The Squire & Aspirant

The Squire/ Aspirant

The youth; valliant and ambitious… And naive.

Ever-seeking the righteous prestige of a full-fledged crusader, the Squire and Aspirant have come to the hamlet to prove themselves as true warriors of the sacred light. Diversely trained, though inexperienced, they will both bring a balance of offense and support to the team.


Both of the same templar order, the Squire and Aspirant found themselves at the bottom of the pecking order amongst the other initiates. Too dedicated to stray from their holy path, but no longer able to tolerate their overbearing templar order, they stole the temple’s most sacred weapons and armor before setting off to find their redemption and personal glory at the hamlet.



The Squire is a lean, short-haired, young man wearing light cloth and leather armor across his torso, with regal full platemail gauntlets and greaves. He wields a prestigious knight’s kite shield and shortsword.


The Aspirant is a young woman with her hair tied back, wearing the ornate torso and pauldrons of a celebrated templar. She wields a holy rounded shield and flanged mace.

Beneath her chestpiece is a long-sleeved tunic, which lays atop simple peasant’s trousers.

-Base Stats-

































































Movement: Forward 1, Backward 1

(Squire) Crit Bonus Effect: +10% DMG (1 rds)

(Aspirant) Crit Bonus Effect: +10% PROT (1 rds)

Religious: Yes

Provisions: None

District Bonus: Training Ring + Altar of Light

-Combat Skills-

Sacred Slice (Squire)


Pos/Targ: – o o o / o o – –

ACC: 85/90/95/100/105

Crit mod: 0%/1%/2%/3%/4%

Bleed  3/3/4/4/5 pts (3rds)*


+20% DMG vs Unholy


Sacred Smash (Aspirant)


Pos/Targ: – o o o / o o – –

ACC: 85/90/95/100/105

Crit mod: 0%/1%/2%/3%/4%

Stun (100%/110%/120%/130%/140%)

+20% DMG vs Unholy

Execution (Squire)


Pos/Targ: – o o o / o o o –

ACC: 95/100/105/110/115

DMG mod: -10%

Crit mod: 4%/5%/6%/7%/8%

Armor Piercing

+65%/68%/70%/73%/75% DMG vs Stunned


Mercy Kill (Aspirant)


Pos/Targ: – o o o / o o o –

ACC: 95/100/105/110/115

Crit mod: 4%/5%/6%/7%/8%

+55%/58%/60%/63%/65% DMG vs Bleeding

Guarded Feint

Pos: – – o o


Mark (3rds)

Riposte (Full Damage) (2rds)

ACC: 85/90/95/100/105

+5/6/7/9/10 DODGE (1 rds)

On Riposte: Back 1

Move Skill Chance: +15%/16%/17%/19%/20% (2 rds)

Valorant Assault


Pos/Targ: o o o – / o o – –

ACC: 90/95/100/105/110

DMG mod: -10%

Crit mod: 1%/2%/3%/4%/5%

Forward 3
Push 2 (80%/90%/100%/110%/120%)

Position 3: +35% DMG [+35%]

Position 4: +90% DMG [+70%]

Stun (0%/0%/10%/20%/30%)

+25% vs Unholy

Battle Pennant

Pos: o o o –


Heal: 1-1/1-1/1-2/1-2/1-2

Stress: -3 (60%/70%/80%/90%/100% chance)

Torch +4/5/6/7/8

Divine Mend

Pos: o o – –


Restoration 3/3/4/4/5pts (1rds)

Her Wrath (Squire)


Pos: – o o o / – o o o

ACC: 90/95/100/105/110

DMG mod: -40%

Crit mod: 5%/6%/7%/8%/9%

On hit: +28/31/34/37/40% Melee DMG (2rds)

-10/11/12/14/15% Stun Resist (2rds)*

*90/100/110/120/130% chance


Her Preservation (Aspirant)


Pos: – o o o / – o o o

ACC: 90/95/100/105/110

DMG mod: -40%

Crit mod: 5%/6%/7%/8%/9%

On hit: Heal 3/3/4/4/5

-6/7/8/9/10% Crit chance* 

*100/110/120/130/140% Chance

-10/11/12/14/15% Bleed Resist (2rds)*
*90/100/110/120/130 chance

-Camping Skills-


5 Points

All Companions:

-10 Stress

-10% Stress

+8% CRT

+2 SPD

[“I admire you all. Truly, I do.”]

[“I have much to learn from each of you.”]

[“I could not ask for greater teachers.”]



5 Points

All Companions:

-10 Stress

-10% Stress

+15% Healing Received


[“I thank you for your teachings.”]

[“I grow each time I am with you.”]

[“Truly amazing. Each of you..”]

Solo Watch

2 Points

Prevents Nighttime Ambush

All Companions:

-5 Stress


+15 Stress

-2 SPD (6 Battles)

-5 DODGE (6 Battles)

-5 ACC (6 Battles)

[“Sleep deeply. I will watch over you all.”]

[“I will take full watch. I insist upon it.”]

[“I shall remain vigilant. It is the least I can do.”]

Plea for Wellness

2 Points

One Companion:

If not Religious:

Remove Mortality debuffs (66% Chance)

Heal 5% (50% Chance)

If Religious:

Remove Mortality debuffs (100% Chance)

Heal 10% (75% Chance)

[“Sacred light, I beseech you to mend our wounded.”]

[“May the light keep you alive and fortified.”]

[“Deus, dona nobis placere vires et valetudo.”]

Invoke Strength (Squire)

5 Points


+15% DMG

+1 SPD

[“There is no power greater than the light.”]

[“Holy might courses through us.”]


Invoke Fortitude (Aspirant)

5 Points


+15% PROT

+10% MAX HP

[“There is no protection greater than the light.”]

[“Holy fortitude flows through us.”]


Base trinkets

Crusade Shield

(Squire & Aspirant)


+7% CRT

-10% MAX HP

+5% Stress

Inquisition Shield

(Squire & Aspirant)


+25% Stun Resist

+25% Bleed Resist

Templar Flag

(Squire & Aspirant)


+15% DMG Melee Skills

-40% Move Skills

-10% Virtue Chance

Decorative Sword

(Squire Only)


+30% Stress Healing Skills

-1 SPD

-10% DMG

Serrated Sword

(Squire Only)

Very Rare

+5 ACC

+5% CRT

+20% DMG vs Bleeding

+15% Stress

Vibrant Mace

(Aspirant Only)


+50% Healing Skills

+25% Restoration applied

+10% Stress

Giant’s Mace

(Aspirant Only)

Very Rare

+15% MAX HP

+25% PROT while Marked

+50% Riposte DMG

Crimson Court Trinkets

“We will forge our own futures.”

Banner of the Order

(Squire & Aspirant)

+25% DMG below 40% HP

+20% PROT below 40% HP

+25% Stun Resist

-33% Healing Received

Set Bonus:

+15% Deathblow Resist

+10% CRT below 20% HP

+10% MAX HP

Instructor’s Whip

(Squire Only)

+30% Bleed Skill Chance

+1 rds Bleed Duration

Exemplar’s Diadem

(Aspirant Only)

Her Preservation:

On hit: 120% Stun Chance

Color of Madness Trinket

Divided Shield

(Squire & Aspirant)

Execution: +35% DMG

-25% Bleed Skill Chance

Mercy Kill: +35% DMG

-25% Stun Skill Chance

90 Shards

Sunward Isles Trinkets

Uta Scroll

(Squire Only)

In Position 2: +40% Stress Heal Skills

+10% PROT vs Yokai
+10% PROT vs Unholy

-27% Deathblow Resist

Bushido Scriptures

(Aspirant Only)

In Position 1: +25% DMG
+25% Virtue Chance

-27% Deathblow Resist

-Town Events-

-A Pious Pair-

(Squire and Aspirant can now be found in the Stage Coach. One of each is available.)

Shared struggle may foster kinship, but shared hatred forges bonds.

“Two armoured youths have entered the hamlet today offering help to any, and asking nothing in exchange but food and shelter. Residents are advised to take advantage of this generous offer whilst it remains.”

-The Youth of the Nation-

(1 Squire and 1 Aspirant are available for recruitment)

I still ponder what it is about this dreadful place that draws in those eager to squander the many years they could have otherwise preserved.

“More crusaders-to-be have come to our home for want of honor and glory, offering what aid they can provide to secure a role here in the campaign against darkness.”

-Congregation and Conditioning-

(Idle Squires and Aspirants gain 1 Resolve Level)

Altars and prayers to assure one’s faith. Labor and sparring to improve one’s flesh.

“Those attending the abbey’s regular sermons this week will find irregularly crowded pews, as many of the hamlet’s young souls come together to practice both piety and pugilism.”



Landing a Crit

  • I am mighty beneath the light!

  • We march onward!

  • They will perish under holy force!

  • Ye shalt be judged!

  • Our victory is fated!

  • My strength grows!

Death’s Door

  • There is… So much yet to live for…


Becoming Fearful

  • Has the light abandoned me?

  • No! I am in over my head!

  • I am but a child… I was not ready for this!

  • I never should have left the temple!

  • I am not fit to be a crusader!

Stressing Party

  • Please help me! I cannot survive without you!

  • I am not up to this!

  • …Have I been forsaken?

Moving to the Back

  • I beg you, shelter me!

  • My shield arm is weak!

  • I was not ready for this.

Passing Turn

  • I will follow your lead!

  • Show me how to do this!

  • My feet… Won’t move…

Camping Stress

  • Verse IXL: That the fool may yet live in disgrace…

  • The darkness is overwhelming here.

  • Does anyone… Remember any psalms?

Getting Hit by Enemy

  • I cannot hold my shield steady!

  • I cannot face these demons!

Enemy Missed Self

  • They close in on me!

  • Get them away from me!

Party Member Attack Misses

  • Even as a team it is useless!

  • It’s not worth it! We must flee!

Party Member Getting Hit

  • Why have we been forsaken?

  • Why did I follow these people?

Party Member Missed by Enemy

  • Do not lead them to me!

  • Help! I cannot do that!

Refusing to Move

  • Uhh… uhh…

  • W-where? Where do I go?!

Refusing to use Camping Skills

  • N-no! I will leave myself vulnerable!

  • I can’t! I’m not able!

  • I don’t… Know if that will help.


Becoming Paranoid

  • I saw how you were watching me during training…

  • You fools think you can deceive me because I am young?

  • Cautiousness is next to Godliness…

  • The templars… Are they watching?

  • Why do I get the sensation one of you is not as pure as you say?

Stressing Party

  • You have all misled me!

  • I was a fool to follow any of you!

  • How am I to trust anything you have shown me?.

Switching Position to the Back

  • I’ll observe… From a good vantage point.

  • Go teach by example.

  • I’ll mind our rear…

Passing Turn

  • More instructions? From *you*?

  • You’re no different from those rotten templars!

  • I’ll not be ordered around further.

Random Action

  • I’ve learned what to do by now.

  • Training has taught me the best course.

  • I’ve figured this out already.

Camping Stress

  • I believe all of my hard training has earned me some rest.

  • I suspect one among us may be of unholy intent. Be vigilant.

  • I sense them. Demons and ghouls surround us.

Attacking Party Member

  • Begone of my holy presence!

  • Let this be penance for your sins.

Refusing to Retreat

  • And leave me behind? I think not.

  • Do you intend to sacrifice me?!

Getting Hit by Enemy

  • It seems I am not the only one you have taught.

  • How did it know to bypass my guard?

Enemy Missed Self

  • Who let that one slip past?!

  • That one was led to me!

Party Member Attack Misses

  • Oh, and *now* you miss…

  • A page could have evaded that, what are you doing?

Party Member Getting Hit

  • You aren’t *really* injured from that, are you?

  • Holy forces damn your betrayal!

Party Member Missed by Enemy

  • Suddenly, you *are* fast enough I see.

  • How could you move like that?

Refusing to Move

  • Do you question my competency?

  • I stand my ground of my own will!

Refusing to Use Item

  • That thing must be tainted with darkness..

  • My cup runneth over, what do you insinuate?

Refusing to Get Healed

  • You will not taint me with your dark magic..

  • I’m perfectly fine, what are you trying to do?!

  • Touch me not, blasphemer.

Refusing to Get Buffed

  • I no longer need your assistance!

  • I’ve trained to no longer need you.

  • I have outgrown such pampering.

Refusing to Perform Camp Skills

  • Do not attempt to be coy with me.

  • Can you not see I am in the middle of prayer?

  • Away! I have my own matters to tend to..

Refusing to be Target of Camping Skills

  • The light shall be all that I need.

  • I need guidance no longer!.

  • I’ve outgrown your help.

Refusing to Eat while Camping

  • I assume you left the spoiled food for the squire?

  • I assume you left the spoiled food for the aspiring knight?

  • Leave me be! I can feed myself.


Becoming Masochistic

  • Please, let my wounds show my piety!

  • I will suffer *anything* to become a knight.

  • I would gladly bleed for this crusade!

  • Allow my lowly form to be your shield!

  • The path to holiness is sanguine!.

Stressing Party

  • Those whips… Why do I yearn for them?

  • This body must experience penance.

  • I run red… In the name of all that is sacred.

Switching Position to the Front

  • Move aside! Glory is found through sacrifice.

  • I must defend you! I must embrace their blows.

  • My form may be your rampart!

Random Action

  • As he despised… Once again!

  • Dislike this? Punish me later!

  • Deliver the repercussions of this unto me!

Camping Stress

  • Anyone want to spar? I won’t even swing back.

  • How could I lay idle when the fight continues?

  • Perhaps bloodletting will set me at ease…

Marking Self

  • I must prove myself! Test my mettle!

  • I will endure the suffering for you all!

Damaging Self

  • My blood flows with purpose!

  • Yes… More… For my sins.

Refusing to Retreat

  • NO! Valor is forged in bloodshed!

  • A true crusader faces the suffering!

Getting Hit by Enemy

  • Yes, AGAIN! It strengthens my resolve!

  • Strength is not gained without injury!

Enemy Missed Self

  • I wasn’t even trying to move!

  • My boots are anchored, what is wrong with you?

Party Member Getting Hit

  • No, this one! I shall receive your blows!

  • Piety is for those who endure, not you!

Refusing to Move

  • I know what I am doing!

  • I face greater challenge here!

Refusing to Use Item

  • I will improve through struggle. Begone.

  • My suffering improves me! I need not of your help.

Refusing to Get Healed

  • A lowly squire must not be given relief.

  • A lowly aspirant must not be given relief.

  • No, please, I feel incredible like this!

Refusing to Get Buffed

  • Flagellation is invalid when relieved!

  • Your charity taints my trials.

  • Spare me the comfort, such is for a page!

Refusing to Perform Camping Skills

  • I refuse… And accept your punishments…

  • Should I not, what would you have done to me?

  • My body aches for righteousness, do not disrupt me.

Refusing to be Target of Camping Skills

  • The path to knighthood is not paved with comfort.

  • Independence fosters divinity.

Refusing to Eat while Camping

  • Fasting is an act of dedication.

  • My emptied cup runneth over.


Becoming Abusive

  • Why do I bear this lowly title when surrounded by you all?

  • You treat me as an inferior, and look where it got us!

  • I never expected to be on the lead of invalids.

  •  My sword is more pious than any of you!

  • My mace is more pious than any of you!

  • Clearly my shield is all I may rely upon now.

Stressing Party

  • How have I found myself to be the hero of this group?

  • How have I found myself to be the heroine of this group?

  • Until you are my equal, be away from me!

  • The lashes I was given would be better spent on you!

Random Action

  • A knight does not bow to fools.

  • I’ve become my own man!

  • I’ve become my own woman!

  • I am no page to you!

Camping Stress

  • I’ve worked hard enough to earn my rest.

  • Age before beauty, who’s taking first watch?

  • I plea to the light for more competent allies….

Attacking Party Member

  • Pain put me in shape. Your turn!

  • With no whip, this must do!

  • Lashes worked for me!!

Party Member Attack Hits

  • I was stricken harder in training.

  • I hit harder as a page!

Party Member Attack Misses

  • Since when must I be training others?

  • Observe this fair maiden attempting combat.

Party Member Getting Hit

  • Will you not learn from your failings?

  • You were only impeding me anyway.

Refusing to Move

  • A knight decides for himself!

  • An exemplar decides for herself!

  • I am where I must be. Begone!

Refusing to Perform Camping Skills

  • I believe I am owed the favor this time.

  • My prayer mustn’t be interrupted, heathen.

  • Trouble me not with your blasphemous demands.

Refusing to be Target of Camping Skills

  • I’ll only receive aid of competent allies.

  • Until ye achieve my status, stay away.


Becoming Selfish

  • Glory be unto he who hath earned it.

  • Glory be unto she who hath earned it.

  • Salvation is for those who earn it!

  • I’ll take your share as tithes for the abbey.

  • I must slay these fiends myself! My honor rests upon it!

  • Valor shall be mine alone!

Stressing Party

  • The notoriety shall be mine! MINE!

  • “I’ll be taking my ‘tithes’ when this is done.”

  • There is a fee for my services. I assume you will meet it?

Switching Position to the Front

  • A strong shield arm gains true fame.

  • Victory for those who deserve it!

  • I’ll not be overshadowed by any of you!

Switching Position to the Back

  • Get to work. I’ve earned my respite.

  • I’ve done enough, wouldn’t you say?

  • Why should I do all the lifting?

Passing Turn

  • I’ve earned a respite. Get to work.

  • I’ll help when I feel I’ve been properly paid.

  • My dues to the abbey will not pay themselves.

Random Action

  • Valor is for the firm!

  • Honor is derived from leadership.

  • Orders are for those that cannot pay the tithes.

Camping Stress

  • I’ve taken watch enough. It’s your turn.

  • An extra portion for he who works hardest.

  • An extra portion for she who works hardest.

  • Away from me, heathens! I demand my space.

Getting Hit by Enemy

  • Must I be the only to endure?

  • I’ve been stricken enough! Take my place!

Party Member Attack Hits

  • Cease your struggling, that kill is mine!

  • The smiting of that fiend belongs to me!

Party Member Attack Misses

  • All the more reason I’ve earned your cut.

  • I’ll not share earnings with such ineptitude.

Refusing to Perform Camping Skills

  • I’ll save my strength for now.

  • A knight does not submit to commoners.

  • I’ll do so when you deserve it.


Becoming Hopeless

  • Forsaken… Unsurprising.

  • Have I committed such sin for this?

  • Dying young… What else could I expect?

  • I was never up to this task in the first place.

  • I’d have never earned knighthood anyway.

Stressing Party

  • We’ve all been forsaken. Pray for mercy with me.

  • Divinity? What a waste of time.

  • My youthfulness, so poorly spent.

Switching Position to the Front

  • Front, flank, what does it matter anymore?

  • An honorable death, perhaps?

  • Oblivion be merciful to the sacrificial.

Switching Position to the Back

  • I am no use as a guardian.

  • I’ll impede your heroism no longer…

  • There is no hope for this one.

Passing Turn

  • My strength fades…

  • My… My shield is too heavy.

  • I was not ready for this!

Random Action

  • Orders have no value left.

  • I’ll die on my own terms.

  • Failure consumes my thoughts…

Camping Stress

  • Shall I clean your armor? I have little other use anyway.

  • I am exhausted… 

  • Light shall not guard us… My sins betray us.

Marking Self

  • Why delay death? Have I not earned rest?

  • Let my lowly state be your bulwark.

  • If I perish, use my body as a rampart.

Damaging Self

  • Another lashing is deserved.

  • Another beating is deserved.

  • Stalling death? Why bother?

Refusing to Retreat

  • What honor is there in retreat?

  • And live to see another day of failure?

Refusing to Use Item

  • My cup runneth over.

  • Being wasteful is a sin.

Refusing to Get Healed

  • Good health is not for sinners and failures.

  • This body has endured worse.

  • Divinity is a road paved in suffering.

Refusing to Get Buffed

  • I’m not deserving of your help.

  • Nothing can be done for me.

  • Please, you need not humor me.

Refusing to Perform Camping Skills

  • I no longer have the strength for it.

  • My body is forfeit. It is no use.

  • I would only fail at it.

Refusing to be Target of Camping Skills

  • For what purpose? It is too late for me.

  • I’m not worth it. Carry on.

  • I will request your help when I feel it is important.

Refusing to Eat while Camping

  • Just have my food. We’ll call it fasting.

  • Something unsettles my stomach currently.


Becoming Irrational

  • Again, AGAIN! The lashes tickle so!

  • Quite the shield, no? It belonged to a dead woman!

  • Ha ha! So old you all are! Decrepit!

  • A prayer! Pray for a helmet with the purple feathers!

  • Divinity, bavinity, pershmimty, laliminy!

Stressing Party

  • Shiny lights in the sky!

  • Have you seen the other half of my armor?

  • My shield is dull! Help me sharpen it!

Switching Position

  • A squire follows his knight!

  • An aspirant follows her knight!

  • Teach me to dance, I’ve always meant to learn!

  • I leap like a young rabbit!

Passing Turn

  • I kneel in prayer for the sweetest of biscuits!

  • I am an armor stand, look at me!

  • The dutiful knight, he stands at the ready!

  • The dutiful exemplar, she stands at the ready!

Random Action

  • The crusader’s decree!

  • The light guides my foot!

  • Ooh, my shield arm tingles!

Camping Stress

  • Mother, will you tell me a fable?

  • Where are the other initiates? We must all rest for daybreak.

  • Staying up so late? How scandalous!

Marking Self

  • Look how tall I have become!

  • Half of my armor is missing, have you seen it?

Attacking Party Member

  • Time to spar!

  • Surprise! Hahaha!

Damaging Self

  • My leg is stiff, let me fix this!

  • Flagellation! How joyous!

Refusing to Retreat

  • Please, I am not ready for dinner yet!

  • A god wouldn’t run from danger!

Getting Hit by Enemy

  • Good strike, friend! I’ll get you next time.

  • No more, sir, my body already bleeds so!

Enemy Missed Self

  • Are you impressed with me yet, sir?

  • Prayer in action! It works!

Party Member Attack HIts

  • Someday I will strike like you…

  • A clumsy swing, guided by holy power!

Party Member Attack Misses

  • Land a hit before he flogs you once again!

  • Strike true, he’s looking!

Party Member Getting Hit

  • Get up, I can hear him yelling!

  • It must have been divine fate.

Party Member Missed by Enemy

  • You must show me how to do that!

  • At least one will be spared the suffering.

Refusing to Move

  • No, I am sturdy here, I promise!

  • Verse IIXXL: He who yields to the wind… Something.

Refusing to Use Item

  • I learned from the last time you pulled this trick!

  • I’ve already had one, thank you.

Refusing to Get Healed

  • Natural healing makes my bones stronger!

  • No, please, you spoil me, haha!

  • No, no. Sweets AFTER dinner.

Refusing to Get Buffed

  • I don’t care for that tingly feeling.

  • I have nothing to pay you with!.

  • Too royal a meal for the likes of me.

Refusing to Perform Camping Skills

  • I’m absolutely spent.

  • My armor is absolutely filthy! I must clean it.

  • Not until I hear a story!

Refusing to be Target of Camping Skills

  • Not yet. Let me finish sharpening my mace.

  • Not yet. Let me finish dulling my sword.

  • I have not yet paid the loan!

Refusing to Eat while Camping

  • I will eat when I am knighted!

  • Has this food been properly blessed?


Becoming Stalwart

  • I will not fail! I stand tall with you!

  • Where the others failed, I triumph!

Reducing Own Stress

  • Blessed am I by the divine light.

  • I stride the path to knighthood in no less than distinction!


Becoming Courageous

  • The holy flame cannot be extinguished!

  • My teachers are my blade, and I am their shield!

  • My teachers are my mace, and I am their shield!

Reducing Party Stress

  • I am but a reflection of our combined strength.

  • I could never be what I am without all of you.


Becoming Focused

  • My years of training come to bear!

  • With divine deftness, ye shalt be smitten! 

Buffing a Party Member

  • Your finesse is glorious!

  • I have much to learn from you.


Becoming Powerful

  • I am a CRUSADER!

  • My blood pumps with holy might!

Buffing Party

  • Verse LLV: Its brilliance is mine, its rays fill our hearts.

  • My weapon blesses yours, her strength is ours.


Becoming VIgorous

  • I am filled with the blood of unquenchable flame!

  • My shield is an aegis against evil!

Self Healing

  • They always say the young are resilient.

  • My first crusade shall not be my last!

–Final Boss–

  • Let this deathstroke dub me a knight.

  • I would die an exemplar’s death.

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