The Coldest Ember

Cold Embers

Thirnan of Cielo, a young elf, has set out on his journey to prove himself. In his travels he stumbled upon a rather potent magical artifact and texts he could barely decipher. Now, a year later, he has arrived in Agia with newfound insight - and is on the search for capable adventurers. He managed to find out the location his artifact must be from, but is himself too busy analyzing and studying to go to the (probably dangerous) ruins. Instead, he is asking around in taverns and bars for some folk that wouldn't mind risking their lives in the name of science (or money, glory, bragging rights, you name it). That's where you come in...

The artifacts in question

Where exactly they were found is still unclear, but they passed through thousands of hands before ending up in Thirnans possession. Alongside the crystal was a papyrus, inked with strange and almost alien letters.

The crystal shard brims with magical energy; a swirling vortex of force, kept in place by what appears to be nothing more than geological structure. As of yet, no known usage of this power was successful, but unraveling how this thing was created and how to use this unbound energy for oneself would solidify your names in histories' ever shifting core.

The scripture attached could give insight into a civilisation long lost, myths long forgotten and a story washed away by time. Currently, the few scriptures found couldn't possibly provide enough information to figure out their meaning. 

While you are rather new to this, Thirnan has studied these remnants for quite some time now and was able to at least figure out a starting point for active investigation.

Agia, city of greed

The former capital of the fallen kingdom Cach′Agin, now barely a democratic city state. 

Wherever you are, the husk of the old palace reaches far up in the sky - slowly falling apart, held together by desperate attempts to keep the swaying towers in place. 

But the city is more than a broken monument to a fallen time: thousands of people build their homes on this ground and bring with them culture, art and tensions. To call this city a melting pot is an understatement. 

The outside world provides little comfort and living standard after the Great Fire scorched the land, leaving many to have no option than to step into this urban miasma.

What is right and what is legal dont always fall together here - what other cities would call a black market, Agia calls the market square. What other cities would call blasphemy, Agia calls the divine quarter (in which all gods have their place and which is truly the only peaceful area).

Other cities threw you out? Who cares. Pay your taxes and you′ll be fine. 

Even with dirty streets, dirty labour and dirty practices, the palace wall houses libraries, academies and community hubs for everyone to enjoy. As long as you are a good (or at least neutral), tax paying citizen, you have access to art, books, teachers and probably even childcare.

It's not perfect. But it's home.


The continent you are on. It's one of the bigger ones, but most of it is still wilderness and chaos. At least, that's what those folks in the cities say.

The northmost point is arctic, the southmost point is somewhere around the equator. Most of it has a temperate climate.

Known as the cradle of elements, it's no surprise that Rhodin is home to many elemental descendants, but over time the natives were joined by elves and orcs.

After the Age of Sail, many people emigrated to Rhodin - now, a good chunk of most races is represented here.

The history of this place is convoluted and ridden with war on all sides. In the end, the ancient elves won and ruled many years before the Age of Sail. At some point, their kingdoms fell, but the damage was done. While their history is mostly forgotten, some of their ruins still remain scattered around Rhodin, now serving as beautiful shelters for wildlife.


If all of this interested you, I have some additional material you can read through. All of this will also be available to you once you join the campaign. 

The general overview houses most dry facts in a bullet point kind of way, the Gods Folder shows my whole pantheon (there is an introduction as well as a list of all gods if you get confused).

Here you go!

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