The Proprietor 1.1

The Proprietor 1.1 (Otherworldly Patron)

At 1st level, you have made a pact with the mysterious Proprietor of the Velvet Room, a pocket dimension that exists between dream and reality, mind and matter, within the minds of all sentient creatures, drifting through the Astral Plane, but accessible only by dreams or powerful magic. This mysterious Proprietor has the appearance of a bizarre old man with a long nose, pointed ears and bulging, bloodshot eyes. He wears a black suit with white gloves. He appears to be quite tall when fully stood up. Very little is known about his background, or his morals, though he will only allow entry into his Velvet Room upon the signing of a contract. He is of neutral nature, enigmatic, whimsical, and not entirely omniscient but capable of giving vague insights into the future. He enjoys watching those he has made a contract with navigate the world with their newfound power, and while he helps them when he feels the need to, he much prefers watching them figure it out on their own. He refers to his Warlocks as, “Guests” of the Velvet Room, and the Velvet Room takes a form that represents the innermost thoughts and feelings of the Warlock that is visiting it.


The Proprietor lets you choose from an expanded list of spells when you learn a warlock spell. The following spells are added to the warlock spell list for you.

Proprietor Expanded Spells

Spell Level



                            absorb elements, cause fear


                            augury, pass without trace


                            crusader's mantle, aura of vitality


                            death ward, phantasmal killer


                            dispel evil and good, steel wind strike



Major Arcana

At first level, choose a Major Arcana from the list below that best represents your character and their personality. This Arcana should represent both your personality traits and your flaws. Each Arcana grants you unique abilities. For most, their Arcana is chosen by fate rather than their own free will. If you would like this to be the case, you may roll a d20 and choose the corresponding Arcana from the list below. You can either try to apply the Arcana chosen to your character, or make your character's personality around the Arcana. You can choose to deal that same damage type instead of Force when you cast Eldritch Blast.

  1. Magician (Lightning) – The Magician Arcana is commonly associated with action, initiative, self-confidence, immaturity, manipulation and power (more specifically, the power to harness one's talents). Those of the Magician Arcana often tend to have a huge ego, but only put this on as a facade to hide a serious inferiority complex. Warlocks of the Magician Arcana can add their proficiency bonus to their initiative, and can choose for each ray of their Eldritch Blast to deal Acid, Cold, Fire, or Thunder damage instead of Force or Lightning damage when they cast it.

  2. Priestess (Force) – The Priestess Arcana is a symbol of hidden knowledge or other untapped power, wisdom, female mystery and patience when it appears in tarot readings. Individuals associated with the Priestess Arcana are usually quiet, reserved, hard working, very intelligent, and sometimes have an inferiority complex due to growing up around highly exigent family members and or friends. Warlocks of the Priestess Arcana gain one additional maximum hit point per warlock level, and have advantage on saving throws to avoid exhaustion.

  3. Empress (Cold) – The Empress Arcana represents mothers, prosperity, creativity, sexuality, abundance, fertility, protection, and comfort. Characters of this Arcana may also be cold-hearted in personality, but still present a high degree of care and concern towards others. Warlocks of the Empress Arcana gain temporary hit points equal to half their Warlock level when they finish a short or long rest, and gain proficiency with martial weapons.

  4. Emperor (Lightning) – Individuals associated with the Emperor Arcana have the desire to control their surroundings, and are often trying too hard to achieve this, possibly causing trouble for others; some elements in life are just not controllable. Often times, those of the Emperor Arcana are troubled by something very personal, and do not know how to deal with it. Warlocks of the Emperor Arcana have their movement speed increased by 10 feet, and gain a +1 bonus to their AC.

  5. The Hierophant (Poison) – The Hierophant is a symbol of education, authority, conservatism, obedience to rules and relationship with the divine. Often those of the Hierophant Arcana have an association (and obsession) with the past. Warlocks of the Hierophant Arcana can cast Comprehend Languages at will, targeting only themselves, and gain proficiency in the Persuasion skill. If they already have proficiency, they gain expertise instead.

  6. The Lovers (Psychic) – The Lovers Arcana represents two paths life could lead to, and thus a symbol of standing at a crossroad and needing to make a decision. A commonality among those of the Lovers Arcana is their popularity, cheerfulness, and emphasis on social interaction. Those of the Lovers Arcana are quite often liked or even envied by most of those around them, but tend to have trouble getting people to empathize or sympathize with issues they are dealing with. Warlocks of the Lovers Arcana have advantage on saving throws against being charmed or frightened, and upon taking damage can use their reaction to move up to half their walking speed without provoking attacks of opportunity.

  7. The Chariot (Thunder) – The Chariot Arcana is a symbol of victory, conquest, self-assertion, self-confidence, and control. Those associated with the Chariot Arcana are typically very driven individuals who have a personal goal that they aim to achieve at any cost. It is not uncommon for those of the Chariot Arcana to be short-tempered or aggressive. Warlocks of the Chariot Arcana can take the Dash action as a bonus action when they use their action to attack or cast a Warlock spell, and gain proficiency with medium armor and shields.

  8. Justice (Piercing) – The Justice Arcana symbolizes a strict allegory of justice, objectivity, rationality, and analysis. Commonly, those of the Justice Arcana are concerned with matters of fairness, and otherwise are very stoic individuals. However, it is very common for those of the Justice Arcana to wind up having to face a trial of their justice. Whenever Warlocks of the Justice Arcana cast a Warlock spell, they gain temporary hit points equal to the level of the spell cast, and have advantage on Constitution saving throws made to maintain concentration on Warlock spells.

  9. The Hermit (Acid) – The Hermit Arcana is associated with wisdom, introspection, solitude, retreat and philosophical searches. Those of the Hermit Arcana tend to hide away from others or act in more supportive roles rather than putting themselves in the spotlight. Warlocks of the Hermit Arcana can use the Help action from range, as long as they are within 30 feet of the target of the action for helping an attack, or 30 feet of the creature they are helping for an ability check. In addition, when they take the Help action they can can help an additional creature if their Persona is within 30 feet of them or their target. 

  1. Fortune (Thunder) – The Fortune Arcana symbolizes fate, luck, fortune and opportunity. Those of the Fortune Arcana are usually individuals who attempt to seize their own destiny in spite of fate and are typically involved with making important choices and decisions in response to what life throws at them. Warlocks of the Fortune Arcana may use their reaction to grant any creature that they can see advantage on one attack roll, skill check, ability check or saving throw. Once they use this ability, they must complete a short or long rest before doing so again. In addition, Warlocks of the Fortune Arcana gain 1 Luck Point, as per the Lucky feat. If they already have the Lucky Feat, or gain it later, this is added on to the 3 Luck Points that the feat gives.

  2. Strength (Bludgeoning) – The Strength Arcana is associated with the morality about the stronger power of self-control, gentleness, courage and virtue over brute force. It can also represent creative or physical energy that needs to be or is about to be unleashed, sometimes out of desire to be recognized. Those of the Strength Arcana are often very strong, but have an innate need for recognition. Warlocks of the Strength Arcana gain proficiency with martial weapons, and can use Charisma in place of Strength for attack and damage rolls made with melee weapons.

  3. The Hanged Man (Slashing) – The Hanged Man Arcana is associated with self-sacrifice for the sake of enlightenment, the bindings that make one free, paradoxes and hanging between Heaven and Earth. Those of the Hanged Man Arcana are often notable for being caught between two different extremes, parties or stages in life. Warlocks of the Hanged Man Arcana have advantage on ability checks and saving throws made to recognize or resist illusions. In addition, when making an Intelligence check, they can choose to grant themselves advantage at the cost of suffering a cumulative penalty to their Hit Point Maximum equal to their proficiency bonus, which lasts until they complete a long rest.

  4. Death (Necrotic) – While it is associated with foreboding and doom, the Death Arcana also symbolizes metamorphosis and deep change, regeneration and cycles. Those of the Death Arcana can all be directly associated with death, but all experience cycles of change, often for the better once overcoming the hardships they will inevitably face. Warlocks of the Death Arcana gain proficiency in Death Saving throws, and if the total of their roll equals or is above 20, it is treated as if they rolled a natural 20 on their Death Saving Throw. In addition, they can replace one Warlock spell of their choice with another from the Warlock spell list over the course of a long rest.

  5. Temperance (Radiant) – Portrayed as a woman with angel wings mixing up the water of two cups, one blue, the other red, the Temperance Arcana is a symbol of synthesis, prudence, harmony, and the merging of opposites. Those of the Temperance Arcana are often struggling to find a balance in their lives. Warlocks of the Temperance Arcana can add their proficiency bonus to any saving throw they make that they are not already proficient in as a reaction, though they must choose to do so before making the roll. In addition, over the course of a long rest they can choose one skill they are not proficient in and gain proficiency in that skill until the start of their next long rest.

  6. The Devil (Fire) – Portrayed as a hermaphrodite devil over two naked and chained figures, the negative aspect of the Devil Arcana represents the urge to do selfish, impulsive, violent things, and being a slave to one's own impulse and feelings. Occasionally, it is also portrayed as a symbol of temptation. The positive aspect, however, represents a healthy bond or commitment. Those of the Devil Arcana are often "devilish" individuals; they can be greedy, proud, lustful, or otherwise of poor character. It is not uncommon for this type of character to have somewhat of an antisocial tendency, often not caring much for the needs or well-being of others. Although this is true, they are also characters that are committed to a cause, usually being their work. Warlocks of the Devil Arcana gain proficiency in the Deception and Persuasion skills, or Expertise if they are already proficient, and gain resistance to fire damage.

  7. The Tower (Necrotic) – The Tower Arcana is commonly associated to overly arrogant, prejudiced and authoritarian organization, which walk to their own ironic demise. Furthermore, it is also more generically used as an omen of doom and disaster. It can be seen as the worst card of the deck, as it rarely has a positive meaning. Those of the Tower Arcana can be arrogant, and typically find themselves in bad situations where they themselves have fallen from grace. Warlocks of the Tower Arcana have advantage on saving throws against any effect that will move them against their will, and once per long rest can give themselves advantage on any attack roll, ability check or saving throw. They can choose to give themselves this advantage after rolling, but before hearing the outcome of their roll.

  8. The Star (Force) – The Star Arcana is also commonly associated with hope, self-confidence, faith, altruism, luck, generosity, peace and joy. Those of the Star Arcana embody their arcana's traits of hopefulness and joy. It is a strong card, one that gives hope to those on the ground below and shines in times of need. But, eventually, it is destined to fall to the earth and disappear. Warlocks of the Star Arcana can take a second bonus action on their turn, on top of a possible action and movement. Once they do so, they must finish a short or long rest before doing so again. In addition, they gain proficiency in martial weapons and shields.

  9. The Moon (Cold) – The Moon Arcana is associated with creativity, inspiration, dreams, madness, illusions, fear, fantasy, the subconscious and trickery. In tarot readings, it can also represent being attuned subconsciously to the world around, gaining the ability to sense things without being told about them or without anyone else knowing (which means that some identify this Arcana with psychic energy). Those who are of the Moon Arcana are often similarly psychically-attuned, but a more common trend is their projection of their own fears and faults onto others. They often tend to have trouble accepting themselves for who they are and, because of that fear, try to correspond to an ideal person. And like the Arcana, there is a hidden depth as to why they act in their behaviors. Warlocks of the Moon Arcana learn the Detect Magic, Detect Thoughts, and Nondetection spells. They are treated as Warlock spells, and each can be cast once per long rest without expending a spell slot.

  10. The Sun (Radiant) – The Sun symbolizes happiness, joy, energy, optimism, and accomplishment. Occasionally, it is also associated with one's initial happiness. Those of the Sun Arcana almost always (ironically) find themselves in terrible situations, the situation belying the underlying optimism present in nearly all of them. Also, as the Sun Arcana portrays accomplishment, some of these characters have deep thoughts about the meaning of life and manage to find their answers. Warlocks of the Sun Arcana can cast Feather Fall at will, without expending a spell slot. In addition, they gain proficiency in the Performance skill, or expertise if they already have it.

  11. Judgement (Fire) – The Judgement Arcana, in tarot, is associated with realizing one's calling, gaining a deep understanding of life and a feeling of acceptance and absolution. Those of the Judgement Arcana are well-aware, quite intelligent and view the world with infinite possibilities. Most powerful when combining their intuition with their smarts, their thought process is among the most vast and realistic. Those of the Judgement Arcana tend to find themselves in situations where the truth of what they are searching for remains hidden in fog for far too long. Once per turn, Warlocks of the Judgement Arcana can deal extra damage equal to their Warlock level when they score a critical hit on a creature. In addition, they gain proficiency in martial weapons.

Special Arcana: The Fool (Force) – This is a special case, and only available if your DM allows it. The Fool represents innocence, divine inspiration, madness, freedom, spontaneity, inexperience, chaos and creativity. This Arcana is originally the only one that doesn't have a number, thus it is considered as the Arcana number 0. Those of the Fool Arcana gain a special ability. When they reduce a Demon or Devil with a CR equal to or less than 1/3 of their Warlock Level, rounded down (minimum CR ?) to 0 Hit Points, they can make a Charisma (Persuasion), Charisma (Intimidation), or Charisma (Deception) check contested by the Demon or Devil's Wisdom (Insight) check. On a success, they gain the Demon or Devil's power to use as their Persona. They add the Demon or Devil to their Compendium, a magic book given to them by their Patron. This Compendium can hold a number of creatures equal to half the Warlock's level, and if they gain a new one when it is full, they can replace one of their existing entries. When evoking their Persona, they can choose to evoke an illusion of the Demon or Devil instead, with the following tweaks to their Awakening ability.

  • Their Armor class becomes that of the Demon or Devil, if it is not already higher while in the same space..

  • When they take the Attack Action on their turn, they can choose to use one of the Demon or Devil's attacks, or their Multiattack action if they have it instead.

  • When perceiving as if they were in their Persona's space, they have the senses of the Demon or Devil instead of their own.

  • If the Demon or Devil has any resistances or vulnerabilities, the Warlock gains those as well while in their space.


Also at 1st level, you have awakened to a Persona that represents your Arcana. Your Persona is an intangible, medium-sized illusion completely under your control that exists within the Velvet Room, waiting to be summoned. As a bonus action on your turn, you can spend a Warlock spell slot to evoke your Persona, causing it to appear behind and above you (still occupying your space). Your persona lasts for one minute, and returns to the Velvet Room early if you fall unconscious or it is dispelled. Evoking your Persona has a Verbal, Somatic and Material component (a mask, a tarot card, a personal trinket, or a spellcasting focus).

While your Persona is summoned, you gain the following benefits and abilities.

  • While your Persona is summoned and in your space your Armor Class becomes 13 + your Dexterity Modifier if it is not already higher and you gain resistance to the damage type associated with your Arcana.

  • By default, your persona moves with you to remain in your space. Alternatively, as a bonus action on your turn you can move your Persona up to 30 feet. It can move through objects and other creatures' spaces, treating it as difficult terrain but cannot end its turn in another creature's space or object. It returns to your space if it is ever more than 60 feet away from you.

  • When you cast a Warlock Spell or take the Attack action, you can do so as if you were in your Persona's space.

  • On your turn, you can choose to perceive things from the perspective of your Persona, instead of your own until the end of your turn. This does not require an action.

One More!

Starting at 6th level, on your turn when you score a critical hit or deal damage that your target is vulnerable to, you can make one additional weapon attack or fire one beam of Eldritch Blast if you know it as part of the same action. Alternatively, you can choose to make a Charisma (Persuasion), Charisma (Intimidation), or Charisma (Deception) check at advantage towards the creature. This extra attack can only be triggered by a creature once on your turn.

In addition, while your Persona is Summoned and in your space your weapon and spell attack rolls score a critical hit on a 19 or 20 on the d20 roll.

All Out Attack

Starting at 10th level, when you use your One More! Ability to make an attack against the same creature that triggered the ability, all friendly creatures that can see and hear you can use their reaction to make a single weapon attack against the target if they are in range to do so.

Second Awakening

Starting at 14th level, while you have your persona summoned, you gain immunity to the damage type associated with your Arcana and when you cast a Warlock spell that deals this damage type, you can add your proficiency bonus to the damage roll.

In addition, you have learned that the greatest power comes from the bonds you form with others. At the end of a long rest, you can choose one willing creature. Until the end of your next long rest, if that creature scores a critical hit, you can use your reaction to make a weapon attack or fire a single beam of the Eldritch Blast cantrip if you know it and are within range to do so. If this attack hits, once per short or long rest you can trigger an All Out Attack on the target as part of this reaction. 

Eldritch Invocations

Master of Demons:

Prerequisite: Level 10, Proprietor Patron

You have become a master of the different Arcana and the Demons associated with them. You learn the Summon Greater Demon spell and can cast it using your warlock slots. However, when you use this spell you gain the ability to conjure a Devil that you have made a deal with. Work with your DM to decide if you have made a deal with a Devil in the past, or do so in game. If you conjure a Devil in this manner, it is loyal to you and does not make saving throws to break your control over it.

Footnote: I was not sure where to put this so I am putting it here in case there is any confusion. For the purpose of the One More feature, in the rare case (less than 0.5% of turns) that you score multiple critical hits you theoretically could "chain" one more's. However One More can only be triggered by a creature once per turn, so you would have to keep attacking a new creature each time and score additional critical hits. It cannot be repeatedly used against the same target.

Moreover, I am aware of potential balance issues with a paladin multiclass. I would like to test it in game and see if the ability to smite from potentially 60 feet away is game breaking before I make an adjustment. 

Thinking of adding some more Invocations, but want to iron out the subclass itself first. Eventually will be something that tweaks your Eldritch Blast a bit more based on your Arcana I think.

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