The Morrigan

The Morrigan

The Phantom Queen, Our Lady of Ten-thousand Battles, The First Banshee


Alignment CN

Pantheon Eldest

Areas of Concern War, Death, Resurrection

Domains Destruction, Magic, Repose, War

Subdomains Rage, Rites, Ancestors, Blood

Favored Weapon Spear

Symbol A black raven on a blood-red spear

Sacred Animal(s) Crows, Ravens, Cows

Sacred Color(s) Blue, black


Paint an elaborate woad design on your face or rinse your hands in fresh blood. While decorating yourself, beseech the honored dead to bless you and grant you as good a death. You must never willingly kill a bird of the Corvus genus (crows or ravens). You gain a +4 profane bonus on saving throws against death effects and a +1 profane bonus on damage rolls.

Boons – Fey Obedience


1: Blackwing’s Blessing (Sp) Murderous Crow 3/day, Raven's Flight 2/day, or Swarm of Fangs (manifests as a swarm of crows or ravens) 1/day

2: Blood Dancer (Su) You stride through the death and chaos of the battlefield with grim grace and horrifying ease. You never provoke attacks of opportunity for moving through or out of threatened squares. You can still provoke attacks of opportunity in other ways. Additionally, you gain a +4 profane bonus on all Intimidate checks to demoralize opponents.

3: Widow’s Wail (Sp) You can cast Wail of the Banshee once per day.

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