The chase (From the Coffinmaker’s shop)

The chase (From the Coffinmaker's shop)

Explanation if they give chase:

  1. Roll initiative

  2. On your turn, you can tell me what you want to do to try and speed yourself up or slow the target down.

  3. Keep in mind that sprinting is an action you can take, but it may be tricky in a crowded space and like any footrace, if you sprint, you slowly run the risk of tiring yourself out. In this case, having a movement speed means you are keeping a steady pace with the target and your team, so your actions will be your contribution to speeding yourself, helping the party, or slowing the enemy. Some examples:

    1. Making space in a crowd (by yelling if you're charismatic or pushing if you're strong, or blowing them up with a fireball), sprinting a bit harder, stealing a horse, etc.

    2. Taking an action to stall the enemy, including attacking or casting a spell will likely mean you are stopping movement for the turn to attack or cast as you cannot do these things in motion. But by all means, if you have a cool idea that involves doing something while you're continuing to move like if you're really close and you want to do a diving grapple, we're here for rule of cool and an action packed scene.

  4. Obviously this is a bit different than most true "combat" encounters, but it's designed to really stretch your creativity and makes this a collaborative event. When your turn comes around, ask me all the questions you want, be wild. Go off. Tell me what you want to do, and we'll roll some dice to see if you do the thing.

  1. Rules

    1. You are not at a full dash sprint, you are maintaining a steady space and have room to perform actions as you see fit

    2. Any action you take to speed up will move you along.

      1. This can include:

        1. Making space in a crowd (by yelling if you're charismatic or pushing if you're strong, or blowing them up with a fireball), sprinting a bit harder, stealing a horse, etc.

        2. Sprint is an Athletics DC10 (this goes up by one each success)

          1. Fail by more than 5 and you has disadvantage on the next one, fail by more than five again and you gain a point of exhaustion

    3. Any action you take to slow the target will mean you stop moving for the turn, but it will also mean that the target might be slowed or not be able to move that turn. A case can be made for some actions that may be done while moving

      1. Moves to slow can include stuff like

        1. Making an attack

        2. Casting a spell

        3. Many things that typically take the place an "Action" in combat

      2. move the whole party up one space except the person who stopped to do that thing

    4. Rooftop running

      1. Acrobatics on every turn to stay on top of them

    5. Obstacles on the main road


  2. The course

    1. The Coffin Shop

      1. They might just fight here???

      2. Four of them leap from the window, the lead (the human woman) goes to take the bones and then jumps out the window

      3. Three turn left up the street (including one with the bones), one climbs to the rooftops, two climb straight over the coffins shop

    2. The Stockyard

      1. Sprint, rooftops, left, right (call for checks in either survival or religion proficiency)

        1. Survival

          1. DC12 – you know that the Main Street would be faster to cut across town, but you might lose them if they don’t meet back up.

        2. Religion

          1. DC16 – you know that to desecrate something, the ritual used to consecrate it has to be tainted somehow at the site of the original ritual. Suspect that’s where it may be headed

    3. Fountain Courtyard

      1. Action to mitigate the crowd

        1. Gain a space

      2. Call attention to some low awnings to climb on

        1. Athletics to climb, lose a space if climbed

          1. All turns moving forward, acrobatics to gain one space

    4. Cuts west, side residential street toward town square

      1. No outlets but forward into the square

      2. Sprint/attack/do what you want

      3. Tell them! This may be a good space to sprint, you have clear line of sight

        1. You might fatigue a bit if you push too hard

    5. The Town Square 1

      1. Panicking  and two of the others spawn are feeding on civilians, one appears to be a guard in the makeshift armor you’ve seen around town

      2. At this point four other guards have shown up with crossbows and firing them off, the spawn sprints directly through their line of fire but they are trained and ready to fire on the spawn that are feeding. They’re in panic tunnel vision. They’ve never seen anything like this, and you know they’re ill-equipped. You can try and run by, but you get the sense that if they’re in charge here quite a few more people might die before they stop the vampires. If they can at all.

        1. Stop to help and drop out of the race

        2. If everyone keeps moving and people will die, part of the town square will catch fire.

    6. The Town Square 2

      1. Crowded but calm. Narrate this section, no action needed.

      2. Vasili is on the main road ahead  if Ireena is still in Vallaki, he has killed one of the spawn alongside her

    7. The Blue Water

      1. A crowd is gathering outside of the Blue Water that appears to be locked in combat with one of the spawn. two grizzled men draped in wolf pelts (one with a bow and one with a shortsword.

      2. The sword wielding one takes a step to lunge toward a spawn, but your target interferes and claws across his chest, and he collapses to the ground, bleeding heavily. The one he was engaged with looks ready to pounce

        1. Stop to save him and drop out of the race

        2. Don't stop and Szoldar will die

    8. Interception in the streets

      1. Narrate the neighborhood change, give them a beat

    9. Open road near the nicer houses

      1. Dead guards on the ground leading down the street… toward the church

    10. The Steps of the Church

      1. Carriage outside

      2. You see people fleeing from inside the church the crowd surges and you begin to lose sight of the spawn in the mob

      3. (If at most 2 spaces away, you can see where it went)

  1. The Church

    1. Ludmilla is waiting for them in the pews, disguised as a worshipper.

    2. Upon the PCs’ arrival

    3. Takes Father Lucian hostage (with the aid of a subordinate vampire spawn if the PCs failed to prevent the vampiric rampage before sundown).

    4. If the PCs have the bones:

      1. Attempts to bargain for Father Lucian’s life, demanding the bones in exchange for his release. If the PCs refuse, she attempts to kill Father Lucian, but diverts her offensive efforts to the PCs once attacked.

    5. Her goals, in order:

      1. Recovery of the bones

      2. Get out alive

    6. She flees if reduced to one-half of his maximum hitpoints, or if all of her spell slots are expended. She retains a single level-one spell slot to cast Disguise Self, and vanishes into the crowd of Vallakians outside the church. Upon fleeing Vallaki, she returns to Castle Ravenloft in disgrace, where she is scorned by Strahd. 

  1. Developments

    1. Report to Vallakovich before they confront Henrik

      1. The Baron assigns four guards to independently investigate the shop and recover the bones.

        1. Henrik immediately confesses his crimes to the guards, and two guards return to recruit Izek for assistance in destroying the vampire spawn upstairs. The remaining two guards disregard Henrik’s warnings and attempt to retrieve the bones themselves, alerting Ludmilla and triggering the events described above. When Izek or the PCs return to the shop, they find both guards and Henrik slaughtered and drained of blood, with the lone vampire nowhere to be found.

    2. Report to Vallakovich after they confront Henrik (but no bones)

      1. If the PCs bring their findings to Baron Vallakovich after confronting Henrik, but before removing the bones, the Baron assigns six guards to accompany Izek Strazni on a mission to apprehend Henrik and destroy the vampires within.

        1. The cowardly Henrik flees Vallaki for Krezk, and is killed just outside Vallaki’s walls by Ludmilla if the bones are disturbed soon after.  If one of the PCs has remained at the shop to ensure Henrik’s compliance, Izek immediately melts the man’s head into slag using his Hurl Flame ability as punishment for “high treason.”

          1. On his own, Izek is able to dispatch two vampire spawn, though not without the death of all of his men. The remaining vampires remain within the coffin shop, awaiting an opportunity to attack the church at dusk.

    3. Dusk the night after the festival

      1. If the PCs arrive at Henrik’s shop after dusk on the day immediately after the bones are stolen, they are too late to stop the slaughter from beginning. The six vampire spawn have already awoken, attacking the Church of St. Andral, where they slaughter any worshippers present and are soon joined by Ludmilla himself.

    4. Failure to stop the feast

      1. If the PCs fail to arrive in time to prevent the rampage of the vampire spawn through Vallaki and two or more locations are destroyed in the ensuing spree, or if the party fails to restore the bones within three days of their arrival, public unrest boils into revolutionary fervor.

      2. With Vallaki’s rules and customs proven useless against the vampiric menace, the terrified citizens of Vallaki erupt into a riot during a mass burial at the town’s cemetery the next day.

      3. Baron Vallakovich and his wife are lynched in the town square

      4. Their mansion is burned to the ground.

      5. Vallaki’s southeastern sector (including Blinsky Toys, the Town Square, and Arasek Stockyard) is scarred horrifically by fire, and the central market district is raided by a plague of panicked looters.

    5. Wachterule (if Fiona is alive)

      1. When the dust settles the following morning, following a moot of minor nobles, Lady Fiona Wachter takes over as Baroness – if she is still alive.

    6. Chaos (if Fiona is dead)

      1. If not, the town remains a place of lawlessness and quiet terror for the foreseeable future. Many Vallakian citizens rendered homeless by the fires establish refugee tents in and around the Blue Water Inn, avoiding the burnt husk of the Church of Saint Andral. The remaining members of the town guard seize control of the streets and demand exorbitant payments as “tribute” while ruling the ruined settlement like a gang of common thugs.

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