The Slaughterhouse Nine

The Slaughterhouse Nine

Jack Slash

Hp-140AC-18(22 vs capes)MS-30Pro-6Tough-5




Powers- Jack has the ability to project the length of a blade he’s holding an infinite distance. He also has attunement and awareness to all capes around him allowing him to easily manipulate others and to have a preternatural sense of where other capes are and are doing in relation to him. 

Attacks- Jack get’s three attacks per turn and two reactions. Jacks attacks ignore toughness. 

Jack’s Slash- +13 to hit, Target takes 10d8+6 slashing damage. 

Full Sweep- All targets in a 100 foot cone in front of him must make a DC 18 dex save or taked 12d8+6 slashing damage. 

Death By a Thousand Cuts- +10 to hit, Jack Slashes and thrusts wildly towards a single target in wild rapid strikes. On hit target takes 15d10 damage. Recharge 6. 

Command- Jack can utter a command or request to a nearby cape, and roll a contested charisma check if the cape is unwilling. On a failed check the cape is compelled to act, and if they still choose not to they have disadvantage on all actions until they complete the task. 


Siberian- If the siberian is within 60 feet of Jack he can call to her to have her absorb the damage of one blow.

Bone Saw- Jack can call to bonesaw to allow her to deploy tech to aid them in battle. 

Legendary Actions- 3 points

Slash- 1 point

Command- 2 points

Dodge- 1 point Jack adds 5 to his AC



Str- 30  Int- 14

Dex- 30 Wis- 12

Con- 36Char- 8

Abilities- Siberian is a projection of William Manton, one of the original founders of Cauldron. She is invulnerable, has devastating strength and speed, and can transfer her invulnerability to things she touches. 

Attacks- Siberian has 3 actions per turn. 

Mark- Siberian marks a target for the hunt and gains adv. Against that target as long as she has vision of them. 

Slash- Siberian rakes her claws against a target +15 to hit, does 10d6+5 slashing damage. 

Bite- Siberian sicks her teeth into the flesh of a target. +15 to hit, 8d10+5 piercing damage. Roll a D20, on a 5 or lower the target loses 1 finger. 

Projection- Siberian can disappear and reappear anywhere else on the battlefield within 1000 feet of Manton’s location. 

Protection-Siberian can transfer her invulnerability to one ally within 5 feet. 


Hp- 92AC-15MS-25Pro-5Tough-15

Str-10Int- 28

Dex-12Wis- 12

Con-18Char- 14

Resistances- Physical, Fire and Thunder damage. 

Abilities- BoneSaw is a Biotinker with an unparalleled understanding of biology, anatomy, cell make-up and a variety of other sciences. She’s outfitted with a variety of offensive and defensive capabilities as well as having beefed up the rest of the nine with similar enhancements. 

Attacks- Bonesaw has two actions a turn. 

Spiders- Bonesaw releases four small metal spiders that crawl out from beneath her dress. These spiders are equipped with tasers, knives, flamethrowers, and noxious gas. 

Spider attacks- 

  1. Knife- +10 to hit, does 2d6+2 damage. 

  2. Taser- +10, 1d6+2 target must pass a DC 12 con save or become stunned for one turn. 

  3. Flame thrower- DC 12 dex save to ignore, 6d6+2 damage in a 15 foot cone 

  4. Noxious Gas- Target must pass a DC 16 con save or become dazed and put at disadvantage. 

  5. Knit- Spiders can close up small wounds on the Nine healing up to 20 damage once per spider per battle. 

Poison Vents- Bonesaw triggers small vents of poison on her body. Anyone in 5 feet must pass a DC 21 con save or take 10d6+5 poison damage and gain disadvantage on attacks. 

Hidden nano-Blade- Bonesaw has extendable arms, and can extend her reach up to 20 feet and slash out at a target doing 4d6+2 damage. 

Taser- Bonesaw releases a electric discharge from her palm dealing 5d8+4 thunder damage. 

Legendary Actions- 2 points

Disengage- 1 point

Spider command- 1 point. 



Str- 18Int-22

Dex- 24Wis-14

Con- 30Char-6

Abilities- Mannequin is a tinker who specializes in ecosystems and life preservation. He has utilized this to provide sustainable ecosystems for his different organs and life systems housing them in a protective barrier along with a collection of tools, weapons, and defenses. 

Attacks- Mannequin gets three actions a turn. 

Telescopic blade- +21 to hit, Mannequin projects a need like blade from his palm. 2d8+6 damage. 

Rifle- +12 to hit, Mannequin has a rifle concealed in one of the lower portions of his arm allowing him to fire off several high caliber shots. 6d12+6 damage. Crits on 19-20. 

Enwrap- Mannequin attempts to entangle a target in his limbs. Target must succeed on a DC 19 Dex save or become grappled. Mannequin may make the same move next turn to restrain them. 

Improvise and adapt- Mannequin reaches into his toolkit to pull out what he needs most in the current fight. He produces a weapon that does a type of damage he needs and that weapon does 4d8+6 damage. 

Stealth- Mannequin can move about nearly undetected outside of battles giving him a +10 to stealth


Repair- Mannequin can self heal up to 20 hp a turn for a max of 100 during a battle before he needs to resupply. 



Str-28Int- 14


Con-40Char- 16

Immunities- Fire, Cold, Physical, Acid, Force,

Resistant- Damage

Abilities- Crawler has adaptive regeneration. Anytime he is injured his body regenerates, heals, and changes the part making it resistant or immune to that type of damage. 

Attacks- Crawler has 3 actions per turn 

Caustic Spit- +13 to hit, Crawler launches a gob of spit towards a target dealing 4d8+10 Acid damage. 

Bite- +13 to hit, Crawler sicks his massive teeth into a target dealing 6d12+9 damage and 2d8 acid damage. 

Slash- +13 to hit, Crawler swipes at a target dealing 4d6+9 damage. 


Heal- Crawler heals for 50 damage per turn, and after being hit by something he’s not immune to 10 times in succession, he’ll gain immunity to it. 



Str-10Int- 14



Abilities- Burnscar has supreme control over fire, allowing her to create minions of fire, send out massive blasts, create towering infernos, turn into fire, and teleport through fire. 

Attacks- BurnScar has three actions.

Frenzied Blast- Targets in a 30 foot area must make a DC 18 dex save or take 8d6 fire damage. 

Homing Blast- +15 to hit, Burnscar focuses on tiny streams of extremely hot fire towards a target, it does less damage but is more likely to hit. 4d6+5 damage. 

Melt- +13 to hit, Burnscar targets someone’s armor if possible and melts it. On a hit the target loses 10 toughness, or any armor they’re wearing that grants resistance. Target also takes 4d6 fire damage if they’re still wearing the armor at the end of their turn. 

Teleport- Burnscar can move through any two points of fire on the field as if doorways. 

Inferno- Burnscar explodes, coating everything around her in a 60 foot radius in fire and setting anything flammable ablaze. Targets caught in the area must make a DC 17 dex save or take 6d6 fire damage and become engulfed in fire. They must spend one action on their turn putting out the flames or take an additional 2d6 at the end of their turn.  


FireTrail- Burnscar leaves a wall of fire wherever she moves. Anyone that passes through the wall takes 4d8 fire damage. Anyone that ends their turn within 10 feet of either side of the wall takes 2d8 fire damage. 


Hp-99AC-18MS-40(60 fly speed)Pro-7Tough-5

Str-10Int- 28

Dex-16Wis- 14 


Abilities- Shatter bird has masterful control over silicon through the user of ultrasonic waves. This gives her masterful control over glass and sand in a several block radius around her. 

Attacks- Shatterbird has 3 actions

Channel- Shatterbird can spend one of her actions channeling the glass around her into a massive storm. Each action spent channeling increases the damage and affect. She can channel up to a maximum of 10 times.

Blade Funnel- Shatterbird directs a spinning tornado of broken glass into a target. +16 to hit, target takes 4d10+9 For each action spent channeling. slashing damage. This consumes all channeled glass. 

Maelstrom- Shatterbird fills a 30 foot area with swirling glass. She has ultimate control over each individual piece and can avoid allies.  The area becomes shrouded and difficult terrain. Each 5 feet that someone moves through the area will cause them to take 2d10+9 damage. Shatterbird must have at least 5 stacks channeled to use this move. If she uses all ten stacks she can either cover double the area or double the damage in the same area.  

Glass Shield- Shatterbird can use a stack to increase an allies AC by 3 per stack. If the target is hit anyway the shield breaks and the target takes an additional 4d6+9 damage. 

Glass Mine- Shatterbird lays out planes of glass that snap onto anyone that steps on them. DC 18 dex check to avoid or target takes 6d10 slashing damage. 


Glass Shield- Shatterbird gains +5 to her AC. Consumes one stack. 







Resistances- Physical


Power- Hookwolf draws forth metal to cover his body from a “core” deep within his body. He can revert to human form to revert any damage he’s taken in his other form. His human form is stored away in this core while he fights, protecting it from damage. 

Moves- Hookwolf gets 3 attacks per turn. 

Rip and Tear- Hookwolf assaults his target with a flurry of deadly bladed blows. +9 to hit, does 4d6+4 damage. 

Maelstrom- Hookwolf turns into a tornado of spinning blades. Targets must make a DC18 dex check to avoid him. He does damage to anyone in a space he passes through. Targets take 6d6+5 damage on a failed save. 


Trained Fighter- Hookwolf get’s two reactions per turn. 

Legendary actions- Hookwolf has 3 points. 

Movement- 1 point

Rip and tear- 1 point. 



Str-24Int- 12



Powers- When Renekton is struck he begins channeling rage, once he’s channeled enough he can unleash his true power and enhances his damage, healing, and all other aspects of himself.

Rage- Once Renekton has taken over 250 damage in a fight he becomes enraged and begins to use the second portion of his moveset. He immediately enters dominus once he enters this state. 

Cull the Meek- +12 to hit, This attack hits all targets within 10 feet of Renekton. He deals 4d12+8 damage to each target and heals for the amount done. Rage- +15 to hit, target takes 6d12+11 and Renekton heals for double the amount of damage done. 

Ruthless Predator- +12 to hit, Target takes 5d10+9 damage and must pass a DC 18 con save or be stunned for their next turn. Rage- +15 to hit, target takes 10d10+18 damage and must pass a DC 20 con save or be stunned. 

Slice and Dice- +12 to hit, Renekton Dashes 15 feet in one direction and deals 3d8+9 damage, he may then cast this again as a free action dashing another 15 feet and doing an additional 3d8+9. Rage- +15 to hit, Renekton does 5d8+9 damage instead, and  shreds the amount of damage he’s done of toughness of the second dashes target. 

Dominus- Only activates after Renekton has taken the appropriate amount of damage. His strength goes up to 30, he gains 250 health up to and beyond his max, and anyone that stands within 20 feet of him takes 2d10 damage at the start of their turn. This state lasts for three turns. 

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