The Dwarves who say Mine!

The Dwarves 

who say Mine! 

(a gold getting playbook for GMs who like to draw dungeons)

Mine Management has a job for you! 

Are you bored stiff on the stone couch?
With no direction and no gold to show for it?
Not living up to expectations?
Want to get away from it all? 

Here at Mine Management, we believe every Dwarf has the potential to be a deep digging gold digger. Mine Management will supply you with gear and the most sophisticated Chutes and Mirrors system this side of the hot earthen core. All this and be back in time for the weekend. 

While in the mines, please stand clear of the dragons.
Mientras esté en las minas, manténgase alejado de los dragones.

Game options: 

Replace Races Options name with a Dwarven Family name. Some examples are: Gold-Finger, Gold-Walker, Gold-Whisperer, Gold-Reader, Gold-Rancher, Gold-Helm, Gold-Judger, Gold-Grabber, Gold-Follower, and Cookie.

Gold weighs 0 for Dwarves. Dwarves love gold so much it doesn’t weigh them down. 

Level Up. Cost to level is 6+(your current level*2).

No XP is gained from End of Session. Possibly none for Alignment, and the like, either. But bonds would be ok right?

GM notes: 

Gold is the name of the game. Do not skimp on gold. Seriously, make it rain. But charge them for everything. I mean, everything.

The party is in a dungeon, much like a never ending maze of passages. Over the years many Dwarves have lost their way to find themselves down there. Communities have sprung up. Build the world like you would any, it just happens to be in a Dwarven mine… 

Dragons signal the abrupt end of the mine, and possibly their lives. The party avoids the Dragons’ terror if they manage to leave the mine before the Dragon Clock fills.

Possible dungeon moves: Set traps, Summon up more minions, Send out scouts, Set up fortifications or chokepoints, Burn/smoke them out, Seal off a place, Unleash something dangerous and uncontrolled, Call for assistance, Accelerate the plan, regardless of risks, Raise a ruckus, Hide the loot

*Thanks to Dungeon World for making this awesome game, and to Deep Rock Galactic for filling me with corporate Dwarven goodies, and Paranoia for restricting access. I suggest using The Perilous Journeys Playbook with this, as it has great ways to make and explore dungeons.

Setting Moves:

3, 2, 1, Dragon! 

If you handle gold carelessly you may find yourself in the presence of something bigger, and perhaps smarter, than you. 

When the Dwarves enter a mine, start a Dragon Clock. (Dragon Clock = Number of Dwarves +? total number of rooms?

3 clock segments left: The ground shakes. The wind blows. Here ye be Dragons!

2 clock segments left: Did anyone else see a tail just now?

1 clock segments left: “Well thief! I smell you and I feel your air. I hear your breath.

0 clock segments left: a Dragon approaches! Lose your gold, or parlay, for your life. Make any other move and you become food.

Dragons… Do they take your money? Is everyone eaten? Will they require something from you? Can they curse you or grant things?…

Buy some happiness!

When a Dwarf exits a mine they can trade their gold for XP.  For each 1000g traded, gain 1xp and the love and support from your friends and family back at home. Tell everyone what you learned with your gold.

Dwarf Moves:

Don't be loud

When Dwarves make a lot of noise, like after a fight, see if it attracts unwanted attention. For every 1000g of treasure the Dwarves have -1 to roll. Roll+Number of Dwarves. Don’t be loud does not trigger Don’t be loud.

*12+, pick 3. *10-11, pick 2. *7-9, pick 1. *< 6, Take Watch, they find you.

  • It is safe here. You have time to rest or make camp.

  • Don’t advance the Dragon Clock.

  • No one heard you.

Run away!

Under the right circumstances a Dwarf can run faster than the sound of gold hitting the ground. You, and any Dwarf who is with you, runs. Runs away from danger. Runs away from fright. Runs away from bad breath. Runs away to “safety”? 

Roll 2d6+DEX. Advance Dragon Clock.

*10+, pick 2. *7-9, pick 1. *< 6, uh! Oh! Map lost, and so are you. Erase the map.

  • You didn’t leave anything.

  • You know where you are.

  • You are unscathed.

Advanced Moves:

The Great Escape

When looking for an exit Roll+STAT. 

  • I say we make our own exit, roll+STR

  • Watch your step and hold on tight, roll+DEX

  • A smelly sewer or an underwater tunnel, roll+CON

  • I think I saw an exit a while back, roll+INT

  • Have you ever heard of a dowsing rod for dungeons?, roll+WIS

  • Ask for directions, roll+CHA

*10+, pick 2. *7-9, pick 1 *< 6, I don’t see an exit, but I hear a dragon! Advance Dragon Clock.

  • The Exit doesn't take long to find.

  • The Exit is easy to get to.

  • The Exit is definitely not dangerous.

Old moves:

Chutes and Mirrors*

When the situation calls for it, and for a slight fee, you can call for help! 

To find a Magic Mirror

Put 2d6 gold in the slot and say “Mirror mirror on the wall”.  Roll 2d6+CHA 

*10+, pick 3. *7-9, pick 1 or spend 2d6 more gold and pick 2. *< 6, Something went wrong. Very very wrong. 

  • It works.

  • It's your package.

  • Nothing bad happens.

*Due to limited chute size, only small items and prayers may be sent.

Mine, mine, mine, mine

Looting a room is a fine crafted skill. Roll+INT

*10+, pick 2. *7-9, pick 1. *< 6, is that safe to pick up?

Treasure generator? No need. 

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