The Arena

Summary of campaign:

The arena is a non-linear D&D campaign set in the desert city of Sultai. The main PCs are “Champions” forced to fight against Boss tier enemies and are given some freedom to wander the city freely. Their minds have no memory of how they even arrived and appear to be unquestioning of their employment. There are a few main npcs that the party knows


The north market:

Martoy Owlson:

Martoy is an old man of an unknown (to the party) human-like {half-elf half-Warforged} race in his late 80’s with a memory altering disease. He runs a magic weapons booth in the northern market, and has a weird magic source coming from within him.

Martoy made a pact with a “hexblade” (actually a soul collection tool for the litch to create powerful new undead) allowing him to summon magic weapons on command, but at the cost of him having to ritualistically kill one child under the age of 10, every month, and his memory slowly fading and mixing with the memories of the children he kills.

Kalin Fra’ko:

Kalin is a Dragonborn weapons supplier in the northern market with a fondness for projectile weapons (I:E muskets, lever-action rifles, etc) He's trapped in a deal with the ____crime family

The arena:

Toldod The Showrunner:

(BTW HE'S BEING PUPPETED BY THE LITCH) Toldod is a shady human in his early 60’s who is in charge of the arena, and is responsible for the capture of the party [except silver] his ultimate goal is to slowly gain power through winning bets on the party and bribing politicians out of power until his has total power over the city of Sultai and turns it into the new home for a litch and it’s undead army.

Around the town;

Ashadith The Thief:

Ashadith is a male tiefling in his late 20’s who is a common thief who wants to be a crime lord one day and is running a small “crime ring” consisting of three teenage boys who steal for him. He gets around a lot, hearing rumors all across the city, he knows something much bigger is happening behind the scenes, and wants to assist the party in stopping the evil that's occurring. He has access to the black market.

The black market:

ReiRei the wizard:

ReiRei is a red panda wizard that gained sentience through an experimenting druid. She spends most of her time in the market cleaning old magic items and appraising new items.

Ofieg the enforcer:

Ofieg is a very large and buff human enforcer for the black market. Despite his menacing appearance he takes quite a liking to the cuter things in life, such as ReiRei (they're best friends)

Sawyer the hitman:

A farmer turned hitman to make a living when orcs ransacked his home. He moved to Sultai collecting trinkets out in the desert to sell in the city.

The Drow Reclimation party:

Talton the leader:

Talton is the current leader of the drp and is not that smart but super strong

Quarris the brains:

Quarris is the second command and is in charge of strategy 

Sarthel the creator:

Sather invents automatons for the drp to use. He's very scrawny and weak 



In general:

Sultai, The city:

Sultai was founded 137 years ago on top of a small natural spring. Its main attraction is the colosseum, it was built for the barbarian sultan Kurastus, 73 years ago and has skyrocketed in popularity among the population. The current sultan is a drow teenage boy named Desinai who has gained his power through lineage. (and is very easily manipulated, This will be his downfall) there are three barons who help run the city: Tolfas the hard headed dwarf who is head of the guard and is in charge of the sultans security detail, Sairos the tiefling in charge of the economy, and Bolko the hafling who is practically the acting sultan because Desinai is lazy. 

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