The Ironman Bible



  • The definition of efficiency

  • How to value your time

  • How to value multiskilling

  • The importance of determining your slowest skill

  • Difference between premax and postmax



  • Dailies, weeklies, and monthlies

  • The easy skills

  • The complex ones depending on other skills


  • The importance of Araxxor


If you are reading this I assume you have an ironman or are interested in creating an ironman. The prospect of creating an ironman might seem very intimidating, you go from being able to buy everything on the grand exchange to having to collect every single little item yourself. This might seem very overwhelming, in truth it is not nearly as bad as it sounds and only in the early stages of the game do you really have to go out of your way to collect resources, later on everything you do will contribute to the advancement of your character rather than just grinding for resources.

This guide is written from my perspective of the game, this means that the methods described within this guide are aimed at achieving max/comp/200m all. For the sake of not overcomplicating things I will not include methods for the people who are only interested in training a single skill, however this does not exclude the possibility of me offering several different methods to achieve this max/comp/200m all goal because we’re all just human beings who maybe don’t feel like doing intense methods all the time.

Everything in this guide will go into extreme detail, including my entire thought process behind the decisions I make. Quest guides linked throughout will usually be guides by ImSikovit or TheCompleteRs if ImSikovit doesn’t have a quest guide available, in my personal opinion videos are vastly superior to written guides and make following along much easier.


What is efficiency really

Often times I see people mentioning things such as gp efficient or xp efficient. That is just straight up stupid, something cannot be efficient in one area but not the others. What you actually are trying to say is that something is maybe in the 10th percentile of gp or xp. If it’s not yet getting clearer then let me explain what efficiency really is. Efficiency is not something that applies to everyone in the same way. Some people can focus 100% on the game, some have to take care of their kids. To the guy who has to take care of his kids something afk would obviously be better than something non afk even though it might only be half the speed. The main factors I always use to determine efficiency of something are your best income method (doesn’t really apply to ironman), the xp/hr across all skills involved, the xp/hr value of skills indirectly involved (think multiskilling like c2), the gp/hr and the attention required. The comparison between methods that only differ in xp/hr and gp/hr can easily be determined mathematically. A very simplistic comparison which I usually use because I’m too lazy to derive a correct formula is to set a target xp to achieve. I’ll be using an example which doesn’t involve multiskilling, as this would be a bit too much at once, our income is 5m/hr and one method is 300k/hr and the other is only 200k/hr but also makes 2m/hr. To get nice round numbers we’ll use their least common multiple as a target to reach, in this case 600k. The first method takes 2 hours to reach this and the second method takes 3 hours, but the second method also made 6m in the process. Now to balance out this hour our first method guy has an hour to make up the gp deficit, sadly he only manages to get 5m rather than 6m. This means over 3 hours our 200k method has won by 12 minutes worth because the 1m difference takes 12 minutes to make. An important thing to take into account is that our income always has to be adjusted for the xp it might also give you since usually you get some combat xp. Let’s say our method which is valued at 5m/hr only actually gives 2.5m/hr, this would mean that the xp provided by this method is enough to be worth the remaining 2.5m. How do we get rid of the xp element in this equation, we only want gp/hr. We can actually convert xp/hr into time for this by comparing our method to all methods that provide higher xp/hr and the lowest resulting gp/hr will be the one you use. For the sake of our example this comparison will yield the lowest gp/hr, let’s say we get 200k xp/hr and the other method is 300k xp/hr and also gives us 1.25m/hr, least common multiple is 600k and takes our first method 3 hours to complete and 7.5m profit, the second method takes 2 hours and gives 2.5m profit. Basically what we see is that the first method took 1 extra hour to make a difference of 5m/hr. Our method is only 2.5m/hr but we can treat it as an effective 5m/hr.

Also note there are very special cases, such as people who have more than enough money to reach their goal. Is their value for money suddenly infinite/hr? Of course it’s not, at this point you simply go up the list of methods which are higher than your actual ability to make money until you would run out of money at a certain method, the amount of gp/hr required to make this method efficient is now what you should value your time at.

Not much of this so far has related to ironman, but it’s a very important point to get across and it really works just the same way. The difference for ironman, which can make it extremely complicated and makes educated guessing very preferred over actual calculations is that every single item is a currency to ironmen. Instead of gp/hr we have something like coal/hr, pure ess/hr, etc. you get it, it’s a lot to think about. It also limits the amount of methods to compare to get x or y resource and allows you to quite accurately eyeball methods. It starts getting complicated when multiple resources are involved at once.

Multiskilling and Multiresources

Why you want to be poor

Why would you possibly want to be poor? Why do you want to be rich in the first place? To save time in the future obviously. Money is simply time you’ve invested in the past to make the future easier. Let’s say you are killing MonsterA for 300k gp/hr and you do this to earn 3000k, you think great I will not run out for a long time now, your friend has only killed MonsterA for 1500k and is a poor noob now. Around a week later you unlock MonsterB which is 500k gp/hr and it took you 1500k to achieve those stats, your friend unlocked these a bit earlier than you and suddenly has 2500k now. How did that happen, Did your friend play more? No, it’s just the simple process of devaluation, just as with leveling up will increase xp rates, unlocking better monsters will increase gp rates. Basically only 1500k was necessary to this newer method but instead you kept doing the inferior method while you already had the capital to reach the superior one. This is like continuing to burn regular logs when you could be burning oak. How can we know when we reach this point of diminishing return, in short there’s no simple way. You could calculate when this point would occur, but usually I’d simply advise you to gather enough money for one or more weeks depending how far you’ve progressed so far. To truly be the richest in the end you have to be poor right now. 

How to Max

The questing stage

Create your character as a female to save some time on Recruitment Drive. So you have just completed the Ashdale tutorial and you are wanting to max as efficiently as possible. Nowadays most of us know that throughout the early levels you are required to quest quest quest. I will be the first to admit that I didn’t have a single clue what I was doing early on, my advantage though to all you new ironmen starting out was that I had thousands of other ironmen starting at the same time and many of them were streaming. All I had to do was look at either the higher ranks adventurer log, stream or listen to rumors. One notable thing I heard was that within the first week of ironman a player named DIY Oddish had already attained over 200 quest points and was in the top 10 as well. This made me realize that questing doesn’t slow down progress towards maxing at all and it turned out to be an essential tool for training harder skills such as herblore later on. 

The most important thing to consider when you are looking for a goal is to see which daily is the most essential to yourself. I will go through the list of dailies I was doing during my ironman career and talk about how essential they are afterwards. Buying daily elemental runes, yak hides, feathers, broads, enchanted gems and arrow shafts, claiming daily potato cactus, miscellania loot every once in awhile, 2 daily caches, 2 daily big chin games, VoS scaping, farm runs, daily sphere, daily ports and a daily book of char. I will assume you max in 151 days as I did for this, faster is easily possible now (my actual a’log days for anyone interested was 99 I think and can easily be beaten by anyone reading through this guide). The elemental runes if you’re not aware are meant for doing your daily vis wax, getting your daily vis wax is quite important after max but pre max it is kind of overrated. The reason it is overrated is because people put a too high value in the act of rerolling dailies when in reality you usually don’t save any time and a long term average without any blocked 99 skills would probably average to only around 10 minutes saved per day. Next on the list however, are daily broads and feathers which go hand in hand. Assuming you collect broads twice a day and 7k feathers once a day you will have 906k broad sets to fletch, this is worth 15250k fletching xp and if we do some math, (13034/15250)*151 = 129 we can easily see that it became essential for me to buy broads after only 22 days of playing. This is obviously assuming 100% of your fletching will be done with broads. However there is a method which has been kept secret and will be revealed later on in this guide. If you’d buy yak hides for 151 days you’d have over 60m summoning banked so that’d obviously not an essential daily at all, enchanted gems are in the same category (these are used for disassembling purposes in invention). Miscellania is pretty much a requirement for unlocking the book of Char and because of some optimizations in the later months of my ironman career I have constructed a route that makes charring magics and yews efficient, so there’s no need to worry about this daily either. Miscellania however is obviously not just essential for book of char but is also a very good source for hardwood, which is used in construction dailies later on and coal which is essential for artisan’s workshop. Even though I unlocked ports within the first week of ironman, it took me way past maxing to finally unlock all regions and even longer to get the armours. Daily cache and big chin do not require any effort to unlock and should always be done (until becoming obsolete of course). 

Farming requires a quick rush to level 65 after which nothing essential requires it anymore and you can continue your farming at a relaxed pace. VoS scaping is only relevant after Prif has been unlocked and by that point most of the critical dailies will already be unlocked so you can focus on doing Hefins etc.

Based on the analysis in the previous paragraph I’d conclude that for most people who are probably interested in unlocking comp or trimmed comp and play a decent amount a strong focus should be put into unlocking Player owned Ports. Since the expansion to ports you now have a lot more choices for which skill you’d like to raise to 90, my personal choice at the time was Thieving as it requires almost no questing or unlocks to achieve near maximal xp rates. This was before crystal mask was a thing and I didn’t know much about elf city so a lot has changed since then. I will once again analyze the different options and choose the best one among them. The options are Agility, Construction, Cooking, Divination, Dungeoneering, Fishing, Herblore, Hunter, Prayer, Runecrafting, Slayer and Thieving. Out of these the only ones you could possibly consider fast are Dungeoneering, Hunter and Thieving. Dungeoneering however should mostly be done with dg crafting which makes it one of the skills that takes longest and not doing it this way sacrifices way too much time compared to simply doing either of the other skills. Hunter vs Thieving, Hunter starting at lvl 13 and until at least lvl 72 is about twice the speed with daily big chins compared to normal grindy methods, compared to thieving which barely benefits from crystal mask until lvl 86. Based on this I’d say there’s no real comparison and you should just sacrifice a very small amount of efficiency to reach 90 thieving quicker. If you do not care about comp or trim, feel free to skip the suggestion of getting 90 thieving and stop at 86 or just don’t touch thieving at all however you will run into some monetary problems because of this and the only drawback of doing thieving early on is the high intensity of the methods.

Now that we have decided that our first goal should be 70/90 thieving we will have to choose our methods to reach this goal quickly. Again I will be drawing from memory here, I myself did menaphites for 90 thieving which is definitely the fastest way to reach 90 thieving and unlock ports but it is not the most efficient one overall, if you are not concerned about comping or trimming a week later you could instead quest a bit extra and unlock monkey knife fighters. If you make this choice you will save yourself a total of 5 hours. An additional option for those wishing to go for post 99 xp is to do pyramid plunder at 71/81. Though this might not be close to the fastest xp, if you really want to get the black ibis set before pyramid plunder costs you even more time at higher levels. I will assume that you stopped blackjacking at 70 thieving as this will put you at lower cash stack and people with higher thieving can still easily follow along.

Now that we’re done with the discussion about why we do thieving in a certain way you’ll probably want to know how to get there as quick as possible. But first you’ll want to build a solid foundation of quests. Magic will be your weapon of choice however since Attack/Strength will be heavily quested. Any choice rewards will go to Herblore and combat only lamps will go in this order Prayer > Magic.

  • Start Nemi Forest using “Nemiforest”

  • Buy Daily Pineapples from Arhein in Catherby

  • Start Tales of the God Wars for easy pre cache Divination xp

  • Always do Runesphere and Guthixian Caches!

We’ll be getting 50 magic very quickly at warped cockroaches, why you may ask because you can do it with just your lvl 1 staff, these little guys are easily the best until lvl 50. Also we’re getting our hunter high enough to have 2 types of moth at big chin, you’ll unlock access to spirit trees a little bit later so that will really get you started on big chin. You’ll want to spend your points from big chin on swamp tar to fuel your salamanders ammo, about 2000 tar is probably safe.

  • Get 47 Magic by killing Warped Cockroaches in the Lumbridge Catacombs, they might seem bad but they are truly the fastest way to achieve 47 magic, should take around 2 hours

  • Get 13 Hunter by feeding rabbits (use the video as a reference to the method only, ignore the rest)

Your stats should now look something like this

Final stats:

attack 522521

strength 6507

defence 4005

ranged 1002

smithing 1312530

mining 10009

summoning 2764

herblore 302516

constitution 3026537

runecrafting 2503

magic 227547

prayer 162512

cooking 192513

fishing 3905

thieving 4005

crafting 10009

agility 2503

Slayer 10009

Hunter 187013

Now you have completed all f2p quests except a few. We’re now ready to start our Thieving related questing. First you’ll want to get a semi decent staff so buy a simple Battlestaff from Zaff in Varrock. Now spend Combat lamps on the priority Prayer > Ranged, general lamps still on Herblore.

You will now have most of the thieving reward xp quests done and your stats should look like this.


agility 1490031

constitution 3051538

attack 4725042

Magic77277 10348347


prayer 403119


herblore 602522











slayer 10009



I will now have you complete a few prayer quests and then The Nexus. This is an essential step for ironman as it’s by far the easiest way to get all the protection prayers and ironically 37 prayer is actually a requirement to unlock a non shitty prayer method for ironmen. We’ll also get some Strength and Defence before we tackle Dragon Slayer, this will make the quest a joke to us. Also essential at this stage is to more than just Nemi Forest as a source of farming xp, Fairy Tale part 1 is a good boost for Farming and it requires Lost City, this is why we’re having a small focus on Woodcutting and Crafting. Don’t worry about the quality of your hatchet, getting Farming started right now is more important than chopping a little bit faster.

  • Quest: Merlin’s Crystal

  • Quest: Holy Grail (11000 Prayer xp, 15300 Defence xp)

  • Quest: One Piercing Note (250 Prayer xp)

  • Quest: Rag and Bone Man (500 Cooking xp, 500 Prayer xp)

  • Quest: Mountain Daughter (1000 Attack xp, 2000 Prayer xp)

  • Get 16 Firemaking for The Giant Dwarf (just chop logs) (2800 Firemaking xp, 1750 Woodcutting xp)

  • Quest: The Giant Dwarf (2500 Mining xp, 2500 Smithing xp, 2500 Crafting xp, 1500 Magic xp, 1500 Thieving xp, 1500 Firemaking xp)

  • Quest: Elemental Workshop I (5000 Smithing xp, 5000 Crafting xp)

  • Quest: Elemental Workshop II (7500 Smithing xp, 7500 Crafting xp)

  • Quest: Clock Tower

  • Quest: Monk’s Friend (2000 Woodcutting xp)

  • Train Woodcutting to lvl 36 by cutting Oak trees in Draynor and burn the logs, stop training shortly at 30 to do the emissary skilling task listed below. Bonfire for now but when we start burning maples we’ll explore the art of bonlining (do this in the clan citadel if available, use teleports to move between the battlefield bank and a place with lots of space to the west). (24310 Firemaking xp, 12750 Woodcutting xp)

  • God Emissary Skilling Task 2 (4000 Woodcutting xp)

    • Make sure you use woodcutting to complete this)

  • Quest: Lost City

  • Quest: Nature Spirit (3000 Crafting xp, 2000 Constitution xp, 2000 Defence xp)

  • Quest: Fairy Tale I – Growing Pains (3500 Farming xp, 2000 Attack xp, 1000 Magic xp)

  • Start Fairy Tale II until unlocking the Fairy Ring Network

At this point you want to start doing farm runs. The source of your seeds will be a little nice find we had fairly early on, namely the Head Farmer Jones’s Farming Shop. You’ll want to farm the highest seeds you can while stocking up on the higher ones you can’t farm yet. When you can farm Strawberries you might still have to buy Sweetcorn or you won’t have enough seeds to plant across all allotments, the seeds restock quickly so buy before and after a farm run. The allotment patches you’ll be using for this are Catherby, South Falador, Ardougne and Port phasmatys. All will be accessed through the nearest lodestone. I also strongly recommend to use your daily bonus renown at Cabbage Facepunch to gather Farming bonus xp for 65 Farming.

  • Complete The Nexus (37224 Prayer xp)

  • Quest: Dragon Slayer (18650 Strength xp, 18650 Defence xp)

  • Quest: Monkey Madness (35000 Attack xp, 35000 Defence xp, 20000 Strength xp, 20000 Constitution xp)

  • Quest: Contact! (7000 Thieving xp, destroy the lamp for when you get 30 summoning)

Your stats should look like this:

Constitution 5531043

Attack 9900049

strength 5305043

prayer 5850544

Defence 7135046

ranged 510021

cooking 242515

Mining 2480035


Crafting 2440635

Magic 7977747



Woodcutting 2483736


Agility 1490031

Herblore 677523

Dungeoneering 5005

Summoning 2764

Runecrafting 125010

Fishing 4105

Slayer 10009

Hunter 187013

Divination 1660032

Now you are extremely ready to finally get 70/90 Thieving, what’s great about thieving is that it’ll give you some money which you will desperately need to get your kingdom going in a few days. Getting to this point will have probably taken you at least a day or 2 already. I got to 70 thieving within the first day of ironman, but as I mentioned in the beginning I did not quest. This made it so that pretty much all of the thieving training I did early on was wasted because I still have to do all these quests regardless and when I do end up doing them they don’t skip those low slow levels for me. This next bit of Thieving should net you around an extra 400k, which at this point in the game is a lot if you haven’t noticed so far. We will later on be doing things such as task diaries which also give you a fair amount of money and will become one of the main way to train our herblore.

We’ll need to get your Thieving to 45 now somehow. You will have to complete the miniquest From Tiny Acorns to unlock the Thieves Guild Chests. You will be doing Thieves Guild Chests to 46, after this we’ll be you will have the choice between coshing Volunteers or blackjacking bearded bandits. I’d definitely choose bearded bandits, they are barely slower than coshing volunteers and also give you some good profit. For healing you should buy the wines at the bar nearby, they should restock quick enough. On your way to 55 you’ll earn around 60k. Regular Bandits in Pollnivneach are you next stop from 55-65, you’ll earn around 160k. At 65 Thieving Menaphite Thugs closes the speed gap enough to make the extra money worth switching over for, so that’s exactly what you’ll have to do from 65-70 Thieving, this will give you around 125k. Our reason for stopping at 70 was that we would wait to unlock Monkey Knife Fighters, which can reach rates upwards of 300k xp/hr. If you want to unlock Player Owned Ports right now then you’ll have to stay here all the way until 90 Thieving, this will earn you an additional 2000k which will keep you comfortable for a decent amount of time. Unless you want black ibis then start doing Pyramid Plunder at 81. If you only got 70 Thieving and you’re worried that you might run out of money you’re in luck. All our questing has already made us powerful enough to do a fairly decent money maker. This would be killing Cockroach Soldiers for their carapace. This method yields at least 300k/hr by making and alching carapace legs and requires 150 nature runes/hr.

Now you have unlocked a fairly decent money maker to keep you going for now, you’ve made some money for daily expenses and maybe you’ve even unlocked Player owned Ports. Now it’s time to advance towards one of the most sought after goals in early ironman, Prifddinas. In the early days of ironman this seemed like an almost impossible short term goal to me until I saw just how much Herblore DIY Oddish had gained from questing, with the biggest chunk being While Guthix Sleeps, the first Grandmaster Quest in the game with a massive reward of 400k xp towards the skill of choice, Herblore. Oddish had completed this quest just 15 days after ironman came out and at that moment I truly realized the importance of questing. I hope by now you’ve already seen just how much questing can aid a low level account, as pretty much 90% of the xp gained so far has been from quests. So our current goals are Prif reqs with a main focus on Herblore and to get as many Quest Points as possible for While Guthix Sleeps. Don’t forget to keep up with your dailies as well, these should be Nemi Forest, Big Chin, bihourly farm runs, Guthixian Cache and Runesphere for now. 

  • Quest: Shades of Mort’ton (2000 Crafting xp, 2000 Herblore xp)

  • Quest: Sea Slug (7175 Fishing xp)

  • Quest: Fishing Contest (2437 Fishing xp)

  • Task: Lumbridge – Beginner (500 Herblore xp)

  • Complete 7 Combat Academy Lessons (724 Herblore xp, 724 Herblore xp, 775 Herblore xp, 828 Herblore xp, 828 Herblore xp, 883 Herblore xp, 940 Herblore xp, 940 Herblore xp, 999 Herblore xp, 999 Herblore xp, 1060 Herblore xp, 1123 Herblore xp, 1123 Herblore xp, 1188 Herblore xp, 1188 Herblore xp, 1255 Herblore xp, 1255 Herblore xp, 1324 Herblore xp, 1324 Herblore xp, 1395 Herblore xp, 1395 Herblore xp, Total of 22270 Herblore xp)

  • Task: Desert – Easy (2000 Herblore xp)

  • Quest: In Search of the Myreque (600 Attack xp, 600 Defence xp, 600 Strength xp, 600 Constitution xp, 600 Crafting xp)

  • Quest: In Aid of the Myreque (2000 Attack xp, 2000 Defence xp, 2000 Strength xp, 2000 Crafting xp)

  • Task: Morytania – Easy (4000 Herblore xp)

  • If you haven’t already done this month of God Statues you should do it right now and do it every month as late into the month as possible until 99 construction, Choice skill on prayer (250 Construction xp, 308 Construction xp, 416 Construction xp, 777 Construction xp, Total of 1751 Construction xp, 1707 Prayer xp, 1707 Prayer xp, 1779 Prayer xp, 1779 Prayer xp, Total of 6972 Prayer xp)

  • Quest: Darkness of Hallowvale (7000 Agility xp, 6000 Thieving xp, 2000 Construction xp, 6000 Herblore xp)

  • Quest: Troll Stronghold (20000 Herblore xp)

  • Quest: Troll Romance (8000 Agility xp, 4000 Strength xp)

  • Quest: Eadgar’s Ruse (11000 Herblore xp)

  • Task: Lumbridge – Easy (1000 Herblore xp)

  • Quest: A Tail of Two Cats (5000 Herblore xp)

  • Quest: Tower of Life (1000 Construction xp, 500 Crafting xp, 500 Thieving xp)

  • Quest: Perils of Ice Mountain (500 Construction xp, 500 Farming xp, 500 Hunter xp, 500 Thieving xp)

  • Quest: The Eyes of Glouphrie (12000 Magic xp, 2500 Woodcutting xp, 6000 Runecrafting xp, 250 Construction xp)

  • Quest: Shilo Village (3875 Crafting xp)

  • Quest: One Small Favour (20000 Herblore xp)

  • Quest: Eagles’ Peak (2500 Hunter xp)

  • Quest: Shadow of the Storm (10000 Constitution xp)

  • Quest: Recipe for Disaster: Another Cook’s Quest

  • Quest: Recipe for Disaster: Freeing the Goblin generals (1000 Cooking xp, 1000 Crafting xp, 1000 Farming xp)

  • Quest: Recipe for Disaster: Freeing the Mountain dwarf (1000 Cooking xp, 1000 Slayer xp)

  • Quest: Ghosts Ahoy (2400 Prayer xp)

  • Quest: The Tale of the Muspah (1000 Magic xp, 800 Mining xp, 800 Woodcutting xp, 500 Firemaking xp)

  • Quest: Wanted! (5000 Slayer xp)

  • God Emissary Exploration Tasks (13000 Agility xp)

  • Quest: Animal Magnetism (1000 Crafting xp, 1000 Fletching xp, 1000 Slayer xp, 2500 Woodcutting xp)

  • Quest: Fur ‘n’ Seek (2500 Constitution xp, 2500 Slayer xp, 1500 Prayer xp, 500 Crafting xp, 500 Firemaking xp)

  • Train Ranged to 39 at Banshees at the slayer tower with a slayer contract (3x 160 contract, ~28600 Ranged xp, 1512 Slayer xp, charms: 10 gold, 35 green, 5 crimson, 2 blue)

    • You can buy a maple shortbow at Lowe in Varrock, he also sells mithril arrows

    • This might be slower than warped cockroaches but brings in some money, resources and slayer xp

  • Quest: Scorpion Catcher (6625 Strength xp)

  • Quest: Horror From the Deep (4662 Ranged xp, 4662 Magic xp, 4662 Strength xp)

  • Quest: Temple of Ikov (10500 Ranged xp, 8000 Fletching xp)

  • Quest: Haunted Mine (22000 Strength xp)

  • Quest: What Lies Below (8000 Runecrafting xp, 2000 Defence xp)

  • Quest: Garden of Tranquility (5000 Farming xp)

  • Quest: My Arm’s Big Adventure (10000 Herblore xp, 5000 Farming xp)

  • Quest: Enlightened Journey (2000 Crafting xp, 3000 Farming xp, 1500 Woodcutting xp, 4000 Firemaking xp)

  • Quest: Sheep Herder

  • Quest: Song from the Depths (700 Constitution xp)

  • Quest: Elemental Workshop III (2000 Smithing xp, 5625 Smithing xp, 7050 Defence xp)

  • Quest: The Tourist Trap (9300 Agility xp)

  • Quest: A Soul’s Bane (500 Defence xp, 500 Constitution xp)

  • Quest: Broken Home (Small Prismatic Lamp, 1101 Herblore xp)

  • Replay Broken Home for additional rewards (8808 Herblore xp)

  • Quest: Dimension of Disaster: Demon Slayer (5000 Crafting xp, 5000 Magic xp)

  • Quest: Quiet Before the Swarm (4000 Attack xp, 4900 Strength xp)

  • God Emissary Skilling Task 3 (Crafting route, 7500 Crafting xp)

  • Quest: Underground Pass (3000 Attack xp, 3000 Agility xp)

    • Use your god banner for a +5 agility boost on the agility heavy part)












farming  20842 34

hunter 12230 29



runecrafting 30406 37

Cooking4470 20




Fletching 900026

Ranged 48810 42


Dungeoneering 5005

Summoning 2764

Divination 1660032

Now we’ve done pretty much all quests you can do right now and we’ll need to work on unlocking Miscellania so we can raise our firemaking using the logs and some construction from it as well. For the Fishing we’ll already be focusing on c2 fishing this early on, I myself was fly fishing for food but the food turned out to not be of too much use and the extra dungeoneering xp should be a nice boost to that skill. It is extremely hard for me to be accurate about any of the xp/hr of these methods because I have no data whatsoever about it, so if you have any more accurate info on low level dg related activities please send them to me here (reddit). For the Fishing and Cooking we’ll be doing normal dungeoneering. My definition of normal however is probably very different from yours. I will have you do everything that is even remotely efficient to do in this dungeon, this might make it seem like a very slow method but because of the multiskilling nothing even comes close to compare. As rings you’ll want gatherer primary with artisan’s quick switch, both of these are essential for the skilling we’ll do and easily outweigh dps rings. The actual method is simply do the dungeon as normal, just skill as well. So that means fishing all the spots, chopping all the branches and cooking/fletching the resources. At the end of a dungeon you’ll be left with a lot of money, usually you’d spend this on protoleather for fast crafting xp, but for now it’s better to spend it on the tangle gum branches to fletch into tangle gum traps. You can quickcast this process and without doing this it wouldn’t even be viable anyway, so you can approximately make 2500 tangle gum traps/hr which makes this 30k fletching/hr. If you take into consideration you’re not being inefficient by let’s say having to chop willow logs or oak, this will easily be the fastest fletching xp you can get until lvl 45, at that point you can cut maple logs into shafts. Cutting the shafts itself is really bad xp but it’s part of a process that averages out to over 200k xp/hr, making it easily better than tangle gum traps.

I will have you fly fish until 40 fish/cook to have a small amount of food for early combat and for ease of calculation. My location of choice is the river Lum directly east of the Combat Academy, this has a relatively short run to the bank. My logic for these estimations now, until 30 fishing you only fish trout, after this I assume a 50/50 ratio between trout/salmon. For the burn chance I assume the burn rate goes down by 1% every cooking lvl until the 100% success level, which are 50 cooking for trout and 58 cooking for salmon. Now let’s get on with it and don’t forget the bonfire boost, Dwarven army axe and Fishing urns and Cooking urns (you’ll need 10 Fishing urns and 5 cooking urns) as I have which made me have to write the next section twice.

Redo this to correctly account for fish/cook urns

Cook Salmon = ((90+3)*1.1)*1.2 = 122.7fish salmon = 70*1.2 = 84

cook Trout = ((77+3)*1.1)*1.2 = 105.6fish trout = 50*1.2 = 60

  • Catch 16 trout and cook for 22 cooking (1182 Cooking xp, 960 Fishing xp)

  • Quest: Forgettable Tale of a Drunken Dwarf (5000 Farming xp, 5000 Cooking xp)

  • Catch more trout until 30 cooking (2040 Fishing xp, 2764 Cooking xp)

  • Quest: (30 cooking) Beneath Cursed Tides (5000 Cooking xp, 5000 Fishing xp, 10000 Summoning xp)

    • This quest unlocks the monthly Oyster DnD, always do it at the end of the month to maximize xp gained until 99 fishing and farming

  • Quest: Big Chompy Bird Hunting (262 Fletching xp, 1470 Cooking xp, 735 Ranged xp)

  • 33 cooking (19886 xp), 32 fishing (18022 xp)

  • Catch fish until 36 Fishing (95 fish, 6840 Fishing xp, 4213 Cooking xp, 4370 Cooking xp)

  • Quest: (36 fish) Land of the Goblins (3000 Agility xp, 3000 Herblore xp, 3000 Fishing xp, 3000 Strength xp, 2000 Prayer xp)

  • 27862 Fishing xp, 28469 Cooking xp

  • Continue fishing until 40 Fishing and Cooking are reached (131 Fish, 9432 Fishing xp, 6085 cooking xp, 6425 cooking xp)

  • 40 fishing (37294 xp), 40 cooking (40979 xp)

  • Quest: Bringing Home the Bacon (350 Farming xp, 350 Construction xp, 350 Summoning xp)

Now comes the hard part to calculate, if you actually have gone through this step I’d very much appreciate if you could give me the correct numbers for xp gained during this phase. This is all just extremely rough estimations and based on some old numbers I found on my runetracker. Let’s also quickly boost firemaking to 40 so we’re sure that we get more decent logs in our dungeons, don’t forget urns.

  • Burn willow logs until 40 firemaking (49 logs, 5145 Firemaking xp, 3969 Woodcutting xp)

  • C6 dungeoneering (65000 Fishing xp, 65000 Cooking xp, 65000 Fletching xp, 50000 Woodcutting xp, 30000 Crafting xp, 102000 Dungeoneering xp, 20000 Magic xp)

  • Task: Daemonheim – Easy (2000 Herblore xp)

  • More c6 dungeoneering (35000 Fishing xp, 35000 Cooking xp, 20000 Fletching xp, 35000 Woodcutting xp, 70000 Crafting xp, 150000 Dungeoneering xp, 15000 Magic xp)

  • Task: Daemonheim – Medium (8000 Herblore xp)

    • Don’t worry about the frost dragon if you haven’t seen it already, it will happen eventually

If you get values very different from the above, this is not a problem at all. Simply leave a comment here by right clicking comment or using Ctrl+Alt+M. Our goals are only the fishing and cooking level currently, if any of the other stats aren’t as high as I’ve suggested here that is nothing to worry about and you only have to work on them when they’re required. To fix your stats later on you’ll want to use this method or more aimed methods I might discuss and suggest later on.

Your stats (maybe):














Dungeoneering 25250059













  • Task: Varrock – Easy (1000 Herblore xp)

    • Varrock armour gives 1% bonus mining and a chance at doubling ores mined

  • Task: New Varrock – Simpleton

    • Doubles double ore chance of Varrock armour

To get 50 Mining we will mine Iron ore at the falador mine, right next to this spot there is a bank deposit box you’ll use to bank the iron ores. Banking the iron is very important for our future smithing gains. If you don’t yet have a rune pickaxe I’d highly recommend you to buy one in the dwarven mines as well.

  • Mine until 50 Mining. (1791 iron ore, 75760 Mining xp)

  • Quest: (37 mining) Spirits of the Elid (8000 Prayer xp, 1000 Thieving xp, 1000 Magic xp)

  • Quest: (40 mining) Watchtower (15250 Magic xp)

  • Quest: Heroes’ Quest (3075 Attack xp, 3075 Defence xp, 3075 Strength xp, 3075 Constitution xp, 2075 Ranged xp, 2725 Fishing xp, 2825 Cooking xp, 1575 Woodcutting xp, 1575 Firemaking xp, 2257 Smithing xp, 2575 Mining xp, 1325 Herblore xp)

  • Quest: The Fremennik Trials (2812 Agility xp, 2812 Attack xp, 2812 Crafting xp, 2812 Defence xp, 2812 Fishing xp, 2812 Fletching xp, 2812 Constitution xp, 2812 Strength xp, 2812 Thieving xp, 2812 Woodcutting xp)

    • Raw shark: do a temple trek and select the shark reward

  • Quest: Throne of Miscellania

  • Quest: Royal Trouble (5000 Agility xp, 5000 Slayer xp, 5000 Constitution xp)

  • You can now start managing your kingdom – TODO add suggestion for resource

We’ll now do some more quests if we can and try to clear out some more Task diaries.

  • Quest: The Hand in the Sand (1000 Thieving xp, 9000 Crafting xp)

    • It might be a good idea to collect the daily sand for about a week or so, just to make sure you have some sand in case you need it

  • Quest: The Slug Menace (3500 Crafting xp, 3500 Runecrafting xp, 3500 Thieving xp)

  • Quest: Kennith’s Concerns (12000 Mining xp, 5000 Agility xp)

  • Quest: Making History (1000 Prayer xp, 1000 Crafting xp)

  • Quest: Meeting History (2500 Herblore xp)

  • Quest: Olaf’s Quest (12000 Defence xp)

  • Quest: Zogre Flesh Eaters (2000 Fletching xp, 2000 Ranged xp, 2000 Herblore xp)

  • Task: Ardougne – Easy (1000 Herblore xp)

  • Task: Falador – Easy (1000 Herblore xp)

  • Task: Fremennik – Easy (5000 Herblore xp)

  • Task: Karamja – Easy (1000 Herblore xp)

  • Task: Lumbridge – Medium (1500 Herblore xp)

  • Task: Seers – Easy (1000 Herblore xp)

  • Task: Varrock – Medium (5000 Herblore xp)

All easy Task sets completed

Another bit of estimating now, you just unlocked kingdom and we probably want a bit of money to finance this for a few days. We also want you to get 60 magic for a god staff which we’ll use to get a dragon hatchet at dagannoth kings then we can finally get your construction up a bit and finish some of those leftover easy quests.

Your stats:

Herblore 15377954

Mining 11593551

Prayer 8037747

Thieving 75293970

Magic 15368954

Attack 11448751

Defence 10138750

Strength 10672450

Constitution 10201350

Ranged 5162043

Fishing 14283153

Cooking 14380453

Woodcutting 12299351

firemaking 3883040

smithing 3800740

Crafting 16609354

fletching 9907449

agility 6820046

slayer 1701232








Now there are several options to choose from. You’ll need smithing levels for more quests, the iron ore you got from the mining is essential for this, you’ll probably want to get 59 smithing to make a mithril grapple for the seers’ village tasks. Firemaking is now easy to train thanks to the maple logs from kingdom. We’ll train firemaking with maples until 74, other than a few quests you’re free to grind that out, after that we’ll wait to unlock the Book of Char. Money will now start to become an issue as well, you need to pay for kingdom and we’ll probably want to start buying broad arrowheads very soon. So my personal choice will be to train smithing and firemaking for the quest reqs, do the quests then start slaying. As soon as you reach 90 combat do Smoking Kills to get full slayer points. All the quests we’ve done so far should give us a lot of block/prefer slots. For simplicity I will simply list myself here grinding these skills until 59 for smithing and 74 for firemaking, but you will only want to train until 49 firemaking and 50 smithing for now probably. We really want to get some money. When we achieve this money we’ll finally be able to efficiently train construction, for that we also need logs. You’ve probably been using a very bad hatchet until now. As soon as you hit 60 magic you should get a god staff from the mage arena in the deep wilderness, even as a hardcore don’t be afraid and just do it, you’ll be glad you did it. With your new staff you can now kill the Dagannoth King Rex. Why him? Because he is the only one you can safespot and camp for long durations with an extremely low risk of death.

  • Task: Desert: Medium (8000 Herblore xp)

    • Start collecting daily potato cactus as soon as you unlock the tokkul-zo

  • Train firemaking to 45 by chopping and burning willows

  • Train firemaking to 74 through bonlining maples (do this in the clan citadel if available, use teleports to move between the battlefield bank and a place with lots of space to the west, otherwise Fist of Guthix bank)

  • Quest: All Fired Up (5500 Firemaking xp)

  • Quest: Enakhra’s Lament (7000 Crafting xp, 7000 Mining xp, 7000 Firemaking xp, 7000 Magic xp)

  • Quest: Tears of Guthix (1000 Crafting xp)

  • Train Smithing to 59 at Artisan’s Workshop using grade I ingot to make burial armour

  • Quest: Elemental Workshop IV (7500 Runecrafting xp, 9000 Crafting xp)

  • Quest: Between a Rock… (5000 Defence xp, 5000 Mining xp, 5000 Smithing xp) 

  • Task: Ardougne – Medium (7500 Herblore xp)

  • Task: Falador – Medium (5000 Herblore xp)

  • Quest: Desert Treasure (20000 Magic xp)

Now we’ll be slaying for a bit, I’ll have to make extremely rough assumptions about this as well sadly. You should be 31 slayer and 69 combat which means you sadly have to use Vannaka for tasks and he sucks so we’ll ignore slayer for a while. You’ll want to get 75 combat which just means getting 60 magic and obtaining a Dragon Hatchet. So we’ll have to decide what you’ll want to kill for your magic and which armour you’re going to get. For the armour there’s really only one choice for all styles and that’s the fremennik power armour, this armour will be your armour of choice until you get the God Wars sets probably. I recommend you get this at 60 combat stats. To get the magic armour, skeletal, you’ll have to kill Wallasalki. Wallasalki are pretty strong and weak to arrows, the problem with that is we only have access to good weapons classified as bolts, salamanders, if I remember correctly I was fairly successful at killing these with 60 ranged and a red salamander though. Now how are we going to get to 60 Ranged, ideally we’ll want something both profitable and good xp. Sadly there are no more good contracts for our current low slayer level, what I did were lesser demons. Lessers were ok but I’d really like to be able to find something better, I think I did lesser demons until 60 ranged or it could’ve just been 50. It wasn’t fast, it wasn’t very profitable or anything. Right now I’m thinking of Greater demons but I’m not sure how viable that would be because of the relatively long bank trip and our lack of decent armour. Since it’s quite easy to get good enough melee armour we’ll try that. You can buy all you need in the top floor of the champions guild. You have a Keris as your mainhand weapon, you’ll want to get a good off-hand now, as far as I know there are no shops that sell off-hand weapons. Our only choice will be to kill some Greater demons. I’m not sure how effective our Green Salamander will be against them so if it proves very bad go and get 50 ranged on Lesser Demons, I will also assume you got 50 ranged at lesser demons first just for safety sake. A good location for this is the Karamja Resource Dungeon. Every time after getting all pieces required for an armour set you’ll kill some melee Dagannoths for dagannoth hides, I strongly advise you to kite these to save yourself a lot of hp, also strongly recommend to use familiarization boost here. So to recap what the plan will be for us: 50 ranged at lesser demons using Green Salamander and Carapace armour, off-hand rune mace at greater demons, kill Ranged Dagannoths until full spined armour using rune armour and keris/off-hand rune mace, get 60 Ranged at Greater demons using orange salamander and spined armour, get skeletal armour using red salamander and spined armour, Use Iban’s staff and last get a dragon hatchet from safespotting Rex. If Batwing armour were still a 50 defence armour we could’ve avoided all this trouble but sadly it’s not and the alternative Mystic robes require 66 magic to even buy as an ironman and it’s so expensive anyway so it’s just a ridiculously stupid rebalance. If you are forced to overstay anywhere, switch your training style to defensive. You need 52 defence for rejuvenation regardless.

  • Get 50 Ranged at Lesser demons (~100-200 tar, 200 Lesser demons, 8 accursed urns, 50000 Ranged xp, 2500 Prayer xp, 16500 Constitution xp)

  • Get a red salamander and an off-hand rune mace at greater demons

  • Get full spined armour at Dagannoths, Strength > Attack for the assault ability also pretty good for familiarization (60000 Strength xp, 20000 Constitution xp, 270 Dagannoths, charms: 30 gold, 40 green, 60 crimson, 2 blue)

  • Get 60 magic at melee Dagannoths (100000 Magic xp, 33333 Constitution xp, 450 Dagannoths, charms: 100 gold, 130 green, 200 crimson, 7 blue)

  • Get 60 Ranged at Greater demons, this is also a good choice for familiarization if you stored up a ticket and definitely pick up all noted drops (170000 Ranged xp, 56000 Constitution xp, 440 Greater demon, 18 accursed urns, 5500 Prayer xp, charms: 30 gold, 18 green, 114 crimson, 4 blue)

  • Get full skeletal at Wallasalki (100000 Ranged xp, 33333 Constitution xp, 200 Wallasalki, charms: 31 gold, 15, 17 crimson, 23 blue)

  • Magically get 52 defence at giant rock crabs, to start the melee armour collection. We don’t want to finish it because rex can also drop rock-shell armour. (20000 Defence xp, 6666 Constitution xp, 50 crabs, charms: 120 gold, 15 green, 10 crimson, 3 blue)

  • Get that glorious dragon hatchet from Rex. Watch out hardcores, if supreme or prime tag you teleport away immediately (preferably ectophial, since tabs have damage stack on you as you arrive and this has killed a few ironmen). Also bring a shield for rejuvenation. (280000 Magic xp, 93333 Constitution xp, 128 rex)

  • Finish rock-shell armour (80000 Defence xp, 26666 Constitution xp, 200 crabs, charms: 480 gold, 60 green, 40 crimson, 12 blue)

Your stats at this point should be around the following:

Leftover quests


Ardougne – Hard (60 herb, 59 slayer, 71 magic, 72 wc, 57 agility)

Ardougne – Elite (85 herb)

Daemonheim – Hard (74 herb)

Daemonheim – Elite (98 Skill)

Desert – Hard (70 mage, 58 cook, 65 slay, 75 dg)

Desert – Elite (77 herb, 93 herb, among lower reqs)

Falador – Hard (56 summ, 72 slay, 60 farm)

Falador – Elite (72 herb, 84 herb, 90 herb)

Fremennik – Medium (fremennik isles)

Fremennik – Hard (65 mage, 60 mine, 55 fish, 54 wc, lunar diplo)

Fremennik – Elite (86 herb, 89 herb, high ass fishing)

Karamja – Medium (65 fish)

Karamja – Hard (100 cb, 50 slay)

Karamja – Elite (64 herb, 87 herb)

Lumbridge – Hard (68 smith, 59 mage)

Morytania – Medium (55 mining)

Morytania – Hard (barrows grind lol)

Morytania – Elite (75 herb, 80 herb)

Seers – Medium (46 summ)

Seers – Hard (family crest, 80 cook/fletch, 76 fish, 75 firemake, 70 def/pray

Seers – Elite (83 herb, 70 herb)

Varrock – Hard (67 con, 66 craft, 70 farm, 73 smith)

Varrock – Elite (88 herb, 65 herb)

New Varrock – Minion (curse of arrav, defender of varrock)

New Varrock – Halfwit (65 herb)

New Varrock – Lackey (91 hp, 75 att/range/mage, 90 thieving)


The Death of Chivalry

Bringing Home the Bacon (post 14 summ)

Broken Home (best ring)

Call of the Ancestors (pre magic starter)

Clock Tower (easy quick quest)

Fur ‘n’ Seek (post 25 slayer)

Rune Mechanics (post 25 con)

Rune Memories (post mysteries)

Sheep Herder (easy gp)

Song from the Depths (pre qbd quest)

A Soul’s Bane (some cb xp, danger involves cb)


Beneath Cursed Tides (post 30 cooking)

All Fired up (post 43 firemaking)

Animal Magnetism

Big Chompy Bird Hunting (post 30 cooking)

Carnillean Rising (post 31 con)

Cold War (post 34 con)

Elemental Workshop III

Elemental Workshop IV (post 42 smith)

Enlightened Journey

Forgettable Tale of a Drunken Dwarf (post 22 cooking)

The Fremennik Trials (post 40 woodcut)

Garden of Tranquillity (post 25 farm)

Ghosts Ahoy (post 20 cooking)

The Hand in the Sand (post 49 craft)

Heart of Stone (post carnillean rising)

Hunt for Red Raktuber (post 45 con)

Kennith’s Concerns (post 46 mining, slug menace)

Making History (post 40 mining/smith)

Meeting History (post making history)

Missing My Mummy (post 35 con, 35 cooking)

My Arm’s Big Adventure (post 29 farm)

Olaf’s Quest (post 50 woodcut, 40 fm)

Quiet Before the Swarm

Salt in the Wound (post 35 dg, 45 summoning, 60 defence)

Scorpion Catcher

Slug Menace (post 30 slayer)

Smoking Kills (post 35 slayer, 90 combat)

Spirit of Summer (post 19 summoning, 40 construction)

Spirits of the Elid (post 37 mining)

Tai Bwo Wannai Trio (post 65 fish)

Tears of Guthix (post 49 firemaking)

The Tourist Trap (post 10 fletching)

Watchtower (post 40 mining)

What Lies Below (post 35 rc)

Zogre Flesh Eaters (post big chompy, 30 fletching)


As a First Resort… (post 58 woodcutting)

Between a Rock… (post 50 smithing, boostable)

Cabin Fever (post rum deal, 50 smithing)

Defender of Varrock (post 59 mining, 54 smithing, family crest)

Devious Minds (post 65 smithing)

Enakhra’s Lament (post 50 crafting, 45 fm)

A Fairy Tale Part II (post 49 farm, 57 herb, boostable)

Fairy Tale III – Battle at Orks Rift (post 54 farm, 37 summ)

The Family Crest (post 40 mining, 59 magic)

The Fremennik Isles (post 20 con, 56 woodcut, 46 craft)

The Great Brain Robbery (post 30 con, 50 prayer)

Haunted Mine (post 35 craft)

Heroes’ Quest (post 53 fish/cook, 50 mining)

Horror from the Deep (post 35 agil)

In Pyre Need (55 fm, 52 craft, 53 fletch)

King’s Ransom (post 65 def)

Land of the Goblins (post 36 fish)

Legacy of Seergaze (don’t do until branches reqs)

The Path of Glouphrie (post 56 slay)

Royal Trouble (post throne of miscellania)

Rum Deal (post 50 fish, 42 slay)

Some Like It Cold (post 50 con, 65 fish)

Summer’s End (big xp quest, post 55 prayer)

Temple of Ikov (insta post 40 ranged quest, pre fletch starter)

Throne of Miscellania (rush target)

TokTz-Ket-Dill (insta post 50 con quest)

Troll Romance (insta post 28 agility quest)

Troll Stronghold (post 15 agility quest, herblore starter)

Underground Pass (50 agil hidden req, 50 magic weapon unlock)

A Void Dance (post 49 herb, 47 con quest)


Back to My Roots (post 53 farm, 72 woodcut quest)

Blood Runs Deep (post 75 prayer quest)

The Branches of Darkmeyer (free t70 weapons unlock, post 60 herb)

Catapult Construction (post 44 con, 42 fletch, mostly con)

A Clockwork Syringe (just a lot of xp)

Contact! (thieving starter quest)

The Curse of Arrav (post 64 mining quest)

Deadliest Catch (post 70 fish quest)

Dealing with Scabaras (post 50 agility)

Desert Treasure (pre curses unlock)

Do No Evil (mkf unlock)

Dream Mentor (just some spells)

The Elder Kiln (post 75 mage, 60 agil, 41 mine asap, bank tele)

The Firemaker’s Curse (post 74 firemaking, 76 constitution, 64 agil, rush target, boc)

Forgiveness of a Chaos Dwarf (post 61 fm, 61 hunt, 69 str)

Glorious Memories (post 50 agil, 43 herb, 41 hunt, 57 mage)

Grim Tales (post 45 farm, 52 herb, 58 thiev, 59 agil, 71 wc)

King of the Dwarves (post 68 mine, 70 smith, 77 str)

Legends’ Quest (post 45 herb, herb xp)

Love Story (post 68 con)

The Mighty Fall (post 69 slayer, 72 def, 78 hp, 79 att, 79 str)

Monkey Madness (good cb xp)

Mourning’s Ends Part I (post 60 ranged)

Mourning’s Ends Part II (Post 70 agility tbh)

Nomad’s Elegy (post 75 mining/con/wc)

Prisoner of Glouphrie (post 64 agil)

Regicide (post 56 agil)

Rocking Out (post 69 smith, 60 agil, 66 craft)

Roving Elves (70 ranged weapon)

Swan Song (post 62 fish)

Temple at Senntisten (post 50 pray, curse)

Within the Light (post 75 range/wc)


Birthright of the Dwarves (80 mining, 82 smith, 85 strength)

The Brink of Extinction (80 defence, 80 smithing, 72 mining)

Fate of the Gods (post 67 summ, 73 agil, 75 div, 76 slay, 79 magic)

The Light Within (post 80 agil/craft/div/herb/pray/woodcut)

Nomad’s Requiem (post 75 magic, 70 pray, 66 mining, 65 hunter, 60 construction)

One of a Kind (post 81 magic, 74 summ, 67 dg, 40 div, good summ xp rush)

Plague’s End (First big goal! 75 con/dg/agil/craft/herb/mine/pray/summ)

Ritual of the Mahjarrat (after plague’s end goal, 76 craft, 75 agil, 76 mining)

The Void Stares Back (75 weapon unlock, 80 Magic, 78 Attack, 78 Strength, 71 fm, 70 con, 70 craft, 70 smith, 55 summ, 10 def)

While Guthix Sleeps (rush! 23 summ, 55 hunt, 60 thieving, 65 def/farm/herb, 75 magic)

The World Wakes (post 100 cb, essential)


First things first, you should set up your in-game notes and add certain minigames to your favourites.  Alongside your questing, minigames can contribute a massive amount of xp to skills that are slow or simply not worth it to train.

  • Guthixian Cache

    • These run every hour and are an incredibly great way to earn div xp, regardless of your level

    • You can earn up to 200 points a day and every 3 hours at 12, 3, 6, and 9, you’ll be able to get a boon after completing a cache — the duration varies depending on how many points you scored, and offer a range of handy benefits

    • Skilling outfits are obtained through minigames, and you’ll earn a piece at a time by doing cache (there are six in total; don’t forget the head add-on)

  • Big Chinchompa

    • You can do these twice a day at 30 minutes past the hour, and they’re a fantastic source of early hunter xp (valuable for catching salamanders to train your ranged later on, or gathering supplies for herblore)

    • You’ll earn points based on the moths you caught and can spend these on rewards like exclusive hunter tickets for certain creatures, xp lamps, and swamp tar (again great for ranged and herblore, though it’s recommended you spend your points on the hunter xp lamp)

    • Switching to the Yaktwee Stick right before depositing your moths will give you a small boost to your hunter xp (but primarily wield the protea flower, it attracts more moths)

  • Shooting Stars

    • Not only are these a source of mining xp early on, they’re an amazing source of income — you’ll receive 50k coins a day turning in your stardust, as well as 152 cosmic runes, 52 astral runes, and 20 gold stone spirits

    • There are friend chats dedicated to hunting down stars and tracking their progress; I’ve had wonderful experience with the “Star Find” FC

    • Events like the beach have a portal leading directly to the shooting star on the world you’re using, so use that to your advantage when it comes around

  • Divine Locations

    • These are available for a number of skills and will grant you precious resources for mid and late game, as well as xp

    • It’s best to do these after one of the boosted 3-hourly guthix caches to maximise your yield

  • Runes

    • Use your free wicked hood essence and teleports daily to build up a nice amount of runes ready for training mage later on, or for turning into vis wax (you can just use the basic elemental runes)

    • Buy your daily runes from the various shops around Gielinor

    • At higher levels you really need to be looking at collecting vis wax to reroll and extend daily challenges, or reset auras

  • Farm Runs

    • Don’t neglect your farm runs, you’ll regret it later on — with the release of player owned farms, it’s now much faster to train this skill

    • At early levels you’ll want to plant a lot of vegetables both for xp and for feeding the animals on your player owned farm (at later levels you should be obtaining enough in drops or from your fruit tree runs etc)

    • If you really don’t like farming at all, at least do your normal and fruit tree runs; the fruit can be extremely useful and these two things yield the most xp

    • If you can fit in a herb run, do it.  You’re going to need a lot of herbs after maxing out what you can earn from questing

  • Book of Char

    • Ahh yes, Dreyri’s favourite :’) once you’ve obtained the Book of Char, you can get a gigantic amount of firemaking xp very quickly

    • Use the maple logs you get from kingdom

  • Circus

    • This is quite handy at lower levels (and not bad at higher ones either).  Gain some early magic, ranged, and agility levels by participating in this minigame once a week

    • Later on you can also do thieving and firemaking after certain quests

  • Agoroth

    • Complete the Shadow Over Ashdale quest to unlock the ability to kill Agoroth once a week — the bxp pearls should be put into herblore, and it’s ideal to wait until the end of the week in case you’ve earned more herb levels (because the pearls scale)

    • If you happen to have reset tokens, using them on Agoroth is probably ideal

  • Penguin Hide & Seek

    • This can be quite a pain to do, but if you happen to spot a penguin somewhere, click on it.  The points will add up over time and you can trade them in for xp

    • There are FC’s dedicated to finding penguins, as well as the incredible world60pengs website which details exactly where the penguin was last seen for easier tracking

  • Troll Invasion

    • You’ll want to start on easy mode when you’re brand new, but with time, hard mode is an absolute breeze to get through

    • If you have monthly reset tokens, it’s a good idea to use it on this

    • Put your xp rewards into herb as always!

  • God Statues

    • Fantastic source of construction xp regardless of your level

    • Ideally you’ll want to choose the correct statue for each location in order to get prayer xp rather than slayer

    • Not all statues will be available immediately, so just do what you can

  • Giant Oyster

    • You can get some great farming and fishing experience for very little effort

    • If you have brawling gloves, using them for extra fishing xp is always a good idea

    • You’ll get some nice rewards from the oyster itself, often receiving alchable items (as well as the chance of getting rare drops like dyes)

Easy skills




























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