The Official Spider-Verse Document

Ladies and gentlemen, what you’re seeing here is the first and ever OFFICIAL SPIDER-VERSE DOCUMENT, this will capture every version of Spider-Man possible, so sit back, relax and enjoy!

Note: It is unknown whether or not Sony’s Spider-Verse is the comic version or a movie adaptation but considering on what they’re doing, we can guess that ITSV takes place in a separate multiverse so it can be connected to SUMC, Maguire, Garfield, MCU Spider-Man, PS4 and even the original versions from the Spider-Verse events.

Marvel Realities of Spider-Man:

.1) Spider-Man (E-616)

.2) Spider-Man (E-1610)

.3) Ultimate Spider-Man (E-1610; Miles)

.4) Spider-Gwen (E-65)

.5) Spider-Girl (E-982)

.6) Ultimate Cartoon Spider-Man (E-12041; Parker)

.7) TNAS Spider-Man (E-760207)

.8) Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man (E-96283)

.9) Sony’s/ITSV Ultimate Spider-Man (E-TRN700)

.10) Sony’s/ITSV Spider-Man (E-TRN700; Parker)

.11) Sony’s/ITSV Peter B. Parker (E-TRN701)

.12) Sony’s/ITSV Spider-Gwen (E-TRN702)

.13) Sony’s/ITSV Spider-Man Noir (E-TRN703)

.14) Sony’s/ITSV SP//dr (E-TRN704)

.15) Sony’s/ITSV Spider-Ham (E-TRN705)

.16) Spectacular Spider-Man (E-26496)

.17) SMahAF’s Spider-Man (E-8107)

.18) TAS Spider-Man (E-92131)
.19) Ultimate Cartoon Spider-Man (E-TRN457; Miles)

.20) Spider-Man Unlimited (E-751263)

.21) 60’s Cartoon Spider-Man (E-6799)

.22) Billionaire Spider-Man (E-31198)

.23) FF: WGH’s Spider-Man (E-135263)

.24) MDW: TA’s Spider-Man (E-14042)

.25) Spider-Man (E-534834)

.26) Spider-Man (E-8096)

.27)Spider-Man (E-911119)

.28) Spider-Carnage (E-98311; TAS)

.29) Spider-Man 2099 (E-TRN453; Ultimate Cartoon Spider-Man)

.30) Petra Parker (E-TRN454; Ultimate Toon Spidey)

.31) Spider-Man Noir (E-TRN455: Ultimate Toon Spidey)

.32) Ole Times Spider-Man (E-TRN458; Ultimate Toon Spidey)

.33) Spider-Man No More (E-TRN513; Ultimate Toon Spidey)

.34) Blood Spider (E-TRN577; Ultimate Toon Spidey)

.35) Web-Beard (E-TRN603; Ultimate Toon Spidey)

.36) Spider-Man 2017 (E-TRN633)

.37) Ghost Spider (E-TRN684; Marvel Rising)

.38) Wild West Peter (E-TRN604; Ultimate Toon Spidey)

.39) Webb/Sony’s Amazing Spider-Man (E-120703)

.40) MCU Spider-Man (E-199999)

.41) SM: TOTD’s Spidey (E-11714)

.42) WOS’ Spider-Man (E-TRN009)

.43) SD & EOT’s Spider-Man/2099 (E-TRN579)

.44) M: AA’s Spider-Man (E-12131)

.45) MVC’s Spider-Man (E-30847)

.46) LEGO MSH’s Spider-Man (E-13122)

.47) Maximum Carnage Genesis Spidey (E-33734)

.48) Marvel: UA’s Spider-Man (E-6109)

.49) SM: FoF’s Spidey (E-71002)

.50) Ultimate Spidey Video Game (E-TRN005)

.51) Marvel: FF’s Spider-Man (E-TRN012)

.52) Ultimate Spider-Man: T M’s Spider-Man (E-TRN125)

.53) EOT’s Spider-Man (E-TRN199)

.54) Marvel Heroes’ Spider-Man (E-TRN258)

.55) TASM Video Game Spidey (E-TRN376)

.56) Spider-Man: Unlimited Video Game Spidey (E-TRN461)

.57) Marvel: CoC’s Spider-Man (E-TRN517)

.58) SD’s Ultimate Spider-Man (E-TRN580)

.59) SD’s Spider-Man Noir (E-TRN581)

.60) Insomniac’s Spider-Man (E-1048)

.61) 1966’s Spider-Man (E-6799)

.62) 1966’s Spider-Man (E-67)

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