The Inexhaustive List of Dungeon World Questions

The Inexhaustive List of Dungeon World Questions v1.1

A simple tool to enrich your world through questions by Veilheim ([email protected]) (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)


(identity, relationships)


(traits, objectives)


(locations, places) 


(timelines, destiny)


(emotions, motives)


(methods, tools)


(Any living being Family, lovers, mentors, friends, rivals, allies, enemies, great beasts, avatars and gods)

Who are they?

Who are they to you? 
Who are they to the world?

Who do they love/hate?

Who do they respect?


What are they like?

What is their job?

What motivates them?
What do they desire? fear?

What will happen to them?

What makes them special? 

Where are they going?

Where have they been?

Where do they live? 

Where do they want to live?

Where do you take them?

When did their fate become clear? 

When will be their finest moment? 

When will they be at their weakest?

Why are they like that? 

Why do they despair?

Why are they joyful? 

Why are they so stubborn?

Why do they hate you?

How will they take power?

How will they die?

How will they live?

How opulent are they?

How knowledgeable are they?


(any collection of creatures - factions, guilds, masses)  

Who are members?
Who leads them?

Who is joining them?

Who opposes them? 

Who are their potential allies?

Who are their potential enemies?

What are their objectives?

What stands in their way?

What are their methods?

What are they willing to sacrifice?

What do they hold dear?

What plans within plans do they have?

Where are their headquarters?

Where are they moving to? 

Where are their friends and enemies?

When will their plans come to fruition?

When will they be exposed?

When will they be at their strongest?

When will they be at their weakest?

Why do members oppose the objective? 

Why do members support the objective?

Why are they secretive?
Why are they willing to stop at nothing?

How will they enact their will?

How will they be defeated?

How are you linked to them?

How wealthy are they?

How brutal are they?


(philosophical convictions, religion, points of view)

Who believes this?

Who does not?

Who can be swayed?

What do they believe?

What do they oppose?

What happens  to heretics?

What are they willing to do for their belief?

Where do they express their belief? 

Where is holy/unholy?

When are the important celebrations of this belief?

When are believers called on?

Why is this belief the only true way? 

Why are others opposed to this belief?

How is the belief expressed?

How is the belief taught?

How does the belief expand?


(Anything from civilizations to steadings, wonders magical and natural,  wilderness)

Who rules here? 

Who has influence?

Who wants this place for themselves?

What has/will happen here?
What is so secret about this place?
What happens if you gain/lose control of it?

Where is it located?

Where is it rumoured to be?

Where do you have to go to get to it?

When did this place peak?

When did this place fall?

When will it be rediscovered?

When will it be utterly destroyed?

Why do you get a sense of foreboding here?

Why are you so happy here?

Why are you leaving?

Why do you stay?

How can you find it? 

How do you bend it to your will?

How will you get there?


(objects, artifacts, weapons, scrolls, rings)

Who last possessed it? 
Who desires it now?

Who is destined for it?

Who wants it destroyed?

Who can find it?

What does it look like? Sound like? Taste like?

What does it do?  

What do the legends say?

What happens if it falls into the wrong hands?

Where is it right now?

Where is it destined to be?

Where was it’s true power first shown?

When will this object be at the focal point of history?

When was this object forgotten?

Why is this item so powerful?

Why aren’t others interested in it?

Why are you interested in it?

How does the bearer feel while they have it?

How does the bearer appear to others?

How could you destroy it?


(moments in time and the unfolding of history)

Who was involved?

Who prevailed?

Who was cast aside? 

Who foretold it?

What happened?

What was foretold?

What happens if the event doesn’t occur?

Where did it happen? 
Where did they go?

Where was it expected to happen?

When did it happen? 

When will it happen?

When will the effects be know?

Why is it so important?

Why is it rushing towards us?

How is it known today?

How will it be known in the future? 

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