, and control everything under the heavens!“

An English translation of Talisman Emperor (and many other xianxia stories) can be found at WuxiaWorld. I know that many people reading this jumpchain document are unfamiliar with the source material, so I included footnotes for many of the perks, techniques, and items to show where they appeared in the story. Feel free to check them out for more inspiration beyond what is included in this document. I’ve also included plenty of notes following the jump itself, so check there for details of how cultivation works in this world along with a basic primer in xianxia terminology.

This jump takes place in the Darchu Dynasty, a continent that is easily somewhere between hundreds to thousands of times larger than Earth in surface area (don’t think about the effects on gravity. It’s magic). The Mortal Dimension is relatively safe for a xianxia story: while there are dangerous demon beasts, ancient restrictions and formations that can trap an unwary cultivator, and of course other venal cultivators seeking to humiliate or steal from their rivals, the Mortal Dimension is not connected enough with the Grand Daos and Laws of the Heavens to allow strong cultivators (those of the Immortal ranks) to cultivate effectively, meaning that the few who remain in this realm are either the weakest of their kind or those who have returned for a specific reason which probably is not to make trouble for you. While the area surrounding a battle between cultivators might be destroyed, it’s rare that any battles even reach the level of besieging a town or city.

The Darchu Dynasty is relatively spread out, with towns and cities separated by weeks of travel even for cultivators capable of moving at great speeds. This has the effect of reducing some of the political struggles often seen in xianxia stories, as it is more difficult to project force. On the other hand, this leaves plenty of wilderness hiding secrets from past ages, rare spirit herbs thought to have gone extinct, and dangerous demon beasts with thousands of years of battle experience. While the story follows Chen Xi’s adventures, there are plenty of other cultivators capable of rivalingrivalling him. Each of those cultivators had their own fortuitous encounters, so it’s safe to say that there is much more available in this world than the narrow slice we see from the story.

The jump ends after ten years, barring drawbacks, or when you survive the Rebirth Fire and Thunder Tribulation and enter the Rebirth Realm of cultivation. Coincidentally, ten years is the amount of time it took Chen Xi to rise from the fourth stage of the Congenital Realm to the Rebirth Realm, which shows what a young genius can do. You can continue to cultivate to higher realms in future jumps.

You gain 1000 CP (ChenXi Points) to spend.

Origin: Cultivator

There is only one origin. You may choose the details, from “peasant boy” to “favored daughter of the emperor”: if such a person exists or could exist in the story, you can be that person. Alternatively, you may treat this origin as a Drop-In if you want to enter with no ties to anyone in this world. 

Choose age and sex for free.

Starting time: One day before Chen Tian Lee'sTianli’s “accident”. You are starting the same day that the novel begins, when Chen Xi is still known as Deadpan Chen, the publicly derided Jinx of Pine Mist City.

Starting Location

Roll 1d8 to determine your starting location, or feel free to just choose: 

1 or 2: Pine Mist City, home of Chen Xi and future stronghold of the Chen Clan.

3: Wandering CloudWanderingcloud Sword Sect, the preeminent sect in the Southern Territory. Alternatively, go to any other cultivation sect described as being in the Darchu Dynasty, such as the Merak Pavillion (home of powerful body refiners), the Whitecrane Sect (with their heavenly inheritance), the Wise King’s Estate (best for cultivation maniacs), or the Mistwater Pavillion (known for secret arts of divination).

4: Dragon Lake City, one of the largest cities in the Southern Territory.

5: Fort Desolate, one of the few safe spaces between Gloom Forest, Evilstone, and Silken City. You may still want to tag along on a caravan out of here.

6: Silken City, the capital of the Darchu Dynasty and future site of the Allstar Meeting.

7: Taotie City, where the Spirit Chef Gold Rankings will be held. It’ll take Chen Xi quite a while to get here… maybe you can compete in one of the earlier contests.

8: Free choice! You may begin anywhere in the Darchu Dynasty.


Choose four perks out of each price tier to discount 50% off, or free in the case of 100 CP perks.

Undiscounted Perks

Cultivation (free; mandatory): You are capable of cultivating, allowing you to gradually (or not so gradually) become superhuman by channeling the energy which permeates this universe. While you are not inherently skilled at improving your cultivation (at least, not without taking other perks), your potential is equivalent to Chen Xi’s – that is to say, effectively limitless. By default, you gain a cultivation technique suitable for qi refinement or one for body refinement, but you may choose to gain both for 100 CP. These techniques are suitable up toble up to the peak of the ble up toGolden Core Realm, and are equivalent to the stronger qi refinement techniques used by Chen Xi (Ice Crane Technique and Blackhole Void Technique). A couple alternative body refinement techniques are also listed in the Techniques section.

You begin this jump in the fourth stage of the Congenital Realm (the same as Chen Xi at the start of the story).

See the jump notes for additional benefits gained as you advance in cultivation.

Running Commentary (free): Everywhere you go, generic people in the background will comment on every dramatic action that you take. This only applies when you’re in public and someone could conceivably be around who is capable of noticing you. These people otherwise have no interaction with the jumpchain: they do not interfere with fights, offer enemies tactical information, or cause any other material effect. However, you may choose to toggle this effect off if you desire.

Dao Insights (200 CP)*: Simply put, a Dao Insight is an innate comprehension of a part of existence. Dao Insights can apply to a small facet of the world, such as “mist” or “tides”, or a more fundamental part of the world such as “water”. The latter are known as Grand Daos. Comprehension of various Daos provide additional strength for cultivation and martial techniques, allowing the cultivator to draw on their power for his or her own use. In higher realms, mastering these Insights allows a cultivator to attack and defend on a conceptual level.

Each time you purchase this perk, you gain mastery of a single Grand Dao or two lesser Daos. Alternatively, you may instead gain a strand of comprehension of twice that number (two Grand Daos or four lesser Daos), providing you a starting point on the road to mastery. 

* Special: Some perks, items, and techniques provide discounts for specific Dao insights.

Discounted Perks

Common Knowledge (100 CP): Cultivators travel mind-boggling distances, even to other dimensions, but no matter where they go, they seem to know the lay of the land despite apparently not spending any time studying geography, ancient history, and so on. Now you gain this same benefit. When you enter unfamiliar territory, you know the sort of basic knowledge about it that a visitor might have picked up after living there for a couple of years. You still may need to encounter something to jog your memory and realize what you know. For example, you might know that demon beasts are unfailingly loyal to those to whom they pledge themselves, but only realize that once you encounter a demon beast or hear someone discussing them.

Family Bonds (100 CP): Whether it be Chen Xi’s devotion to his grandfather and brother or the ties between members of a family seeking to oppose him, there is a surprising amount of loyalty within families in this story. You gain a measure of their good fortune – anyone directly related to you will never knowingly betray you, and the same goes for anyone within five degrees of that, including people who marry into your family.

Fifty Percent Of My Strength (100 CP): Your enemies hold back when first attacking you, rather than using all their power from the start. Even if you should defend yourself convincingly, they’ll continue to slowly increase the power of their attacks rather than seeking to overwhelm you completely.

Master Craftsman (100 CP): Choose a type of crafting from the following list: alchemy/pill refining, equipment refinement, formations, puppets, spirit chef. You gain knowledge and skill enough to be considered a master of your chosen craft throughout the Darchu Dynasty and the ability to quickly master fundamentally similar techniques in other dimensions/jumps.
Special: You may purchase this perk multiple times, each time using a separate discount.


Monolingual (100 CP): It’s not uncommon for cultivators to travel tens of thousands of kilometers between major cities in this world, but despite those great distances, everyone seems to use the same language, even down to the idioms. You’re no exception: you gain the ability to read, write, and speak this universal language, and you may choose to have any unfamiliar concepts or imagery you want to express automatically translated into something comprehensible by those around you.

For future jumps, you may choose whether you speak, read, and write every language in the setting with equal fluency or whether the setting retroactively only has a single language. You may make this choice on a setting-by-setting basis.

Shockingly Handsome/Fairy Maiden (100 CP/free): While it is not a strict requirement that cultivators also possess attractive appearances, it certainly happens to be the case more often than not. By taking this perk, you’re easily a 9 out of 10 as long as you aren’t literally covered in dried blood and dressed in rags.

Sword Cultivator (100 CP): While many cultivators use swords as part of their martial techniques, the term “sword cultivator” has a special meaning here. A sword cultivator bonds with his or her weapon to the extent that the sword becomes an extension of the body, allowing it to be used as naturally as breathing. Furthermore, sword cultivators exemplify Alexander the Great’s solution to the Gordian Knot - if a problem stands before you, cut! You gain both of these benefits: improved skill with swords, especially one that you consider to be yours, and improved capability and success when taking the direct approach towards any conflict or problem.

Vow Under the Heaven Dao (100 CP): The Heaven Dao dislikes nothing more than those who swear by it and then break their vows. The punishment from the heavens grows stronger against those of more powerful cultivation, so that even their trump cards and powerful armaments and Magic Treasures are not enough to save them from annihilation.

While any in this world can choose to swear by the Heaven Dao, taking this perk allows you to bring the Heaven Dao’s enforcement with you to future worlds. All will instinctively know the consequences of a broken oath, allowing you to convey to others the depths of your commitment, or to have them make that same sort of commitment to you. No one can be forced to make such a vow against their own free will, and attempting to do so brings down the wrath of the heavens upon the coercer.

Backing of Oracle Mountain (200 CP): You’ve gained support from Oracle Mountain itself: a clan so powerful that even those who have never even met one of its disciples have heard of it and are unwilling to risk angering it unless greatly provoked. While using its name as a shield too often will lessen the effect, you will always be protected from those more than a realm above you, who are unwilling to attack you directly. If you anger them enough, though, they may start arming their juniors against you.

In future jumps, this translates into a similarly powerful organization allowing you to draw upon its reputation to intimidate your foes.

Discerning Eyes of Wisdom (200 CP): You have an encyclopedic knowledge of spirit materials, magical treasures, and other things of that nature, and can identify them with only a short glance. Additionally, you’re able to accurately determine their fair market value in any market you know of. If such items are auctioned off, they will never go for less than your estimate.

Easily Forgiven (200 CP): So maybe you are the leader of an infamous sect following the Devil Dao, a group so evil that everyone in the entire Dynasty has a duty to kill you on sight. Well, everyone in your group, but not you specifically. You see, you have a way of being forgiven for anything done by a group with which you are affiliated so long as you didn’t personally carry out those actions. Heck, you might even be able to cash in on that relationship, gaining benefits so long as you can keep your group from doing more evil stuff in the future.  You are also a pretty girl.

Ingrained Memories (200 CP): Chen Xi first learned the basics of performing as a spirit chef when he was 17 years old, at which time he also promised his mentor that he would compete in the Spirit Chef Gold Rankings in the future. It ended up being nearly 15 years later that he finally kept that promise, and despite his lack of steady practice, he was just as skilled as the days of his youth.

In the same way, your skills remain fresh in your mind, capable of being brought to bear no matter how long ago it was that you last used them.

Killing Intent (200 CP): Those who participate in life-and-death battle soon develop an aura about them, expressing to their foes and onlookers their willingness to kill. Against weaker-minded foes, this aura can be disarming enough to cause them to hesitate or even flee, making their deaths all the more likely.

Whether you’ve never hurt a fly or have slaughtered millions with your own two hands, you now have the ability to focus a killing intent sufficient to unsettle even those who have cultivated to the realm above your own. You can also mask that killing intent, either to appear weaker than you truly are or to perform a perfect sneak attack against those cultivators who rely upon their spiritual perception to detect animosity.

Left-Handed Swordsmanship (200 CP): You’re able to overcome setbacks and trauma of any proportions with a positive mental attitude, moving on with your life without delay. Even if those setbacks have permanent consequences, like the loss of your main sword arm, you can still find a silver lining. Few prepare to fight a left-handed swordsman. This also improves your Dao Heart, as you can easily focus on what is, rather than what might have been.

Solitary Path (200 CP): While some choose to cultivate as part of a clan, school, or monastery, other cultivators travel alone, leaving both enemies and allies behind as they seek new realms and a more complete understanding of the Dao. Whether you choose to travel alone, you are certainly capable of it. Isolation, be it social or physical, no longer has a negative effect on your psyche. You also find it easier to focus on tasks even when they are tedious or boring. After all, if they are necessary tasks, it’s not as though you can rely upon others to do them for you.

Special: If you do not import or purchase any Companions in this jump, you may choose to take this perk for free.

Will Strand (200 CP): This technique is a powerful one, but comes at a cost. You connect your soul to a strand of will from a deceased cultivator of the Heavenly Immortal Realm, allowing them to use their strength and Dao insights on your behalf for the space of a single battle. Your power can effectively surge well beyond what you’d normally be capable of, but afterward afterwards, you will be in a severely weakened state for the next one to two weeks. While a Will Strand would normally have a limited number of uses (approximately two to five) before being exhausted, yours recharges at the start of each jump. In addition, you may gain a discount to one purchase of Dao Insight.

Akin to Phoenix Feathers and Qilin Horns (400 CP): You are at peak strength for your cultivation realm, and when you progress to a new realm or step, you rapidly rise to peak status once more while maintaining a solid cultivation foundation. You’re capable of threatening those in the realm above you, even to the point of being able to kill some of the weaker ones, which is practically unheard of. Despite this, others only judge you by what an average person of your cultivation realm would be able to do. They seem almost incapable of believing you to hold any hidden strengths or trump cards. Once a person has directly observed you using a trump card, however, they will be able to remember it and take it into account for their future plans (if they should live that long).

In future jumps, you continue to be a paragon of your kind, whatever that might be, and enemies continue to underestimate you by assuming you’re only capable of what a typical person of your apparent abilities could do. Expect for them to say things like “No matter how formidable he is, he’s only a single person after all!”

Cultivation Insights (400 CP): Cultivation is inherently an individual practice, a path to strength. While other cultivators can provide guidance on how to walk the path, each person must choose to take that first step. Now, in some ways, you are the path that others may follow.

You may teach the Cultivation perk to other people, though they do not gain the fiat-backed peak potential or cultivation technique described there, and they begin in the first stage of the Post-natal Realm. You are capable of developing original cultivation techniques, though it will take much time and effort to develop any techniques which are not tied to your own strengths.

Energy of Buddha and Devil (400 CP): In the same way that yin and yang are part of a single whole, you’re able to find balance between forces that would normally oppose or interfere with one another, allowing you the potential to master them all even if one would normally preclude the others. Furthermore, if one of those forces would normally corrupt its users, you are highly resistant to that corruption, or outright immune to it if you master its opposing force in equal measure.

Nepotism (400 CP): You need to be in the top ten ranking in order to advance to the next round of a competition, but you already lost your match? It’s a good thing that your second cousin is judging the fight, isn’t it? Once each year, you may choose to cheat in a competition or test, be it a martial arts fight, applying for a job opening, seeking to enter a cultivation sect, or even trying to impress a potential paramour. While others may notice, no one will call you out on it, and you’ll gain a significant advantage in the competition if the cheating doesn’t cause you to win it outright.

Profound Seal Storage Treasure Technique (400 CP): While true understanding of the Dao of Space is something only possessed by Immortals, there are techniques available to those of lower cultivation which still come in handy. Knowledge of this particular technique allows you to create small pocket dimensions linked to objects, effectively allowing large and powerful effects and items to be contained within a small space. This also could be viewed as a mystical form of miniaturization, shrinking things to one-thousandth of their usual size, possibly smaller in higher cultivation realms or with comprehension of the Dao of Space.

Special: Taking this perk increases the space inside any Storage Rings you purchase to 20 meters cubed, and makes the Skyswallow Yin-Yang Gourd’s suction force ten times more powerful.

Swiftly Advancing (400 CP): Remember what I said earlier about not necessarily being inherently skilled with cultivation? This perk will take care of that, along with any other difficulties which you might have learning anything that you set your mind to. Your training is ten times more effective than before, which by itself would probably put you on the edge of being a “Young Genius”. However, this boost actually doubles when you are learning things for yourself, rather than learning from a mentor, and removes all penalties which you might otherwise experience from the lack of instruction. This explicitly applies to learning and condensing Dao insights, which are always tied to an individual’s understanding of the Dao.

Vice-Induced Stupidity Method (400 CP): The antagonists of this world will frequently lose their minds upon seeing the riches held by others, or the beauty of fairy maidens, or simply when encountering someone who doesn’t show proper face. In each case, their primary vices overpower whatever common sense they may have had. This doesn’t make them less powerful, but their long-term planning definitely seems to take a hit, and they are far more likely to make rash decisions and use more direct and less subtle methods than might otherwise be prudent.

The same is now true of your foes in this world and future worlds as well. You may choose to toggle this effect off if you desire.

Wolf Amongst Sheep (400 CP): While nearly all cultivators learn various martial techniques, many of them only practice those techniques in sparring matches and demonstrations. You’ve learned that the only way to bring out the true power of these techniques is to use them in life-and-death struggles. You are capable of using lethal force without hesitation, and can unfailingly recognize when others seek to seriously harm or kill you. You can effortlessly target your opponents’ weaknesses and exploit them for the maximum in brutality.

Army-Defying Dead Soul (600 CP): A man with nothing to lose is at his most dangerous. When he discovered that the corrupt Li clan had killed everyone in the neighborhood where he grew up, Chen Xi fought against two armies of one-thousand elite Li clan guards. They were killed to a man, and he was just warming up. He could have defeated one hundred times that number without even being touched. In the same way, you too cannot be overwhelmed by mere numbers. If an enemy would not present a threat to you in a one-on-one battle, then any number of similarly skilled foes are equally useless in the face of your martial prowess.

Demon Beast Heritage (600 CP): While most cultivators whom Chen Xi encounters are fully human, there are a few who can claim a demon beast somewhere in their ancestry. Demon beasts are not inherently evil, at least not more than any other cultivator, and depending on the ancestral lines from which they descend, they can potentially awaken great power equal to Divine Abilities and Dao-grade martial techniques simply by cultivating to higher realms.

You may choose to be a human with demon beast ancestry or a full demon beast (which counts as an Alt-Form in future jumps). Either way, your lifespan is dramatically increased (on the order of thousands of years even before the effects of cultivation), and you can call upon your heritage to assume a battle form (in the case of humans) or your true form (in the case of demon beasts). You are effectively twice as powerful in this form than in your normal form. Most demon beasts consider it somewhat shameful to be forced into using this true form in order to win a fight - while you might not feel the same way, know that cultivators of this world are judgmental and may lose respect for you if you use this power frivolously.

Finally, you may either gain a Dao Insight of your choice or 200 CP to spend on techniques. In either case, the Dao Insight or techniques should relate to your heritage.

Fortuitous Encounters (600 CP): You have an extraordinary amount of luck, where even events which should result in significant setbacks leave you better off than you began. You’ve been thrown off a cliff? Not only do you survive, but you get to a hidden area at the base of the cliff before your enemies. Forced to flee through a demon forest? Your fights allow you to advance in combat acumen and body refinement, and you come across some rare spirit herbs while you’re at it.

Fuxi Statue Contemplation (600 CP): Chen Xi learned to visualize the Fuxi Statue, contemplating its intricacies and reaping great benefits: a stronger, hardier soul, a stronger Dao Heart, and an improved ability to comprehend complex systems as though they were simple ones. You need not visualize the Fuxi Statue: contemplating anything greater than yourself provides you the same benefits, allowing limitless growth of your soul’s power and defense, your Dao Heart, and your understanding of complex systems. Also, unlike other visualization techniques, you’re able to teach this one to other people with ease, even those who are wholly unskilled with cultivation techniques.

Reincarnated Heavenly Immortal (600 CP): This isn’t your first rodeo… or your first time cultivating. Your spirit was strong enough to retain some of its memories even after it passed through the Netherrealm, and that makes it a foregone conclusion that you can reach those ranks again. This is both rare and prestigious enough that most clans, schools, and sects would happily welcome you to their ranks to just bask in the reflected glory. While you may choose to hide your status, it can easily be determined to be true if you want to make it known.

Even though you can’t call upon even one-thousandth of the power you once held, you gain an immense advantage in re-learning the cultivation techniques, martial techniques, and Dao Insights from your past life. Even a strand of a Dao Insight is enough to quickly return to mastery, and you immediately gain mastery of a single rare Grand Dao Insight for free. Any other skill related to your past life is re-learned five times as quickly as it would otherwise be learned. 

In future jumps which feature reincarnation, you may choose another person to have reincarnated from, gaining the same sort of spiritual, social, and re-learning benefits from that past life. In jumps which do not feature reincarnation, you may instead slowly gain the memories of an important deceased figure from that setting’s past, effectively giving you the re-learning benefits along with providing you knowledge of any secrets that person might have held. In either case, you may alternatively choose to forgo these benefits, deciding on a jump by jump basis.

Soulfuse Arts (600 CP): While some powerful artifacts have Immortal Spirits which can briefly animate them, these spirits are somewhat limited. Though all are powerful and many are intelligent, they cannot cultivate and therefore cannot fundamentally change themselves. The Soulfuse Arts break this limitation, allowing a “loose soul” to bond with a Magic Treasure as a body and cultivate with a potential of at least the Heavenly Immortal Realm. While these arts are normally practiced with existing artifact spirits, it is also possible to use them to bind other souls. At a minimum, this makes the treasures intelligent and capable of wielding themselves, though the latter is draining.

Trade Specialization (600 CP): Few clans can survive without some edge, be it knowledge, political power, or commerce. You now have a great advantage in the latter. Any organization in which you hold a leadership role attracts talented craftsmen capable of improving upon the state-of-the-art in their field, whatever that field might be. You’ll encounter groups willing and able to provide the raw resources needed for your industry at a reasonable price, and lastly, you’ll gain access to markets where the goods can be sold profitably.

Talisman Master (600 CP): While most mortals’ exposure to talismans is the small, charm-like items that allow limited use of martial techniques, the Dao of Talismans is a Grand Dao which is the pinnacle of organizing and using other Daos and energy. Purchasing this perk provides you with the benefits of every specialty listed under Master Craftsman, a similar level of knowledge on the creation of the aforementioned minor talismans, mastery of the Dao Insight for Talismans, and the ability to use that Dao to control the power of all of your other Dao Insights to maximize their potential.


Choose four items out of each price tier to discount 50% off, or free in the case of 100 CP items. In addition, you gain a 400 CP stipend for Items. If an item provides a discount to a Dao Insight, CP from the stipend may also be used to purchase that Dao Insight.

The Essentials (free): You gain two sets of robes, sandals, and other clothing appropriate to the setting. They will generally resist wear and tear, blood, and damage from martial techniques, though if you fight continuously for weeks on end, they may still end up as little more than junk. You also gain a week’s worth of food, two waterskins, and a bedroll.

Storage Ring (first free; each additional 50 CP): A small ring which holds a pocket dimension approximately 2 meters cubed. It takes a trivial amount of essence to move something into or out of the ring, but only non-living things can be stored inside.

Clearmist Spirit Tea (100 CP): This tea has two major benefits beyond its superb flavor. Drinking a single cup condenses the True Essence and helps to mend minor damage to the soul. Each week, you gain enough tea to brew a full pot. For an additional 100 CP (undiscounted), you also gain the same amount of the Bai Clan Hibiscus Tea, whose benefits are over ten times as great: a single mouthful of that tea is comparable to 10 years of bitter cultivation for someone in the Golden Hall Realm.

Clear Stream Restaurant (100 CP): A small but prestigious restaurant, the Clear Stream Restaurant boasts a trio of spirit chefs ranging from two-leaf to six-leaf in quality. While it provides its owner a respectable profit each month, its true benefit is the preparation of various dishes brimming with spirit energy. It automatically resupplies itself with the necessary ingredients for dishes, updating its menu if new dishes are developed with materials from past or future jumps. You may choose to have this property insert itself into future jumps or keep it as a Warehouse attachment. 

Collection of Spirit Flames and An Ultimate, Illustrated Guide to Food Ingredients (100 CP, free for Spirit Chefs): These two books are each roughly the size of a volume of an encyclopedia, though the level of detail is closer to that of a college textbook. Together, they are the ultimate reference on preparing delicacies with spiritually powerful effects. Collection of Spirit Flames describes various spirit flames of different attributes from the first-grade to the fifth-grade, each of which is used with different ingredients and at different times in the cooking process. An Ultimate, Illustrated Guide to Food Ingredients lists tens of thousands of spirit herbs, fruits and vegetables, grains, demon beasts, wild animals, and so forth, as well as their effects when consumed. Even non-spirit chefs can benefit from their clear explanations of how to control spirit flames and how some poisonous plants, mushrooms, etc. can be prepared safely for consumption. An Ultimate, Illustrated Guide to Food Ingredients updates in future jumps to list ingredients from that setting. While they remain the same size no matter how much information or how many pages are inside, you will always open the books to exactly the page you were looking for if you have something specific in mind.

Dragonwhisker Carp (100 CP): You gain a koi pond as an attachment to your Warehouse, in which swim a number of Dragonwhisker carp. While pleasing to look at, their greatest value lies in the hands of a talented spirit chef. Their flesh contains abundant spirit energy, and a soup made from them allows women (and men) to maintain their beauty as they age. There’s always more fish in the pond no matter how many you take out. Additionally, both the pond and the fish will look after themselves, needing no further input from you to remain clean and healthy.

Essence Seal Pills (100 CP): Sometimes, it’s possible to have too much power. When heaven itself is willing to send down tribulations against those mighty enough to draw their attention, it can come in handy to limit yourself and avoid notice.

These little pills have two possible functions. The first allows you to set a maximum limit to how high you can train or cultivate, allowing you to solidify your foundation or ensure that you still qualify for challenges limited to lower cultivation ranks, and lasts until you choose to end the effect, which you may do at any time. The second allows you to temporarily reduce your maximum power, skill, and so forth to a level of your choice, and lasts until you choose to end the effect or until one year has passed.

You gain five such pills at the start of each jump, and instructions on how to make more of them with common alchemical ingredients.

Jade Slip (100 CP): While this appears to be a piece of jade approximately 18 cm long, circulating a small amount of True Essence through it reveals that it contains the information storage capability of a small library. Jade slips are often used to store knowledge of cultivation techniques and martial techniques, and have different grades (dark golden jade slips can store the most powerful techniques). Besides being compact, one other advantage of jade slips is that cultivators can review their contents nigh-instantaneously, no matter how much information is stored within them, while non-cultivators are effectively barred from using them.

You gain the knowledge of how to create more of these slips cheaply, and can choose to convert any of your existing books, scrolls, USB keys, etc. into jade slips.


Shadowtrack Treasured Talisman (100 CP): While technically a minor talisman, these little charms are of great benefit to those seeking to find a fugitive. With a small sample of a target’s True Essence, this talisman can track them for thousands of kilometers. It’s also possible to use a sample of the target’s DNA to track them, though if the target has no supernatural powers, then the range of the talisman is reduced to approximately 100 kilometers. Once attuned to an individual, the talisman cannot be reused to track someone else, though it can track that individual indefinitely.

You gain five of these talismans and instructions on how to make more of them out of common alchemical ingredients.

Spirit Vein (100 CP): This spirit vein attaches to your Warehouse or inserts into jumps in a hidden location (choose at the beginning of each jump), giving you easy access to a steady supply of True Essence to recharge yourself and improve your cultivation base. By itself, it’s useful to cultivators up to the Golden Hall Realm, but a talented formations master might find a way to concentrate its energy to allow it to remain relevant at higher realms as well.

Equipment Emperor’s Dao Measuring Stone (200 CP): Sometimes, you don’t know exactly what you know. Insights into various Daos, both lesser and greater, can be confused with normal understanding until one proceeds farther along the path to enlightenment. This stone pillar was developed by the Equipment Emperor to assist cultivators with recognizing the insights they have achieved… though naturally, most cultivators prefer to use it to show off how insightful they are in comparison to their peers. In order to be judged by the stone, a person simply approaches it and wills to be judged.

In future jumps, the stone extends to other kinds of knowledge beyond the Dao, and allows you to objectively assess the knowledge of others along any criteria you specify.

Frozen Soulshackle Needle (200 CP): This needle is delicate, a crystal as thin as a cow’s hair and 10 centimeters long. When inserted into a helpless or restrained foe, it shackles his or her soul, greatly reducing the foe’s ability to resist interrogation or punishment.

Goldsoul Divine Lotus (200 CP): Most cultivators of this world tread the path of qi refinement. While qi refinement strengthens the body, it doesn’t provide for the same sort of recuperative powers that body refinement provides. Thus, if a qi refiner suffers a crippling injury, he or she might have to live with that injury for centuries. The only alternative is to find a rare type of plant known as a soul lotus which allows a cultivator’s body to be reconstructed, potentially even more powerful than before. The most powerful of these is the goldsoul divine lotus. You gain one of these plants in your Warehouse. If destroyed or used to reconstruct someone’s body, you gain another one at the beginning of your next jump.

Icesoul Heartlotus (200 CP): This beautiful flower bridges the gap between earth and the heavens, calming those who meditate near it and allowing them to re-examine their past experiences objectively and move beyond past traumas. If destroyed or used for alchemical or equipment refinement purposes, you gain another one at the beginning of your next jump.

Inkjade Bloodlotus (200 CP): The spiritual counterpart to the Goldsoul Divine Lotus, the Inkjade Bloodlotus grows much more slowly, requiring a thousand years to grow a single leaf. It blooms into a pitch-black lotus flower upon reaching 12 leaves, at which point it can be harvested for its effects. Your Inkjade Bloodlotus begins with 12 leaves. While the Goldsoul Divine Lotus rebuilds the body, an Inkjade Bloodlotus rebuilds the mind and soul. If even the barest fragment of a soul remains, this priceless treasure allows the recovery of mind and soul from any sort of ailment. If destroyed or used for its recuperative powers, you gain another one at the beginning of your next jump.

Skyswallow Yin-Yang Gourd (200 CP): This quasi-Immortal Artifact is essentially the pinnacle of storage treasures, capable of holding living beings and containing a space over a kilometer in each dimension. It normally would require Immortal Essence to power a Skyswallow Yin-Yang Gourd, allowing it to capture things with a powerful suction force, but this one is also usable by cultivators who only have True Essence. When powered by Immortal Essence, it’s sufficient to capture powerful beings, up to a realm more powerful than the cultivator, but True Essence only allows beings roughly as powerful as the cultivator. Beings placed in the gourd unwillingly are greatly suppressed, and those significantly weaker than the gourd’s user are effectively in stasis. 

Treasured Vessel (200 CP): While most cultivators of the appropriate realm learn to fly, either with a technique or on a flying sword, there are also some larger vehicles out there. This treasured vessel is the size of a small palace, able to fly at twice the speed of sound and capable of withstanding a full-force strike from a Golden Hall Realm cultivator. It requires a trivial amount of True Essence to power it and effectively flies itself. It’s also approximately as luxurious as a palace in its furnishing and accoutrements, including fresh flowers, spirit herbs, and fine wine and fruits filled with spirit energy.

Violetgold Treasure Heaven Token (200 CP): A simple token which, when presented to the right people, gives you top-tier access to the Treasure Houses across the Darchu Dynasty. It gives similar access to financial markets, “old money” clubs, and things of that nature in future jumps, and your possesion of it or right to use those markets will never be questioned. 

Black Swan Wings (400 CP): This treasure takes the form of a pair of wings, black as ink with dark lights and lightning crackling between them. They allow a cultivator to fly at hypersonic speeds, far faster than normal cultivators of the Golden Hall Realm, for comparatively little Essence. Purchasing this item gives a discount on the Dao Insight for wind and the Dao Insight for lightning.

Boundless Secretrealm Discovering Pearl (400 CP): This tiny pearl is a treasure in its own right, but more than that, it is a path to greater treasures. A cultivator carrying this pearl can detect hidden areas (including pocket dimensions) within 50 kilometers, and reflexively knows whether they contain anything which he or she would consider valuable. Additionally, if any of the hidden areas are sealed off, circulating True Essence through the pearl allows it to act as a skeleton key, though some seals may require more Essence to bypass than its bearer possesses.

Buddha’s Trial Pagoda (400 CP): While you have a copy of the Buddha’s Trial Pagoda which Chen Xi will eventually acquire, it is unfortunately subject to the same damage. This means it serves as an immensely large storage-type treasure, sufficient to hold an extremely long river and countless mountains (and furthermore, living creatures of any sort), and it can be stored within your Violet Palace once you attain that realm, making it impossible for others to detect. You’ll need to find the proper Buddha equipment refinement techniques to revive the Immortal Artifact Spirit (see the Verdant Lotus Shadowbamboo below for a description of what such a spirit can do) and restore it to its former majesty. Chen Xi hasn’t managed to pull this off yet, so any other benefits of restoring it are unknown.

Dragonsoul Jade Pendant (400 CP): This jade pendant contains a Will Strand (per the perk) and a strand of the Blood Essence of a primordial divine beast, the Green Dragon. One who wears the pendant can call upon the Will Strand as normal, or upon the Blood Essence to temporarily improve his or her effective body refinement realm. One must be a body refiner to use the Blood Essence in this fashion, but unlike the Will Strand, there is no need to recover after using it. The Blood Essence recharges at the start of each jump in the same way as the Will Strand.

The pendant also makes it easier to cultivate, though in a mysterious (but significant) fashion. Lastly, at all times, the wearer is protected from disease and any sort of corruption from external sources.

Pitch Black Sickle (400 CP): This sickle is also known as the Scythe of Slaughter. Merely drawing the weapon causes plant life within kilometers to wither away and soil to begin to dry up and crumble. It is 3 meters long, with the blade of the sickle covered in talisman-like runes that emit black lights in the form of innumerable ‘杀’ (‘Kill’) characters. As one might imagine, this is an extremely lethal weapon, a fact which is apparent to all who view it. Purchasing this weapon also provides the benefit of Dao Insight for the Grand Dao of Slaughter, and allows the cultivator to create a Dao Territory, an effect that locks down cultivators who haven’t mastered Slaughter to a great extent.

Qian Yuan’s Treasure Vault (400 CP): Chen Xi encountered a treasure vault much like this one in the Oceanic Desert. While he had to fight several cultivators to get away with the treasure, you’ll have an easier time, as this vault attaches to your Warehouse or inserts into jumps in a location only known to you (you may make this choice for each jump). The Vault contains 4,096 doors, and behind each door is a space containing a particular item: medicinal pills suitable to aid in cultivation or to recharge Essence during battle, piles of rare materials like White Refined Gold, Water Netherstone, Six-Yang Crimson Iron, Azure Heart Wood, suitable for equipment refinement and alchemy, gardens filled with varieties of spirit herbs and flowers… in effect, if it’s a material used to craft something, it can probably be found here. The materials slowly replenish themselves so long as they aren’t completely used up (and there is no material which is singular - you cannot completely use up a material unless you are in a hurry to craft something big), and you can add materials from future jumps to the vault to have them gain the same benefit.

Seventhgold Swordbamboo (400 CP): This magical plant innately possesses the attributes of both metal and wood, and its stem is sharp like a sword. While it grows slowly (only 3 centimeters every 100 years), most Seventhgold Swordbamboos are blasted to dust by lightning the moment they sprout, and only one in 10,000 survive. Naturally, you’ve got one of the good ones, already one meter in length, and its dual attributes means it is particularly efficient and effective when using martial techniques aligned with those elements. Thanks to surviving all the lightning strikes, it also possesses an innate destructive thunder energy which is especially lethal to all ghostly things (a simple blow without using any technique would be enough to destroy a ghost equal in power to yourself) and grants a similar benefit to martial techniques associated with thunder or lightning.

Starruin Bow (400 CP): A pitch-black longbow, cold to the touch and unusually heavy to the point it is actually more than 5,000 kilograms in weight, but strong enough to allow a powerful cultivator to bring his or her full strength to bear. Moreover, a trace of ancient and desolate Shaman Energy faintly coils around it, causing it to seem mysterious and mighty, making it only usable by body refiners of the Golden Hall Realm or greater still. 

At least, that would be true for anyone else. So long as you are a body refiner, you can lift this longbow as though it only weighed a couple of kilograms, and the Shaman Energy that surrounds the bow supplements your strength until you become powerful enough to use it on your own. The Starruin Bow effectively has a draw weight which scales along with the body refiner - the challenge as you grow ever stronger may be finding arrows which don’t explode when you try to fire them.

Verdant Lotus Shadowbamboo (400 CP): This powerful wood-aspected Immortal Artifact is nearly three meters long, though its twists and curves allow it to be wielded by a cultivator of ordinary size. As the Shadowbamboo moves, countless runes drift out from it, taking the form of lotus flowers with Daoist scholars riding them. The Shadowbamboo is whole, meaning that it can call out its titanic Artifact Spirit, Azureflower Spiritlord, to animate it even though it would normally require an Immortal cultivator to bring out its power. To give an idea of what Azureflower Spiritlord can do: at 40% of his maximum strength (when used by an Earthly Immortal), he destroyed almost half of a formation powered by the blood and souls of ten-thousand sacrificed disciples and treasures collected by a minor sect over a thousand years in a matter of minutes. You can call upon 10% of his maximum strength even with your lower cultivation, though doing so will effectively use up all of your True Essence and require you to spend some time to recharge afterwards.

Colossal Copper, Profound Disruption, Element Inversion Mountain (600 CP): This Magic Treasure combines the powers of three different magical materials and treasures, all of them taking the form of a mountain over which you have telekinetic control. The mountain can shrink to the size and apparent weight of a fist, allowing it to be easily teleported, and then expand back to its full size with a base of 330-meters. When used, you can choose to apply any or all of the following effects in a 330-meter area around you, though these effects affect everyone in the area other than you.

  • The Colossal Copper Mountain function has the simplest effect: it increases gravity in the area to the point that it feels like a mass of 5000 kilograms is pressing down upon everything. It can also be dropped directly on people if that’s your thing.

  • The Profound Disruption Mountain function hinders the effectiveness of any Magic Treasure of the five elements, turning anything less than an Immortal Artifact into so much scrap if used for enough time.

  • The Element Inversion Mountain function causes most physical phenomena in the area to reverse: hot air sinks, blood and essence flow in reverse, and so forth. It doesn’t affect gravity or nuclear forces, and as always, sufficiently powerful cultivators can resist the effects to some extent, though doing so is draining.

Dark Parasol Divine Tree Seedling (600 CP): What’s this? Normally, Chen Xi would discover a sapling of the Dark Parasol Divine Tree when he entered Icesky City, but the Dark Parasol Divine Tree is said to bridge the gap between the Mortal and Immortal Dimensions, so it’s technically possible that a wisp of its soul could be found in the Mortal Dimension. While the Dark Parasol Divine Tree’s full power will come to fruition in the Immortal Realms, this seedling can be placed within your Violet Palace Realm once you have one, nurtured until it becomes a sapling, and then transplanted into your Blackhole World if and when you reach the Nether Transformation Realm.

But what does it do once it is implanted in your Violet Palace? Two major benefits: It ceaselessly replenishes your True Essence, over a thousand times faster than you would usually recover it, and it smoothes the path of cultivation. Even a mediocre cultivation technique would be equivalent to an excellent one, and while it slows your progression to higher realms, that is due to it making your foundations so firm and deep that any tribulations threaten you half as much as they would have before. This seedling also replenishes your Shaman Energy in equal measure if you are a body refiner, as well as any similar pools of mystical energy you might possess. Fully grown, it aids you in comprehending Daos and condensing Daos into Laws (which is well beyond the scope of this jump).

Dragon Transformation Pool (600 CP): Imagine if you could drain just a little bit of good luck from everyone in the entire world, concentrate it alongside a spirit vein strong enough to benefit Rebirth Realm cultivators, and bottle that up for five thousand years. The pool of glowing golden liquid that results is enough to supercharge a cultivator of the Golden Core Realm, providing them with enough baleful qi to form the most powerful kind of Rebirth Wheel when they reach that realm… so long as they can withstand the violent force it emits.

The Dragon Transformation Pool available for purchase is fully charged, capable of providing its benefits to ten people before needing five thousand more years (or the beginning of a new jump) to power itself up once again, and is just as dangerous as the one used by Chen Xi. On the bright side, that means that body refiners can use it for tempering just as he did. It attaches to your Warehouse, and optionally comes with an attendant who will pull out anyone about to die, though understandably, those who have to be removed accrue fewer benefits from the pool.

Fiendgod Corpse (600 CP): This is a little gruesome. You have the intact corpse of a Fiendgod, a creature so large that it can walk through mountain ranges as easily as a man could walk through rolling hills. Naturally, there’s a reason to want such a thing: every Shaman treasure (the body refinement version of a Magic Treasure) is crafted with body parts from a Fiendgod, and every body refinement technique above the Nether Transformation Realm requires a Fiendgod’s Blood Essence. Since the living ones take offense to anyone not of their race learning body refinement techniques, harvesting Blood Essence from their corpses is the easier option. Even below the Nether Transformation Realm, a body refiner could use this corpse to advance more quickly in cultivation.

You gain another such corpse at the beginning of each jump - hope your Warehouse can fit it.

Netherworld Register and Condemn Evil Brush (600 CP): Their simple appearance - a book and calligraphy brush - belie their awesome power. They are peerlessly sharp weapons when it comes to slaughtering evil and devils. The Condemn Evil Brush manages life and death, whereas the Netherworld Register manages leading souls to reincarnation, making it a powerful tool against various forms of necromancy.

The Netherworld Register also contains a Will Strand of the Netherworld Emperor, a powerful Heavenly Immortal who shook the heavens, while the Condemn Evil Brush contains a strand of insight towards the three rare Grand Daos which form the fused Grand Dao of Samsara: Paramita, Oblivion, and the forbidden Dao of Terminus (you gain this understanding in place of the discounted Dao Insight normally granted by Will Strand).

Unfortunately, cultivators who have not reached the Earthly Immortal Realm cannot fully control the power of these two artifacts. While they will eagerly wield themselves to fight devils and evil demon beasts and cultivators, once those foes are defeated, the Register and Brush will seek a more powerful wielder. Those who have mastered the art of equipment refinement and have powerful storage treasures will have the easiest time dealing with these unruly weapons, though a single use of the Netherworld Emperor’s Will Strand is enough to convince them to return to your storage treasure (with a recovery time of only a single day when used in this fashion).

Post-jump, the Register and Brush have deemed you to be their proper inheritors, and allow themselves to be used to fight evil as you see fit.

River Diagram Fragments (600 CP): The River Diagram Fragments are a remnant of the legacy left by powerful cultivators from a bygone era. With even a single fragment bonded, a cultivator’s fate is completely concealed from everyone from mortal cultivators to the Heaven Dao itself. While this means the cultivator’s future cannot be predicted, the cultivator can still be detected normally in the present (so tribulations when ascending to higher realms will continue to take place).

Each fragment also possesses great knowledge, allowing you to gain a discount on up to three different Dao Insights, cultivation techniques, or martial techniques. You gain the same three fragments that Chen Xi will obtain before he leaves for the Dark Reverie, effectively duplicates of the ones which he finds here.

You will be unable to complete the River Diagram in this jump - portions of it lie beyond the Mortal Dimensions, so even if you were willing to usurp Chen Xi’s birthright, you would be unable to do so.

Silken Mountainriver Diagram (600 CP): This Immortal Artifact takes the form of a painting picturing a verdant landscape with majestic mountains and rivers so lifelike that they appear to move. With a small amount of essence, a cultivator can enter the painting which expands to the size of a world. Time flows more swiftly inside the painting, allowing a year to pass when the outside world only experiences a single day. While plants and animals grow older accordingly, sapient beings still only age a single day, making it ideal for cultivation. The owner of the Silken Mountainriver Diagram can control who enters it, but cannot directly force them to exit it. Anything which can become an attachment to your Warehouse can instead be placed inside the Silken Mountainriver Diagram.

A Sect of Your Own (600 CP): Maybe you prefer a less nomadic existence than Chen Xi. That’s ok - after all, his brother was also something of a homebody. But if you’re planning on staying a while, you should have somewhere worthy of your majesty. You are now a member of a new sect equal in power, renown, and holdings to the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect which Chen Hao joined and where Chen Xi was briefly a guest elder. While you probably aren’t the leader of the sect at the start of the jump (that would be reserved for someone of higher cultivation), you are a Core Disciple at a minimum, and the rightful heir to leadership. You may choose to start this jump within your sect’s lands in place of whatever location you rolled.

After all, the beliefs of this sect are completely in line with your own, whatever those beliefs might be, and the other disciples in the sect are nearly as dedicated to them as you are. Compared to most other sects in this world, yours is remarkably free from corruption, back-biting, and internal strife.

This sect, including its members, follows you in future jumps and can be inserted into those settings or attached to your Warehouse.

Sky Dao Palace’s Grand Qi Atomic Sword Formation (600 CP): With a name like that, you know it has to be good. This sword formation consists of over ten thousand swords of high-grade earth rank and nine of top-grade earth rank. Once it is assembled, it can be activated to guard the borders of an area up to 5000 kilometers2. While those within the formation are able to exit it without weakening the defenses, the formation must be opened, at least in part, to allow entry. You are an exception to this rule: you may enter or exit at will without affecting the formation’s defenses.

The formation’s power is great enough to completely destroy anyone who hasn’t cultivated to the rank of Earthly Immortal, and it could conceivably be increased if you were to find more powerful swords with which to arm it.

Talisman Armament (600 CP): Cultivators grow stronger as they rise in realms, and so their weapons too must grow stronger to contain their might. Even the greatest Immortal Artifact would shatter like a twig in the hands of a Dao Lord. However, there are a bare few artifacts which have a limitless space for evolution. This Talisman Armament is one such item, built with the Scythe of Slaughter as a base and refined with Azure Divine Wood, Sunforce Metal, Flaming Divine Crystal, and Unity Darkwater, with a blade as thin as a cicada’s wing but more durable than an Earthly Immortal body refiner. While it does not automatically grow more powerful as its user cultivates to higher realms, the treasures to improve it are not rare relative to its power, and once refined by its owner, its full might can always be brought to bear, even when it has been improved beyond what the owner should technically be able to use. It also possesses an amplification effect on Dao Insights, allowing the owner to condense understanding so that a strand of insight quickly develops into mastery. 


You gain a 400 CP stipend for Techniques. If a technique provides a discount or special access to a Dao Insight, CP from the stipend may also be used to purchase that Dao Insight.

Cultivation Techniques

Universe Starslayer Body Forging Arts (200 CP): The Universe Starslayer Body Forging Arts is the most powerful body refinement technique capable of being cultivated up to the peak of the Violet Palace Realm. It connects the refiner to the power of the stars, allowing him or her to concentrate Shaman Energy to its maximum potential. It also allows the refiner to develop two sets of Dao Insights: the five elemental Grand Daos of Fire, Metal, Wood, Water, and Earth can be purchased as a single Dao Insight (treat as one Grand Dao); the same is true of the paired Grand Daos of Yin and Yang (treat as one Grand Dao). However, the power of this technique is not wholly without risk. If the refiner cultivates to the ninth stage of the Violet Palace Realm without developing mastery of all these Daos and two other Grand Daos, the technique will tear the refiner apart.

Special: A Talisman Master who has chosen to cultivate in body refinement may gain this cultivation technique as his or her free technique from Cultivation.

Nethergod Nine Cauldron Form (300 CP): As Universe Starslayer Body Forging Arts is to the lower realms, so is this Fiendgod body refinement technique in the higher realms. This art remains relevant well into the Immortal Realms: the simplest part of its cultivation is subjecting yourself to the greatest physical punishment that you can survive and rebuild your body into something stronger using the Blood Essence and body parts of Fiendgods as fuel. It can be cultivated to the Golden Hall Realm even without Fiendgod essence, but this takes longer and leaves the refiner weaker in comparison to another body refiner using the full technique.

Martial Techniques

There are innumerable martial and auxiliary techniques in the Darchu Dynasty, and only a few are described well enough to include their details in this document. Others are listed by name and a chapter reference: purchasing one of these techniques provides you with knowledge of the technique at the same level of power as described in that chapter. 

Purchasing a technique grants you a basic understanding of the technique, but mastery will require practice, preferably during battle or other perilous situations. For an additional 50 CP per technique, its power increases and develops as you cultivate to higher realms, scaling along with you.

Techniques described as Divine Abilities cannot be learned from jade slips like lesser techniques, and must be taught directly from a mentor who also possesses the ability. These techniques can only be learned by those fated to do so (or those who spend CP), making them much rarer.

Lastly, some techniques are described as Dao-grade. Developing these techniques provides an equal insight into their associated Daos, effectively providing the same benefits as the Dao Insight perk (beginning with a strand of insight).

Azure Brilliant Sun (200 CP): Dao-grade martial technique associated with the Grand Dao of the Sun. It creates a miniature azure sun, attacking with flame and gravity alike. Supposedly, every Dao Insight comprehended allows this technique’s might to rise by 100%.

Special: This technique is discounted for those who have purchased Dao Insight at least twice.

Driftshadow Voidlight Arts (200 CP): Dao-grade martial technique associated with the Grand Dao of Shadow. Those who also have some understanding of the Grand Dao of Light will find this technique improving in power and utility.

Formless Nightmare Sword (200 CP): Dao-grade martial technique associated with the Grand Dao of Illusion. By partaking of the power of illusions, the cultivator can change his or her weapon from a real to unreal state and back again, making it nearly impossible to parry the technique’s attacks... especially when combined with the other shadows and illusions which gain the same qualities.
Alternative: The Myriadshadow Lightconfusion Technique has very similar effects to this technique, including the association with the Dao of Illusion, and can be learned in its place.

Goldflame Sword Technique (100 CP); Dao-grade martial technique associated with the (lesser) Dao of Goldflame. Its most famous move, Goldflame Skysnare, locks down space around its target, but not requiring mastery of the Goldflame Dao to use it.

Grand Hidden Dragon Fist (200 CP): Dao-grade martial technique originating from Skycave Mountain. It contains the Daos of Illusions (Grand) and Shadowsouls (lesser) that were combined with the energy of a tiger’s soul. When cultivated to the limit, a single punch struck out possesses the might of a myriad of tiger roars shaking the nine heavens.

Grand Obliteration Fist (200 CP): Grand Obliteration Fist combines the forces of Yin and Yang to explosive effect, resulting in a fist technique that can cause hillsides to crumble. As a half-step technique, Grand Obliteration Fist is incomplete and does not grant any Dao Insights initially, but a clever cultivator can build upon these foundations to use other opposing forces in place of Yin and Yang. A cultivator who creates a conclusion for this technique gains Dao Insight into the rare Grand Dao of Obliteration.

Light of Sacred Sacrifice (200 CP): Dao-grade martial technique associated with the Grand Dao of Light. Using the technique requires the cultivator to sacrifice some amount of lifespan, and the greater the sacrifice, the greater the power that can be drawn upon. Even a year given up is capable of controlling light enough to subdue lesser gods, and when cultivated to the limit, it’s capable of summoning manifest Light Spirits sufficient to boil seas, incinerate mountains, and destroy the stars and moon.

Lunisolar Wheel (200 CP): The Lunisolar Wheel combines the gravitic force of a solar wheel with the slicing force of a lunar wheel. Even if someone is able to survive the lunar wheel, the solar wheel then attacks the enemy’s soul, sucking it away. This is a Divine Ability.

Myriad Convergence Sword Scripture (100 CP): This sword technique is the most circulated in the Darchu Dynasty, but is also the most difficult to cultivate to its final stage: Chen Xi was the first to do so in thousands of years. The first stage contains eight basic moves associated with a type of terrain, and each subsequent stage combines these moves and terrains in rapidly increasing complexity.

Special: This technique is free for those who purchased Energy of Buddha and Devil.

Nine-Python Heart Rend (200 CP): Dao-grade martial technique associated with the Sharpgold (lesser) and Illusionary (Grand) Daos. This technique can only be used when unarmed or when using tiger claws as a weapon. Every single claw image contained Sharpgold Dao Insight and Illusionary Dao Insight, causing real and fake to be mixed together, and every single attack possessed both a real and fake counterpart, causing one to be unable to guard against it.

Stellar Lightningform (400 CP): This Dao-grade Divine Ability is associated with four different Grand Daos: Water, Lightning, Star, and Devour (a Grand Dao which allows the cultivator to consume the strength and energy of those he or she attacks). When cultivated to an extremely high level, it’s capable of condensing stellar thunder vortexes formed from a myriad of stars outside the body, capable of swallowing enemies whole, but with the potential for backlash if the enemies are significantly stronger than you are.


Seventh-Gold Myriad Sword Technique (200 CP): This Dao-grade sword technique (associated with the Sword Grand Dao) is paired with a qi refinement cultivation technique which goes from the Post-natal Realm to the peak of the Violet Palace Realm.

Special: A Sword Cultivator who has chosen to cultivate in qi refinement may gain this technique as his or her free technique from Cultivation.

Hand/Fist Techniques (100 CP)

Grand Collapsing Fist (Chapter 24)

Grand Astral Palm (Chapter 107); A Divine ability associated with body refinement

Darkice Phoenix Palm (Chapter 297) 

Azurespirit Void Finger (Chapter 392); Dao-grade technique associated with the Azurespirit (lesser) Dao.
Yin Yang Skysplit Claw (Chapter 355)
Divine Waterfist (Chapter 235); Dao-grade technique associated with the Ragewater (lesser) Dao.
Icesplit Yin Palm (Chapter 235)

Sword/Blade Techniques (100 CP)

Chaotic Windsplit Sword Technique (Chapter 32)

Big Dipper Sword Scripture (Chapter 41)

Pine Crane Sword Scripture (Chapter 43)

Windflow Divination Sword (Chapter 63)

Oblivionwind Flowinglight Sword Formation (Chapter 93)

Whitegold Slaughteray Sword (Chapter 392); Dao-grade technique associated with the Whitegold (lesser) Dao.
Azurelotus Divinelight Slash (Chapter 235); Dao-grade technique associated with the Azurelotus (lesser) Dao.
Minor Ghastly Composite Sword (Chapter 235)

Bloodsky Voidslaughter Blade (Chapter 403); Dao-grade technique associated with the Bloodsoul (greater) Dao.

Mystical Techniques (100 CP)

Blackturtle Armor (Chapter 405); Dao-grade technique associated with the Blackturtle Dao, granting a peerless defense.

Frost Forbidden Arts (Chapter 392); Divine Ability

Goldjade Dragonform Technique (Chapter 402)
Godly Illusion/God Shaker/God Killer (200 CP): A trio of soul attack techniques, each usable at a different realm of cultivation (Violet Palace, Golden Hall, and Golden Core), but all of them cause distractions against foes of equal cultivation and the potential to crush the souls of those with weaker cultivation.
Lotus Steps (Chapter 192) - Despite the name, this technique is not a movement technique, but a means of trapping opponents in place.
Wheel of Corrosion (Chapter 297)
Blazing Prairie Seven Styles (Chapter 235)
Seven-Emotion Annihilation Point (Chapter 235)
Snowlion Soundwave (Chapter 235)
Staruin Shattermoon Arrow (Chapter 333); Divine Ability for body refiners relating to the Dao of Archery; allows a cultivator to create arrows out of Shaman Energy

Auxiliary Techniques 

Auxiliary techniques do not directly improve a cultivator’s battle prowess. They include footwork and movement techniques, stealth techniques, and sensory techniques. Techniques which change a cultivator’s form significantly are also classified as auxiliary techniques.

Footwork and Movement Techniques (100 CP)

Heavenly Dragon’s Eight Steps (Chapter 32)

Wind Flash Illusory Steps (Chapter 44)

Divine Windwing Flight (Chapter 63)

Starsky Wings (400 CP). The Starsky Wings have two effects beyond granting the power of supersonic flight (using a small amount of True Essence). First, they can disrupt martial techniques associated with the elemental Daos (fire, metal, earth, water, and wood), requiring a moderate amount of True Essence. Second, when cultivated to mastery (a feat which also requires the cultivator to reach the Golden Core Realm), it allows the cultivator to fuse with starlight itself and teleport up to 5,000 kilometers, though this is extremely draining in terms of True Essence.

Stealth Techniques

Traceless Aura Technique (100 CP): Simply put, this technique allows a cultivator to become completely invisible, both to normal types of vision as well as any form of soul perception short of Divine Sense, which is only possessed by those of the Rebirth Realm or greater. However, it can only be utilized in a motionless state.

Rippling Echo (200 CP): This technique creates energy strands like a spider’s web out to several kilometers, allowing the cultivator to detect anyone trying to hide their auras and at the same time disrupting any other forms of supernatural detection which might detect the cultivator.

Shadowless Steps (100 CP); (Chapter 235)

Transformation Techniques

Deity Transformation (200 CP): This Divine Ability allows the cultivator to grow three heads and six arms. While one could be forgiven for thinking this to be awkward, these extra heads and limbs are controlled as easily as natural ones, allowing a threefold increase in awareness and battle tactics.

Alternative: Heavenly Transformation, a similar Divine Ability, greatly increases the size and strength of the cultivator without a sacrifice in nimbleness. It can be purchased in place of Deity Transformation, or both can be purchased (and used simultaneously, combining their effects) for 300 CP.

Dragonsnake Godstrength (200 CP): When used, this technique surrounds your body with a black mist, transforming into a dragonsnake phantom that settles into your body like a set of tattoos. This phantom magnifies your killing intent, if you have it, and causes your muscles to bulge as they take on the essence of dragons, increasing their strength and durability alike. The strength from this technique can be converted into a soul attack, transforming the dragonsnake phantom into an enormous bell which attacks everyone in the area when it emits its droning sound.

Special: This technique is discounted for those who purchased Killing Intent.

Sensory Techniques

Eye of Divine Truth (300 CP): An extremely unusual and rare Divine Ability. Once one cultivated it successfully, a vertical eye would appear between one’s brows, and it was capable of seeing through the true appearance of everything in the world. Any form of concealment, stealth, disguise, illusion, charm… All of them would be incapable of escaping the sight of this eye.

It was even to the extent that when it was cultivated to an advanced level, a single glance was even capable of seeing through a person’s cultivation, the level of the person’s mastery in the Dao Insights the person had grasped, and the flaws of the martial techniques executed by a person. When utilized against an enemy, it would often be able to bring forth the shocking effect of allowing one to possess foresight!
Alternative: Penetrating Insight, a similar Divine Ability, was described as potentially being equal to the Eye of Divine Truth in power.

Stellar Aquamirror Arts (200 CP): This Dao technique belongs to the extremely profound arts of divination and is one of the secret techniques passed down in the eastern sea’s Mistwater Pavilion. It is capable of calculating the secrets of the workings of the heavens, allowing one to turn disaster into fortune. Every time it is executed, the technique consumes 100 years of lifespan of the person that executed it, as the heavens guard their secrets jealousyjealously. In future jumps, this backlash only occurs if you took Vow Under the Heaven Dao.

Companions and Followers

You may take one named 100 CP Companion from this jump for free. Purchasing a Companion guarantees that you will encounter him or her during your time in this jump and have an favorable first meeting, but Companions must still choose to join you. Followers begin the jump with you and do not need to be persuaded to accompany you.

Song Lin (100 CP): Song Lin can be lazy, and his desire for copious amounts of good food rivals Shaggy from Scooby Doo, but his loyalty to his friends is unrivaled and he has a functioning moral compass, which puts him ahead of most people Chen Xi encounters. Song Lin gains the benefits of Cultivation, Common Knowledge, Fifty Percent of My Strength, Discerning Eyes of Wisdom, Fortuitous Encounters, and one purchase of Dao Insight providing strands of insight of two Grand Daos or four lesser Daos (your choice). He also gains one martial technique of your choice (no Divine Abilities), though a Dao-grade technique that provides insight into multiple Daos replaces the previously listed Dao Insight.

Mu Kui (100 CP): Mu Kui is a demon beast cultivator, possessing the bloodline of the Lunarwood Wolf and capable of taking human form. In his case, a favorable first meeting will entail you beating him within an inch of death, at which point he will become your willing servant. For demon beasts, might makes right. Mu Kui gains the benefits of Cultivation, Easily Forgiven, Killing Intent, Wolf Among Sheep, Demon Beast Heritage, a Dao Insight of mastery of the Grand Dao of Wind and he owns a Spirit Vein.

Yun Na (100 CP): Like all women in this world, Yun Na is devastatingly beautiful. She also holds the distinction of having some of the worst luck of anyone who isn’t Chen Xi: born to a maidservant who was raped by her employer, she was soon effectively an orphan when her mother died from an illness, and was then mistreated by everyone in her clan. She is primed to fall in love with anyone who can protect her from her clan and who treats her with even the smallest amount of kindness. Yun Na gains the benefits of Cultivation, Common Knowledge, Fairy Maiden, Fifty Percent of My Strength, Left-Handed Swordsmanship, Solitary Path, Swiftly Advancing, Vice-Induced Stupidity Method, and she gains the item Dragonwhisper Carp. She also gains one martial technique of your choice.

Flamist Sparrow (100 CP): While the Flamist Sparrow is often an arrogant jerk, he’s also capable of backing up a lot of his boasts. He is a demon beast cultivator, descended from a primordial flying beast with a noble bloodline. When you meet him, his cultivation is higher than your own, up to the peak of the Golden Core Realm, but this does make it more challenging to impress him with your strength. Flamist Sparrow gains the benefits of Cultivation, Killing Intent, Wolf Among Sheep, Demon Beast Heritage, and Dao Insights relating the mastery of the Grand Daos of Fire and Wind.

Companion Import (100 CP): You may import companions for 100 CP each, or take the package deal of up to eight companions for 400 CP. Companions gain 600 CP, all the standard discounts for perks and items (except for 100 CP perks and items), and half the usual amount of CP from stipends. They cannot take drawbacks or purchase companions or followers of their own. You may also use this option to create new Companions from this world.

Canon Companion (100 CP): You may take any character encountered in Chapters 1 - 432 of Talisman Emperor as a Companion for 100 CP, with the exception of characters who cultivated to the Immortal Realms or beyond (who may not be taken), and Qing Xiuyi and Chen Xi, either of whom cost 200 CP (though you may take them both as Companions for 300 CP total). All Canon Companions automatically gain the Cultivation perk; assume they gain other perks and items related to their roles in the story as appropriate, up to the same amount granted by the Companion Import option. Qing Xiuyi gains Akin to Phoenix Feathers and Qilin Horns, Swiftly Advancing, and Reincarnated Heavenly Immortal for free on top of this, while Chen Xi gains Talisman Master, River Diagram Fragments, and Talisman Armament for free on top of this.

Azure Shuttle Swallows (100 CP): This flock of a dozen demon beasts vaguely resembles swallows, which is fitting for beasts descended from the primordial beast Driftshadow Sparrow. While not much more intelligent than normal birds, Azure Shuttle Swallows are swift as the wind and extremely skilled at sudden assaults, making them natural assassins. However, they are extremely fragile - if struck by a cultivator of the Violet Palace Realm, they would be basically unable to survive. These swallows are considered followers, and if any should die, you gain a new swallow each day.

Pixiu (400 CP): Imagine a fluffy white lion with jet-black eyes, only the size of your palm, but he can somehow eat Magic Treasures, spirit herbs, and magical materials like no one’s business. In exchange for eating all of your loot, he purifies and improves your luck and karmic luck to a level that some might call it “plot armor”. Oh, and his bloodline is so pure that the only way he’ll ever take on a human form is if you import him that way in a future jump (at which point he counts as a Companion rather than a follower).


Sit Down and Stay A While (0 CP): You may choose to extend your time in this jump indefinitely, rather than leaving after ten years. Notably, this allows you to stay the extra three or so years required to participate in the Allstar Meeting in Silken City. Cultivating to the Rebirth Realm will still end your time here. You may also choose, at any time, to end your stay in this jump once you have finished the initial ten years, should you decide you no longer wish to remain.

Annoying Nickname (+100 CP): You’ve picked up a moderately annoying nickname which people use to mock you. Everyone in your starting location seems to know it, though you may be able to escape it if you travel far enough.

Bad at Math (+100 CP): Whenever you need to do arithmetic or even simple estimates, you’re easily off by orders of magnitude. You’d better hope no merchants take advantage of you. For an additional 100 CP, you’re also bad at navigation. Geography, geometry, what’s the difference, right?

Narcissist / Boy-Crazy Ditz  (+100 CP): You resemble in personality Qiao Nan (who is unable to speak without praising himself in some fashion) or Pei Pei (who is in love with every boy).

Obliviousness (+100 CP): Most of the time, you’re pretty good at picking up on social cues. Well, ok, the social cues which indicate that someone is about to try to kill you. This romance stuff? Totally alien to you. Two women could be flirting with you at the same time, and it would just leave you confused as to why they seem to not be getting along with one another. The only way you could tell that someone is attracted to you is if he or she directly stated it, and you forget any prior professions of affection from imported Companions, as well as forgetting that you took this drawback.

Precociousness (+100 CP): You start the jump as a young child, already capable of speech. All of your powers and abilities (including those from this jump) are reduced to one percent of their normal effectiveness, growing in strength until you reach adulthood at which point they have regained their full strength. Your time in this jump extends, with the standard ten years beginning once you have reached your starting age. Any other drawbacks you select from this document do not take effect until you reach that starting age with the exception of There is Only the Dao and Jinx.

Sense of Scale (+100 CP): The scale in many xianxia novels appears nonsensical, but this one is particularly egregious. You seem to be the only one who is aware of this, you have to deal with it, and you can’t let it go. Good luck getting across town.

Famous, in a Bad Way (+200 CP): Everyone has heard of your rare techniques and items, even if you’ve done everything you could to hide them. Expect for your enemies to use this knowledge to prepare counter-measures for them, and for others to seek to steal them from you. For an additional 100 CP, they are also aware of your out-of-jump capabilities and items before you use them.

Southern Barbaric Nether Domain (+200 CP): The Southern Barbaric Nether Domain is the site of a trial designed to challenge young masters and promising geniuses of the Southern Territory. While there are plenty of places in this world which have dangerous demon beasts, secret realms full of treasure, and so on, this particular area is notable for preventing the normal regeneration of True Essence and its lack of spirit veins. Those who wish to succeed in the trial must use external means to regain essence, such as the creations of a spirit chef.

No matter where you go during the first two years of this jump, you are subject to this same effect, including the lack of spirit veins. While it is possible to use alchemical pills or five-leaf spirit chef creations to regain essence, using items which are considerably stronger than your cultivation can cause damage to it: Chen Xi was knocked out for several weeks after using pills meant for the realm above him, and he was already capable of fighting cultivators of that realm.

Sudden Arrival of the Tribulation (+200 CP): You thought you had a pretty good handle about how this cultivation stuff worked. You’ve been increasing to the peak stage of your realm, but what’s this? Heaven is trying to strike you down?! You forget all about tribulations until you’ve experienced one for yourself, and future ones come at the least opportune times. You also experience one additional tribulation in each realm beginning in the Violet Palace Realm, usually when leaving a middle stage, though these “half-step” tribulations aren’t as powerful as the ones involved in advancing to a new realm.

“You’re Courting Death!” (+200 CP): Get used to hearing that phrase. Cultivators are thin-skinned at the best of times, but they seem to go out of their way to be offended by you. Expect the sort of unreasonable behavior that Chen Xi frequently encounters, like being told to hand over all of your belongings peacefully so that your corpse won’t be defiled.

Beast Tide Crisis (+300 CP): A wave of demon beasts is attacking all the humans in the location where you start this jump (and yes, even if you take another Alt-Form, you’re still getting attacked as well). You’ll be unable to escape by normal means (including flight) until they’re dealt with. Most of the demon beasts are around five-star or six-star Violet Palace Realm, though the strongest one or two have entered the Golden Hall Realm.

The Five Great Villains of Firecrow Town (+300 CP): Chen Xi had to take several detours on his way to Silken City, and one of them took him through Firecrow Town. Firecrow Town is effectively a penal colony for the most sociopathic cultivators in the Darchu Dynasty (and once again keep in mind this is a place where “give me all of your stuff and I will leave your corpse intact” is considered a relatively normal request). We’re talking “lights people on fire so he can fall asleep to their screams” and “plants flowers in the skulls of enemies who have been buried alive” level of sociopathy. Now, the five great villains of Firecrow Town have escaped, and you’ve been charged with killing them or capturing them and bringing them back to serve the rest of their life sentences before your jump ends. 

If you defeat them without killing them, and you like sociopathic villains for some reason, you can take any or all of them as Companions (use the Canon Companion rules for guidance).

Suppressed Cultivation (+300 CP): The demon beasts that Chen Xi encountered in the Southern Barbaric Mountain Range were unable to advance their cultivation beyond the Violet Palace Realm or escape their section of the mountain range due to the suppressive effects of the first River Diagram Fragment. Your starting location is now somewhere within that space, and you are subject to the same restrictions of those demon beasts: until someone removes the River Diagram Fragment underneath the Profound Disruption Mountain, you will be unable to advance your cultivation beyond the Violet Palace Realm or leave that space by any means. The River Diagram Fragment resists the efforts of those not fated to have it (that is, those who are not Chen Xi). 

There is Only the Dao (+300 CP): The Dao is everything, and yet, there are many who are distracted by the ways of the world and cannot find it. To aid you in your focus, you lose access to all perks, powers, and items not purchased in this jump and to your Warehouse. An exception is made for things purchased in other xianxia jumps.

For an additional 100 CP, you also start at the first stage of the Post-natal Realm rather than the fourth stage of the Congenital Realm. While there isn’t a tribulation involved in going from Post-natal to Congenital, it does mean that you’ll be even weaker from a cultivation standpoint than many preteens until you get your act together.

Blacksun Ambush (+400 CP): Within the first half of this jump, your existence will offend someone enough for them to hire the Blacksun Pavilion, the preeminent assassins of the Darchu Dynasty and beyond. You have a choice: give up on something you hold dear, or face an elite team of 168 assassins.

All the assassins sent after you are your cultivation level, or the equivalent cultivation to your out-of-jump powers, to a maximum of the perfection stage of the Golden Core Realm. The Blacksun Pavilion is known for never failing an assassination contract. Good luck.

Heavenly Fragrance of Intoxication (+400 CP): No matter how powerful a cultivator you are or might become, no matter your immunity to all diseases and poisons or powerful Dao Heart, this strange mellow aroma is enough to overcome you entirely. You’ll encounter it at least once before you are halfway through your time in this jump, along with two other enemy cultivators of the opposite sex who are a realm above you, and all of you will be driven to… let’s call it “exchange Yin and Yang energy”, to put it politely. While this does provide a small boost to your cultivation, it also results in any women involved becoming pregnant (whether that is you or your enemies), and those enemies will seek your death even more fervently than they might have before. They also will cultivate as swiftly as you do, remaining roughly the same level of threat to you for the remainder of the jump.

If you are somehow able to convince the cultivators to give up their grudges (and to be clear, this is an extremely difficult task), you may take them and any of your children along as Companions.

Jinx (+600 CP): Chen Xi’s main nickname growing up was “the Jinx”. His clan was destroyed on the day of his birth, his grandfather crippled when he was a year old, his mother disappeared when he was two, his father left at three, and his arranged betrothal with another family’s heir was dissolved when he was four.

You now have the same sort of luck as Chen Xi had when he was young, as though your life was an object lesson of Murphy’s Law. This bad luck is not directly lethal, though it is likely to put you in situations which are lethal, emotionally painful, or both. All other luck-related perks, items, etc. which you might possess from this jump or from other jumps are nullified.

Scenario: A True Immortal

By default, this jump ends if the jumper cultivates beyond the Golden Core Realm into the Rebirth Realm. This was when Chen Xi left the Darchu Dynasty and entered the Primeval Battlefield, a dimension dedicated to fighting where he had to deal with even more powerful foes, including Bing Shitian (his initials are B.S., and that’s not a coincidence). Chen Xi’s adventures continued for another 12 years as he increased from the Rebirth Realm to the first rank of the Earthly Immortal Realm.

If you take on this scenario, the jump no longer ends if you cultivate to the Rebirth Realm. You must qualify for the Allstar Meeting (requiring you to enter the Golden Core Realm before the age of 30, and not be a member of a forbidden sect), held in Silken City approximately 12 years after the start of the jump, and finish in the top ten. This is a competition for Golden Core cultivators, so use of anything which is blatantly out-of-context would cause you to be disqualified. This is unrelated to the raw power: shooting a machine gun is out-of-context (and probably ineffective), while transforming into a kaiju alt-form would probably be taken as an unknown transformation technique. Of course, if the out-of-context ability is subtle enough, that’s also fine: you would have to be caught for it to be an issue. 

This qualifies you to be sent to the Primeval Battlefield as a representative of the Darchu Dynasty. As a reward for placing in the top ten, you are allowed to enter the Dragon Transformation Pool, gaining its benefits as described above, and you are granted a heaven-rank Magic Treasure and Dao Insight Origin Pill by the Emperor of the Darchu Dynasty. Treat these bonuses as an additional 200 CP stipend for items, and a Dao Insight which can only be used to master a Grand Dao. If you were also one of the top three finishers, you additionally gain a Martial Technique from the Emperor’s Vault (you may choose any listed in this jump document or create one of your own of comparable power and breadth).

Once in the Primeval Battlefield, you must make as great a name for the Darchu Dynasty as Chen Xi does, remaining comparable to him in power and cultivation realm. Chen Xi must survive to become an Earthly Immortal as well, for you cannot remain comparable to him if he no longer lives; however, Chen Xi’s ascension to the Immortal Realms will happen so long as you do not seek to sabotage him. Note that cultivating to higher realms involves ever more dangerous trials and tribulations, so your greatest concern may well be your own survival. Success in this stage of the scenario grants you an additional 300 CP which can be spent anywhere, and you gain the Cultivation Insights perk if you did not already have it. Your skill at developing cultivation techniques suited to others improves, and those whose potential you awaken are guaranteed the capability to reach the Violet Palace Realm, at which point further cultivation will depend on their foundation and dedication.

You may not voluntarily end the jump early if you take this scenario, and may choose to not spend all your CP at the start of the jump in order to make larger purchases with the benefit of the item stipend and/or bonus CP, though this risks losing the unspent CP if you do not complete the scenario. If you fail to place in the top 10 in the Allstar Meeting, the jump ends with no further consequences. If you fail to keep up with Chen Xi on his way to Earthly Immortal, you retain the benefits already received from the Allstar Meeting, but do not gain the benefits of the second half of the scenario. Lastly, if you somehow cause Chen Xi to die, you fail the scenario, ending the jump regardless of whether you have reached the Earthly Immortal realm.


Stay Here: If you would end this jump by entering the Rebirth Realm and wish to stay, you may choose to enter the Primeval Battlefield, same as the other winners of the Allstar Meeting. It’s better for your cultivation, if not necessarily for your safety. If the jump is ending due to time, then you stay where you are.

Go Home: This is rather self-explanatory.

Move On: Continue on to future jumps! If the Talisman Emperor (Immortal Dimensions) jump exists and I wrote it, you may go to that jump automatically with an additional 400 CP to spend there.


Setting Lore

Mortal Realms4

The path of cultivation was divided like this: Postnatal Realm, Congenital Realm, Violet Palace Realm, Golden Hall Realm, Yin-Yang Golden Core Realm, Rebirth Realm, Nether Transformation Realm, and the Earthly Immortal Realm. [Higher realms exist, but are well beyond the scope of this document.]

The Postnatal Realm was divided into nine stages that cultivated True Essence within the body to clear the arteries and the veins, and it provided an increase in one’s lifespan of 60 years. After arriving at this realm, one would be robust and strong with Blood Essence that surges like a tide, and they will be devoid of disease. The cultivators of this realm are roughly equivalent to comic book humans like Black Widow or Hawkeye - close to peak human in the real world, and slightly exceeding it in a couple of ways.

The Congenital Realm was also divided into nine stages which practice breathing the energy of the heavens and the earth to cultivate the heart and stabilize the mind, and it provided an increase in one’s lifespan of 100 years. Upon arriving at this realm, one will have cleared and slipped out of their mortal shell to allow the physique to contain spirit; however, among the myriad people in the world, very few were able to step into the Congenital Realm! The Congenital Realm consists of nine stages, sometimes also described as “clouds”. The cultivators of this realm are roughly equivalent to comic book peak humans, closer to Batman in the lower clouds and Captain America in the higher ones.

The Violet Palace Realm steals the energy of heaven and earth to develop a Violet Palace within the Dantian. Every time one’s cultivation level increases, a True Essence star would appear within their Violet Palace, and when nine stars were strung together, the Violet Palace can be considered to have attained perfection. Thus, the nine stages of the Violet Palace Realm are sometimes also known as “stars”.

This realm was also called the Realm of Touching Stars. Arriving at this realm provided an increase in one’s lifespan of 500 years, and the cultivator’s appearance would only change slowly as the years pass. Only after reaching this realm could it be said that a cultivator had established the foundation of cultivating in the Dao and had truly stepped onto the road to immortal cultivation. A Violet Palace cultivator in the first cloud would be roughly equivalent to a DC Atlantean in terms of physical abilities (multi-ton strength and enhanced durability), with higher realms becoming more like Aquaman or WWII-era Namor. Their martial techniques allow for manipulation of energy along the lines of Electro.

In the Golden Hall Realm, cultivators no longer need to eat or drink to sustain their bodies (though most still do unless they are cultivating or crafting something which cannot be interrupted). The Golden Hall Realm consists of four stages: initial, intermediate, advanced, perfection. In order to reach the Yin-Yang Golden Core Realm, the cultivator must absorb Yin and Yang energy from earth and the heavens, then cross the Wind and Fire Tribulation. In terms of strength, a Golden Hall cultivator could use a bow weighing 5,000 kilograms effectively in combat. The movement techniques of this realm allow for supersonic flight, as well as being able to take “steps” of 20 meters. Energy manipulation using martial techniques is on the level of the Human Torch or Storm. 

The Yin-Yang Golden Core Realm (or Golden Core Realm for short) consists of the same four stages as the Golden Hall Realm. The cultivator’s soul perception improves along with the rest of his or her power, but the other ability gained in this realm can only be used a single time. The cultivator can concentrate and move his or her Golden Core outside of the dantian and detonate it. This explosive force is enough to threaten cultivators even up to the Nether Transformation Realm, but if the cultivator is not killed by the attack, he or she cannot ever cultivate again. Strength and durability increases to the “flying brick” level, akin to Juggernaut or Wonder Woman (at her strongest, e.g. daughter of Zeus). The movement techniques of this realm are one or two orders of magnitude greater in speed and distance than those of the Golden Hall Realm, along with the start of techniques that allow long-distance teleportation. Manipulation of energy approaches the levels of Iceman and Magneto in their higher-end capabilities.

To reach the Rebirth Realm, the cultivator must condense a Rebirth Wheel from his or her Golden Core and primordial spirit (if a qi refiner) or a Rebirth Golden Body (if a body refiner), then survive the three waves of the Fire and Thunder Tribulation. If a cultivator is practicing qi refinement and body refinement and both are in the Golden Core Realm, the Fire and Thunder Tribulation can become a Phoenix Tribulation. This increases the number of waves to four and makes them more difficult, but allows a Rebirth Wheel and Rebirth Golden Body to be condensed simultaneously. Both the Rebirth Wheel and Rebirth Golden Body allow a refiner to effectively come back from the dead. Gaining either of these acts as a 1-Up which can be used whenever the Jumper would die from physical wounds, except for wounds to the head or heart. Using this 1-Up requires the Jumper to cultivate in order to recreate the Rebirth Wheel/Golden Body: normally a process of dozens of years, though genius cultivators can recreate them more swiftly, to a minimum of one year.

Beyond the scope of this jump, unless you take the optional scenario, the next realms of cultivation are Nether Transformation, Earthly Immortal, Heavenly Immortal, and Mysterious or Profound Immortal. The realms above these do not yet appear in the English translation of the story. For the purposes of the scenario, assume that capabilities of Rebirth Realm, Nether Transformation, and Earthly Immortal scale in power in a similar fashion to the previous realms, but change little in capability (teleportation becoming possible/more common beginning in the Rebirth Realm, but generally requiring larger formations and tons of energy to travel between dimensions). 

The sections above written in italics are my interpretation of capabilities of cultivators in each of the various realms. The author was not consistent - while the numbers were always big, they changed around to serve the plot he wanted to tell (sometimes increasing them to threaten the protagonist more or decreasing them when the protagonist reached a new realm so that he didn’t have to deal with the consequences of granting those capabilities), and the world was so large and spread out that a 50-kilometer furrow wouldn’t actually seem to hit anything. If you prefer a version of the story with more biggatons, there’s equal support for that - you can play around with anything at the Violet Palace Realm and above being one or two orders of magnitude more powerful if you desire. 

Soul Perception

Ordinarily speaking, Postnatal Realm cultivators tempered the senses of their body.

Congenital Realm cultivators instead condensed a Perception to comprehend the heaven and the earth. In the ninth stage of the Congenital Realm, this force can sweep out tens of meters from the cultivator, and the range increases by orders of magnitude in higher realms.

Violet Palace Realm cultivators transformed the Perception into Perception Force and they were able to control Magic Treasures with it. It additionally aids the memory, so that a book equivalent to the volume of an encyclopedia could be memorized within five days.

Golden Hall Realm cultivators instead molded the Perception Force into Spiritual Perception, and they were able to comprehend the Heaven Dao a step further.

Golden Core Realm cultivators were fused and connected with Yin and Yang, and the intersection of the Yin and Yang allowed them to condense Divine Perception. When the Divine Perception was combined with their gold core, it was able to exert unbelievably profound effects. It effectively allows the cultivator’s vision to leave his or her body, peering down from the skies with acuity greater than an eagle’s.

Rebirth Realm cultivators instead gain Divine Sense, which is capable of seeing through many illusions and traps that would confound even the soul perception of the lower realms.

Body Refinement

But the strength of a body refiner was extremely shocking, as a body refiner completely dominated all qi refiners of the same cultivation. This was indisputable!

After body refinement attained the Violet Palace Realm, the vitality of the body and lifeblood was extremely vigorous and it allowed the ability to regrow limbs. If one wanted to kill such an opponent, then the only way was to pierce through the head or heart! 

Essence and Energy

There are several kinds of different essences and energies which show up, even before Chen Xi travels from the Darchu Dynasty to the Dark Reverie.

The most common is True Essence, which is the closest to qi energy. Any references to “Essence” without any other qualifier can be assumed to be True Essence. It’s used by qi cultivators who haven’t reached the Immortal Realms of cultivation, when True Essence is converted into the more powerful Immortal Essence. Both of these types of Essence are stored in the dantian, a mystical organ which forms in the lower part of the torso as part of cultivating in the Postnatal Realm.

All people have Blood Essence, which is sort of like a cross between the concepts of “vital blood” and DNA, making it unique to each person. Some Magical Treasures and Shaman Treasures require a cultivator to attune to them with a small amount of Blood Essence. Cultivators who take the path of body refinement can pack considerably more oomph into their Blood Essence, giving them great strength, durability, and recuperative powers which are not tied to any martial technique. Some powerful techniques use Blood Essence directly, often in the form of spitting it out.

Body refiners also produce Shaman Energy, which works much like True Essence but only powers body refinement techniques and Shaman Treasures. When condensed, it takes the form of tattoo-like Shaman Markings on the cultivator’s skin. These may be made invisible in future jumps.

List of Known Grand Daos

Grand Daos: Earth, Metal, Fire, Wood, Water, Yin, Yang, Lightning/Thunder, Sword, Blade, Illusion/Illusionary, Righteous

Rare Grand Daos: Light, Darkness, Shadow, Devour/Devourer, Slaughter, Obliteration, Star, (Sun?), Sky, Wind, Bloodsoul, Talisman, Paramita, Judgment, Terminus (forbidden), Eternal (may require higher realms to begin to comprehend), Creation (ditto)

Fused Rare Grand Daos: Taichi (Yin, Yang, Darkness, Light), Samsara (Paramita, Judgment, Terminus)

Supreme Daos/Law: Space/Spatial, Time/Temporal, Life and Death

While mastering a rare Grand Dao is evidence of great potential (as in 90% of those who can do so are capable of becoming Heavenly Immortals), you already have that capability from your benefactor. Feel free to fanwank other lesser Daos and Grand Daos.

Fused Rare Grand Daos require all of their components to be mastered before they can begin to be comprehended. They cannot be purchased directly via Dao Insight.

Supreme Daos, also known as Supreme Laws, stand above all other Grand Daos. There are only three of them, and their true power cannot be realized until cultivating to the Immortal King Realm. Even Chen Xi didn’t begin to understand the Spatial Law until he became a Golden Immortal.

The term “mastery”, as used in this document, means that you understand the Dao well enough to bring out the maximum potential of any martial technique up to the Golden Core rRealm. Higher realms allow Daos to be perfected, condensed into laws, and so on - there are quite a few realms between Golden Core and Dao Lord. Still, this level of mastery is enough to begin to condense a Dao Territory, which basically overwrites part of the world around you with the related Dao. The main effect of a Dao Territory is to hinder the movement of other cultivators, especially those who are of lower realms or who have comprehended fewer or weaker Daos than you have comprehended. Dao Territories rarely show up in the higher realms; it’s unclear why that is true from an in-universe perspective.

Dao Heart: The Dao Heart is a mindset shaped by the cultivator’s personality and by the Daos that the cultivator has comprehended. In practice, these two parts of the Dao Heart feed into one another: a cultivator who believes strongly in overcoming obstacles by attacking them head-on will probably have an easier time comprehending the Earth Dao, which makes it easier to carry out those sorts of actions. If the cultivator begins to doubt his actions, this weakens the Dao Heart. A strong Dao Heart is closely tied to having strong willpower and self-confidence.

Currency: While normal valuables such as silver and gold might be used by non-cultivators and the poor, the most commonly used currencies in the Darchu Dynasty are various cultivation aids. Spirit liquids are used by cultivators in the lower realms, while alchemical pills are used by cultivators in the higher realms. It can take a cultivator millions of liters of spirit liquid to gain enough energy to attempt to enter a new realm, but trying to use the pills of higher realms is a recipe for disaster, as the powerful energy is more likely to tear apart the cultivator’s meridians than to provide assistance in overcoming bottlenecks. All auction houses in the Darchu Dynasty will be able to convert between these different kinds of currencies for a small fee.

Jumpchain-related Notes

Cultivating in future jumps: As noted in the introduction, it took Chen Xi, a cultivation genius, approximately 10 years to cultivate from the Congenital Realm to the Rebirth Realm. The timing gets a little hazy because of time dilation, but his “bone age” was described as being below 30 years old in order to enter the Allstar Meeting and there were plenty of other competitors who were in the Golden Core Realm before they were 30 years old.

Cultivation to the higher realms, including the Immortal Realms, isn’t significantly longer than in the lower realms. Chen Xi spent approximately 90 years to go from the first stage of Earthly Immortal to the ninth stage, but he then jumped up three entire realms in the next 10 years. (This is according to a fan wiki; not all of those events show up in the translated version that I have been reading.) 

This ties into another question which I’ve been asked: why limit this jump to the Mortal Dimension? This jump covers the first seven books: 432 chapters, while over 1100 chapters have been translated and the novel is nearly twice that long. There are three main reasons. 

  • The first is that 432 chapters is still a ton of material, and that’s reflected in the size of the jump document, which is over twice as long as anything else I’ve written. 

  • The second is the scaling issue inherent to xianxia: an awe-inspiring technique from the Golden Hall Realm is going to be next to useless to an Earthly Immortal, so determining what gets CP-backing versus what can be learned for free during the jump becomes much more difficult. Narrowing the scope to the first few realms helps with this problem. 

  • The third reason is that Chen Xi becomes much more of a loner once he enters the Primeval Battlefield and higher realms, and we have fewer scenes where he’s interacting with friends, allies, mentors, or even followers. That limits the amount of interesting things that can happen - it’s mostly fighting with people who are offended that he exists, and it feels much more repetitive to me than in this section of the book.

Cultivation from other jump: Dao insights or similar effects from other jumps translate over to this jump on a one-for-one basis. The Dao in the Mortal Dimension is incomplete, which is why even a mastered Dao in the Darchu Dynasty still requires more work in higher dimensions.

Cultivating to higher realms in other jumps does not directly translate into having advanced in the cultivation of this world. By default, you will still begin in the fourth stage of the Congenital Realm. Depending on the degree of similarity between the cultivation system from those jumps and the cultivation system in this jump, you could get a substantial bonus in the speed and quality of your cultivation in this jump, akin to the effects of Reincarnated Heavenly Immortal.

Discounts: You may use a discount from a higher tier of perk or item on a lower tier perk or item if you desire, but perks and items may not be discounted multiple times.

Item combinations: Items purchased here can be combined with other items from previous and future jumps if it makes sense, but cannot be combined with other items from this jump. The ability to attach properties to the Silkenriver Mountain Diagram is an exception to this rule.

Fiat-backing: Any cultivation technique or martial technique learned (or Dao comprehended) during the jump is also fiat-backed by dint of the Cultivation perk. Keep in mind that cultivators do not have equal affinity for all techniques, but CP purchasing gets around that potential problem: you automatically have an affinity for those techniques sufficient to master them, though the road to mastery may be difficult. Purchasing those types of techniques with CP means you start with them or automatically learn them when you reach the appropriate cultivation realm.

Yes, many of the martial techniques are not much more than a name and “you can use this to blow stuff up very effectively”. That’s why a CP stipend was provided specifically for that section: you can spend that CP on techniques like “Nine-Python Heart Rend” and use them to blow stuff up without feeling like you’re wasting any of the basic 1000 CP. I think xianxia is more fun when you’re comparing your Grand Obliteration Fist to your opponent’s Myriadshadow Lightconfusion Technique, and by paying CP for at least some techniques, especially to allow the techniques to scale in higher cultivation realms, it re-affirms their effectiveness in future jumps.

Running Commentary gives you the equivalent of a Greek chorus who will comment on your actions, but they can’t affect what happens in the jump (i.e., your enemies can’t listen to them to gain tactical information, they won’t point out that you’re hiding…). The generic people from this jump will recognize any martial technique used around them, no matter how obscure, and discuss any fights that you may enter as though they were sports commentators at a boxing match or MMA fight.

Swiftly Advancing and Reincarnated Heavenly Immortal stack if both are taken, allowing skills from past lives to be re-learned at 100 times their usual speed.

Vice-Induced Stupidity Method is more effective on people who regularly give into their vices; conversely, living saints would be less affected (i.e., it maximizes the effects of the vices but won’t create new ones).

Reincarnated Heavenly Immortal makes the distinction between settings where reincarnation is a thing versus those where it doesn’t exist. I did this so that reincarnation is not being retroactively inserted into reincarnation-less settings, but the perk still has value in those settings due to the extra memories. On the other hand, the social benefits of the perk (everyone being impressed by who you were in your past life) require reincarnation to already have existed in order to make sense. The “spiritual benefits” of reincarnation can be interpreted broadly: for example, in the Wheel of Time, your reincarnation could be a powerful channeler reborn or something like Mat’s Old Blood.

Netherworld Register and Condemn Evil Brush: Mastering the Grand Dao of Judgment also causes these two treasures to become loyal to you, regardless of your cultivation realm and power. The Netherworld Register will also transmit the Dao Art known as the Seven Moves of Judgment to a Jumper who has reached the Earthly Immortal Realm.

Qian Yuan’s Treasure Vault can hold up to 4,096 different materials which replenish themselves, though closely related materials can be grouped together (e.g., a garden can contain a couple kinds of spirit herbs if growing them together increases their potency, or three different kinds of swords used in a single formation). You may decide for yourself how fast the restocking takes place, whether it’s affected by how much material is initially in each of the rooms, or whether more valuable/powerful materials take even longer to restock themselves. As a general rule, the speed should be slow enough that you wish it would go faster, but not so slow that you can’t use the materials to craft something meaningful during a given jump (assuming you start with enough in the first place).

Verdant Lotus Shadowbamboo: If you also have the Dark Parasol Divine Tree Seedling in your Violet Palace, you can effectively double the amount of strength that Azureflower Spiritlord can use on your behalf (from 10% to 20%). If you take the scenario and cultivate to higher realms, you can eventually reach 40%, which also reduces the drain on essence.

River Diagram Fragments: If you take the scenario, then you also receive a copy of the fragment Chen Xi found before he cultivated to Earthly Immortal. This does not provide any further benefits on its own.

A Sect of Your Own: The Wanderingcloud Sword Sect is one of the strongest, if not the strongest, sects in the Southern Territory of the Darchu Dynasty. Its grounds occupy a small mountain range containing numerous spirit veins, spirit herb gardens, mines, and so on, and their influence is enough to be able to suppress generals and minor nobles appointed by the Darchu Dynasty to oversee the Southern Territory’s towns and cities. Their leader is an Earthly Immortal who is still trying to condense his Dao and rise to the next realm, but he knows that he’s not likely to succeed in this dimension where insight is harder to come by.

However, the Southern Territory is the least powerful in the Darchu Dynasty, and while sufficiently puissant and prestigious that powers from other territories still need to show it some face, the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect wouldn’t be strong enough to contend with them if those powers were intent on eradicating the sect.

Feel free to fanwank the details of your sect (whether it was always there or whether it arises as a result of some actions you take during the jump, where it is within the Darchu Dynasty, who its allies and enemies are, and so on).

Silkenriver Mountain Diagram: Time spent inside the diagram cannot cause a jump to end more swiftly - the jump duration is based on time outside the diagram rather than the accelerated time.

Stellar Aquamirror Arts: If you have a functionally infinite lifespan from elsewhere in Jumpchain (e.g., from the SpaceBattles Body Mod), then the backlash is effectively meaningless. Congrats.

If you don’t take Sense of Scale, feel free to use numbers which actually make sense when it comes to measurements.

Sudden Arrival of the Tribulation: If you don’t take this drawback, there are only two potential tribulations: going from Golden Hall to Golden Core, and going from Golden Core to Rebirth Realm (which ends the jump). The additional drawback-imposed tribulations are what justify the CP. This drawback is more challenging if taken in conjunction with the scenario.

Taking Beast Tide Crisis and Suppressed Cultivation together is a recipe for disaster unless you have significant power from other jumps - you would begin in a mountain range inhabited only by demon beasts, and the only human for them to attack is you. When Chen Xi showed up in that mountain range, he was attacked twice within the first five minutes, and that was without the entire region being in attack mode.

A True Immortal: The purpose of Chen Xi’s death being a failure condition for the scenario is primarily intended to keep the Allstar Meeting and subsequent competition for prestige and glory for the Darchu Dynasty in the Primeval Battlefield and other dimension as a scenario where the Jumper achieves great things, rather than winning by default because the main opposition was dead. To use a football video game analogy, the scenario is Madden, not Blood Bowl.

Thanks to Nerx for the suggestion of including a sect as an item. 

Thanks to Brellin for his copious suggestions and requests for clarification; they’ve made this a much better jumpchain document.


Version 1.0: Initial release.

1.01: Clarification on how other jumps’ cultivation methods interact with this one; how River Diagram Fragments interacts with the scenario. Made Cultivation mandatory to fit intent of jump. Renamed Fiendgod Body Refinement technique to Nethergod Nine Cauldron Form and tweaked the wording. 

1.02: Added new clarifications on Grand Daos. Minor update to Netherworld Register and Condemn Evil Brush, including a new method on how they can be mastered in the notes.

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