Territorial War Games

Territorial War Games

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If you use this in any of your games. Give credit in the GDD (this document) to Alec Markarian, Benjamin Stanley, and Brandon Fedie. We did work so you don’t have to.   

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Theme / Setting / Genre

Core Gameplay Mechanics Brief

Targeted platforms

Monetization model (Brief/Document)

Project Scope

Influences (Brief)

The Elevator Pitch

Project Description (Brief)

Project Description (Detailed)

What sets this project apart?

Core Gameplay Mechanics (Detailed)

Story and Gameplay

Story (Brief)

Story (Detailed)

Gameplay (Brief)

Gameplay (Detailed)

Assets Needed







  • Theme / Setting / Genre

    • Genre: Sandbox, Battle-Royale, FPS

    • Theme: Varies from era to era, starting off with medieval-like weapons such as chainmail armor, swords, bows and arrows. As players die, the eras move forward for better weapons.

    • Setting: The map is randomly generated in a certain grid/tile like map. 

  • Targeted platforms

    • PC / Windows Computer

  • Monetization model (Brief/Document) 

    • Since the game is aimed to be a free game, we plan on adding in-game cosmetics or items to help gain a revenue. This is of course, subject to change.

    • We could pay YouTubers for promotions or do a general ad campaign. 

  • Project Scope 

    • A prototype should be completed on 7/1/2019.

      • The budget should be no more than $0, unless we need to buy a new asset from the Unity 3D Asset Store.

      • We hope to have a working prototype of the game by 7/1/2019, once the prototype is done then we will determine future development dates. This is subject to change.

    • Team Size: 1

      • Core Team

        • “Thomas” or “Chronos”

          • Director, Owner, 3D Modeler, 2D artist.

    • Standard free Unity3D license. 

      • License is available up to a growth/income of $100,000. 

      • We will most likely not be amounting up to this level of income :’)

  • Influences From Other Games(Brief)

    • PUBG

      • Battle-Royale Game (PC)

      • Perfect example of a battle-royale game on a massive scale.

    • Minecraft

      • Crafting weapons and armor.

    • Civilization Series

      • Territorial expansion/claiming.

  • The Elevator Pitch/Hook

Gather your resources to conquer other players lands! Expand your territories by killing other players and become the last one standing to win! 

What sets this project apart?

  • Battle-Royale games mixed with a sandbox-like genre or features are nowhere to be found.

  • Core Gameplay Mechanics (Detailed)

    • Spawning

      • Each player will spawn in a random part of the map a certain amount of units away from each other. However much the flags claim plus some extra units to have some space in between their territories. This is to help make the players spread out and encourage them to leave their territories to hunt others.

    • Inventory/Item Management

      • Self explanatory. The inventory will have 2 slots for weapons and 4 for armor. Then at the top right of the GUI it’ll show how many resources the player has. There will be another section of the inventory labeled “Crafting” where they can craft items.

    • Map Generation

      • Map Generation will be fairly simple, but complicated at times. There will be a 144m^2 map with every 6 meters or units creating a sector. That being said, the map is a 12×12 grid with 6m^2 sectors. These ‘sectors’ contain randomly picked resources, certain types with certain amounts, which then the player can harvest and use to craft items. However, they can only harvest the items if they place down their ‘flags’ for claiming territories. (Flags are placeholder objects, subject to change.)

    • Claiming Territories

      • Once the player spawns in and the map is generated, they will place down a flag at a certain sector of the map they spawned in. The flag will then claim that sector for the player, which will then highlight an area on the map showing only the players claimed territories. Other player territories will be exposed if the player explores outside of his or her territory.

    • Crafting Items/Usability

      • After the player placed down flags, they will obtain resources. Resources are received right away when they place down the flag. Afterwards, it will take a few minutes for resources to output again. Once the player has their resources, they will craft weapons or armor to help expand or defend their territories. In order to craft them, the player will have to have a certain number of required resources. Then, they will open their inventory with “E”, they will then go to the crafting section of their inventory and click on the items they want to craft. Crafting will take some time, though. 

      • References:

    • Death/End-screen

      • For now in the prototype stage, the death-screen will have a simple “Go To Main Menu” or “Find Next Game” button. Both are self-explanatory, but the Find Next Game button will throw the player into a lobby while they wait for the player count to reach a certain number (in this case 15, but for prototyping 2 or 3) and then the game starts. 

      • Reference(s):

        • PUBG Death screen

        • Minecraft Death screen

    • Lobby/Waiting System

      • Once the player clicks “Play Game” on the start menu, he or she will spawn into a lobby. The lobby is in the game map itself, but far away from the game stage enclosed with a barrier to keep the players away from the stage. They will only be able to see the terrain and map. The players will wait in the lobby until a certain amount of players join the game, then they will each randomly teleport to a sector of the map. They should teleport like this: ((How many units flags claim x the length of each sector) + a few extra units) This way, the player will have to explore outside their territories. 

      • References:

        • PUBG Lobby System

        • Fortnite Lobby System


  • Gameplay (Brief)

    • Players spawn in a world with a certain number of flags. The world itself is made up of sectors where players can claim by placing down their flags adjacently. Players would place down the flags in order to gain resources that can be used to craft weapons and armor to expand or defend their territories. Conquer other player territories to win the game!

  • Gameplay (Detailed)

    • /Go into as much detail as needs be/

    • /Spare no detail/

    • /Combine this with the game mechanics section above/

Assets Needed

  • Prefabs

    • 3D Models

      • Character Models

        • Base Model

        • Animations




  • Environment Textures

    • Tree Types 1-3

    • Rock Types 1-3

    • Basic Grass 

  • Textures

    • Character Textures

      •  Base Player Texture

    • Environment Textures

      • Tree Types 1-3

      • Rock Types 1-3

      • Basic Grass 

  • Heightmap data (if applicable)

    • Heightmap data will be generated via noise since the map is in a square formation.

  • <etc.>

  • Code

    • Map Generator System

      • Randomly generated terrain in a grid-like pattern. Mentioned above in Core Gameplay Mechanics under Map Generation. Should be adjustable to edit how large the map can be, 12×12, 9×9, 3×3, etc…

    • Basic Player Movement

      • I already have a PlayMaker version of this ready to use, however, I do not think I can distribute it properly. A simple WASD game controller with jumping and sprinting would be great to have. We should be able to control the jump height and speed.

    • Basic Lobby System and Spawning

      • Mentioned in Core Gameplay Mechanics. Player clicks “Enter Game” at the start menu, then he or she loads into a lobby and waits for other players. Once there’s a certain amount of players in the lobby, they’re all randomly teleported to a sector of the map. Spawning in the map should work like:

      • ((Nm) + X)

      • N = How many sectors the flags can claim 

        • There are 5 flags, so 5 sectors. 

      • m = The length of each sector

      • X = A few more units to spread apart each player

  • Sound

    • Sound List (Ambient)

      • Outside

        • Level 1

    • Sound List (Player)

      • Character Movement Sound List

        • Example 1

      • Character Hit / Collision Sound list

        • Example 1

      • Character on Injured / Death sound list

        • Example 1

  • Animation

    • Environment Animations 

      • Example

      • etc.

    • Character Animations 

      • Player

        • Example 

        • etc.

      • NPC

        • Example

        • Etc.

  • Map Generation Visualizer

    • Table

S = Sector


  • Each sector 

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