the best way to earn money in roblox islands

????????The best way to earn money in islands is through farming????????

This helped me get to a billion 

>Have ur farm 11 blocks in the air 

>Have a stair case all the way up to the 11 block 

>Build a wall around where you want ur crops to fall down 

>Put your stairs on the blocks that u built ur stairs with the blocks 

>In now build a wall around the stairs 

>Now put grass on the 11 block in build in plow the grass 

>Now put the crops u wish to put in the totems in the conveyer 

Don’t forget to add ur collection system in the middle block 

I highly suggest put wheat since the oily crops update 

>It will help with ur cow 


>If u get this right u will have 1k wheat  per 2 mins 


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