The Graceful Hippo

Siegebreaker 1/Armored Hulk Barb 2/Druid 8/Siegebreaker 9

Human (+2 Str)

16 (+2)







1H- Power Attack

1- Improved Overrun

3- Bulette Charge Style

5- Bulette Leap

7- Bulette Rampage

9- Greater Overrun

11- Elephant Stomp

12F- Improved Unarmed Strike

13- Combat Reflexes

14F- Weapon Focus(Bite)

15- Feral Combat Training(Bite)

16F- Vicious Stomp

17- Dodge

18F- Mobility

19- Charging Stag Style

20F- Improved Natural Attack (Bite)

Weapon Training

15- Natural

19- AWT(Warrior Spirit)

Armor Training

13- Normal

17- Armored Juggernaut(Stone Plate)

Rage powers 

3- Overbearing Advance

Necessary items

+5 Stone Armor for you (26950)

+5 Stone Armor for a huge animal (40600)

Belt of Impossible Action (10,000)


You overrun people (Shocker oh my) however we get a number of things as we progress with these levels.

The first few class levels are to secure us some damage. At 1 you’d deal your STR +2 plus your enhancement modifier on armor (if you manage one)  whenever you overrun somebody, while 6 may not be amazing it gets better. 

At 3, we then deal (2xStr) + 2 + enhancement modifiers. Its significantly better at 10/possibly 11. Adding in rage gives us another 2 so then 12/13. These are near guarenteed since you should have about a +12/+14(with rage) in your overrun space.

Then we piddle our way to 8 druid. This isn’t necessarily important however along the way the Bulette Style gets MUCH better to us. Not only does the STR to jumps come in (making for a very interesting image of a heavily armored man jumping bout 10 ft) but at 7 we get damage damage, YAY. So with Bulette Rampage whenever we go and overrun somebody we get 1d8 + ? armor bonus (this should be around a 10 or 11, so 5 damage) + 1 ? STR bonus (this should be around 8 ish with rage, so 12). That totals to an average of 21. Wait… then we get our 2xSTR + 2 + enhancement bonus! That enhancement can be around 2 so that means we get another 22 on top of that, totaling to 43. Now you can do this with charging stag style later so that way you can do your 90 degree turn to catch your prey off guard as they try not to stand in a straight line.

Later though, Later is the FUN part. At 11 we get wildshape to be a HUGE animal. Well, how about a Behemoth Hippo? Now you may say “what about armor for bulette style?” Well do I have just the thing for you, wizard buddy grabs the wand of Swift Girding, and lets it loose on you and the stone plate sized for a huge creature. 

Now for number stuff. Lets go and add our STR mod of, after rage, should be a good 9. That sounds nice. So now we go and wait… what’s this? Elephant stomp? Whats that? Well glad you asked reader! So how that oh so nicely fits in is that when we can knock them prone we can instead stop and attack with a natural attack! Wait… Why would we want to stop? Well you don’t, but if you don’t think you’re going to get the next guy you can just stop right before and make him watch what he’ll get to experience next turn! Not to mention our Bulette Style has ramped to 3d6 since it’s based off size. Since we’re huge we get 1d8 → 2d6 large → 3d6 Huge.

Find a way to get gargantuan and you get a whopping 4d6 worth of dice. So what does this look like on the damage paper? Well if you manage to just overrun them and knock them down, provoking thanks to Greater Overrun, you get 3d6 + what should be +6 or higher from half armor bonus + 1 ? time STR (10) then dealing 2xSTR + 4 (from siege’s 2 per Improved and Greater Overrun) + 4 (from enhancement). After all this you get an AoO from your bite, adding another 4d8 + 10 from damage. This pile of numbers total to average of 66 damage. That’s to a bunch of opponents at once. Not only are you a leaping madman you just mario goomba stomp everyone in your path. Now later on we then grab vicious stomp which lets us add on ANOTHER bite after the initial bite to AoO. 

Now while these numbers may not be worthwhile. Imagine this.

Gorbath the Unyeilding centers himself, then starts shifting into something, a massive creature. His maw widens, he grows to near unbelievable size, and his, no, IT’S eyes become a bloodshot red as Gorbath begins his battle trance. He starts moving, one massive leg after another, storming towards the battalion of soliders before him. Suddenly the mass leaps. High into the air it sails and crashes onto the first in the ranks, mauling that poor soul with the bite of a crazed beast before leaping into the air again and again, magnificently bounding onto the deaths of those that are unfortunate to be below him. He reaches the last line, maw bloody and a trail of stampeded, massacered corpses behind him. Slowly he turns, and steps slightly to the left, ready to begin the onslaught of the poor souls that lay in front of him.

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