The world at large


The Realm is only 2276 years old.

Allustrus the city of Elves. 20 years ago the Elven capital was transported from their home realm that was destroyed by an endless war with dragons to where Calaban sits killing 2.3 million people in the process. This is a city of splendor and elven art. Tree houses dominate the skyline.

In the Desert there is a large Djinn city that is invisible to the naked eye called Brasstorm.

Turscan is a medium sized dessert port trade city located on the opposite side of the Frameset from Allustrus. There are multiple poppy fields that surround the city of 20,000 mixed races. It is ruled by the Tzhaar. And is where the orphanage operates. 

There is a small city of 12,000 deep in the Frameset Desert run by Gnomes known as Metzram.  Many years ago the city was a large prison settlement where criminals deemed too dangerous were sent. There was a riot and a group of Gnomish mages took over.  The city proper is surrounded by a desert with the river Ghent running through it, it has become a popular place to unload items that have been obtained through dubious actions in their bazaar where items can change hands many times per day making it hard for their origins to be traced. The city is ruled by a triarchy of three Gnomish siblings that are powerful mages each specializing in an Elemental magic.

Amnet is a medium-sized coastal city. 550,000 mixed races. It is ruled by The hidden counsel, 1 elder vampire named Reginald commands 11 vampire lieutenants who run the city'se multiple guilds and use the thieves guild to keep the city under control. It is surrounded by an old growth forest with the river Set running through it. The slave trade is a large portion of their income. When people go missing, it is assumed that they are now slaves.

Ayudomai is a floating island. It is ruled by The Rose King. 4 million. There are two peoples who live there, the Ayudomai and the Underdwellers. The Ayudomai live in 400 foot tall skyscrapers and live the life of luxury. They worship no gods besides technology. They are very technologically advanced. They have colonised one of the planet's moons. They use technology to augment their bodies and increase their life spans. Most are artificers. They have a universal basic income and none of them work besides courtly duties and advancing technology. The Underdwellers are a race of sentient robots(Warforged). Most worship Heironeous. They are the workers, cleaners and laborers.

Many years ago there was a noble group of dwarves fighting an endless war with giants near the north pole. There was a small faction that believed in winning the war at all cost and turned to necromancy to turn the tide. To this day visitors will still see giant skeletons roaming the countryside. 1 million dwarves, an unknown amount of skeletons and zombies. Thus began the city of Halhuata. Alexi Gravestorm, attempting to watch over his people forever. Attempting to become a lich, his brother, Martin Strongbeard, disagreed with the necromancy and sabotaged the ritual. It ended up greatly increasing his magic ability and lifespan but he was left physically weak. Halhuata is cut off from the rest of the world by a massive range of mountains referred to as the Porthwyll Mountains.

In the middle of the Great Sea lies an island known as Gaea. It is famous amongst adventurers for its wildlife. Giant animals, rumors of tyrant lizards. It is inhabited by primitive cultures, shape changing humans who have a disdain for visitors.

There is an island called Yamanashi where the Samurai and Wu Jen come from. Where lies the Jade palace and the temple of truth. Ruled by the Jade Emperor population 12 million.

Dun Gwaelod is a small kingdom in the north in the forested area near the foot of the Porthwyll Mountains. 5,000, It's been ruled by The Matriarch Aithne for the past 200 years. It's unknown how she has been able to stay alive for so long as she is human, though it is assumed that it's due to her being a powerful Bloodwitch.
They worship a group of beings known as The Casglwyr, who they believe discovered the world when it was lifeless and then populate it with life forms from various other planets. The people that live in Dun Gwaelod are taught how to fight from a young age which is a holdover from more savage times but Gwaelodians know that a threat could arise at any time and it's wise to be prepared to defend yourself. At one time the kingdom was made up of warring clans before they were forced to unite to battle a horde of large beast-like people called Vouri (yetis) coming from the mountains looking for a new home due to the conditions becoming too harsh even for them. The main source of income for the kingdom is lumber which they get from the surrounding forests which has led to some confrontation with the little folk that live there, Lukorpan are a race of tree dwelling Halflings that live in the forest and very rarely leave. At times they are mistaken as fey.

To the East of The Steaming Mountain there is a large group of fire mephits that live in a volcano. There lies a small town called Brighton where the halflings come from. They live in holes in the ground. 1,500. Two rivers run through the area, The Crispen is more of a creek and is traversable without a bridge.  And Cronin, a vast river a mile wide. Some refer to the area as The Two Rivers. Cronin is traversable by many small ferries and a large white stone bridge known as White Bridge. The opposite side of White Bridge lies a small human town named after the bridge. 1,000. Ruled by Mayor Allen.

There is a wandering tribe of Barbarians named the Thurlo. 80 strong that live in the wastes of the north.

There is a large city in the north of the western continent  named Ravenah. 300,000. The rich are few but very rich and the poor are numerous. There is a tower in the center of Ravenah that is 1000 feet high.  The World Tree resides there. It is said if the world tree were to perish so would the world.

In the past 40 years there were multiple attempts by lesser deities to usurp the over god, none were very successful and some are licking their wounds or burying their dead while others still have an eye for the seat of power. 

20 years ago Orcs in massive space faring battle ships arrived bringing a race of extremely intelligent goblins with them. Their invasion was thwarted and they claim many more ships will be arriving “soon”.

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