The quest for RAXXLA

The quest for RAXXLA

This document attempts to collect all the facts and speculation about the legendary place called Raxxla.  Frontier Developments (FDev) have confirmed that a place called Raxxla exists in the Milky Way galaxy of Elite: Dangerous.  So far, no one knows what it is or how to find it.



This is everything that has been positively stated by FDev.  Everything else is speculation.

  1. Raxxla exists

  2. It exists in the milky way

  3. [Some people at] Frontier Developments know where it is

  4. It has been in the game since release [2014]

  5. It’s a journey that everyone has to travel for themselves.

  6. [Frontier has made] some of it a tiny bit obvious just so people know what they’re doing.  

  7. FDev “knows why people haven’t been able to find it”

  8. There are now Codex entries providing possible hints about Raxxla and the Dark Wheel



  1. Some commander has visited the system with Raxxla, honked it and left without realizing they found it


Many people make this claim in various forums (reddit, frontier forums, etc) but no one has ever provided a source for this statement.  It’s often claimed that Frontier stated this “in a livestream” somewhere, or even in person at a convention.  If someone says it, ask them to show you the video or source.


  1. Raxxla is related to the formidine rift mystery


Drew Wagar stated that they are not related, and he wrote the storyline for the Formidine Rift mystery.  Unfortunately, there are some scattered clues in the game related to the mystery of the Rift/Dynasty Expedition/The Club and figuring out which clues relate to Raxxla is its own challenge.



    1. Raxxla is something the game engine is capable of generating

    2. Raxxla does not require features introduced after 2014 to access

  1. Can’t be located on a planet (planetary landings introduced Dec-2015)

  2. Can’t require neutron/white dwarf boost (Jet cones introduced Oct-2016)

  3. Can’t require an engineered ship (engineers introduced May-2017)

  4. Can’t require CQC rank (CQC introduced Feb-2016)

  5. Can’t require Guardian tech, eg FSD booster

  6. There was a different lensing effect for black holes at game launch, so the lensing effect shouldn’t be a clue


Even if these assumptions were true at one point, FDev has been known to change and update features of the game as their game engine & technology improves (eg, some POI megaships were formerly just drifting/crashed Anacondas).  We can hope that the location and methods of finding Raxxla haven’t changed, but this is not guaranteed.


Unresolved Questions

I’ve heard some people talk about these questions as if they knew the answers, but I haven’t seen any official statements about them.  It’s possible that even if some of these statements are false (eg. you don’t need any Imperial rank to visit Raxxla), that some of the clues to Raxxla’s location are in a restricted system.


  1. Is any pilot ranking (Combat, Exploration, Trade or CQC) required to visit/interact with it?

  2. Is any Alliance/Federation/Imperial rank required to visit/interact with it?

  3. Is any minor faction (especially The Dark Wheel) rank required to visit/interact with it?

  4. Is it in a permit-locked system?

  5. Can someone stumble on it randomly?

  6. Are the clues and hints that are supposed to point the way actually working right now?

  7. Can Raxxla move from system to system?

  8. Can it be found via the Discovery Scanner, FSS, or do you have to manually fly to/near the location?  CMDR Marco Santos notes that the FSS seems to have a range limit and you may have to fly near remote stars and honk again.


Theories about what Raxxla could be

  1. It’s a station [perhaps it sells special modules, or it has/acts as a gateway that transports you… somewhere]

  2. It’s a planet [how would you interact with it pre-horizons?]

  3. It’s a black hole without an event horizon, flying into it does something special [reddit u/HR_medved]

  4. It’s in hyperspace.  You may have to jump between two specific systems to access it.

  5. It’s a space structure, like a megaship.  It might even be able to jump to other systems, perhaps on a fast schedule.

  6. It’s a dyson sphere.  Would be cool, but you’d think the assets for rendering it would be in the game’s data files. [u/SaborW]

  7. The Real Raxxla is the friends we make along the way, teamwork, a sense of accomplishment, the twinkle of hope in a young child’s eyes.  Can’t be proven wrong!

  8. It’s a bomb of some kind that destroys the galaxy.  [u/HoochCow]

  9. It’s a “Rogue Planet”, this stellar designation [RoguePlanet] seems to exist in the game, but no-one has ever found one.  It was mentioned in the Player Journal API.  There is also star class ‘X’ (Exotic).  These are star types, not planets/landable bodies.

  10. It’s a special asteroid that appears in an asteroid belt

  11. It appears in an Unidentified Signal Source


In-game Hints

  1. The Dark Wheel faction is supposedly looking for Raxxla.  There is a minor faction with this name, based out of Jameson Memorial station in Shinrarta Dezhra [requires an Elite rank to visit].  The minor faction may not be related to the “real” Dark Wheel.

  2. The Dark Wheel minor faction used to offer missions [currently broken?] referring to “A certain celestial body. Place that isn’t a place, door that is also the key. The myth.”

  3. The 3.3 Expansion added the Codex entries on the Dark Wheel and Raxxla, both containing lots of hints [see below]

  4. At the same time as the codex entries were added, ‘Pleiades Sector IR-W D1-55’ was renamed to ‘Delphi’ [possibly a coincidence or unrelated].


Speculation based on non-canon sources

These guesses rely on the novella “Elite: The Dark Wheel”, which was included with the original 1984 game ‘Elite’, the related book series, previous games or speculation from people with strong knowledge of these sources.  The Oolite Saga books by Drew Wagar are considered non-canon (meaning Frontier does not feel obligated to make things in Elite Dangerous like they are described in the book).  The books: Elite Reclamation and other books in the Elite: Dangerous series ARE considered canon.


  1. Raxxla can be located with a stock Cobra Mk3 (from the books).  A Cobra Mk3’s best jump range is about 25ly or 100ly with a neutron boost.

  2. Raxxla is in/near the bubble since early hyperdrives could not go very far

  3. Raxxla moves, [depending on] a complex set of variables.  There are 8 7 “connections” to access it.  One connection was on a moon, but was destroyed.

  4. The Dark Wheel is run by the Ryder family, who found Raxxla at one point

  5. Raxxla is in a populated system, with possibly-hostile ships defending it


Codex entry: RAXXLA

The following is a copy of the in-game english-language text for “Raxxla” in the Codex.



“To the jewel that burns on the brow of the mother of galaxies! To the whisperer in witch-

space, the siren of the deepest void! The parent’s grief, the lover’s woe, and the yearning of

our vagabond hearts. To Raxxla!”


– Alleged toast of the Dark Wheel


The legend of Raxxla has been circulating, in whispers, for centuries. The quest for this

mysterious place, the location of which is a deadly secret, was said to be the principal aim

of the Dark Wheel, a putative fraternity of legend-chasers from the early days of interstellar



The earliest recorded mention of Raxxla dates from 2296, from the journal of Art Tornqvist,

a shipboard mechanic based in the Tau Ceti systems. He writes: ‘Cora comes home soused

and raving with wild stories, a new one every night. She claims she’s found a map to some

pirate stash, and all I have to do is loan her my ship so we can go dig it up. Maybe we

should go find Raxxla while we’re at it!’ Although Tornqvist’s account is the first known

attestation of Raxxla, it is clear from text that the myth was already in circulation.


It is extremely difficult to find consistency among the various fragmentary rumours of

Raxxla. Much like the ancient myths of Atlantis, El Dorado and the kingdom of Prester John,

interpretations of the story range from the sceptical to the outlandish: Raxxla has been

suggested to be anything from an unremarkable moon to a state of cosmetic enlightenment.

The earliest document stories tend to agree on several points, however: that Raxxla is a

definite place and that it holds a mystical secret.


Several versions of the Raxxla story mention an alien artefact, the Omphalos Rift, described

as a gateway or tunnel through which parallel universe can be accessed. These details

however, were later shown to bear a striking resemblance to the children’s story Princess

Astrophel and Spiralling Stars, and soon lost credibility. Undaunted, some Raxxla

seekers insisted that the story’s author had cunningly concealed facts about the

mysterious locale in his book as hints for those with eyes to see.


Students of Raxxla lore have noted that the legend exerts a strangely potent fascination on

the minds of seekers. Commentators have compared this sensation to ‘fernweh’. the

unaccountable longing for a place one has never seen. More than one interstellar

treasure-seeker has become obsessed with Raxxla to the exclusion of all other dreams,

and spent his or her entire life in a futile search for it.


Raxxla also plays a role in several conspiracy theories, most of which attest that is has

already been discovered by some kind of sinister cabal (or sole tyrant), which has

leveraged its power to establish covert dominance over humanity.


Whatever the truth of the matter, one thing remains irrefutable: the legend of Raxxla

continues to inspire explorers and conspiracy theorists to this day.

Codex entry: THE DARK WHEEL

The following is a copy of the in-game english-language text for “The Dark Wheel” in the Codex.


“Oh, they’re out there alright. I’ve never met them, but I know they’re out there. Think about

how well known the stories are. Now think about how easy it would be for some two-bit

band of hucksters to pass themselves off as the Dark Wheel and start trading on their

reputation. Doesn’t happen, does it? Not for long, anyway. Whenever someone tries to

usurp the Dark Wheel name, sooner or later they get quietly shut down. And that’s how I



– Felicity Farseer, explorer


The Dark Wheel is the name given to a legendary group of adventurers, explorers,

investigators and treasure-hunters, the existence of which is so lacking in corroborative

evidence that it is generally considered a myth. The group is often mentioned in

connection with the equally unsubstantiated ‘Raxxla’.


Those who believe in the existence of the Dark Wheel consider it to be a continuous and

clandestine organisation operating since the very earliest days of interstellar travel.

According to the lore, only a handful of the bravest and most competent pilots of each

generation are honoured with an invitation to join the group. It is futile to attempt to

contact the Dark Wheel on one’s own initiative, however – it is always they who initiate

contact, initially in disguise, revealing their true identity only once a suitable test of

courage and skill has been discreetly administered, and passed.


Opposing theories assert that new members are selected on the basis of lineage, with

existing members covertly training their children and revealing the fact of their

membership only when the child is ready. Conversely, some members are believed to go to

great lengths to prevent their children from ever become involved, the the group’s

secrets are dangerous.


According to self-professed Dark Wheel expert Lyta Crane, a conspiracy theorist and

‘people’s journalist’ who has painstakingly assembled an archive of relevant data, the

original group was based in a disused starport orbiting the eighth moon of an unnamed

gas giant. The station was toroid, hence ‘wheel’, and operated with a minimal power output

so as to avoid detection, hence ‘dark’.


Crane believes that this starport is still in use, and is the only means whereby the genuine

Dark Wheel can verify its identity; new inductees can examine the record and artefacts

preserved there, and thus satisfy themselves that the group has indeed been operating for

centuries. No such starport has ever been found, however, and rival experts have accused

Crane of forging her evidens in order to maintain the revenue from her billions of



Over the years, many people have claimed to be members of the Dark Wheel, to have

identified some or all of the group’s members, or to have discovered the group’s location,

but the contradictory nature of these claims suggests that most of them, if not all, are



In 3300, a group identifying itself as the Dark Wheel emerged in the Shinrarta Dezhra

system, which is not accessible to pilots of lower than Elite rank. It is not apparent if the

group is a legitimate descendant of the original Dark Wheel, a reconstruction, or merely an

opportunistic imitator.


Speculation based on the codex entries:

  1. The Raxxla logo (six lines emanating from a hexagon with an “eye” in the center) bears some resemblance to Hecate’s Wheel.  Hecate is a system that can be visited.  The circle-with-a-dot in the center of the Raxxla logo is a common symbol for the “Sol” system (or more generally, any solar system).  The egyptians used that symbol for ‘Ra’, which is also a system that can be visited.

    1. The Raxxla logo is similar to the Lazarus Expedition logos

    2. Raxxla symbol also seems a bit similar to the mycoid virus symbol on CMDR Jameson’s crashed ship.  Actually, hexagons seem to be a general theme in Elite.

    3. The Dark Wheel minor faction in Shinrarta Dezhra is the real Dark Wheel

    4. The codex is available in several languages, however all of the entries on Raxxla refer to “fernweh”, despite other more common terms (eg. “wanderlust”).  This might be a clue, possibly a cipher key.

    5. The player may have to wait for an invitation to join the Dark Wheel, possibly after doing a random mission, linked mission or pop-up mission.

    6. Other clues to the location of Raxxla (such at the Toast) will only make sense after being put together with more information provided after receiving a Dark Wheel invitation.

    7. The “toast” to Raxxla contains six clauses.  It’s possible they represent six points in space, with Raxxla at the center or intersection of 3 lines.

    8. This is the first time anyone has mentioned “the Omphalos Rift”.  Omphalos means “navel” in greek.  The ancient greek “navel of the earth” was Delphi.  There is now a system called Delphi.  This system is important… somehow.

    9. The toast represents a series of places that must be visited, possibly in order.

    10. There is no such real-life story as “Astrophel and the Spiraling Stars”, however there is a poem written in 1580 called “Astrophel and Stella”.  Astrophel means “Star-lover” and Stella means star.  See separate section for poem speculation.

    11. Universal Cartographics was formed from “Omphalos Infotech”, headed by Cynthia Sideris

    12. What kind of star is in the background of the Dark Wheel?  Red Giant or Red Dwarf?

  1. The star color is a very dark red, suggesting an M-class star (possibly T?)

  2. The dark red color is also rare, suggesting class M9

  3. The apparent size of the star compared to the station suggests that it is either a Red Dwarf/Red Giant less than ~25 ls away, or a Red Super Giant less than 1000 ls away.

  1. “Mother of Galaxies” could be Cassiopeia (who gave birth to Andromeda) or it could simply refer to a huge, or important galaxy, including the Milky Way.  It is translated as ‘Mother of ALL galaxies’ in other languages.

  2. This is the first time anyone has mentioned a Dark Wheel station, so it may have been recently added to the game.

  3. The Raxxla logo looks like a surface scanner.  Perhaps there is a system with 6 stars and 33 orbiting bodies (for the 6 segments and 33 dashes)

  4. “Lyta Crane” is an acronym for “LYT Arcane”, with L, Y and T being star classifications.




According to the codex the first mention of Raxxla was in 2296. That’s just sixteen years after the Non-Human relic was found on Mars. It was no bigger than a child’s hand. No other info has ever been given about it besides the date and the size.
The omphalos was a stone. Slightly bigger than a child’s hand, but a stone nonetheless.
Most accounts locate the Delphi omphalos in the adyton (sacred part of the temple) near the Pythia (oracle).
Omphalos is also the name of the stone given to Cronus.
There is one landable body that The Oracle station orbits in delphi, but no stations, outposts, or otherwise on the landable.
The Almagest system is controlled by Sirius. It is one of the closest fully functional systems to Polaris. In fact, Sirius controls Sothis, Ceos, Robigo and Almagest, which are all some the closest fully functioning systems to Polaris.
At one point about 2 years ago the entire system vanished and when it came back the data of the system had completely changed.
“The Almagest is a 2nd-century Greek-language mathematical and astronomical treatise on the apparent motions of the stars and planetary paths, written by Claudius Ptolemy (c. AD 100 – c. 170). One of the most influential scientific texts of all time”
Permit locked system Van Maanen’s Star is less than 20 Ly from Sol. To get the permit you need to get allied with The Sublime order of Van Maanen’s Star in Tau Ceti which is controlled by them and also happens to be the first system we made a successful hyperdrive jump to from Earth.
The system description states: This system was given to the Guardians of the Free Spirit religious sect by the Federation in 2480. They believe in maximum hardship and live underground on several of the inner planets of the system. It is forbidden by Federal Law to enter the system without the permission of the Guardians.
Could these be the Exiled monk type Guardians? if so, are we giving them a place to live in safety?
In the codex they mention Princess Astrophel and the Spiraling Stars. NGC 7822 Nebula is also known as the ‘Siren of the Spinward Stars’.
Anyhow. Those are some things I’ve been pondering lately. I figured I’d share.


Other possible hints

There used to be several “The Dark Wheel”-related missions.  These are all currently broken.


Mission: Obfuscated In the Outer Rim (Answering the Call of Adventure)

Data crystals are found by the Dark Wheel, containing a map with coordinates.  Pick up and return the crystals to the mission giver.


Mission: Discrete Redistribution Agent Desired

Steal “SAP 8 Core” containers from Dark Wheel faction ships.  On delivery, the mission giver hints at decryption and telling you more in a week.


Mission: The Silent Song of the Spheres

Deliver ‘SAP 8 Core’ Containers


Mission: Dark Wheel Seeks Diplomats for Discreet Delivery

Deliver ‘Trinkets of Hidden Fortune’ to the station.  Dark wheel hopes the other faction has better luck decoding the data.


Frontier has been informed that these missions are broken (Aug-2017) but they have not fixed them yet.  They stated that these missions might just be higher-paying versions of normal missions [so they may not be clues to Raxxla]


‘SAP 8 Core’ containers were in-game while Elite was in beta.


User Chris Green remembers Braben saying “follow the missions.”.  No source or cite or what this quote was in reference to though.  Some people have reported “strange things happening” by becoming allied with all factions near Shinrarta.  Followup missions from “mysterious strangers” that led to scanning a surface structure with an SRV for a small data payout.


Shinrarta Dezhra means “life, she saw, hope”.  Unknown if this is a clue.  Named by a player.

Expedition logs found in game suggest that as of 30 years ago, 660ly from Sol was considered extreme long-range for explorers.


Achenar was a planet that used to have sentient life, until human settlers accidentally wiped them out with bacteria.

An alien artifact was discovered on Mars in 2280.  No more details about it are known.


Recent changes may have made it easier to hunt for the system

  • If any previous commander has scanned & discovered planets in a system, they will now populate the system map.

  • If any previous commander has mapped a world, you can know see the “locations of interest” on it in the system map

  • Any tourist beacons you have scanned will now be in your personal codex


Unexplained weird things:

  • Halsey’s disappearance and reappearance babbling about ‘angels’ [rift mystery?]

  • Jaques and the ‘singing’ [unknown artifacts/thargoids?]

  • The weird hyperspace lights and suicides in the Exodus logs

  • The original (there’s something scary in the) Rift rumors

  • Superfast Diamondbacks


Good questions to ask:

  • Who is the mother of galaxies?

  • Who is Princess Astrophel?

  • Is ‘Princess Astrophel and the Spiralling Stars’ just a gender-swap hint to look at the ‘Astrophel and Stella’ poem, or something else?

  • What kind of Omphalos?


“Eyes to see” might be based on the logo for Raxxla, since a story can be read to you.  Or it is just a phrase meaning “those with the mental capacity for understanding”.



Someone asked Frontier for a “Christmas Hint” and received this message:


It may be a typo/not relevant, but ‘planet’ is italicized as PLANET (T is not italicized).  Searching for ‘PLANE’ takes you to the LAVE system.

Wild Speculation

  • Raxxla is in Hyponia – The wiki says Hyponia is “shrouded in mystery”.  Jacques station was redirected off course to its current location (roughly between the bubble and Hyponia)

  • Hecate or Terra Mater systems are somehow part of the puzzle (due to the Wheel of Hecate resembling the Raxxla logo).  Hecate is one of the few systems with the Brotherhood of Terra Mater (“Mother Earth”), and they give out a permit to the Terra Mater system (rare good: Terra Mater Blood Bores are sold in this system).

  • Raxxla is in the Herculis sector – Hercules went to the underworld

  • Raxxla is in a system with no sun, or possibly a black hole/neutron star

  • The name “Raxxla” itself is a clue, perhaps a numerical code.  It might also be RaXXla with the X’s substituted for other letters

  • “A door that is also a key” could be a reference to the Hercules constellation

  • You need to be flying a Cobra Mk3 to find Raxxla [lots of references to the Cobra 3]

  • Raxxla or “fernweh” is a key to a cipher, eg Vigenere, Porta  or Spiral ciphers

  • David Braben said [not necessarily related to Raxxla] “We have numbered stations in Elite: Dangerous.  You might want to write those numbers down”.  Canonn has identified a number of “Unregistered Comms Beacons” that broadcast coded messages on a schedule.  So far, none have been obviously related to Raxxla, but one of them might be.

  • Raxxla may not exist in a location known to anyone in Frontier.  Eg, it may appear in the 5 billionth system scanned, or in the next system visited after a player meets some set of conditions.


Things to Try

If you’d like to talk to other commanders searching for Raxxla, there is now a Discord server setup for this purpose; Independent Raxxla Hunters .  It is not affiliated with any squadron.  There are numerous chat channels, but also the ability to start an ‘investigation’ at any time.  Investigations are setup to look into a particular topic, and have a scope and purpose.  Investigations are typically closed and summarized after no new information has turned up in a few weeks (or when it has been resolved).  All investigation data collected is publicly shared, as are the findings.


    • Try doing lots of missions, especially chain/followup missions and see if you get an invite or new system permit afterward

    • Fly to and check the 8th moon of every gas giant to see if anything appears (watch the sky when flying near the moon to see if any lights are moving quickly against the background)

    • Fly to any of the sites that might be mentioned in the “toast”, wait in the system and see if anything happens (signal broadcast, unexplained stellar body appears)

    • Look for X (Exotic) or RoguePlanet stars with the galaxy map [probably set filters to show only non-sequence stars].  In ‘Realistic’ mode you can see all stars, then click on them and check the Info tab to see what types of stars are in that system.

    • Look for populated/non-anarchy systems in strange places with the galaxy map

    • Try to compare all the statistics of various commanders to see if we can guess what statistics might be the key to unlocking an invite from the dark wheel.

    • Read the galnet archive looking for clues [also available as a wiki]

    • Try doing things most commanders don’t do:

  • Look at the galaxy map in ‘Realistic’ view and see if anything stands out

  • Make short “economical” jumps

  • Stop at non-KGBFOAM stars, such as Tauri, Protostar, etc (some commanders don’t even stop at M stars)

  • Investigate Asteroid belts

    • Participate in a recorded FDev livestream, convention panel, email thread and ask for more hints, like one of these questions:

  • Is Raxxla something any commander could stumble upon by accident?

  • Could it be found by a player who’s only played a week, doesn’t have horizons and has just a fuel scoop & a cobra 3?

  • Has any player been in the same system as Raxxla? [Better: How many players?]

  • Have any recent game changes (eg FSS, mapping) made it easier to find Raxxla than before?

  • If someone were to find Raxxla, could another commander also find it by doing exactly the same actions the first person did?

  • DON’T waste your question asking “Does Raxxla exist” or “Where is Raxxla” or “Is Raxxla in the bubble/XX Region” because those have been asked and FDev isn’t willing to narrow the placement down to any particular region of the galaxy at this time.

    • Follow around Dark Wheel faction ships with a Frame Shift Wake scanner, see if they go somewhere interesting.

    • Collect “Trinkets of Hidden Fortune”, sometimes dropped from pirates and take them somewhere.

    • Collect Sap8 containers and take them to space jellyfish or Algol.

    • Look for more “Unregistered Comms Beacons” and see what they broadcast

    • Process the black box signals from the missions, see if any voices or data can be recovered from the garbled sounds

    • Follow around Ryder Revolutionary Party ships in Maia and see where they go

    • Jump to different systems with a Thargoid probe (“unknown artifact”) in your hold to see if you get randomly redirected from your destination.  No evidence connects Thargoids to Raxxla though, other than Raxxla might be in witchspace and the probes “sing to you in witchspace”

    • CMDR xxxsnusnuxxx discovered that systems with ‘Notable Stellar Phenomenon’ seem to be arranged in a curving line.  Try to follow that line to see what is at the start/end.

    • Read the books looking for clues

    • Watch these youtube videos where the writers of the Elite books talk about what they were/weren’t allowed to write about

  • Complete any of the Dark Wheel missions, see if anyone ever offers a followup mission that expands on the data collected.  [Not currently possible, missions broken].

Status: people have completed the missions dozens of times with no results.  Commander Zenith has found these missions all over the bubble, and there seems to be no common direction/system to the deliveries

    • Look for special missions in Varati [they seem to have disappeared]

    • Find a way to bypass the Pilot’s Federation lockouts (permit system) on your ship (ongoing investigation #subverting-pilotsfederation with Independent Raxxla Hunters)

    • Look at the codes and numbers within advertisements at starports, see if there is a pattern (ongoing investigation #codes-in-advertisements with IRH)

    • Follow this procedure (based on the Eleusinian Mysteries as decoded by CMDR PublicStationVoid): Find ship with name ‘Child’ flying around Nysa [or Persephone system], wake scan it when it jumps, follow Child to a station, then follow Siren.  When you hear a Mission Objective Detected, scan the signal and jump in to Degraded Emissions.  Pick up the canisters of Grain there.  Then… what?  Display the sacred objects to the hierophant?

    • Gather the following (based on the Eleusinian Mysteries)

  • 2 Mcr of combat bonds

  • Large amount of Rare Goods (Aganippe Rush, HR 7221 Wheat, Terra Mater Blood Bores, Waters of Shintara)

  • 2 Mcr of exploration data

  • Sell any of these to a station that might have a greek reference, such as Bohmshohm

  • CMDR Macros Black has a mission assignment for anyone interested:
    Collect 1 SAP 8 Core Container, last known location: Wolf 903
    Collect 1 AI Relics, last spotted in Bunda in Degraded SS, Threat 3. Be very careful, it’s a trap with 6+Vultures/Anaconda’s. Lost a Python last night.
    Collect 1 UA + 1 UP
    Transport items to the Thargoid map base and see what happens when a SAP 8 Core container and AI Relics is attempted to be placed along with UA & UP in the placeholders

  • CMDR Macros Black also requests help with Operation Less Than Three

    Track systems & factions to where [The Dark Wheel faction] gives benevolent missions. Get Allied with set factions in set systems.  Also note systems & factions where TDW gives hostile missions. 

  • Overlaying the Raxxla logo on the galaxy map is a good fit to current permit-locked regions.  Investigate the areas near the ‘points’ of the logo and see if there is anything interesting.  If we discover that the logo is itself a map, that may help find the next clue.

Systems/Areas to investigate


    • Maia: the Maia B black hole is owned by the Ryder company, they were described in the books as the last people to known to visit Raxxla regularly.

    • Lave system, it might be one of Raxxla’s “stops”

    • Tau Ceti – The only system name mentioned in the Raxxla codex, plus other hints

    • Investigate systems in the bubble [especially permit-locked systems that don’t seem to have a point]

    • Proxima Centauri, Eden and Hutton Orbital area.

    • Investigate systems in the Formidine Rift

    • Investigate 67 Pi Herculis, Eta Herculis, Zeta Herculis, 58 Epsilon Herculis

    • Wagar’s Reach

    • Orion’s belt: Alnitak, Mintaka, Alnilam [and then the rest of the Orion constellation, some of which is permit-locked]

    • Leo, Ursa Major

    • Pleaides, Algol may have some kind of “test” for commanders.

    • Gateway system [Powerplay HQ for Mahon]

    • comae berenices – in a constellation called the Great Diamond (jewel?). Also the Galactic North pole.  24 Comae Berenices is high above the bubble, may require multiple jumponium jumps and a jump range >80ly

    • Ra system (original Elite, has suspicious installations, egyptian symbol looks like Raxxla symbol).  If you attempt to visit Steelhook Hold installation, you will be immediately attacked by hostile ships.  This seems to be a normal scenario and Steelhook doesn’t seem to have anything special when scanned.  Recon limpets may be needed though.

    • Hecate (lots of references, Hecate’s wheel, etc)

    • Cronus system (related to Omphalos)

    • LHS 3447 [starting world for most pilots pre-horizons] or Asellus Primus [horizons]

    • Sirius has a planet named ‘Waypoint’ and not much else.  Very suspicious.  Also, flying from Sirius A to Sirius B sometimes triggers a “bug” warning “FSD operating beyond safety limits” despite not being near a white dwarf/neutron.  [This message also pops up in other systems, far from neutron & white dwarf stars, eg. NU-2 LUPI]

    • Hercules Keystone points at Hercules Cluster (M13) with over 300,000 stars.

    • Pleiades (GalCop documented ship disappearances in that region around the same time Raxxla was supposedly discovered)

    • Investigate norse-named systems looking for Bifrost (rainbow bridge)

    • Polaris is a very suspicious system, close-by and permit-locked with no known way to get the permit.  Investigate nearby systems to see if any factions might give a permit.  In another game (FFE), access to Polaris was via docking with a Thargoid Transporter ship that flew you there.  Look for nearby dockable megaships.

    • In the Shinrarta system [or Lave, Leesti, Maia, etc], target various other systems or interesting locations and fly in that direction for a long time to see if anything shows up.  Create a star map of every star as seen from Shinrarta Dezhra
      Then travel in-system in SC towards all unknown stars

    • Look for Chiron in the Sol system, its symbol is a Key but it doesn’t exist in the Sol system as far as we know.  It’s orbit should be between Saturn/Uranus

    • Investigate Crucis Sector DL-Y d163 in case it is Cirag (a system from the original Elite that doesn’t exist in ED)

    • Investigate Alnasl, source of the ‘Wow!’ signal [Cmdr Jaiotu]

    • Phaa Chrie sector might be a good place to hide stuff.  550 systems there searched by CMDR Edelgard von Rhein.

    • Investigate Barnard’s Loop region because it’s a circle and it’s dark

    • Leesti, Avalon, Aona, Arcturus, Dijkstra [or other place names mentioned in the The Dark Wheel]

    • Map the orbits of Castellan Belt Cluster 2 & 4 in Lave

    • Near the galactic center (“navel”)

    • Polaris Australis (southern version of Polaris)

    • Chrysus [“gold”]

    • Triton is the 8th moon of Jupiter, try flying close to it [permit locked]

    • Taurus, Crab Nebula (Egyptian goddess Hathor was depicted as a bull, mother of the universe) [Cmdr RexOdin].  Investigated by Cmdr Q Hung, nothing found.

    • Antares because it’s been in elite lore before and has strange visual bugs

    • Altair (eye of the Eagle nebula, eagles = used to calculate the Navel/Omphalos)

    • Castor (Alpha Gemini) – a Jewel on a brow?

    • Systems in Virgo constellation [it has a lot of galaxies, eg spiraling stars]

    • Schearaae sector (“queen virtue’s court”?)

    • Diadem (a jeweled crown, possibly Hera’s crown.  Hera = Mother of Galaxies/milky way)

    • Tartarus (the deepest void?)

    • HR 124 (a red “burning” star on the brow of Cassiopeia)

    • Alpha Cygni and Deneb because Omphalos and greek history

    • Veil nebulas because Stella’s eyes are Veiled

    • Dorado constellation (from the codex hint of El Dorado)

    • SYNUFE EN-H D11-28, EOL PROU PH-V D22 B 6, or EOL PROU DA-V D2-256 from a trailer

    • Look through this spreadsheet of low-temperature stars with a gas giant with 8 moons, visit the 8th moon and see if any stations appear.  Might need to look for stations manually by watching for moving lights against the star.

    • The Void & Lyras Song regions

    • Strange elite ships were seen in EAFOTS RA-G B11-0 3

    • PSR J0633+1746 (named Geminga “it’s not there” by its discoverer)

    • COL 70 sector fy-n c21-3 [permit-locked, 2nd system in thargoid image]

    • Merope 5C (pointed at by thargoid probes)

    • Calili, Pisagi, Yakama, Imeutrimudj, Toroesing because these systems can cipher to ‘Raxxla’ with other english words

    • Dakatipini, Capella, Paita, Yaur, Paroja because these systems can cipher to Raxxla with the name of another system

    • Circinus Pulsar [PSR B1509-58] because it’s an interesting system

    • 119 CE Tauri because it’s known as the Ruby Star

    • Ananke – Nyx  (Themis)
      (Lakhesis) – Lachesis – Decima
      (Klotho) – Clotho – Nona
      Atropos – (Atropus) – (Aisa) – Morta
      Because they are the Fates, many variations on names and spelling.  Parens for names that don’t exist as systems

    • Almagest (the whole system vanished and came back in a different configuration)

    • Visit LP 933-24 (Dark System Hideout) referenced in Elite: Reclamation book.

    • Investigate systems 15ly away from Nefertem, the Generation Ship Thetis discovered a signal coming from a planet that drove everyone insane.

    • HIP 23759 – because hex character conversion from Zurara logs (The Zurara is part of the formidine rift mystery, so probably not a Raxxla clue)

    • Kwatis [“Hexedit” + “Raxxla”], Hexedit is a Formidine Rift story component

    • [Spreadsheet with a lot of locations to check!]

    • Visit systems with ..ra XX-L A… in the name:
      PHOOE BRA XX-L A76-0 ; Phooe Bra XX-L a76-0 (Checked by rOmiLaYu)
      Hypi Bra XX-L a21-0 [visited by Friedenreich Xante]
      Hypi Bra XX-L a117-0
      HYPAO BRA XX-L A7-0
      Hypao Bra XX-L a7-0 (Checked by rOmiLaYu)
      Hypao Bra XX-L a76-0
      Dryu Bra XX-L a36-0
      DRYU BRA XX-L A7-0
      Dryu Bra XX-L a7-0 (Checked by rOmiLaYu)
      Dryu Bra XX-L a49-0
      DRYU BRA XX-L A21-0 ; Dryu Bra XX-L a21-0
      Dryu Bra XX-L a9-0
      Dryu Bra XX-L a35-0
      DRYU BRA XX-L A63-0 [visited by Friedenreich Xante]
      Dryu Bra XX-L a63-0
      Dryu Bra XX-L a76-0
      Dryu Bra XX-L a118-0
      Dryu Bra XX-L a117-0
      Dryu Bra XX-L a62-0
      Ooscs Bra XX-L a7-0 (Checked by rOmiLaYu)
      Ooscs Bra XX-L a7-1
      Ooscs Bra XX-L a7-2
      Ooscs Bra XX-L a36-0
      Ooscs Bra XX-L a90-0
      Ooscs Bra XX-L a90-1
      Ooscs Bra XX-L a104-0
      Ooscs Bra XX-L a35-0
      Ooscs Bra XX-L a63-0
      Ooscs Bra XX-L a76-0
      Ooscs Bra XX-L a117-0
      Ooscs Bra XX-L a62-0

    • Find out how to obtain a permit for Lave 2

    • Visit HD 108 – There are 108 sonnets in Astrophil and Stella, and

    • Lawd 26 has a strange station: Stone’s Legacy

    • Gliese 293 – A strange ship “Private Security” was seen in this system, Gliese 293 B has a nav beacon somewhat far from the star also.  System might be unusual.

    • Maia’s Jewel” (Schee Hypa KN-S e4-0) – named by a player, not FDev

    • Sali’naman – There is a tourist beacon saying there is a possible pirate treasure on the planet.  There only seem to be 11 geological formations.  Check the formations to see if any of them have anything special.

    • Outer rim systems:
      04:06] Cave Sector FB-X c1-5, SagA* dist = 26,822.31Ly
      [04:11] Bubble Sector PD-S b4-4, SagA* dist = 29,331.50Ly
      [04:17] California Sector LX-T b3-0, SagA* dist = 26,830.14Ly
      [04:25] Corona Austr. Dark Region PD-S b4-3, SagA* dist = 25,410.29Ly
      [04:38] Cone Sector GW-W c1-5, SagA* dist = 27,938.23Ly
      [04:45] Crescent Sector GW-W c1-8, SagA* dist = 25,124.83Ly
      [04:52] BD+66 1066, SagA* dist = 26,432.71Ly
      [04:56] Eagle Sector PD-S b4-5, SagA* dist = 19,322.49Ly
      [04:57] SHB2004 Trumpler 37 12-2113, SagA* dist = 26,468.26Ly
      [05:07] Eta Carina Sector JM-W d1-1, SagA* dist = 24,707.77Ly
      [05:17] Trapezium Sector AF-Z c5, SagA* dist = 27,107.83Ly
      [05:22] Vela Dark Region LC-V c2-29, SagA* dist = 25,967.11Ly
      [05:23] Heart Sector NS-T b3-1, SagA* dist = 31,642.03Ly
      [05:24] Herschel 36, SagA* dist = 21,431.14Ly
      [05:25] North America Sector GC-K a9-1, SagA* dist = 25,821.52Ly
      [05:26] Omega Sector PD-S b4-0, SagA* dist = 20,643.42Ly
      [05:27] The Veil, SagA* dist = 26,980.23Ly
      [05:39] NGC 2244 CDZ 132, SagA* dist = 30,826.80Ly
      [05:40] Rosette Sector GW-W d1-97, SagA* dist = 30,729.30Ly
      [05:44] Musca Dark Region ZB-I a11-0, SagA* dist = 25,635.61Ly
      [05:47] Chamaeleon Sector PD-S b4-2, SagA* dist = 25,596.48Ly
      [05:49] Soul Sector LC-V c2-16, SagA* dist = 31,813.53Ly
      [05:51] Trifid Sector DH-K a9-6, SagA* dist = 20,748.65Ly
      [05:52] Witch Head Sector DL-Y d22, SagA* dist = 26,628.02Ly
      [05:53] Trapezium Sector CB-W c2-3, SagA* dist = 27,045.76Ly
      [06:00] BD+55 191, SagA* dist = 30,987.27Ly
      [06:03] BD+50 886, SagA* dist = 34,961.29Ly
      [06:06] NGC 1931 Sector HW-W c1-13, SagA* dist = 32,869.77Ly
      [06:08] V1745 Orionis, SagA* dist = 26,986.43Ly
      [06:09] V380 Orionis, SagA* dist = 26,834.01Ly
      [06:12] Orion Dark Region KC-V c2-0, SagA* dist = 27,245.35Ly
      [06:14] Monkey Head Sector QD-S b4-0, SagA* dist = 32,215.72Ly
      [06:43] R Monocerotis, SagA* dist = 28,668.80Ly
      [06:45] Pencil Sector GW-W c1-48, SagA* dist = 25,956.52Ly
      [06:52] NGC 6188 Sector HW-W c1-11, SagA* dist = 21,910.61Ly
      [07:23] Cat’s Paw Sector PD-S b4-7, SagA* dist = 20,490.06Ly
      [07:24] Cl Pismis 16, SagA* dist = 17,831.10Ly
      [07:31] Floagh FI-B d13-1, SagA* dist = 23,021.20Ly
      [07:47] Ophiuchus Dark Region B Sector PD-S b4-2, SagA* dist = 25,413.16Ly
      [07:51] Veil East Sector DL-Y d54, SagA* dist = 25,485.19Ly
      [07:52] Veil West Sector DL-Y d68, SagA* dist = 25,521.38Ly
      [07:54] Crab Pulsar, SagA* dist = 32,853.22Ly
      [07:57] S171 29, SagA* dist = 27,347.04Ly
      [08:00] Cocoon Sector EL-Y d19, SagA* dist = 26,341.67Ly
      [08:10] Tepuae MN-S e4-19, SagA* dist = 8,235.97Ly
      [08:15] Skull and Crossbones Neb. Sector FG-Y e6, SagA* dist = 35,290.21Ly
      [08:18] Pueliae SH-P c20-0, SagA* dist = 21,633.07Ly
      [08:21] NGC 3199 Sector KX-T b3-0, SagA* dist = 26,701.20Ly

    • Visit systems that come up when you type ‘Lave’:
      Supay – Lavekyn Hub
      Awabara – No Data
      Tau-3 Eridani – Lavekyn Orbital
      Hixkaramu – Lavekyn Orbital
      Kopik – No Data
      Chernobo – No Data
      BD-07 4419 – No Data
      CD-55 1514 – Lavekyn Port
      NU-2 Canis Majoris – No Data
      Nona – Lavekyn Terminal
      Riss 340 – Lavekyn Terminal

    • Atius – system in Galaxy 2 in the original Elite

    • Aten, Rain

    • Beor – From original Elite, now called CD-64 139

    • Investigate systems with a Red Giant or Red Super Giant + a Gas Giant with 8 moons:

  • Zaurak – checked: zaurak c 2 h, non-landable icy body, already mapped. mapping & flying around it didn’t expose anything

  • 4 Cassiopeiae – checked: 4 Cassiopeiae AB 2 F, G and H could all have a claim as the “8th moon”. Mapping & flying around them didn’t expose anything

  • Shui Wei Sector FC-U b3-3 – BCD 1 H already mapped, mapping & flying around didn’t expose anything

  • Smojue TE-I b23-4

  • Blu Euq FT-K b49-16

  • HR 6001 – CMDR Edelgard von Rhein checked, found nothing.

  • Thueche XK-B c2-6

  • Dryooe Flyou KE-M b23-45 > by colonia, near interesting black hole Dryooe Flyou PC-V E2-457

  • NGC 2682 FBC 3456 > S class star – Scanned & checked by CMDR Macros Black, nothing found in orbit: This is a suicide system, neutron jump in with no way out!

  • 21 Zeta Cephei – Scanned & checked by CMDR Macros Black, nothing found in orbit

  • Dumboi HM-D d12-26 > Neutron

  • Synuefe JS-G b44-0 – M3, M8, ABC 2 H, landable, mapped, flew around, nothing

  • Ploi Aewsy PB-S b31-11

  • Juenio IS-K d8-900

  • Eol Flyou ZU-G d10-270

  • HD 14284 – M5, Scanned & checked by CMDR Macros Black, 3 H and 4 H, nothing found, star is also too yellow

  • Floarph JC-D d12-5 – M5 star

  • Wepua MV-Y d3028 – M5 star

  • Aucofs HK-A d4

  • Aucofs QR-W d1-3 – M5 star

  • Slegou HX-L d7-4

  • Sleguae YW-B d13-1

  • Ploea Eurl BM-C b27-0 – M7 star

  • Byeia Eurk QR-T c17-21 – M8 star

  • Swoiwns QS-Q b7-0

  • Spoihaae WS-D b18-8 – M8 star

  • Col 173 Sector NO-P b35-1 – M8, Mapped and flew around 4 H, nothing found

  • Floadu JK-A d0

  • Synuefe CA-K b56-8 – M8, 9 H mapped, flew around, nothing

  • Gru Hypue JY-I d9-90

  • Synuefai KP-V b49-5 – M8, Mapped & flew around 8 H but nothing happened

  • Stuelou EN-Q b36-8 – M8

  • Eoch Pruae KY-I d9-2322 – Checked by CMDR Nemac, nothing found

  • Byeia Thai VT-Z d13-0

  • Prua Phoea XF-O d6-21

  • Bleia Eohn AU-A b33-3 – M3+ M8

  • Traikaae QY-M b12-0 – M8



Dark Wheel Toast Analysis

Mythic Analysis by CMDR GURU951


Back On Topic. Sorry for text wall. It was some work.
This is what myself and a few others came up with. I see we are not alone on some of our ideas.
Based on the emphasis on the word “To….” in the toast the DW toast is likely a roadmap. Roadmap to what? Who knows?
“To the Jewel that burns on the brow of the Mother of Galaxies”
The Star In Cassiopeia’s (Mother of Princess Andromeda) Brow is Zeta Cassiopeia and that is the believed starting point. This would be fitting given the meaning of Zeta Cass has been defined as a by-path or auxillary road.
“To the whisperer in witchspace, the siren of the deepest void!”
From Zeta Cass one of the first things that sticks out is the burning bright NGC 7822 with its beautiful jewel like string of Class O’s, but this could be easily missed if this line of the toast was not included. But this line draws your attention toward the rift. Take a look at Zeta Cass for yourself.
Formadine Rift Alpha Settlement
Expedition Log 07/10/3270
“I’m scared… help me someone… I can’t bear another jump. The lights in witch-space are coming for me. The lights… always the lights… they’re calling to me… a siren song… I must join them…”
At this point the next step is to physically move to the next clue location, NGC 7822. Becuase if you stick around Zeta Cass, you will feel empty handed.
From here we move to the book Astrophel and Stella. We’re under the impression that Princess Astrophel and The Spiraling Stars is a reference to the irl book Astrophel and Stella.
From here it’s time to move to the Sonnets in the book. I feel that the whole book of sonnets is too much, and the more likely and easier to decipher piece of material is the wiki on the book, which lists only 4 sonnets.
Sonnet 1 appears to show you the struggles of being a truth seeker when it starts with the 3 words, “Loving in truth.” But it does not appear to be much more than that.
The next one in the list is Sonnet 9. Which will assist us in our next clue from the toast.
“The parents grief, the lover’s woe and the yearning of our vagabond hearts.”- At this point these lines may not make sense, so we will refer back the sonnets. It seems to be a jumping back and forth from the toast to the Sonnets.
Sonnet 9 appears to be describing a physical location. We believe this to be NGC 7822.
“Queen Vertues court, some call Stellas face”- is believed to be the face of the NGC 7822 Nebula, like the face of a mountain.
“Prepar’d by Natures chiefest furniture”- is describing a place with the highest grade materials used in its construction.
“Hath his front built of Alabaster pure”- These are likely the bright white Class O’s that string across the nebula.
“Gold is the covering of that stately place
The doore by which sometimes comes forth her Grace”- we haven’t deciphered this.
“Red Porphir is, which locke of pearl makes sure”- Porphir is a red rock, which the nebula has many many of, as well as what could be deemed Pearls, Class O’s.
“Whose porches rich (which name of cheeks endure)”- I can only say that Cheeks endure is a reference to something or someone who is talked about for a long time, generations perhaps.
“Marble mixt red and white do enterlace.”- This would be a fitting description for NGC 7822 (And many other nebulas) as both are the prominent colors.
“The windowes now through which this heav’nly guest
Looks over the world, and can find nothing such,
Which dare claime from those lights the name of best.”- To many, self included, this is one of, if not the most beautiful nebula and these lines seem to be a confirmation of being in the right place.
“Of touch they are that without touch doth touch”- We believe that this is the Heart and Soul Nebulas.
My heart and my soul may never touch, but they are always touching. They are mutually inclusive. This would give the running joke “Raxxla’s inside of your heart” some context.
If you’ve explored the pearl-like Class O’s of NGC 7822 you will find the tourist beacon “Cupids Arrow” in Class-O system, S171 34.
Which leads us to our next clue. The beacons message says “The beautiful NGC 7822 nebula is pierced by a line of O-stars- therefore it has been compared to Cupid’s arrow piercing a heart.”
At this point we need to direct our attention to the last line of sonnet 9 for confirmation that we’re on the right trail,
“Which Cupids selfe from Beauties myne did draw:
Of touch they are, and poore I am their straw.”- Seems to be the Cupid reference we were looking for.
From here we move to the next sonnet in the series, #19.
“On Cupid’s bow how are my heartstrings bent,
That see my wrack, and yet embrace the same?”- When aligned properly the Class O-s of NGC 7822 align perfectly with Andromeda/Formadine Rift in one direction, and Bubble/Polaris in the opposite direction. We assume we are to be looking toward Andromeda and not the bubble at this point. NGC 281 Nebula is in line with the arrow from NGC 7822 to Andromeda, but we have searched every system in NGC 281 and found nothing.
But turning up nothing may be a good thing, it may be a confirmation of sorts that we need at this point as it affirms the next line.
“When most I glory, then I feel most shame:
I willing run, yet while I run, repent.
My best wits still their own disgrace invent”- This seems to be a sense of frustration with our lack of answers and for repeated failures. For me personally, we chose to follow the path of the “Arrow” rather than to heart nebula and we came up empty handed, frustrated.
“My very ink turns straight to Stella’s name”- We have not figured this out. Stellas name is Greek for Star, but how does it apply? Assuming what we are looking for is in this direction.
“And yet my words, as them my pen doth frame,
Avise themselves that they are vainly spent.
For though she pass all things, yet what is all
That unto me, who fare like him that both
Looks to the skies and in a ditch doth fall?”- We haven’t deciphered this. Seems to be some inner questioning and personal doubts. Likely how you’re feeling if you’ve been at this for a while.
“Oh let me prop my mind, yet in his growth,
And not in Nature, for best fruits unfit:
“Scholar,” saith Love, “bend hitherward your wit.”- This one’s important because if you went with the literal direction of the “arrow” than you will likely arrive at NGC 281, but arrows don’t stay in a permanent line, they fall and the flight path bends, as should your wit. Heart and Soul Nebula are not in perfect line with the “arrow” but they are close and in the same general direction.
If you’ve ended up in the Heart Nebula you may want to take a break and turn in some data at the Farsight Expedition Base in Heart Sector IR-V b2-0.
Pay sharp attention to the Listening Post in the system and go read about the Memorial to Fluk.
The next Sonnet, #20, is a clear description of being ambushed. We assume that whatever it is we are to find is likely going to try to stop us when it’s discovered. So lets get back to the DW toast.
The last lines of the Toast go like this.
“The Parents grief, the lover’s woe, and the yearning of our vagabond hearts.”- If you’ve scanned the listening post you will have read about what appears to be the grief of the death of a family dog, Fluk.
At this point our team is assuming that the story of Fluk the family dog is “The Parents Grief” and a sign like the Cupids Arrow beacon, letting us know that we are on the right track.
We have not deciphered “the lover’s woe, and the yearning of our vagabond hearts.” as this point but are hopeful that an answer will come up.
An interesting factor in the story is in regards to several abandoned settlements that have stated their course took them through the Heart and Soul. Those settlements all experienced equipment failure.
Expedition Log: 12/09/3270
“It’s pretty out here. We’ve seen a gorgeous double nebula called the Heart and Soul. You should see it, lots of bright blue stars nearby, wish we could divert to have a closer look, but our mission is beyond apparently. Really brings back how big the galaxy is. Makes you feel real small and insignificant.”
And that’s where we’re at…
Edited AfterThought-[Come To think Of It. Fluk closely resembles the word Fluke, meaning luck or random chance. This could be for good reason. Maybe the message is saying, “Next clue’s in here and it’s random chance you’ll find it. Good Luck”]



Deciphering The Codex- Our Full Report-
The Nomad’s of Oisir hold critical thinking in the highest regards and believe that taking things at face value or developing and stating confirmations without supportive evidence is not only intellectually dishonest, but it would also be an exhibition of ignorance and mere wishful thinking.
It should be said that the majority of our research has provided a lot of Speculative Evidence to support our claims, but not much in the realms of Hard Evidence. Thus far, the rulers of the galaxy appear to throw no bones to those who decide to take up a journey such as this.
There are some aspects to our methods worth mentioning beforehand that will aid you in understanding our approach.
1. We theorize that the Dark Wheel Toast is a multi-step road map and that each step may be a necessary point in these supposed tests that are alluded to in the codex in regards to gaining an invite from the DW itself, or possibly that each step works as a trigger for the next clue to be revealed in its fullest capacity.
2. We have found indications that the riddle is influenced heavily by the real life book Astrophel and Stella, Greek mythology, and that the answer likely lies in the recreation of a myriad of mythological tales such as the story of Perseus and Andromeda, The Oddyssey by Homer, the story of Orion and its relation to the Pleiades and Sirius, and that many of the answers and clue locations may be hidden in the constellations themselves as well as deep in the lore associated with them. Another key factor in this part of our decryption is that it appears to draw significantly upon symbolism and metaphor and that you must think in these terms and not so much on literal words or translations.
3. Thus far, we have found that specific tourist beacons have held the most influence in terms of direction and instruction on our path to discovery.
4. It appears to some of us at this point that Raxxla, or access to Raxxla, is not only discoverable, but that it is a known location to many, hidden in plain sight, and that it is currently non-functional to us due to a suppression on the necessary technologies to interact with it.
5. Lastly, that the language barriers may be overcome by utilizing wikipedia and its “translate to….” option and that this was likely an intended design of the puzzle.
Carrying on.
Many CMDR’s have asked the question of why it is we have chosen Zeta Cassiopeia as the highest candidate to the first clue contained in the opening line of the Dark Wheel toast,
“To the Jewel that burns on the brow of the Mother of galaxies.”
In classical depictions of the Cassiopeia constellation you can find a star on her eyebrow itself, Zeta Cassiopeia, and Cassiopeia is the mother of Princess Andromeda.
We theorize that the reason this is an important first step is likely because if we find Raxxla it may very well lead us to the famed Andromeda Galaxy itself. We also speculate that the second reason we are sent there first is to get us off the beaten path, or onto a path away from stations or watchful eyes. This reasoning can be obtained from the meaning of Zeta Cassiopeia, also known as “Auxillary Road”, or a “By-Path.” However, we do not feel that this location itself is the Jewel that is spoken of within that first verse.
Cmdr Puffler suggested to us that the jewel is likely the NGC 7822 nebula due to how bright it shines as you enter Zeta Cass. So we went there and explored every class O system within the nebula. His guess appears to have worked for us. We discovered the Cupid’s Arrow Tourist Beacon in one of the systems there, Class O system S171 34.
Due to the repeated references to Cupid in Astrophel and Stella we finally found supportive evidence to believe that the Cupid’s Arrow Tourism Beacon serves as our first guided instruction. The supportive evidence is that the NGC 7822 Nebula is in the Cepheus constellation and that the one station in the NGC 7822 Nebula is the Gorgon Research Facility.
Andromeda was rescued by Perseus and he used Medusa’s head to turn Cetus the sea monster into stone as he came in for the attack.
Medusa herself was a Gorgon and Cepheus is Andromeda’s father.
At this point, using the repeated references to the words Heart and Love within many of the Sonnet’s of A&S, we believed the Heart or Soul Nebula would hold the next clue, but our efforts resulted in no further evidence to support this idea. This failure to find a clue from there proved useful for us when we backtracked to the Cupid’s Arrow beacon and listened to the advice at the bottom of the beacons message that suggests we go to Maia to visit the barnacles, nearly 2400Ly away.
The suggestion to go to Maia made little sense to us until we realized that A&S is believed to be written about the authors lost love, Penelope, and that Odysseus in The Oddsey is trying to get home to his wife, also named Penelope, after having been held captive by Atlas’ Daughter the sea nymph Calypso on the island Ogygia, also known as the island of Atlantis. This seemed to be a clue and a correlation of the story thus far. Another thing CMDR Stamrehn noted while we were on this journey was that Odysseus stabs a Cyclops in the eye with a stick after getting the Cyclops drunk.
He pierced the eye and we thought to ourselves, “what if we find an eye to pierce?”
Where better to try than in the Pleiades where we can find an actual Thargoid Cyclops? But Odysseus does not fight a Cylops, he outsmarts it. And this is where Maia comes into play.
The second line in the DW toast is,
“To the whisper in witchspace, the siren of the deepest void.”
We are translating this metaphorically to relate Maia to the Witchspace loving thargoids and to Atlas’ seven daughters, the Pleiades, some of which are Sirens.
Another translation we have come up with is referring the Siren to being the looming threat humanity is currently facing and the deepest void to being ther loss of humanity itself if the threat goes un-checked.
Now onto Maia!
In Maia you will find the Maia Black Hole Tourism Beacon which informs you that the Black Hole, Maia B,
“puts on a Great Show when observing the gravitational lensing effect on the surrounding nebula and stars.”
We believe that this is an instruction for us to experiment with and that the highest candidates to experiment with the lensing effect are the ever mysterious, eye shaped, Barnard’s Loop or The Andromeda galaxy that lingers far beyond the Formadine Rift. To our astonishment, when you place Maia B in front of and centered on Barnards Loop and slowly approach it til you drop into it, you will get a incredible eyeball shaped formation from the lensing effect when paired with BL and it is coupled with a what appears to be a wormhole into the eye itself. If you look behind you as you experiment with this you will see that it servers as a projector that enlarges BL and in the case of trying this with Andromeda, you will get a large detailed view of the galaxy herself. It truly does work much like a real eye after all.
The most compelling evidence to support the implication that Maia B is something much more than a simple Black Hole is in the controlling factions name, the Ryder Revolutionary Party, that operates Solely out of Obsidian Orbital in Maia and nowhere else. This seems to imply that the Ryder Family may very well be in control of something much more important than previously understood.
This appears to us to be a critical development. Maia, like Calypso from The Odyssey, is also the daughter of Atlas. This also puts us into close proximity to the mysteriously renamed, Delphi, the Greek home of the Omphalos, to Merope and directly in the area which Thargoids have the highest presence, the Pleiades.
The next line in the DW toast is, “To the parent’s grief, the lover’s woe.”
We have come to interpret this as Atlas’ grief over Orion’s lustful pursuit of his daughters or possibly to the grief over his other daughters, the Hyades, who died of grief over the death of their brother Hyas.
“The lover’s woe.” we are translating as Odysseus’ struggle to return to his beloved Penelope or to our own struggle to find Raxxla.
From Maia we have the story of Orion and his lustful yearning for the seven Pleaidean sisters, especially Merope.
Orion is important because he possesses A Club and his belt points directly to his dog, Sirius.
Symbolically this could imply that Orion and his Club control Sirius and also relateable could be the symbolic eternal war in the sky between Orion and Taurus, which the Pleides Constellation is a part of, or symbolically between The Club of Orion and the Ryder family in Maia which resides in the Taurus Constellation.
Orion’s club is comprised of four star systems, two of which are inhabited and those two are controlled by the Federation, one of these systems is Chi Orionis and to our surprise it has a Tourism Beacon named, Chairman of Metadrive Inc. Passes Away, which tells the story of Femi Dakarai, the chairman of hyperdrive-research company and how he died as a result of the stress of hard work and as a result of an audit of the company.
Femi is a variation of the name, Pheme. Pheme was the Greek goddess of gossip and fame.
The conspiracy surrounding the death of Femi is stated as this,
“The board of directors were bribed or coerced to sell MetaDrive Inc. via an arrangement by The Club. Femi Dakarai alone was opposed to the acquisition of his company by Sirius Corporation in 3302. Consequently he was quietly assassinated, with his death publicly attributed to illness.”
The last line of the DW toast is “To the yearning of our vagabon hearts. To Raxxla!”
We translate that yearning as Raxxla itself, the symbolic Penelope of Odysseus’ heart.
Our apologies for the lengthy read. We hope it was enjoyable and captured your interest or answered any questions you may have.
If you find it useful, use it. If you do not, than throw it away.
last thing we want to add, and this may just be paranoia or hopeful thinking on our part.
The day we looked into Barnard’s Eye for the first time, within hours it was reported by CMDR Zool2197 that the Thargoid infestations occured in Maia and then CMDR LCU No Fool Like One reported that the scavenger’s at the surface sites began uplinking to the thargoid uplinks inside the machine and began projecting a red beam toward the ceiling.
These two factors were a first of its kind and they happened on that day.




Related to Lover’s Woe = Heart & Soul nebulas, NGC 7822 = Cupid’s arrow


Spanish language uses “en la cima [at the top/peak?]” instead of “in front of” for searching for raxxla?




The toast in other languages:


Here’s the German toast:

“Auf das Juwel, das an der Stirn der Mutter aller Galaxien strahlt! Auf das Flüstern in der Schäwrze des Alls, die Sirene im tiefsten Nichts! Auf der Eltern Gram, der Geliebten Klage und die Sehnsucht eines jeden Vagabunden. Auf Raxxla!”


Then I translated that with Google Translate (anyone speak German? I’d love to know how accurate this is):


On the jewel that shines on the forehead of the mother of all galaxies! On the whisper in the darkness of the universe, the siren in the deepest nothing! On the parents grief, the lover’s lament and the yearning of every rover. On Raxxla!


Here’s the Spanish toast:

¡Por la joya que arde en la cima de la madre de las galaxias! ¡Por la susurradora del hiperespacio, la sirena en la profundidad del vacio! Por la aflicción paternal, el infortunio del amante y el anhelo de nuestros corazones errantes. ¡Por Raxxla!


And the Spanish translation:

For the jewel that burns at the top of the mother of the galaxies! For the whisper of hyperspace, the siren in the depth of emptiness! For the paternal affliction, the misfortune of the lover and the longing of our wandering hearts. By Raxxla!


And, for reference again, the English-language toast:

“To the jewel that burns on the brow of the mother of galaxies! To the whisperer in witch-space, the siren of the deepest void! The parent’s grief, the lover’s woe, and the yearning of our vagabond hearts. To Raxxla!”


I know we assumed Zeta Cassopeia was the Jewel That burns on the brow of the mother of galaxies. That’s because Cassiopeia is the mother of Andromeda, which is a galaxy. However, if the German changes to “mother of ALL galaxies”, then it might point in a different direction… Milky Way? The Big Bang? Spanish becomes “jewel that burns AT THE TOP of the Mother of THE galaxies.”. I know someone brought that part up before.


Other changes:

  • “Witch-space” becomes “darkness of the universe” and “hyperspace”

  • “Siren of the deepest void” becomes “siren in the deepest nothing” [I checked and the galactic region called “The Void” in English is still called The Void in German]

  • Sentences have 13, 13, 13, 2 words in English/German, but 14, 12, 15, 2 in Spanish. Syllable count is also different in all languages.


Stuff that stayed the same:

  • Art Tornqvist & Cora from Tau Ceti

  • Atlantis, El Dorado, Prester John (Atlantida, El Dorado, Preste Juan)

  • Omphalos Rift / Omphalos-Rift / fisura Ónfalo

  • Fernweh

  • Raxxla

  • Fernnweh, Raxxla and the names from the story are the only words preserved across the languages.

  • We still have references to the Omphalos (navel? center? specific rock in greek legend?). and something on the head of a mother who has something to do with at least one (but possibly more) galaxies.


The Toast = Generation Ships

The toast may be referring to the discovered Generation Ships:

  • Jewel: nothing stands out yet. Pleione (one of the relevant myths with the constellation idea I had, and how I arrived here) in myth was the mother of Hyades, Pleides, and one other I don’t remember right now. Generation Ship Pleione is my guess for Grief though.

  • Whisperer in Witchspace: Generation Ship Thetis, everyone went mad from a whispering they heard in the comms system. Said they picked it up from an uninhabited planet “15 light years behind them”. Figuring out where 15 ly behind a ship leaving Sol was at the time of the recording would be rough.

  • Siren of the Deepest Void: Generation Ship Epimetheus, Poor Joe stuck in a cell alone with a siren going off the whole time. Went mad, is quoted as saying “the void” was helping him.

  • The Parent’s Grief: (not too sure on this one) Generation Ship Pleione, people were no longer able to have female children, all of the children born were all men after a while, they grew old and died.

  • Lover’s Woe: Hard to say for sure, perhaps Generation Ship Atlas, their brakes went out and they wouldn’t be able to stop at the upcoming target planet. Everyone escape podded off the ship to that planet except one guy who had to launch the pods. His wife was pregnant when he volunteered to stay behind. Could also apply to Parent’s Grief as well.

  • Yearning of our Vagabond Hearts: Generation Ship Phanes, it got where it was going but the planet was uninhabitable and spent the rest of the crew’s lives wandering about (like a vagabond) for another planet.


Dark Wheel Codex Picture Analysis

This has its own thread on the frontier forums


The picture shows some kind of megaship or station with 2 rings, and a dark red star in the background.


Possible structure matches: Penal Colony megaship, Orbis Station

Both structures can come in a lot of different configurations


See sample station with 2-ring configuration in Aulin system


Assuming the station really does orbit the 8th moon of a gas giant, then we are looking for


  • Orbis variant station

  • 8th moon of an “unnamed” gas giant

  • Station not currently known

  • 8th moons usually have a name ending in “h”, eg “CD 2 h”

  • A dark red star; class M9 or possibly Tauri, Carbon or S

  • Temperature likely around 2000k or less

  • Possibly a low-luminosity M9 (VA, VI)

  • There is almost too much red color in the image to just come from the star, it is possible there is another source of red light affecting the image, such as being in a nebula or having another red light source behind the camera.


It is expected that the station won’t appear on a honk or simple FSS scan.  It is hoped that it will be detected when your ship is close, but it is also possible that it is so hidden that the only way to approach it is to watch for moving lights close to the planet then drop out of supercruise manually.


It would make sense lore-wise if the station was near the bubble, but this is just an assumption.


A star’s apparent size in a picture is related to both its radius and distance.  Most red dwarfs are under 0.5 solar radiuses and won’t be large enough for a picture like that at distances > 20 ls.  The gas giant must be either extremely close, or near an exceptionally large star.


CMDR Haxmurderer has done an image analysis; the lights on the station in the codex picture can be used to calibrate the colors.  This leads to reducing the saturation of the image, making the star less red.  When adjusting the image saturation to match other stations, the star color looks more like other class M stars:



Based on apparent stellar distance, his suggestion is that it’s more likely the Dark Wheel is hidden in an asteroid belt vs. being an actual station in orbit around a body (since those are easily detectable with the FSS)


CMDR Nicedevil created a list of unpopulated red dwarfs/giants/supergiants with a body named ‘1 h’, assuming the gas giant is close to the primary star.


CMDR  Jordan Qwent created a list of stars with an 8-moon gas giant within a 200ly cube of Sol

Links and Resources

Main discussion thread:


Other discussion threads: (CMDR Bluecrash’s Raxxla Trello) [system names]


Strange myths & legends tweets during Elite beta: [wiki]


Drew Wagar’s speculations about Raxxla

Shinrarta Tourist Beacon text

Speculation on dark wheel dragon+elite wings logo

Quote about the original raxxla in Microbit magazine

Testing ‘utopia’ and various ciphers vs Raxxla

Audio & text of codex entries (Youtube)

long story of following various clues


Discussion of Procedural Generation of Elite Dangerous system names


Frontier Dev tracker raxxla statements:


Cipher decoding tools:

Vigenere Decryptor:

Canonn Decryptor:

Morse Code Decryptor:


Systems that were Checked / Things Tried

Enter Raxxla in the galaxy map – doesn’t come up with anything

  • We don’t know if undiscovered objects can be found this way


BLAA HYPAI AA-A H68 & BLAA HYPAI AA-A H55 checked. – [Feb-2016]

Wolf 903 [Feb-2017]


Get The Dark Wheel to expand out of Shinrarta Dezhra

They can’t.  They were given a lot of influence, but The Pilots Federation seems hard-coded to control this system.  Without being able to control it, they can’t expand.

UPDATE: Changes to the BGS have allowed them to expand to nearby systems


Start in one place, point in a direction and travel for a while to see if anything is detected:

  • Shinrarta > Lave, 6 ly [Apr 2017]

  • Shinrarta > Sol, 2.8ly

  • Shinrarta > Sirius, 2.3ly [Dec 2017]

  • Vega > Tau Ceti, 0.7ly

  • Tau Ceti > Vega, 0.7ly


Sol system > Neptune > Triton is permit-locked, however this is only since Dec-2015.  It was previously landable.


Wake scanning Dark Wheel ships:

  • LFT 926, Nuenets, LHS 2435, Katta, V886 Centauri, Puppis Sector TO-R B4-4, Crucis Sector DB-X b1-6 B 4


A “data container” near Neumann’s Camp states that Raxxla = RaLa / Radioactive Lanthanum experiments.  [Confirmed Hoax]


Investigate any system near 50.4375 / -41.8125 / 51799.9375 (opposite side of the galactic center from Sol).  Turns out to be Derthek’s Folly [Drooteou PW-I A36-4].  Checked.

Investigate systems with “Raxxla” in the name:

  • Phooe bRA XX-L A76-0

  • Ooscs bRA XX-L A7-0

  • Dryu bRA XX-L A7-0

  • Hypao bRA XX-L A7-0

  • All checked, nothing special found


Look for any of these 19 rogue planets mentioned on Wikipedia.

PLAA AEC IZ-N C20-1, PRU AESCS DL-W C15-37, EAFOTS EU-R C4-1 [formidine rift mystery]

Gateway system (formerly Oltigu), LFT 361, Sirius, Eitha, Beta Hydri, Aztlan, Mu Leonis

Prism, Shibboleth


Sol System: ‘Delphi Control Chapter’ in orbit around Pluto and ‘Primary Transit Authority’ around Persephone.  Checked, but nothing was scannable/

Pueliae AA-A H0 (an un-selectable system?) – turned out to be a region name


Find the nebula shown on the login screen

  • The login screen/main menu was changed with the 2019-Apr-23 update, it no longer shows a star system, instead it just shows your current ship in a hangar


There were a series of stories on Galnet about Gan Romero, an engineer in Vega who stole a ship and headed for ‘an area of space, not black but radiant…glowing like heaven,’ .  Many players launched a search for this engineer and his ship.  After several months, FDev made an official announcement that there was nothing to find.  This story was an “off-camera” storyline meant only to add flavor to the universe, not a puzzle they intended anyone to solve.`


There was a line of green & purple dashes along the right edge of the Dark Wheel logo in the codex.  This might have been a clue to something, possibly morse code.  It might just be an artifact of the software FDev uses to create images, but none of the other codex entries had it.  As of the 2019-April-23 patch, the dashes were removed.


There was an unsolved clue from Salome about the Formidine Rift mystery (not related to Raxxla, created by Drew Wagar as an independent story).  The clue was solved and pointed to some systems that tied into that story.


Some minor factions shared a facial feature; a characteristic forehead tattoo.  Players collected a list of groups until it was discovered that a player-created faction also had that tattoo.  Unlikely to be linked to Raxxla.


Subvert Pilot’s Federation Computer

After a year of trying different things, no one has managed to find a way to jump to a permit-locked system without a permit, or to fail a jump partway.  An FSD will either work 100% to jump to the next system or not work at all.


Investigate ‘Tip-off’ missions


Cmdr Teryd completed over 3000 tip-off missions and collated data with many other commanders.  Tip-offs are given randomly after you turn in a mission to a faction you are allied with.  There is a limited number of them, and they are refreshed every Thursday after maintenance.  There are pre-set, designated spots on various planets, the tip-off will randomly choose an available one for you to visit.  The text of the tipoff message is randomly generated from several templates, and the value of the mission is also random.


There are also ‘inbox missions’, which you can get after being in the same place for over 15 minutes.  They may not appear until you do something, like scan or scoop.


Audio Signal from the core


An audio signal can be detected in all player ships when facing in the general area of the Sagittarius A* black hole.  The origin of the signal seems to be a point about 12 ly away from Sag A*, between several systems (that is, from all the nearest systems, the signal seems to be coming from outside the system).  The closest system seems to be Stuemeae JM-W C1-5825 however, that system only seems to have 3 normal stars and no other system bodies.



There’s no indication that this signal is in any way related to Raxxla, the Dark Wheel or any other mystery.


The ‘mystery sound’ seems to be coming from the exact middle of the galactic map (50000 x 50000 x 40960 [the vertical middle] in absolute elite coordinates).  It seems likely that FDev just placed it as an ambient “core” sound and never intended it to be traced to an actual system.


A bug report was submitted to FDev.  You can help by upvoting the report, or by investigating the signal yourself and confirming that you also can’t find the source.


Checking systems from the original Elite:

Qube (Galaxy 1, visited 8th March 3305): no planets or POI

Legees (Galaxy 1, visited 8th March 3305):

– megaship LEG-787 Demeter-Class Cropper (orbits Legees)

– installation Pasteur Crest (orbits Legees 5a)

– installation Wagner Hieghts (orbits Legees 6)

– installation Glorius Crow (orbits Legees 7)

Quator (Galaxy 1, visited 8th March 3305): no POI

Arexe (Galaxy 1, visited 8th March 3305):

– installation Collective Sagacity Satellite (orbits Arexe 5f)

– installation Universal Trade Board (orbits Arexe 5ea)

– megaship ARE-317 Freedom-Class Surveyor (orbits Arexe 5)

– installation Galactic Culture Administration (orbits Arexe 6)

Ra (Galaxy 1, visited 8th March 3305):

– megaship RA-081 Sagan-Class Traveller (orbits Ra 5)

– megaship RA-000 Banner-Class Hauler (orbits Ra 6)

– installation Constitutional Culture Administration (orbits Ra 13g)

– installation Basilica Projects (orbits Ra 13f)

– installation Steelhook Hold (orbits Ra 13h). visited: no logs

– installation Hidden Ridge Standing (orbits Ra 14)

– Ra system is ‘out of position’ compared to other Galaxy 1 systems by ~200 LY

Ensoreus (Galaxy 1, visited 8th March 3305):

– installation Civil Investment Board (orbits Ensoreus A5)

– megaship ENS-361 Dionysus-Class Cropper (orbits Ensoreus A7)

– installation Rossini Point (orbits Ensoreus A7)

– installation Mystic Faith General Hospital (orbits Ensoreus A6)

– installation Matisse Market (orbits Ensoreus A8)

– megaship ENS-851 Hercules-Class Hauler (orbits Ensoreus A8)

Leoned (Galaxy 1, visited 8th March 3305): no planets or POI

Qutiri (Galaxy 1, visited 8th March 3305): no planets or POI

Erlaza (Galaxy 1, visited 8th March 3305): no planets or POI

– system is ~100 LY ‘out of position’ compared to other Galaxy 1 systems, located roughly half way between Lave and Ra (see above)

Teveri (Galaxy 1, visited 8th March 3305):

– megaship TEV-051 Hercules-Class Hauler (orbits Teveri A5)

– installation Joint Control Network (orbits Teveri A5)

– Federation Cap Ship (orbits Teveri A5f)

– installation Hannibal Surveillance Department (orbits Teveri B7)

Ededleen (Galaxy 1, visited 8th March 3305):

– installation Conjunct Intelligence Communications (orbits Ededleen A3a)

– megaship EDE-649 Sanchez-Class Researcher (orbits Ededleen A7)

– installation Stellar Biochemical Development (orbits Ededleen A7)

– megaship EDE-983 James-class Hauler (orbits Ededleen A10)

– installation Falcon Centre (orbits Ededleen B4)

– installation Mystic Pastures Hospice (orbits Ededleen B5)

Aona (Galaxy 1, visited 8th March 3305): no planets or POI

Uszaa (Galaxy 1, visited 8th March 3305):

– installation Interstellar Welfare Board (orbits Uszaa 2c)

– megaship USZ-565 Sagan-Class Traveller (orbits Uszaa 2)

– installation Boudica Security Department (orbits Uszaa 2)

– installation Cardinal Projects (orbits Uszaa 2d)

Larais (Galaxy 1, visited 8th March 3305):

– installation Cosmic Communication Core (orbits Larais 1a)

Zarece (Galaxy 1, visited 8th March 3305):

– installation Scarlet Lake Acres (orbits Zarece)

– installation Apex Statistical Technologies (orbits Zarece BC 2f)

– installation Exploratory Medical Research (orbits Zarece BC 2e)

– megaship ZAR-100 Beckett-Class Researcher (orbits Zarece BC 2c)

– installation Empyrean Reflection Communications (orbits Zarece BC 3b)

– megaship ZAR-162 Aquarius-Class Tanker (orbits Zarece BC 3)

Tibionis (Galaxy 1, visited 8th March 3305): no planets or POI

Orrere (Galaxy 1, visited 8th March 3305):

– installation Spearpoint Camp (orbits Orrere 2c)

– installation Progressive Genetic Innovations (orbits Orrere 3)

– megaship ORR-164 Beckett-Class Researcher (orbits _forgot to record_ but probably in vicinity of Orrere 3)

– installation Prime Food Agency (orbits Orrere 3d)

Qucerere (Galaxy 1, visited 8th March 3305): no planets or POI

Ritila (Galaxy 1, visited 8th March 3305):

– installation Mutual Pharmaceutical Analysis (orbits Ritila 5)

– installation Thule Mobile Security Bureau (orbits Ritila 8)

– installation Beta Fortification Bureau (orbits Ritila 9)

– megaship RIT-451 Naphtha-Class Tanker (orbits Ritila 9)

Oresqu (Galaxy 1, visited 8th March 3305):

– installation Green Fortune Health Club (orbits Oresqu A3d)

– installation Sovereign Mobile Defence (orbits Oresqu A3)

– megaship ORE-296 Banner-Class Hauler (orbits Oresqu A3)

– installation Skewed Falcon (orbits Oresqu A3)

Tianve (Galaxy 1, visited 8th March 3305):

– installation Solemn Summit Hospital (orbits Tianve 9)

– system is much closer to Lave than in the original Elite (~24 LY instead of ~90 LY)

Atius (Galaxy 2, visited 8th March 3305):

– installation Eager Stag (orbits Atius 7)

– distance from Lave: 143.54 LY

Ausis (Galaxy 2): this is not a system in ED but is planet 2 in the Hofada system (yet to visit)

Rain (Galaxy 3, visited 10th March 3305):

– installation Purple Horse (orbits Rain 3)

– installation New Pulsar Tooling (orbits Rain 4)

– installation United Acumen Systems (orbits Rain 5)

– megaship RAI-537 Samson-Class Hauler (forgot to note location)

– distance from Atius: 106.60 LY

Aten (Galaxy 4, visited 10th March 3305):

– installation Eden Foundation (orbits A5d)

– distance from Rain: 129.14 LY

– distance from Lave: 165.71 LY


Checked all stars in the Dorado constellation:

Alpha Doradus > 4 stars, no planets, USS

Beta Doradus > F White Supergiant, no planets

Gamma Doradus > A & B very close, may take heat damage on entering system, already mapped

Delta Doradus > Empire A9, small system, landable installations

36 Doradus > (HD 40409) Empire Orange Giant K2, installations

Zeta Doradus > F9, no planets / Almost on top of Benoit, fully explored

Theta Doradus > K2 M4, 1 Gas giant only

Eta-2 Doradus > M2 Red Giant, USS, all 4 already mapped, no terraformable, no gas giants

Nu Doradus > B8, mapped, 2 gas giants with satellites

Epsilon Doradus > B6v, small system

Lambda Doradus -> G star, 9 planets, 2 moons, 1 terraformable, no gas giants

Kappa Doradus > Empire A5, F9, gas giants, nothing at 8th moon

28 Doradus > (HD 37292) G8, M5 VA, 9-moon gas giant, mapped (wrong color star)

Pi-2 Doradus > G8, M3, no planets

R Doradus > Empire Red Giant star, no gas giants, 2 installations

Pi-1 Doradus > K5, no planets

Eta-1 Doradus > A0 V, F1 VB, AB 5 G/H/I triple moon

HIP 25482 > (HD 36584) M9 VI, F0 IV, K9, no planets

HIP 20109 > (HD 27604) Empire F7, no gas giants

HR 1597 > (HD 31746) Empire F5, G9, tourist beacon, installations

HR 1882 > (HD 36876) F0, 3 G/H mapped

Hotas > (HD 28255) G4, G6, 0 population, no planets

HR 2408 > (HD 46730) F0, M0, K6, some gas giants

HR 1936 > (HD 37501) G6, already fully mapped, no gas giants

HR 2073 > (HD 39963) G8, no planets

HR 1598 > (HD 31754) M0, gas giants

HR 1227 > (HD 24863) A4, no gas giants

HR 1540 > (HD 30610) K0 (Giant), M8, USS, no terraformable, no gas giants

HIP 20606 > (HD 28254) G5, 1 gas giant + station only

HIP 21850 > (HD 30177) G8, 1 gas giant only

WASP-62 > F7, planet, asteroid belt, cold system, 1 gas giant w/6 moons

RW Doradus > K5, K5, already mapped, USS, some gas giants

Ptah > (Gliese 163, HIP 19394) Federation, 1 Gas Giant (no moons), no terraformable, already mapped


Sell various goods to The Oracle station at Delphi (while flying an Eagle)

– waters of shintara (shinrarta dezhra)

– lavian brandy (lave)

– hr 7221 wheat

– terra mater blood bores

– Soontill Relics (Ngurii)

– altairan skin (altair)

– crom silver fesh

– Banki Amphibious Leather (500k ls)

– jotun mookah

– Belalans Ray Leather

– rapa bao snake skins

– Ceremonial Heike Tea

– Vanayequi Ceratomorpha Fur

– hutton mug

– centauri mega gin (hutton orbital)

– vega slimweed

– Aganippe Rush

– V Herculis Body Rub (V1090 Herculis, 500k ls)

– Live Hecate Sea Worms

– Personal Gifts (Njambalba)

– Ngadandari Fire Opals (500k ls)

– Trinkets of Hidden Fortune

– Cyclops Tissue Sample

– grain

– wine

– beer

Analysis of Astrophel and Stella [with explanations] [raw poem]


The poem is a series of sonnets / love letters from Astrophil (“star-lover”) to Stella (“star”) and possibly also mirrors the real-life Philip Sydney’s love for Lady Penelope Devereux (who married Robert Rich to become Penelope Rich).  In the poem, Stella tells Astrophil that she loves him too, but they can only ever be friends.


There seem to be a lot of references to eyes.  The codex says “the poem contains hints for those with eyes to see”.  The poem speaks about Stella’s eyes as being surprisingly dark or veiled.


Is dark a reference to black holes?  Well-known black holes:

  • Sagittarius A* – black hole at the center of the galaxy.  Center = navel?

  • Great Annihilator

  • Maia B – has tourist beacon suggesting you use its distortion effect to look around


Is the “veiled” a reference to the Veil nebulas?  There are two.


Maybe it’s an O class star?


Stella’s face is described as “Queen Virtue’s Court”, which is the only time anyone’s face has ever been called that.  Is Queen Virtue = Goddess Arete (goddess of Excellence, moral virtue and human knowledge).  Ulysses’ voyage took him to the island of Scheria, which had Arete’s palace on it.  That’s kind of similar to the “Schearaae” sector.


The only kinds of stellar objects that indicate a direction are White Dwarf and Neutron stars.


Wikipedia has an excerpt (4 sonnets) from Astrophel and Stella.  It is hoped that Frontier doesn’t expect people to read the whole thing.  Excerpts:



I skimmed the whole poem looking for things that might be references to place names (I could certainly have missed lots of stuff)


Poem analysis:

Plot: The author of the poem is in love with a married girl. He writes 108 verses and like 9 songs telling her how hot she is and how much he wants her (spoiler: she tells him they can only ever be friends, but she loves him too). Half of the sonnets are just a bunch of whining about how much he misses her, how his life isn’t complete without her, etc. etc. I’m assuming that the useful bits of the poem would be where he talks about something else, or describes his girl (assuming we sub in Raxxla for the girl).


Sonnet 3: “Let the dainty wits cry on the Sisters nine, that bravely mask’d their fancies may be told”

Ok, The author is trying to throw some shade at other poets by calling them a bunch of pansies who rely on divine inspiration to write their poems, unlike the author who is inspired by his unattainable dream girl. He goes on to say that while all he can think about is her, he doesn’t actually know enough about her to come up with anything interesting to say. Awkward.

At any rate, the “Sisters nine” could mean a lot of things, astronomically. There are traditionally “9” stars in the Pleiades (there’s actually 10, but from earth Asterope & Sterope II are so close together that they look like a single star). 7 of the stars represent sisters and 2 are the parents (Pleione and Atlas are the parents)

Here’s a pic of the Pleiades as seen from Earth with a good telescope:

Does it kind of make a spiral? Maybe?

The “sisters nine” the author is probably talking about though are the Greek Muses, they are basically goddesses who inspire all artists.

Muse names: Calliope, Clio, Euterpe, Thalia, Melpomene, Terpsichore, Erato, Polyhymnia, Urania

Alternate spellings: Kallichore, Eunike, Thelxinoe, Terpsichore, Euterpe, Eukelade, Dia, Enope

Urania (also spelled Ourania) is interesting, she’s the muse of Astronomy. She’s usually depicted looking up into the sky, holding a globe & compass, or pointing to the sky with a rod.

None of these names exist as system names.

The muses are possibly the children of Zeus and led by Apollo (there are Zeus and Apollo systems), and you could worship them at the shrine of Delphi (a newly renamed system). They could be found at the Springs of Helicon (Helikon), in Pieris (Pieria), or in Boiotia or Makedonia. None of these are system names.


Also Sonnet 3: The author makes reference to other poets trying to impress women with “Pindar’s Apes” and spices from “Inde” and “Afric”. It doesn’t sound relevant, but I’m mentioning it anyway. None of those are system names.


Sonnet 7: “Stella’s eyes in color black why wrapp’d she beams so bright?”

Ok, the author seems SUPER into Stella’s dark-colored eyes and spends like half the poem on them. And I’m not making this bit up, but he eventually says her eyes are so dark because they mourn for all the men who died out of heartbreak for her.


The obvious astronomical reference is to black holes. Maybe Raxxla’s primary star is a black hole, or the system has at least one in it “wrapping beams so bright”. The brightest stars might be Neutrons or the ultra-rare type ‘O’. (Star brightness order: OBAFGKM “Oh be a fine girl kiss me”).


Sonnet 8: “Love, born in Greece … [snip] … But finding these north climes do coldly him embrace … perch’d himself in Stella’s joyful face”

This probably doesn’t help us much, but the sonnet says somebody flew north from Greece and landed on Stella.


Sonnet 9: I hate to make you read this stuff, but the whole first half describes “Stella’s face”

“Queen Virtue’s court, which some call Stella’s face,Prepar’d by Nature’s choicest furniture,Hath his front built of alabaster pure;Gold in the covering of that stately place.The door by which sometimes comes forth her GraceRed porphir is, which lock of pearl makes sure,Whose porches rich (which name of cheeks endure)Marble mix’d red and white do interlace. “

This is literally the only time anyone has ever called someone’s face “Queen Virtue’s court”. Good luck guessing what that might mean. Queen Virtue = Queen Elizabeth I (queen from 1558-1603, also called “the virgin queen”)? There’s no systems called Elizabeth, Virgin, Virtue, etc.. or Victoria (a queen with a rep for being virtuous in the 1800s).

In the frontier forums, some people speculate that Stella’s face is a nebula and the white (“alabaster”) front are some bright stars in it.


Sonnet 13: Goddess Phoebus judges a contest between Zeus (“Jove”), Ares (“Mars”) and Cupid (“Love” or “Eros”). Cupid wins this obviously rigged competition because he uses Stella’s face as his shield and obviously nothing can be cooler or more awesome than her face.

I’ve found no other references anywhere to Cupid using any kind of shield (he uses a bow a lot). Is there some other story somewhere about Cupid’s shield? Is there an astronomical connection?


Sonnet 28: He refers to Stella as “Princess of Beauty”. The greek goddess of beauty was Aphrodite. Her children were Phobos (Timor), Deimos (Metus), Concordia (Harmonia) and the Cupids. None of those are system names.


Sonnet 37: “Toward Aurora’s court a nymph doth dwell”

Aurora exists as a system. It might be worth a shot drawing a line from Sol to it and seeing what’s on the way?


Sonnet 51: He tells Stella that he’s tired of listening to her talk about her thoughts, feelings and problems and to “find some Hercules to bear [your burdens] instead of [me]”. He’s just such a romantic, guys, I’m surprised she didn’t tear off his pants the moment he said this. Bonus: he also compares himself to Atlas, all tired out from carrying his own enormous burdens.

Atlas is a star in the Pleiades, and there’s a whole Hercules sector. This isn’t much of a clue, but if you are totally bored, maybe go map stuff in the Hercules sector.


Sonnet 68: “Stella, the only planet of my light… voice more fit to wed Amphion’s lyre.” The rest of the verse is all about the author telling Stella that he, like, totally wants her and he knows he can’t have her but dang man, he really wants her, you know?

There’s a couple obscure greek characters called Amphion (meaning “native of two lands”) but it’s not a system name.


Sonnet 80 “New Parnassus, where the muses bide”

This implies the goddesses of inspiration live in some place called Parnassus, but again that’s not a system name.


Sonnet 98: Aurora leads Phoebus to dance

Nothing to do with Stella, but Aurora is a system. Probably not a useful clue, but I included it so I wouldn’t have to read this again.


Sonnet 103: “Oh happy Thames, that didst my Stella bear”

This river in england is super happy because Stella took a boat on it once. There’s no system called Thames, but perhaps there’s a way to make an astronomical reference out of a river (Milky Way?) and Stella?


Unverified Claims


A french-language player claims to have scanned a system about 15k ly from the bubble, when one of the planets came up as “?” instead of undiscovered.  Upon scanning the planet (an ordinary rocky world), the name changed to Raxxla.  [Oct-2017]


The player did not provide a screenshot or location and did not return to the forum the next day as they promised to.



A possible troll on reddit claimed he jumped into a system about 1.5kly W/NW of the bubble with 2 planets, one planet had no name, but the ‘landable’ logo.  On scanning the planet he was interdicted and killed by a wing of 6 ships (including a corvette) who said something about ‘you shouldn’t be here, your secret dies with you’


No pics, logs, or verification



A commander claims to have been exploring in DRYU BRA XX-L A7-0 and dropped into a Degraded Emissions signal source, which turned out to be a hazy planet with stars partially visible.


Pics of planet were provided, possibly photoshopped


Commander later admitted it being a hoax.



Guru951 had been searching for Raxxla for a long time, and then claimed to have found it.

His screenshot consisted of an assassination mission target ‘Alexander Macdonald’ in wing of 4 “Hand Gang of LP 102-320” flying a FDL “Vicious Hades”.


Relevant hints provided by his post:

I cannot show you pictures or videos, but I can give you the map. Hold it tight and don’t let go.
The keywords I give you are the tools you will use to decipher the meanings of people, places and things along the way, every step of the way. When you find it it will be unmistakeable.

Keywords: google, wiki, meaning, myth and symbol.


The linked PDF from 2009 details the “ritual path of initiation into the eleusinian mysteries”.  These were the sacred rites of Demeter & Persephone performed by the ancient greeks.


Later hints: ‘MacDonald’ was underlined with ‘meaning?’ added

MacDonald [wikipedia] > Son of World Might/Rule


The key to any problem, or puzzle, is to get to the root of it. Where did this all start? You really need to work from there to fix it, or solve it. Did you know that the first mention of
Raxxla in 2296, **as stated in the codex**, was by Art Tornqvist and a woman named Cora. Did you know that Art in Greek storytelling was in itself a central character to convey meanings within their stories? Did you know that Cora is a variation of Kore and that Kore is another name for Persephone?
Did you know that we found a Non-Human Relic on Mars sixteen years before the first mention of Raxxla?
Do you know the story of Mars? Have you been there? What does the Oracle tell you about it?
Your Oracle of Delphi is the internet. Fact. Google and Wiki at every step. Braben is one of the founders of the AI revolution and the internet, an AI, is our Oracle.
Do you even know the story of Demeter, of Persephone/Kore/Cora, of Hades, or of how the initiation rites were created? Do you know who each one of them were and what their special talents, skills, or abilities were? And do you even understand exactly what the initiation rites are? If not, than fix all of that. Wiki has a great amount of information on them. It all started with Demeter, she gave birth to Persephone and to the initiation rites.
Many times contacts and characters appear when you arrive at the correct stations,
**”Welcome commander….”**
What do their names mean? Who are they and what do they say? What about their economy or faction? Meaning, greek, myth and symbol. What does the Oracle tell you about them? Good intentions, bad intentions, no intentions, just not applicable? Does it resonate with what you are doing? Do they align with the step and the subject matter, and especially do they apply to the path you’re on? First name, last name, stations, unique body names?
Have you punched all the possibilities of the step, people, places or things into your nav? Do they have different name spellings? Does your navigation panel find more than one possible location and is one of those locations better linked to the step you’re on??? Do certain names, words or objects have symbolic meanings, or myths or stories associated with them? Is it in alignment, in any way, to the step or possible location??
The journey begins when you consult the oracle and the importance is in getting the right location, action and sequence. The people you meet along the way are very important and should be, for the most part, pretty obvious connections, but it will be a bit heavy on the cryptic side at times, so that’s on you to figure out. It would be wise to explore your options. The Oracle/internet/google will spit out a bunch of possibilities when you try all the key words and it’s up to you to decipher which one is in alignment with the story, steps, and subject matter, if at all. If not, than there’s a good chance it’s not the one.
And believe it or not, there are in fact blatant signposts along the way, I used these to determine if this was all in my head or an actual thing happening, because this was an actual thought I struggled with.
There. That is the remainder of what I will give. A set of tools and a sense of direction to help clear this mess I’ve created. Let’s hope it works. Not all of you are going to succeed.
If you lack the ability to see in metaphor, well than good luck. If you lack a secondary monitor or oracle device to use while you plot your courses, it will make this much much harder. It needs to be used constantly.
This whole experience has been rather horrible tbh. So best of luck, be happy that you’re not in this position. I thought I was so smart and now I see that pride and ego has gotten the best of me, and of others. It would’ve been better to stay completely silent.
Everyone wants a free ride to the galaxies biggest treasure and that’s not how it works. Prove yourself and you might find it.
Raxxla may have been in every game there has been, but it appears to me that the methodologies of accessing it have differed from game to game.
The NDA/NDC is stated in the initiation rites it’s not a form to sign or a box to click, it’s more of a matter of respect for something bigger than myself, and I expect the next person will come to this same understanding.
It appears the Dark Wheel has in fact metaphorically killed off my CMDR through this process, much like Alex Ryder, Jason Ryder and the rest.



He offered this google doc for more details



Maybe players must somehow complete the rituals in Elite. But where to start? The linked document states, that the first step is the “Gathering” at the Athenian Agora or marketplace, in front of the Stoa Poikile. There is a system called “Athena”. Also there are the systems Demeter, Persephone and Eleu (=Eleusis?), which might also be relevant.

There is a Demeter Class Agricultural Megaship in Eleu. Could that be said “temple”? You can break the cargo-hatch and get some stolen goods from it. Next would be to take it to Athens (=Athena?). But where and what to do with it?

This commander’s squadron claims that Guru951 has not found Raxxla or anything similar and they don’t know why he claims that he has


UPDATE: CMDR Guru951 has also retracted his claims of having found Raxxla



ObsidianAnt posted a video stating that Raxxla can be found by entering the Konami Code (Up,Up,Down,Down,Left,Right,Left,Right) while in Witchspace, leading to an unusual system.


2019 April Fool’s joke.



CMDR Flavius Aquili posted a statement claiming “I found Raxxla and will share its location soon, turns out I’m not the first! Not what I expected at all. I will not be silenced.”


No proof was provided, and the statement has now been deleted.



CMDR Ticondrius made a claim on the Mobius discord that he’d stumbled on a system with a named ELW “less than 1000ly from azrael”.  Then they claimed to have sold all exploration data except that one system and self-destructed so as to not claim discoverer credit.


No pics, logs or verification.


CMDR Ticondrius – 2019-05-12 at 5:30 PM

Well, I am waaaay out here in the boondocks of space, and I’m just doing a meandering route to get exploration rank…

And I found a system that I got FD on..and it had 2 ELWs and 3 WWs

One of the ELWs was named..and I thought that weird.


It was Raxxla.

All I remember is that it had a very large blue-white star.

I’ll have to wait until I dock to find out where it was again.


I didn’t think anything of it when I saw it, but you guys keeps shouting that name at each other

I don’t get why you guys care about it


BrofessorJ: whats the name of the system?


CMDR Ticondrius:

I’ll tell you when I get back to a station.  I’m still waaay out here and can’t look.

I also want to register that FD.  :stuck_out_tongue:


But why is it so important?  Also, I did find it, and it is < 1000Ly from Azrael.


If anyone is still online from earlier, I’ve decided to sell my data, except the data for the star system in question, then undock and self destruct without taking the effort to remember or record said star system.


Let it remain lost until someone who seeks it, finds it.



Cmdr Mathmoss claimed to have found Raxxla ‘’north east from Sag A* about 41[k] lys from the bubble, on the border between 2 regions in a cluster of brown dwarfs.’’.  For “proof”, he posted an extremely blurry picture of something that looked like a targeting circle saying ‘Raxxla’.  He posted a number of clear pictures of other things.


He claimed his journey to the location required him to go to the “top of the galaxy”.  He identified a large region on the border of sectors 22/23 in the Sagittarius Carina arm.


He claimed he blew up his ship without turning in the exploration log “[to be] fair on the other raxxla hunters”.  No system name.


Based on his screenshots, CMDR Alexzk identified the area as roughly PRA BYOEA KU-A A82-0 area.  He searched the area and found nothing.


Mathmoss’s poss posts were later deleted.

Interview transcripts, Misc stuff


Transcript: Beyond – Chapter Two – Launch Livestream


DB: David Braben, H: Host


13:43 – DB: [reading offscreen] “Does Raxxla exist?  [smiles] Um… There’s an interesting one.”

13:47 – H: [laughs]

13:49 – DB: “What a.. What a silly question!  Of course [turns to look at A]” [Of course?  Of course Raxxla exists?  Of course we’d get that question?]

13:50 – H: “Hey, I could have ta.. Honestly I actually probably.. Um.. I could’ve probably told you the four questions that were gonna come through ahead of time”

13:57 – DB: “Yeah, you don’t know what it is though [smiling]”

13:59 – H: “.. honest with you it’s tr.. know it’s true, yeah, it’s true”



Transcript: Twitch interview with Michael Brooks [2016]


Q: Where is Raxxla?

A: Well, it’s in the Milky Way, but I can’t tell you where at this stage, it’s a journey that everyone has to travel for themselves.


Q: … You have always said there will be no clues though haven’t you?

A: Erm, that is true… erm, but I think you have to make some of it a tiny little bit obvious just so people know what they’re doing, erm, but, yeah… but there’s nothing to be revealed at this stage.



Playstation.Blog interview with David Braben [2017]:

“I think the last game I completed was perhaps Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture. It’s quite a strange, very relaxed game, but by the end I was desperate to know what was going on. I’d gotten a bit hung up on the strange number sequences you get during the game and avidly wrote them all down, but even after the credits I was none the wiser…

On that note, though, we have numbered stations in Elite: Dangerous! You might want to write those numbers down.”


Decode Raxxla, Fernweh


Porta cipher:


What tools were available at the beginning but no-one uses?

“Realistic” galaxy view

Jumping to non-OBAFGKM stars [other than Neutron]

Low-quality Unidentified Signal Source (eg. Degraded Emissions)


German-language Dark Wheel toast:

“Auf das Juwel, das an der Stirn der Mutter aller Galaxien strahlt!  Auf das Flüstern in der Schäwrze des Alls, die Sirene im tiefsten Nichts!  Auf der Eltern Gram, der Geliebten Klage und die Sehnsucht eines jeden Vagabunden.  Auf Raxxla!”



On the jewel that shines on the forehead of the mother of all galaxies! On the whisper in the darkness of the universe, the siren in the deepest nothing! On the parents grief, the lover’s lament and the yearning of every rover. On Raxxla!


Where did this “I AM HIDDEN FROM SIGHT” message come from?  Canonn Research Group discord


.—- -….- .—- —-. / —.. -….- …– / ….- -….- —-. / ..— -….- –… / …– -….- .—- / -…. -….- .—- / —-. -….- ..— / …– -….- ..— –… / –… -….- –… / ..— -….- .—- -…. / .—- -….- .—- / –… -….- .—- —– / ….. -….- .—- –… / ….. -….- ..—

Translates to: 1-19 8-3 4-9 2-7 3-1 6-1 9-2 3-27 7-7 2-16 1-1 7-10 5-17 5-2


Apparently this was a made-up, player-created riddle, unrelated to Raxxla.

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