Tango RPG – Darkest Of Days

This RPG game is set in the perspective of 3-4 agents, from different alternate universes and times, that have been recruited by Cravenstone International, a tech company run by a man named Abe Muskie, the CEO, Co-Founder and Head Scientist, tasks the agents to go through training in the “training world”, set in an alternate 1930’s war-torn China, tasked with killing three Qing agents, who are all generals in the Chinese Republican Army.

When this task is done, the players will be sent back to the normal world and given separate tasks to choose from.

They can choose:

  • A world where the South won the Civil War, and are tasked with sabotaging the Confederate railroads during a WW1-esque war against the US, fighting with the Black Resistance in the South, and sturring up a civil war in the South (pun not intended).

  • A world where Napoleon doesn’t lose Waterloo, never invading Russia and Spain, and marches to conquer India instead, in an attempt to defeat the British, and is trapped in Afghanistan, the agents will be tasked with fighting in Napoleon’s Army Of India.

  • A world where Jesse Presley (Elvis’ twin) never died at birth, becoming a successful actor, marrying Marilyn Monroe and elected president in the 1980s instead of Ronald Reagen, the players are tasked with foiling an assassination plot to kill President Presley by the KKK, who impose the Democratic incumbent because of his VP pick, Jesse Jackson.

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