The Numa Numa Iceberg

The Numa Numa Iceberg Notes

Arranged at no particular order (right now).

Collab effort by u/Yellowpick10

Go check Wikipedia and other places.

O-Zone’s other songs.

O-Zone has a bunch of other songs, including Despre Tine, Sarbatoarea Noptilor De Vara, VIP, Ciao Bambina, and more.


The meme’s removal on Newgrounds.

The video on Newgrounds was removed for copyright.  Their page talking about the removal includes a link to the meme on YouTube.



O-Zone is a Moldovan eurodance band.  They made Dragostea Din Tei, the meme song in the Numa Numa Meme.


Numa Numa Two

Numa Numa Two is a follow-up to the original meme, with Gary Brolsma, the guy in the first video, and other people.

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