The true meaning of the WLF and how this proves Mystery Woman is not Anna

The WLF Red Herring Theory

How Mystery Woman is part of the WLF and why this proves she cannot be Anna

The Seraphytes 

Lets get this out of the way first – who are the Seraphytes and who are the WLF?  The Seraphytes are a religious group. They are easily distinguished by their attire, hairstyles and scars. They wear dark hooded coats.  The females have their hair in tight spun braids, and the men have shaved heads. They also have scars on their cheeks + foreheads. Important: When referring to Ellie in the gameplay trailer, The Seraphytes called Ellie, “WOLF.

The Washington Liberation Front (WLF)

The Washington Liberation Front is a group who also takes place in Seattle.  They essentially declare the area as their own, killing any outsiders they may find. We know for sure that the WLF and Seraphytes are two completely different factions. Their attire consists of cargo pants and plain dark grey shirts, some of them wear a dark colored jacket over the shirt.
This is important because Mystery Woman wears the same thing: 

It is also important to note that the other people being hung are also WLF, since they wear the same exact outfits as the WLF in the demo trailer: 

The Meaning of “Wolf”

Back in 2018, Naughty Dog released a gameplay trailer showing Ellie killing the Serpahytes. What fans immediately noticed was how the Serpahytes called Ellie “Wolf.” I believe this has a double meaning. When they Serpahytes say “The wolf came through here”  they’re actually saying “The WLF came through here.” The Seraphytes may not know exactly which faction Ellie is from, but since the WLF are so prominent, they may think she is part of that group, therefore calling her WLF. Wolves also mercilessly hunt down their prey, which is what the WLF do so it is convenient to call them “Wolves.”

Last but certainly not least, must you not forget Mystery Woman’s poster from Outbreak Day 2017, which shows her arm in front of a wolf, which strengthens the symbolism between “WLF” and “WOLF.” 

Now, how does ANY of this prove that Mystery Woman is not Anna?  

There is no way we would know if it weren't for this quick quote from Halley Gross (The last of Us Part II Director)

Unlike the Seraphytes who have been prominent since the start of the outbreak, what is important to note is that she states the WLF have only been in Seattle for 15 years. If we do some quick math, this will tell us a lot. 

The Last of Us Part I Started in 2013.  They skipped 20 years to 2033.  Ellie is 14 in the main game, which tells us that Ellie was born 2018 – 2019. That means Ellie’s mom died in 2018 – 2019. 

The Last of Us Part II takes place in 2038.  This tells us that the WLF only JUST formed in the year 2023.  Anna would have been dead FIVE YEARS by the time the WLF formed, meaning Mystery Woman cannot be Anna. 

That is all for this theory. I am open to all of your thoughts a criticisms. These are just conclusions I came to while watching interviews, so if you come upon some feel free to share.  Thank you all for reading, I deeply appreciate it.  Endure and Survive.  

– Rachel

In the meantime, I have written another theory before this which dives into evidence and clues from part one which suggest that Ellie’s immunity was not an accident.  Many folks seemed to enjoy the theory, so if you’re interested, please feel free to check it out. 

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