The Warriors of Splinterpost (V1.0)

The Warriors of Splinterpost

Adventure Outline

Face off against goblins and fight off bandits in this 1st level adventure made specifically for new players and DMs. This adventure was intended to be vanilla, relying on common aspects of fantasy RPGs to deliver a simple, fun adventure that is easy to understand and run.

In Act 1, the players can interact with the clientele of a popular tavern in town, participating in social encounters. The party has the opportunity of accepting a mission to recover a spellbook from a local tribe of goblins.

In Act 2, the party travels east towards the nearby woods, with the opportunity to participate in exploration encounters as they attempt to make their way to the tribe’s cave

In Act 3, the party makes their way through the home base of the goblin tribe, having the opportunity for combat, exploration, and social encounters as the players sneak, fight, talk, or any combination of the three as they make their way through the cave.

In Act 4, the party makes a return journey to town, having to triumph against a group of bandits whose goal is to rob them of their recently-won prize.

Also included are maps and folios of a few important characters/locations. Feel free to use, ignore, or change these resources as the situation demands. It is recommended to read over these resources at least once before running the session.

Act 1: The Dancing Coin

“The Dancing Coin” is a large tavern located in the town square of Splinterpost. The tavern is run by Roland Tapps, a human barkeep. The party has gathered at this tavern to find work. Have each player give a brief introduction to their characters. (This should include name, class, race, and a little bit of personality for the character.) Once the party is finished with introductions, read or paraphrase this scene aloud:

“Its a slow afternoon in The Dancing Coin. A young bard sits in the corner plucking at a lute with amateur skill. A few laborers come and go for a late midday meal, and several down-on-their-luck patrons sit at the bar quietly sipping ale. Seemingly out of the ordinary, an old man with a battle-worn demeanor eyes you from his booth in the corner. After appraising your group for a moment, he gets up and begins to walk towards your table with an obvious limp. He pulls a nearby chair to the table and takes a seat.”

This man introduces himself as a mercenary named Parth. He explains that the party seems to be more competent than your average farmer, and asks if they would be interested in a job. If they are, Parth pulls out a small scroll and shows the players a signed contract promising the return of a stolen book from a nearby goblin tribe, known as “The Bone-Biter Tribe”. The contract has a reward of (30 x number of players) gold pieces. He explains he recently took this contract from Thadius, a novice wizard who lives on the edge of town, but due to an injury is unable to complete it. Not willing to tarnish his reputation, he asks the party to complete the contract for him in exchange for 90% of the reward. With a successful DC 12 Persuasion check he promises 100% of the reward to the party. Once the terms are agreeable and the conversation seems to be drawing to a close, have the party make a DC 14 Perception check. A successful check alerts the party to a nearby eavesdropper, a Human Spy named Tin, who has been listening to their conversation intently from the next table over. If the players take notice of him, he hastily makes for a nearby exit. If the players attempt to stop him from leaving, he feigns ignorance and claims he was only listening for interesting gossip. He does not fight the party, but instead attempts to set up an ambush with his gang, “The Silver Clubs” when the players return to Splinterpost. (see act 4)

If the party accepts, Parth thanks them earnestly and urges the party to return to the tavern once they finish the quest. He also provides a map to the location of the goblin tribe’s cave, which will take about 5 hours to reach, with 3 of those hours being spent hiking through the woods. Parth also warns the players to be wary of traps, and gives them a single Potion of Healing before sending them on their way.

Act 2: Littlegrove Forest

The party heads out of Splinterpost on the East-way. To make it to the cave of “The Bone-Biter Tribe”, The party must cross the bridge at Durnan’s Crossing and hike through Littlegrove Forest to reach their destination. Travel on the East-way is relatively safe as the road is well-traveled. Read or paraphrase the following:

“You follow the East-way for 2 hours as the dirt pathway winds though the rolling green hills. The weather is amicable and your trip is pleasantly uneventful as you cross Durnan’s Crossing, a wooden bridge which spans the nearby river. Once the river is crossed, you travel for a short while longer before arriving at a fork in the path, where the road splits, one route leading north and another further east. Consulting the map, you see that it directs for you to move straight forward, leaving the road and continuing on into Littlegrove Forest.”

After they enter the forest, ask the party who is leading the group. The leader must make 3 consecutive DC 12 Survival checks, one for each hour, to successfully follow the map and find the location of the cave. On a success, roll 1D4 and consult the table.

1. You find a rare Gold-tip stag (use the statistics of an Elk) with a particularly impressive set of antlers. You may attempt to hunt it and harvest the antlers, which sell for 25 gp.

2. You manage to find a patch of aromatic herbs which invigorate and energize you. All party members gain 1d4+2 temporary hit points.

3. You find a faster route towards the Bone-Biters cave, saving you an hour (skip the next check)

4. You find a dagger stuck into a nearby tree. Investigation of the dagger shows it has been here for a long while.

Alternatively, if the leader fails a survival check, have them roll 1d4 and consult the table below.

1. You take a wrong turn and end up in a wide loop, losing an hour (add another check)

2. You stumble across a wandering group of 3 Boars, who bare their tusks aggressively and attack.

3. You come across a goblin-made pitfall. Make a DC 15 Perception check to spot it. If the trap is not spotted, the leader takes 1d6 bludgeoning damage as they fall into the 10-ft deep pit.

4. You get the feeling that you are being watched. Have each party member make a DC 15 Perception check to find whoever is watching them. On a success, they spot a Goblin hiding in the underbrush, spying on them. If the party shows that they noticed him, he slips away in the underbrush and disappears to warn the Bone-Biters of the party’s arrival. He can be followed and stopped with a successful Survival check.

After the party finishes all required survival checks, they arrive at their destination, coming to the mouth of the cave in which the Bone-Biters reside.

Act 3: The Bone-Biters

Once the party arrives at the cave, read or paraphrase the following:

“After traveling in the forest for a short while, you arrive at the open mouth of a cave, which juts abruptly out of the side of the otherwise level forest floor. Around the cave entrance are several crudely carved wooden stakes, shreds of tattered bloody clothing hanging from the wooden poles. A faint fog begins to roll through the woods around you, as you hear the unmistakable howl of a wolf in the distance.”

Have the party make a DC 12 Perception check. On a success, you can hear a faint snoring coming from the mouth of the cave. This comes from Grik and Grak, a pair of sleeping Goblins currently on guard duty in area 1.

Note: For each dead Goblin the party loots (excluding Mukk and Lakk), roll a 1d8 to determine what they have in their possession.

1. Nothing

2. Nothing

3. Nothing

4. 1d4 copper pieces

5. 1d4 silver pieces

6. 1d6 arrows

7. A dagger

8. A crudely made wolf-tooth necklace (worth 15 silver pieces)

Area 1.

The two Goblins have both fallen asleep from behind the rocks, and are snoring loudly. They remain asleep as long as the party succeeds a DC 8 Stealth check. Grik and Grak are lazy and selfish, and if threatened or persuaded with a successful DC 13 Intimidation/Persuasion check, they reveal the following information:

The tribe is lead by Lakk, a cruel Goblin Boss who took command of the tribe by killing it’s previous leader.

Lakk lives in the back of the cave, he keeps his 2 favorite minions with him.

Lakk’s Second in command, Mukk, is a “Booyahg” (spellcaster) who tends to a chamber of mushrooms which he uses in rituals.

There are a total of 15 goblins in the tribe (including Grik and Grak), all of which are currently in the cave

The goblins have been raiding farms at the edge of town, taking valuables and anything edible. They haven’t killed anyone yet, but Lakk’s leadership has driven them to hurt the farmers they raid. It’s only a matter of time before the violent tendencies of the tribe claim an innocent life. Their most recent raid, which occurred a little over a week ago, was on the small forest cottage of Thadius, a novice wizard who lived on the edge of town. They wounded him badly, and Lakk stole any valuables he had, refusing to tell the rest of the tribe what he had found.

If released, the goblins run into the woods and are not seen again.

Area 2.

This cave chamber is used as a common room for the tribe. There are currently 4 Goblins in the room. 1 is by the north-western wall, two by the table, and the fourth is currently cooking a stew in the cauldron. They immediately attack if the party is spotted, retreating to area 5 to warn the others if they are brought below 3 hit points. The cauldron is currently full of a muddy stew, containing mushrooms and rotten chunks of cattle. The table contains several scraps of moldy cheese and bread that were all stolen from the goblin’s latest raid.

Area 3.

This area is where Mukk, the goblin booyahg of the tribe, grows mushrooms to use for food, rituals, and potions. When the party enters the room, Mukk is busy plucking mushrooms with his assistant. If confronted, Mukk keeps his distance and casts Entangle before pelting the party with his cantrips. Mukk holds a rusty iron key which unlocks the doors to Lakk’s chambers, and he uses it as a bargaining chip if need be.

Mukk: use a normal goblin statblock, with the following changes: 14hp, can cast Entangle (1/day) Poison Spray and Acid Splash each with a DC of 12.

Area 4.

This area serves as the armory for the tribe, hosting a collection of rusty, degraded weapons. These weapons are useless, but with a successful DC 13 Investigation check the party can find a usable dagger, shortsword, and shield, all of which are in relatively good condition.

Area 5.

This cavern serves as the sleeping quarters for most goblins. Small scraps of fabric and piles of damp, musty hay serve as bedding for the tribe. An open crate sits in against the far wall, a single goblin sitting atop it carving arrows. The other 3 goblins in the room are asleep on their makeshift beds. The crate contains a few farming tools stolen on a recent raid. Besides shovels and hoes, the party can find a 50 ft. coil of rope and a tin bucket.

Area 6.

The final cavern in the cave, two flimsy wooden doors seal both entrances. The key to these doors is held by Mukk in Area 3. The doors can also be opened with a pair of thieves tools with a successful DC 12 Sleight of Hand check or a successful DC 14 Athletics check to break down the door. Inside is Lakk and his two favorite minions. Currently he is lounging against his bed as he watches his two minions fight for his amusement. They have been fighting for a few minutes already, and are both down to 5 HP. When the players enter the room, read or paraphrase the following text aloud:

“As you enter the room, you see a particularly fat goblin lounging against a torn straw mattress, spectating as he watches two goblins fighting on a shredded rug. “Harder! Bite em!” The fat goblin shouts as he gnaws on an uncooked mutton chop.”

If the characters are not spotted by Lakk (Passive Perception 9), The two goblins continue to fight until one is knocked out and the other is down to 2 HP. If the party is spotted, Lakk screams at the two goblins to stop fighting and protect him.

If Lakk is badly injured (below 7 HP), he drops to the floor and begs for his life. He has nothing to offer the players, but attempts to trick them by telling them he can show them a large pile of gold hidden in the cave. A successful DC 14 Insight check reveals that this is a lie. If the players take him up on the offer, he slowly walks through the cave system, searching for any remaining goblins to help him. If he can’t find any after checking every room, he dashes for the exit.

In Lakk’s room, a damaged book sits upon the table, teeth marks puncturing the cover. The book is actually the spellbook of the novice wizard Thadius, which the goblin stole in their latest raid. The book contains the following spells: Magic Missile, Detect Magic, Feather Fall, and Unseen Servant. In Lakk’s chest at the foot of his bed is  16 silver and 60 copper pieces, 2 Potions of Healing and a +1 Longsword which is tarnished and appears worthless unless closely investigated.

Once the party has the book and wants to return to Splinterpost, offer them the opportunity to take a short or long rest in the cave. After this, they can head back to Splinterpost to claim their reward

Act 4: Returns and Rewards

The party makes their way once more through Littlegrove Forest, taking 3 hours to travel back the edge of the woods and return to the road. The leader does not need to make any checks to navigate the woods again because they already know the way. As they return to the road, they walk for 1 hour before reaching Durnan’s crossing. On the return journey, however, an ambush has been set by Tin, the Human Spy from Act 1. Unless he was killed, he has rallied his gang, “The Silver Clubs” to ambush the party on the bridge, and plans to take their coins and loot from the goblin cave. They are especially interested in Thadius’ spellbook, and plan to ransom it if they can.

The ambush consists of 2 Human Thugs and 1 Human Spy. Slip is stationed atop the wooden bridge, leaning on the wooden railing with a dark hood pulled above his head. The two thugs hide in the foliage on either side of the bridge, waiting for the party to start to cross. The thugs can be spotted with a successful DC 15 Perception check. Tin is disguised and wearing a hood, and attempts to get the players to converse with him. When the party approaches Tin, have them make a DC 13 Insight check to see through the disguise. Tin asks where they are going, and if they found the spellbook. Whether or not the party answers, Tin yells out “Now!” and scurries down to the left side of the bridge as the thugs appear on each side.

All players are surprised unless they noticed the hiding thugs or saw through Tin’s disguise. The gang attempts to intimidate the party first, and move in to fight if they refuse. A player reduced to 0 HP by a thug is rendered unconscious instead of making death saving throws. The thugs fight until reduced to 5 HP or lower, when they turn and flee. Tin does not participate in the fight, and leaves as soon as it begins to look bad.

After the encounter at Durnan’s Crossing, the party travels for one more hour before arriving at Splinterpost as the sun begins to set. If the players return to the dancing coin to claim their reward, they meet Parth sitting in his usual spot. As soon as he sees the party, he gets up and limps over to them with a smile on his face. Read or paraphrase the following aloud, allowing time for the players to interject and respond.

“Well, I’ll be! Ya made it back in one piece, that’s good news for me. Tell me then, did ya get the book?” “Great news! Roland! A round of light ale, if ya please. Come friends, sit, and let’s settle our business.”

Parth leads the party to a booth where he pays them the promised amount, and after a celebratory drink, heads off to Thadius’ hut to complete the contract. After being payed, the party advances to level 2 and earns 1 week of downtime.

Important Characters

Parth the Mercenary


Parth is a Lawful Neutral male human mercenary in his late 50s. He is a trustworthy man who helps important figures around town, taking up contracts in exchange for gold or other services. He is an experienced mercenary, and a valuable ally if befriended.


Parth offered his services to Fort Dantrag for several years, before deciding to settle down and take on some lower-risk jobs in the town of Splinterpost. He secured an honest reputation after helping the mayor out of a particularly tricky situation, and has been taking contracts from townsfolk ever since. After taking a contract from Thadius, the local wizard, Parth went searching for a tribe of goblins in Littlegrove Forest. During the search, Parth fell into a particularly nasty pitfall trap, which wounded his leg badly. He retreated back to town to wait for his wound to heal, and is resting in The Dancing Coin, where he has a room, at the beginning of the adventure.


Parth is a fair and honest man, who only wants to earn enough gold to retire. He is a simple, hard-working man, with a soft spot for fledgling adventurers.

Roland Tapps


Roland Tapps is a Neutral Good human male, and the owner of The Dancing Coin, a tavern which has been in his family for generations. He keeps busy pouring drinks, cooking meals, and telling stories.


Roland and raised in Splinterpost. He was brought up to take over the family business, and managing the tavern is all he knows. He married Abbie, the local blacksmiths daughter, but has been unable to have children. He plans to adopt a child soon, to inherit the tavern someday.


Roland’s loyalties are to Splinterpost and it’s citizens first, and his tavern second. He has a wife, Abbie, and no kids.



Thadius is a Neutral Good half-elf male. He is 23 years old, and a novice wizard. He mostly keeps to himself, studying in a cottage on the edge of town. He is kindhearted but inexperienced, and spends his free time helping around town, lending aid to anyone who needs a magical hand.


Thadius is originally from a much larger city, where a wizened wizard took him on as an apprentice. He traveled with his master for a few years, helping others along the way, and slowly learning the arcane arts, even though he was not particularly gifted, his master was kind and patient. While traveling near Splinterpost, he was ambushed by a particularly angry owlbear, who killed his master. Thadius managed to escape with the cart they traveled with, making it to Splinterpost. Thadius decided to stay in town to try to decipher his master’s books and learn more about magic, and purchased a small cottage on the edge of town.


Thadius wants to honor his master by becoming a skilled magic user who has the ability to help those in need. He searches for a breakthrough that can help him make sense of his master’s work. He also wants to help the people of Splinterpost for the hospitality they showed him.


Area Map

Goblin Cave

Durnan’s Crossing

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