The World of Zevia

The Gods of Zevia

In the world of Zevia there exists only 1 true God, known as Lord, all other gods are simply mortals who have grown to the extent that Lord has acknowledged them as Gods, making them Demi-Gods with Divine Power, increasing their strength massively past that of mortal limits, although there are those created by Lord that are acknowledged as Gods by mortals, these are: The Rulers of the Afterlife and the 5 Origin Dragons, we'll get to them later

In total at this point there are 13 Demi-Gods they are:

The Elf Paladin Tyr Silvyr, King of Enchantment and Conquest

Tyr Silvyr is the strongest of the Demi-Gods, born with an abnormally high amount of Mana he was capable of casting at the ninth level by the age of 92 (still quite young for an elf), something even more astounding as paladins are normally only able to at best cast fifth level spells, so when what was basically a 9 year old casted Wish everyone was after him, most to try and recruit him, some to try and become his mentor, and even some out to kill him to keep the current balance of Zevia, of course if he was killed that wouldn't make for the greatest story.

After proving his strength, destroying enemy after enemy that pursued him, he gained the attention of Beacon, the Origin Dragon of Light and Purity, gifting Silvyr one of their scales his power went from legendary to nearing that of a God's, he became a Dragon Knight Paladin (see Dragon Knight in Origin Dragons), with this newfound Power Silvyr was able to live til adulthood in peace

The kingdom Silvyr lived in was a poor one, the order and hierarchy of a kingdom relies on Demi-Gods, which this kingdom did not possess any of, by the time Silvyr was 300 (when an elf is considered fully grown) the kingdom was on the verge of collapse, with the only remaining land being that of the capital, now Silvyr had been traveling ever since he became a dragon knight and returned to find armies from a neighboring kingdom blockading the capital, keeping anyone from exiting or entering to cause them to surrender or die out, Silvyr wasn't really pleased by this, you see he had returned to conquer the place himself, he's basically a Demi-God so he should have a kingdom, so this army encroaching on his soon to be kingdom angered him.

It only took 2 spells to decimate most of the army and send the rest running, although he only truly needed one, with a casting of wish he said "let those with malicious intent towards this land and it's people perish in a fiery death", causing over half the army to spontaneously combust, then with a casting of mass suggestion he simply ordered the rest to run, for saving what was left of the kingdom Silvyr was given the title of King, and with no nobles left to oppose his decisions he began taking back the land of this old Kingdom, now renamed "The Tyr Republic", as Tyr didn't want to run everything, he owned the land but after he helped the kingdom prosper he would step down as leader and instead run the military, he was better with combat then people.

It was during this period of leading the Kingdom's Military that Silvyr got into blacksmithing, or more precisely jewelry, he found that jewelry was easy to enchant and could raise his power even more, and a lot of people are willing to pay out the ass for items with Enchantments equal to a ninth level spell, although Silvyr desired something greater, something that could when wielded by a commoner make them one of the strongest people on Zevia, with that much power at his fingertips he could destroy kingdoms with a thought, and maybe even challenge the Origin Dragons, using a combination of 5 uses of wish, a Mithril Adamantine alloy ring, and the souls of over 5 million captured soldiers he was able to forge a ring that glowed with more light than the sun, able to enhance a caster's ability to an extent that you might call it twelfth tier, and raising the wearer's physical abilities to that of a nimble giant's, wearing this ring Silvyr had become stronger then all other Demi-Gods, without officially receiving the title from Lord, making him the only one to ever reach godhood without the assistance of Lord, as of now he is retired but still takes jobs for his kingdom if needed.

In recent events, nearing the end of his lifespan Tyr has taken up command of the Republic's Military once more, with the goal to unite Zevia under 1 kingdom before he retires for good.

The Goliath Barbarian Tay Tarmin, Warlord of Strength and Battle

Tay is the most recent Demi-God to be created, a warlord who uses his insane strength to dominate the battlefield, born into the royal family of Tarmin he was pampered from birth given the best education and living out his wildest dreams, but you see The Kingdom of Tarmin at the time was in conflict with the Tyr Republic, after an attempted assassination of Tyr Silvyr that lead to his retirement The Republic wasn’t happy, with the aid of Odom, Lord of Valor and Loyalty, they attacked the Tarmin’s Royal Castle, killing the Royal Family, Tay who had been out with his Swordsmanship mentor learning to traverse erratic land while in combat was able to avoid the slaughter, leaving him in charge of the entire country, while he did have 2 Demi-Gods on his side an attack on The Republic was basically suicide, so the new king at just age 14 resigned to giving the Republic a sizable portion of land in exchange for a cease-fire.

Tay lived in solitude from that day on, doing nothing but honing his skills, the only people that saw him during this period was the cooking staff and the many mentors he hired, honing his rage like a blade ready to behead his enemy, learning to forge the strongest armor and weapons, practicing using every weapon he could get his hands on, learning to dominate and ride any beast, by the time Tay was 23 he finally emerged from his castle, gathering the strongest men who were willing to risk their lives for massive wealth he lead a charge on the land that he had given away, single handedly destroying the fortifications protecting it, while his men purged the land he stood guard keeping any reinforcements from entering, fighting with any weapon he could get his hands on, even as his limbs numbed and his exhaustion turned to pain he fought on, his vision grew blurry as his troops returned reporting the capture of the land, with the knowledge that he was able to right the wrong he made at a young age he passed out peacefully expecting to succumb to his injuries.

He slept for 10 days, finally awaking he found his body was much stronger, the force from standing up shattered his bed, Lord had seen his efforts, his dedication, his strength and his battle prowess, making him the newest Demi-God to lead his country to new heights, with this newfound power he declared war on the republic, only to find out they have already declared war, while this got on his nerves he dealt with it, the battle has been bloody with deaths in the thousands, and the two sides are still raging on

The Human Rogue Zeke Zorburter, Demi-God of Deceit and Profit

Zeke never knew his parents or any family for that matter, he grew up in the Tyr Republic in the slums of the city of Beacon, Zeke was a smart boy, not only was he silver-tongued but he had a great skill of not standing out, allowing him to get away with almost anything, at the age of 17 he was brought into an adventuring group by an adventurer who commonly fed the homeless in the slums, that lasted for the better half of a week before some extra strong bandits killed the entire group, sparing Zeke and capturing him to sell into slavery

Zeke was bought by a noble of the Tyr Republic, Jacob Newman, at first Zeke was simply a pretty young face to help negotiations but after Zeke interjected while a negotiation was going wrong and with a couple sentences turned the entire talk around Jacob appointed Zeke his chief negotiator, with Zeke’s skills and criminal contacts he quickly allowed Jacob to rise to the point of becoming one of the most powerful nobles in the Tyr Republic, when growth slowed Zeke wanted to branch out and do other things, Jacob agreed to let him go

What Zeke didn’t tell Jacob was that his “branching out” meant he wanted to get involved in the underground again, he spent 3 years as a broker for criminals, but “accidentally” fucked over the wrong guy who sent assassins after him, so Zeke went on the run, traveling just about everywhere, he even once met Fushin Moso who needed the corpse of a strong cleric for some tests, and Zeke is someone who can get just about anything, this game of cat and mouse ended after 5 years when Zeke finally had the bright idea to just hire adventurers to kill his pursuers and the guy who hired them, which took just two days for the adventurers to do, Zeke spent a month just pissed at himself for being a dumbass

After getting out of his self-pissed rut (I’m not changing that) he decided to try being a traveling merchant, he had connections from being on the run and if he can make it in the black market he can most definitely make it on the normal market, and he was actually right for the most part, took some getting used to but a year later he was one of the most infamous traveling salesmen on Zevia, it was around this time that Tyr Silvyr stepped down as the king of the Tyr Republic, and the election for the new king began, Jacob contacted Zeke, thinking he was a perfect candidate, Zeke decided fuck it, what could go wrong

After a lot of bribing, deceit and various other not so legal actions Zeke was crowned king, now this is where things get even stranger in Zeke’s story, Zeke wasn’t that strong, thus why he was on the run for so long, but once he became king he was made a demi-god, creating a weird state where there were a lot of mortals stronger than a demi-god, Zeke decided to fix this he would become an adventurer, with the use of spell scrolls he would be able to run the republic while traveling and after a lot of talk with the nobles of the Republic he set out, finally returning to the capital after 3 years, now at his apex he had received the Title of Dragon Knight from the Origin Dragon Shimmer and acquiring two Hero Items he was a true Demi-god

The Half-Orc Fighter Odom, Lord of Valor and Loyalty

Odom is the son of a noble from the Tyr Republic, although being half-orc I think it isn’t hard to guess what the public thought of him, his mother loved him but her status of nobility was challenged for baring such a son, there were dozens of attempts on Odom’s life even before he could talk, but with a combination of his skin being much harder than most fully inheriting the skin of an orc and the bones of a human, and him having personal guards he was able to survive, all trouble ended when Zeke Zorburter heard of the Half-Orc noble son that was nearly unkillable, Zeke personally put Odom under his protection and even tracked down the nobles that sent assassins, personally stripping them of their nobility and wealth with both legal and illegal means, all it took was an increase in taxes on the nobles that others could easily withstand and having some thief buddies steal everything valuable from the nobles who dared tried to kill such an asset while Zeke hosted a party for the nobles

While Odom grew up he viewed Zeke as a father figure, Zeke almost daily stopped by on Odom and taught him to fight honorably with a sword, although Odom always preferred axes, on Odom’s 18th birthday he asked Zeke to take him on an adventure, Zeke hadn’t fucked off from his responsibilities in a while so he decided “fuck it” and took Odom to hunt some Goblins, armed with an enchanted axe Zeke pulled out of a pile of magic items he has been meaning to clean up (sidenote: he didn’t clean it up just spread it out), Zeke watched as Odom slaughtered a cave of Goblins and Hobgoblins, even facing off with an ogre and defeating all of them with just this axe and some half-plate his mother got commissioned for him, Odom loved this and decided to become an adventurer

Odom excelled at this, defeating bigger and bigger monsters, everything from ghosts to celestials, he fought and won against every one of them, this all came to a head when he fought an ancient red dragon and won, it was a grueling fight lasting 2 days, During which Odom lost an arm and most of his facial features were destroyed, although with a quick usage of Wish from Tyr Silvyr who found him passed out in this dragon’s domain while just exploring he was all good, when Odom recovered he had become a Demi-God, now at the apex of mortals he took over for the Conquest Guildmaster who had been wanting to retire for years

The Dragonborn Monk Harrison, Pope of Growth and Acceptance


Harrison is a golden Dragonborn, born into the Shimmer Theocracy he was taught from a young age the teachings and morals of the Origin Dragon Shimmer, Harrison had a dream to one day become pope, now that was no easy task, not only do you need to be pure of heart, body and soul, but they must acquire the Title of Dragon Knight from Shimmer, so at the age of 17 Harrison set out on a small boat to learn to sail and practice the ways of the monk, which from what he learned was the best path to true purity

After 5 years he received a message, the pope had died, and without a combat-oriented Demi-God the theocracy was vulnerable to being conquered by the Tyr Republic, it was now or never, Harrison braved the storm towards Shimmer’s island, returning a month later during a small scale invasion of the theocracy, with his left arm turned as black as a void and a sword able to create black flames that never go out he laid waste to the invasion, he had survived and become a dragon knight, and becoming the new pope he became a Demi-God, little is known of what happened to Harrison during his voyage, but whatever it is it changed him forever, whether for the better is still unknown

The Tiefling Necromancer Fushin Moso, Monarch of Insanity and Death


Fushin Moso from a young age was always fascinated with the darker aspects of magic. From raising the dead to the more violent uses of fire, ice, and lightning magic. Where most would stop at simply learning how to wound or possibly kill an opponent with their magic, Fushin wanted to learn how to maim, how to absolutely be certain he could make them suffer before his magic claimed their lives. The problem for others, is that he was extremely quick with learning so figuring out things such as that was no problem, and unfortunately for most around the Tiefling, they would soon learn about how adept he had become first hand. Simply knowing he COULD do these things wasn’t enough, he wanted to show that he WOULD do them. One night, he went on a spree of murder after murder that left each victim worse than the last as he figured out through field experience how to do it more efficiently.

The Tiefling in question, even after slaughtering as many as he did in his younger years, never felt remorse about it. Children, women, men, he didn’t see gender or race as he killed, just that it was something he could end the life of. And to top off the atrocities he has committed, many of these people would be brought back to life with the magic he focused primarily on, Necromancy. With the undead he would raise, Fushin would move onto another small town or village and each time his process would get quicker, and leave even less time to react. Eventually, murder sprees on town levels would take only mere minutes due to the army of the dead he collected. Eventually, his other forms of magic were not needed as his vast army would be able to take over these places. It wasn’t long before the Tiefling Necromancer was able to expand his conquests to large cities where even the army of the nation he resided in fell before the might of his army. Within a month of him beginning his conquest he had a large portion of the nation under control already. Between himself teleporting from city to town to village and parts of his army going elsewhere he couldn’t be, it was only six months before the entire nation was under his control and the residents being all undead save for very small resistance groups. The few in his ranks that aren’t undead are those that either swore undying loyalty, or those that he figured to be more useful as servants alive than they would be dead.

Lord took notice of the Tiefling’s conquests, interested to see what he would do if given a position of power, and so Lord bestowed the title of Demi-God to Fushin. And even with this power and title to his name, he remained in his own nation. Insane and power-hungry as the Necromancer was, he still knew and feared the retaliation for interfering with other nations.

The Half-Elf Ranger Shiresot, Apex of Nature and Precision


Shiresot was abandoned at birth in a forest within the kingdom of Stronghold, thus the no last name, he grew up in the wilderness without any form of allies even in the animals, it was a fight for survival and he rarely won that fight, he remained there for centuries, his true age is unknown but he was roughly 170 when he was found by an adventuring group, or rather he found the adventuring group wandering into his turf, using a makeshift bow he constructed he fired an arrow off crippling one of the adventurers, he killed the rest with traps and weapons, now Shiresot does not know common or elvish, he did not intend on communicating with this adventurer, he intended to find out more about himself, he dismantled the adventurer, inspecting their internals and trying to learn of his origins, it was 2 months later that a higher-level group of adventurers went looking for the other group, encountering Shiresot

This time Shiresot got his ass kicked, brought back as a prisoner after the group discovered his “workshop”, it was a surprise to everyone when they discovered Shiresot was a Demi-God, while his skills weren’t very honed due to the animals in said forest not being very strong, but you see Demi-Gods can instinctively tell if someone else is a Demi-God just by looking at them, so once the current Demi-God King of stronghold, Devin Stronghold, saw Shiresot he requested he be released into his care, taking Shiresot into his care Devin cleaned him up and began rehabilitating him, while he wasn’t completely successful Shiresot at least stopped trying to kill people, fast forward to current day he is under the service of the royal family as a diplomat, while he can’t speak common that well he picked up elvish quite easily so he must travel with a translator

The Fairy Bard Elaine, Queen of Happiness and Wellness

Elaine is a fairy queen, ruling over the Great Fey Forest, the largest and most teeming with life forest on Zevia, it falls under the domain of the Shimmer Theocracy, although for the most part the forest acts more as an independently owned piece of land that works with the theocracy, not the greatest situation for the Theocracy but the forest creates powerful fairies and animals so trying to fully take it over wouldn’t end well and would hurt them in the long run

Elaine is hundreds of thousands of years old, as fairies cannot die from old age, she is quite large for a fairy, standing 4ft tall opposed to the normal 8inch to 2ft fairies are normally, this is due to her extreme age compared to the other fairies, her magic power is unrivaled as she can call upon the powers of the forest as long as she is within, but even outside of the forest she is quite powerful

Not much is known of Elaine on a personal level due to her solitude within the forest

The Dragonborn Cleric Diane Stronghold, Empress of Faith and Destruction

Diane is the daughter of the king of the Kingdom of Stronghold, Damon Stronghold, although Damon is not a Demi-God he is a Dragon Knight of Greg, Damon is a Red Dragonborn and Diane’s mother whom she is named after was a Blue Dragonborn, resulting in Diane being Purple, a true oddity, Able breath both lightning and fire

Diane was a true prodigy, by the age of 2 she had honed her breathing to the point of being able to breath blue flames and she could let out a roar of both fire and lightning that could consume a house, at the age of 5 she began training with Damon, by adulthood she was a formidable foe on the battlefield, becoming a Dragon Knight of Greg and surpassing her father easily, although she was not a Demi-God just yet

She became a Demi-God at the age of 35, during an attempted raid on the Kingdom of Death she lead an army of 5 thousand into the kingdom, fighting through hordes upon hordes of undead her soldiers fell quickly, she only began retreating once she was the only one to remain, it was not easy getting back, fighting with determination and faith that she will succeed, out of any form of magic, out of stamina and on the brink of death she arrived at the border where she encountered her final enemy on this journey, Fushin himself was waiting, wanting to experience the strength of the legendary warrior who had been fighting through his horde, even at the brink of death diane gave a good fight, but Fushin wasn’t even armed, he was simply toying with her, finally he used a dagger to stab her through the heart, while this would kill most Diane fought through, it was then that she finally became a Demi-God, finally she and Fushin stood on even ground, with her newfound power she was able to heal herself and fight on, now Fushin isn’t a Dragon Knight so on a one on one he will lose to a Dragon Knight Demi-God, he was forced to flee, making Diane the only person to ever meet Fushin and not only survive, but win, returning to her Kingdom triumphantly, her mission was a failure, but the lives of 5 thousand soldiers is small price to pay for a Demi-God who fought and defeated Fushin Moso

The Elf Wizard Enix Harlequin, Zenith of Health and Creation

Enix is a very old elf, for centuries he lived in solitude with his brother Shawn, studying the arcana, Enix had a strange Personal Attribute that made his skin have the appearance and durability of diamond, while this was useful for withstanding damage he was commonly mistaken for a golem, his brother would bring him food and hang out with him but Enix never left his solitude home, by the age of 700 he finally emerged, a max level caster who had already gotten the attention of Lord and had been made a Demi-God, Enix is a truly bland man, like unsweetened oatmeal bland, while he is one of the strongest Demi-Gods the most interesting thing about him is his diamond body, not anything else to say except he prefers conjuration magic

The Halfling Druid Erik Vivian Matthews, Epitome of Style and Souls

Erik grew up as the son of a great smith, revered as the best weaponsmith of the halflings Erik obviously had a lot of pressure growing up, but he had no talent as a smith, instead he seemed to have an affinity with nature, which only made things worse pressure wise, by adulthood Erik was just a ball of stress and anxiety

So he made a shift, he left his village and lived in the forest for years, honing his connection with nature and getting high, like a lot, like this dude is a straight-up stoner, through his trips he gained great knowledge of nature and eventually gained Lord’s attention and became a Demi-God, returning to the public he was recruited immediately into Tarmin’s Military, weirdly enough as a strategist as his knowledge of forests and nature is quite useful in cutting across land and fighting in forests

The Dwarf Blacksmith Leslie, Master of Steel and Perfection

Leslie has always been intrigued with the act of smithing, of changing things from their raw materials to something new and useful, at a young age they’d use sticks and wood to make furniture, which eventually turned into woodworking, later in their teens they began working with iron, forging everything from cookware to weapons, as they reached adulthood they had studied the Arcana, specifically enchantment magic, they went to a magic college and became a fantastic enchanter, as they aged they gained more and more skills, until finally they became a Demi-God, now able to forge weapons and armor similar in strength to a hero item they are the greatest asset to The Kingdom of Tarmin

The Half-Celestial Warlock Ambience, Pinnacle of Fire and Ice

Ambience is an oddity, he is somehow Half-elf Half Neutral Celestial, this shouldn’t be possible as Neutral Celestials cannot grow strong enough to leave the afterlife, so the origins of Ambience is completely unknown, he grew up in the Tyr Republic but with his power from being part Celestial he began adventuring at just 15, through his exploits he gained the attention of Both Greg and Tsunami, the red and blue Origin Dragons, by the age of 23, they offered him the opportunity to take on one of their challenges and become one of their dragon knights, but only one, Ambience retorted that he would do them both, back to back, Greg was quite competitive so he accepted this challenge, Ambience not only completed both trials but he was for the most part unharmed, it is still unknown how he was able to do this

Ambience at that moment became the first person in thousands of years to become a Dragon Knight to 2 Origin Dragons, and that, of course, got him the attention of Lord, becoming a Demi-God, it is believed that in terms of pure destructive power Ambience is stronger than Tyr Silvyr, although Tyr would definitely win in a fight

The 5 Kingdoms of Zevia

The Tyr Allied Republic: 

previously the Kingdom of Rou, after a harsh war and the intervention of Tyr Silvyr it became the Tyr Republic, and after just ten years it went from just another capital to one of the largest Kingdom of Zevia.

The capital is the city of Beacon, built in a crater where the Origin Dragon of the same name used to live, due to this many rare and valuable ore resides underneath and to this day people are still finding more, of all other capitals of Zevia Beacon is the wealthiest

Beacon was originally founded in 2367 but didn't become the capital until 2645

Of the other kingdoms, Zevia is the only one to have five Demi-Gods supporting them, including:

Zeke Zorbuter their King

Tyr Silvyr their Founder

Enix Harlequin their Chief Strategist and Archmage

Ambience their Strongest Soldier

Odom their Guild Master

The Population of The Republic is: 40% Human, 40% Elf, 13% Aarakocra, 7% Other Races

Due to recent events, Tyr is no longer a part of the Republic, and thus the name has been changed by Zeke and the Nobility from the Tyr Republic to the Allied Republic upon the acquisition of the Kingdom of Tarmin

The Shimmer Theocracy: 

united under the Golden Origin Dragon The Shimmer Theocracy is the second to smallest kingdom, although it makes up with their average citizens being stronger then most, on an island off the South Shore of the Theocracy resides Shimmer, although the island is surrounded by a fierce storm, those who are able to brave the storm and get to the island alive have proven themselves to Shimmer and thus became one of their Dragon Knights, and those who become Dragon Knights are declared Pope, and therefore leader, of the Theocracy, currently they are being led by the Demi-God Harrison as their pope

The Capital is the City of Midnight Lightning, named after the fact that at the stroke of midnight every night a bolt of lightning strikes the Pope’s Palace, doing no damage and instead causing it to dimly shine through the night as a beacon to those in the night, the palace in question is a massive greek palace built off the shore of the Theocracy with a bridge almost half a mile in length connecting it to the land, the city seems to somehow produce Sorcerers, Sorcerers or some other kind of magic user makeup 3/5ths of the population of Midnight Lightning

The Shimmer Theocracy has 2 Demi-gods:

Harrison their pope

Elaine their Fairy Queen

The Population of the Theocracy is: 30% elves, 25% fey, 20% Tieflings, 15% Dragonborns, 10% Other Races

Harrison has been killed, by who is currently unknown but Thuldar Iron is suspected as his party was in the Theocracy at the time, The Church of Thuldar almost overtook the Golden Church completely but due to the crowning of the new Pope Ethan Gong, the Golden Church has surged back in popularity

The Kingdom of Stronghold:

Established during the beginning of the fifth period by Darek Stronghold the Kingdom of Stronghold was the first kingdom to be ruled by a Dragonborn, as Dragonborns were still quite new and considered a taboo at the time, it took bloody battles and warding off many crusades from the Church of the Supreme Lord who deemed Dragonborns an impurity and sin, but thanks to the strength Dragonborns possess and the refuge that was Stronghold they were able to fend off all invasions and establish their great kingdom, it was only 1600 years ago that Stronghold began granting races other than Dragonborns and Tieflings entry

The capital of Stronghold is also the first city of Stronghold, known as Repzill its walls are the mightiest of any city able to withstand an assault from a Demi-God and even withstood the fire from the Origin Dragon Greg, situated at the shore it belonged to the Kingdom of Heavborn before being conquered by Darek Stronghold 

of the militaries of other countries, Stronghold may not have the most numbers but when comparing soldiers one of their soldiers is equivalent to 5 soldiers from any other army

Stronghold has 2 Demi-Gods on their side, although unlike other countries neither of these Demi-Gods are the current leaders of the country, they are:

Diane Stronghold their Princess and Warchief

Shiresot their Diplomat

The population of Stronghold is as follows: 75% Dragonborns, 15% Tieflings, 5% Elves, 5% Other Races

The Kingdom of Tarmin

The Kingdom of Tarmin was first founded near the end of the Fourth Period, Founded by Raymond Tarmin the Kingdom of Tarmin was the first civilized home to goliaths, with the strength and stamina of goliaths they quickly took land, becoming the largest country by 564 of the fifth period and has remained the largest throughout the years

The Capital of Tarmin is the city of Allegiance, the first city to be formed in the kingdom, built using materials from a mountain that once sat there it is by far the largest capital of Zevia, allowing its trading and adventuring to thrive

The kingdom of Tarmin is currently at war with the Tyr Republic, this conflict has been ongoing for 12 years now, and with the allegiance of The Kingdom of Stronghold they are currently at a stalemate, the Demi-Gods under the Kingdom of Tarmin are:

Tay Tarmin: their King

Leslie: their chief blacksmith

Eric Vivian Matthews: Their Chief Strategist

The Population of Tarmin is: 40% goliaths, 20% dwarves, 20% Firbolg, 10% Halflings, 5% Humans, 5% other races

Due to recent events, Tay Tarmin has stepped down as King, and the land Formerly belonging to the Kingdom of Tarmin is now a part of the Allied Republic

The Kingdom of Death:

Formerly known as the Kingdom of Heavborn, it was renamed after the takeover of Fushin Moso, currently it is entirely populated by undead with less than 3 digits worth of mortals left, with the recent demise of Fushin the land formerly known as Kingdom of Death is now owned by Thuldar Iron, Timeless Adventure, and Cario Solitaire, and is subject to massive change

The 3 Major Guilds

Guilds serve as safe havens for adventurers, while each guildhouse used to belong to a different guild nowadays most guildhouses belong to one of 3 guilds, with Guildhouse Masters instead of Guildmasters, this is due to some kingdoms putting laws around guilds promoting guilds to join together, the 3 major guilds are as follows:

The #1 Guild, The Conquest Guild:

Founded by guilds from the Tyr Republic this guild works directly under the republic as a way to regulate and monitor adventurers and prevent powerful adventurers from doing anything stupid, to join all you must do is exclusively take quests in the Tyr Republic and give 5% of any earning to the guild, but you also get alerted of high paying quests at your level and your allowed free entry and exit from the republic if a quest requires you to leave, as well as import taxes on goods being waved

The #2 Guild, The Golden Dragon Guild:

Founded by a previous Pope of the Theocracy the guild houses belonging to this guild are also churches, allowing for prayer and easy healing, currently it is led by the High Priest Gideon, the goal of this guild is to allow adventurers with easy access to their god of choice without having to search out a specific church, while they definitely have better prayer areas for Shimmer they do provide areas for the other god’s excluding Lord, you are automatically considered a member of this guild if you live in the Shimmer Theocracy and no paperwork is needed, although you will have to pass a test to check where you should rank

The #3 Guild, The Adventure Guild:

Founded by guilds from the Kingdoms of Tarmin and Stronghold this guild is all about adventure, they have training programs and magic items known as “Party Finders”, small stones inscribed with runes will analyze your class, race, opinions, and compatibility with other members all to help in the act of finding a party and adventuring as soon as possible, overall the Adventure Guild is the largest with Guildhouses in the Tyr Republic and The Shimmer Theocracy, to join all you need is a can-do attitude and 1 gold piece

The Origin Dragons

While dragons and dragonkin are quite common in certain parts of Zevia only 5 were directly created by Lord, from which spawned the many draconic races and the variety of different dragons, these are the Origin Dragons, they are as follows

The White Dragon of Purity and Light, Beacon

The Black Dragon of Chaos and Darkness, Kage

The Red Dragon of Eruption and Casualties, Greg

The Blue Dragon of Water and Prosperity, Tsunami

The Gold Dragon of Lightning and Wealth, Shimmer

Little is known of the Origin Dragons as they like to keep to themselves, and rarely stay in one location for long, although Kage does live on an island and kills anyone who tries to enter so we know where he is

By overcoming a challenge set by an Origin Dragon they will give you one of their scales, making you a Dragon Knight, basically doubling your power, although if you make bad choices, it is possible that the Origin Dragon may revoke your title, a Dragon Knight gains new abilities based on which Origin Dragon they received the scale from, but the universal gains from any Origin Dragon is: your power doubles, and you gain access to Hero Items (see Misc Information for a further explanation on Hero Items)

Personal Attributes

Personal Attributes are special abilities everyone on Zevia possesses, although not everyone activates theirs, these abilities can range from being able to run twice as fast to being able to stop time, in general, these abilities are ranked as:

Common – 70% of people have these and are only ever stat enhancers

Examples: double movement speed, +4 to strength, 1 more spell slot for each tier

Rare – 25% of people have these and they can be quite versatile but not the strongest on their own

Examples: Extending the reach of weapons, infusing spells into objects, being able to cast more than one spell at a time, being made of bread

Legendary – 5% of People have these, This rarity allows people to reach heights not thought possible by mortals

Examples: resistance to all forms of damage, unlimited spell slots up to a certain tier, combining classes without multiclassing

Transcendental – ?%, in total, there have been 6 abilities of Transcendental level, only one person is currently known to be alive and possesses a Transcendental ability, Tyr Silvyr with his infinite Mana Pool, Transcendental abilities are basically a guarantee that you will become a Demi-God

Examples: Complete control over Souls and the Undead, Perfect Time Control, Unlimited Spells even of the 9th level, immortality

To unlock your personal Attribute you must be level 5 and talk with a powerful mage who knows how to appraise Personal Attributes, cities will have at least one mage capable of this

Life After Death

When you die on Zevia you are judged by the two governing powers of the afterlife, the Underlord and the Overlord, the Underlord represents evil, he is the devil's advocate in your case, arguing that you should be put in the higher levels of the afterlife, the Overlord represents pure good, and thus judges your actions critically, Lord acts as a judge if needed, the whole thing is like a court case, once the Overlord and Underlord decide where you belong in the afterlife you will be put anywhere from inside a volcano to a land of pure joy and bliss, most end up either in a neutral or sub-neutral afterlife, in some cases people have been reincarnated, returning to Zevia in their prime the same day they died, although this is an extremely uncommon occurrence as it is Lord who decides this matter

Although if you’re confident in your ability you can challenge either the Underlord or Overlord to a duel, if you win you get the choice of going to the upper floors of the afterlife or being reincarnated, although be warned, if you fail you will go to the deepest floor of the afterlife, a place that not many have been sent to from their actions on Zevia, so be careful as the Underlord and the Overlord are comparable in strength to an Origin Dragon

Under the two Governers of the Afterlife are the Celestials, beings of pure alignment that change depending on where they are placed in the afterlife, they appear normal and mostly human in the neutral areas, becoming more and more demonic as you go lower, and becoming more and more angelic as you go higher, although don't be fooled, the Celestials are not inherently good or evil, there are bad angels and good demons, it is only their appearance that changes on different floors

Celestials assigned to the lower floors for long enough can become Devils, increasing their power and allowing them to leave the afterlife, Devils, for the most part, are identical to demons, although devils are taller, more human in appearance, and possess horns that are the source of their powers, devils have the unique ability known as Contract, allowing them to make deals with others that are enforced by Lord, this can range from a fetch quest for some gold to magical powers for ownership of the person's soul, a devil is very eager to acquire souls as it's their form of experience, get enough souls and they could become a Demon King, giving them the ability to freely move to and from the afterlife and create their own demon underlings

Like Devils Celestials placed on the higher floors can become angels if kept there long enough, Although angels are massively different, they cannot travel between the afterlife and Zevia, instead, mortals can offer their bodies for the angels to inhabit, in which case, if the angel accepts the mortal, will be brought to the very limit and very possibly die but will gain great abilities, any exp gained during a possession will be given to the angel, if they get enough exp they can become an Archangel who is able to be summoned into Zevia rather than just possessing people 

Even though Celestials aren’t capable of existing on Zevia without something tethering them, there are still lesser known Celestials that inexplicable forgo this rule, there is no clear reason for how they do this, their strength ranges from as weak as a goblin to as strong as a dragon, they are known by the Celestials as “Yugoloths”, they tend to be more bestial then the Celestials from the afterlife, though Humanoid Yugoloth do exist.

Very little is known of the Yugoloth, as Celestials refuse to answer questions about them, and the more intelligent Yugoloth only ever say they are “trapped” on Zevia, this has spawned a popular theory amongst Celestial Scholars that Yugoloth are Celestials who have been banished from the afterlife, raising the question, what happens when a Yugoloth dies?

The Religions of Zevia

The Golden Church:

While not the most widespread the Golden Church is definitely a powerful one, as it is the primary religion of the Shimmer Theocracy, The Golden Church was formed during the early days of the fifth period to try and gain aid from Shimmer to settle the chaotic lands, it is currently lead by Pope Harrison.

The Golden Church is incredibly Xenophobic, only deeming certain races worthy of even being considered people, labeling Bestial races such as Minotaur, Leonin, and Aarakocra as nothing more than monsters, and fearing the unknown to the point of Genasi and Changeling are completely outlawed, considering them to be sins against creation.

Path of Greg:

By far the smallest religion, it is mostly followed near the borders of the Kingdom of Tarmin and The Kingdom of Stronghold due to the fact that Greg lives within a volcano near said border, there is no true leader but if a hierarchy is ever called for the strongest cleric is considered the leader.

The only people who follow this religion are in it for the power bestowed to them, and they are treated more like a club by other religions and their own members than a religion, and there are no set rules besides “don’t be a dick to other members”.

The Church of the Supreme Lord:

By far the most widespread religion, dominating The Kingdom of Tarmin and Stronghold, although strangely enough even with it’s widespread not even high priests or the pope of this religion knows who exactly the Supreme Lord is, all that is known is they created the Origin Dragons along with the world, those who worship the supreme lord do not acknowledge the Origin Dragons as gods.

There are no set morals, desires, or goals for the Church due to the unknown nature of the their God, encouraging all of their members to instead seek out the truth in their own way rather then follow a doctrine, which has sadly resulted in most of the Church of the Supreme Lord operating similarly to the Catholic Church.


This is the primary religion for the lower half of the Tyr Republic, mainly as the Origin Dragon Tsunami lives off the coast of that half, The followers of Tsuism worship the sea and have constructed towns off the coast of the Republic, they are not considered a part of the Republic but still abide closely with the Republic’s laws.

The Path of Beacon:

The primary religion of the upper half of the Tyr Republic, as that is the half that the capital of Beacon exists and the general area that Beacon roams.

The goal of the Path of Beacon is to achieve purity, accepting any race as long as they can speak common, the Path of Beacon is closely associated with the Military of the Tyr Republic, lending their aid to Tyr himself on multiple occasions as an “apology” for actions taken upon Tyr when he was a child.

The Cult of Kage:

While not quite a true religion, rather a massive gathering of people, near the border of the Tyr Republic and The Kingdom of Tarmin the Cult of Kage claims said land, under the worship of the Origin Dragon Kage they have gathered over 500 Dragon Knights, each with a hero item and a curse made by Kage, in terms of military power they are the strongest in Zevia, however their top soldiers are not nearly as strong as the strongest soldiers in other armies, only possessing such military might through pure quantity of Dragon Knights, they are a large reason why the war between the Tyr Republic and the Kingdoms of Tarmin and Stronghold have not progressed to a full on world war

The Church of the New God:

Formed after Thuldar *burp* Manlet and his party vanquished a powerful Demon King known as the Baron who was summoned to destroy Zevia, The Church of the New God is an up and coming religion with its following mostly based in the Theocracy, due to this they are deemed as a Cult by the theocracy, since you know, if a religion got more popular than the primary religion in a theocracy that would be really bad. the Church of the New God preaches betterment as their purpose for existing, all members of the Church dedicate their lives to self-Improvement, following the example of their New God Thuldar

The Fey of Zevia

The Feywild refers to The Great Fey Forest, a massive forest located within the Theocracy, although it is not another plane like the Traditional Feywild, most properties remain the same.

The Feywild is a place of great Magic and Nature, Protected by the Demi-God Elaine, although quite frankly not many of the inhabitants of the Feywild need protecting, inhabited by powerful Fey and Dinosaurs, the inhabitants are free to enter and leave the Forest but any non-Fey are prohibited from entering the forest without the blessing of a Fey.

Elves have been completely banned from entering the forest, although they originated from the Feywild they were outcast long ago for a great sin, since then the elves have split into the many different subraces. 

The Drow seeked to atone for the Sin committed by their race, secluding themselves deep underground, vowing to not surface until the day they’d be accepted back into the Forest, While civilization with this mentality still exist many Drow after generations of nothing have surfaced and settled just under the ground, allowing themselves to venture to the outside world and for the outside world to venture into their world.

The High Elves seeked to understand magic down to the fundamental level, in hopes of one day stealing the magic from the Feywild who banished them, while the goal of magic comprehension has persisted most High Elves care little for the Feywild nowadays, believing their seclusion to be the height of arrogance.

The Eladrin are the few Elves exempt from the Sin, those that fought their kind to prevent the Sin, while their efforts were in vein they were allowed to stay in the Feywild for their courage and views, The Eladrin are ridiculously loyal to the Feywild, rarely leaving the forest and never even leaving the Theocracy, thanks to their connection to the Feywild they are significantly stronger than other elves.

The Wood Elves are those that refused to accept they had been banished from the The Great Fey Forest, settling in the surrounding forests of the Feywild, their descendants have taken to preserving history and have expanded to many forests in Zevia, they are the most primitive of the elves, caring more about the past than the future.

The Planes

While Planes do exist, very little is known of them, there has only been 2 documented ventures into other planes, the first was by the Golden Church, opening a portal to an unknown plane that released a Tarrasque onto Zevia, the second was a personal expedition of Tyr Silvyr’s, all contact with him was lost after he planeshifted, no contact was made for 3 weeks before Tyr suddenly appeared in the middle of Beacon, he revealed the horrors of the other planes to the public, he spoke of how all the creatures he encountered in this hellish landscape he explored was as strong as a Demi-God, and he only survived as long as he did thanks to his Attribute.

This venture did bring good news though, Tyr had been the first person in the fifth period to be reincarnated by the Over and Underlord, bringing knowledge of the afterlife to Zevia.

The Planes, in truth, are not as dangerous as believed by Zevia, rather the two attempts to travel to other planes have both just been to the most dangerous Plane, the Apex Plane, a Plane filled with magic where it's eat or be eaten, causing beasts stronger than Demi-Gods to be born, this is the home Plane of the Tarrasque, this Plane’s equivalent to the common rat.

The Masques of Zevia

The Masques are secretive militaristic groups of wood elves dedicated to preserving history and eliminating monsters, these groups tend not to exceed 100 members, with the exception of The Masque of Twilight, a very influential Masque that helped during the early days of the fifth period to settle the chaotic lands.

The Masque of Twilight has been based in the Theocracy for thousands of years, but just recently at the beginning of the Monster’s Crusade (see Monster’s Crusade section) they have moved to Stronghold to aid those which were once their enemies, it is unclear what caused this shift in attitude towards monsters, but it is heavily speculated the Masque’s move and alliance has been caused by the Monster King Tusk’s personal attribute

Their is only 2 roles within the Masques that are publicly known, they are:

The Troupe Master, The de facto leader of the Masque

And the Solitaire, a member of the Masque sent off from the Masque to learn of the world and allow the Masque to evolve in ways it could not without the Solitaire

The Monster’s Crusade

Stronghold’s Military Records

Recently a large collection of Goblinoids, including but not limited to: Bugbear, Goblin, Hobgoblin, Ogre, Troll, and Orc. has gathered in the Kingdom of Stronghold and completely taken over the town of Smoothalse, a small portion of the Stronghold army lead by the Demi-God Shiresot has been deployed to cull these filthy beasts before anymore civilians have the misfortune of encountering this band of crazy monsters.

We have discovered that leading this warband is the former Nobleson and filthy half-monster Temmie Musk, referred to as Commander Tusk by his subordinates, many of the nobles have started putting bids on who gets to kill Temmie once this is concluded.

Update #1

Shiresot has reported back sooner than thought, while we thought at first this meant he had already culled the monsters, we were disappointed to hear about an attack from the Masque of Twilight, taking the lives of many dragonborn, but on the positive side Shiresot was able to kill an elite from this Masque and capture their Solitaire, through some [REDACTED] the Solitaire revealed that the Masque of Twilight along with adventurers from various parts of the world have joined the Monsters in their rampage, including a dwarf capable of constructing massive structures in minutes, and Multiple Demi-Gods, we are currently looking into which Demi-gods have aligned themselves with these monsters, we suspect Odom but we don’t believe any other Demi-God from the Republic would help monsters. 

when asked if he would require backup Shiresot simply replied “Don’t bother, I’m making my own” before ending the sending spell, while we are unsure what he meant, we have been ordered to not to bother Shiresot unless absolutely necessary.

Update #2

Shiresot has given us another update out of the blue, apparently the Solitaire has been rescued by a small party of adventurers, thought to be his adventuring party due to their coordination, Shiresot shortly after their escape received a sending from one of the Adventurers, announcing Fushin Moso’s involvement in this rampage and declaring war on Stronghold, we again asked if Shiresot needs more men, but he again refused, he is relentlessly stubborn.

We believe the involvement of Fushin Moso to simply be a bluff to ward off an attack, but recent sightings suggest Tay Tarmin and Tyr Silvyr have also visited the town recently, so we are putting together a second brigade to be deployed if Shiresot fails to eradicate the Monster Scourge. 

Update #3

After no further updates given by Shiresot days after he was projected to reach Smoothalse a small team of scouts was sent to the town via Teleportation, what was found there is incredibly troubling, the area had been leveled by a massive meteor, there were many horrific amalgamations of beasts sewn together, seemingly confirming the involvement of Fushin Moso, after recovering and examining all corpses it was found that none of the corpses belonged to goblinoids, our worst fears were realized when the corpse of Shiresot was recovered, disfigured to the point where no one would be capable of reviving him, worse yet after mages were sent to examine the area it was discovered that there was latent black dragon mana, suggesting the involvement of the Cult of Kage, this is the worst possible outcome.

Misc Information

Zevia uses the same date system as Earth, as of now it is the year 3087 of the fifth period, every 100,000 years is a period

Orcs don't have bones, instead possessing skin comparable to plate armor, similar to that of an ant

Sending is now a 1 minute phone call that either participant can deny or end at any time, and a sending stone has a 10 minute a day limit which can be paused at any point by either party

Hero Items are Special Items made by either the Origin Dragons or in rare cases Lord, these items can only be used by someone with the title of hero either from becoming a Demi-God or becoming a Dragon Knight

There exists items known as Growth Equipment, they appear similar to stone statues of the item it pertains to, although when someone touches it and the item accepts said person it will shed its stone cover and become a normal, albeit usually somewhat fancy, piece of equipment with an eye somewhere on it, starting out a piece of Growth Equipment, commonly shortened to GE, is comparable to a common version of whatever it's based on, although they have 2 abilities that put them above other equipment, 1: they can level up like the user, 2: they can be recalled from anywhere, when gaining exp the owner of a piece of GE can share a portion of their exp with their GE, although they can only give up to 1/4th due to a GE needing less exp to level up, as a GE levels up it can gain abilities based on its user and their Personal Attribute

Example: a rogue with a personal Attribute that boosted his speed could have a pair of level 4 GE boots, due to the speed and maneuverability the rogue exhibits the boots develop the ability to allow it’s user to double jump and move silently

GE equipment Leveling table

Level 1: 0xp

Level 2: 100xp

Level 3: 300xp

Level 4: 900xp

Level 5: 2,200xp

Level 6: 4,700xp

Level 7: 9,000xp

Level 8: 20,000xp

Level 9: 56,000xp

Level 10: 124,000xp

Warforged do exist but are currently very hard to make and only belong to extremely powerful wizards who made them

Spells requiring vocal components are spoken in Draconic, and Spell Scrolls are also written in Draconic

Mumble rap is not only a thing, but is quite popular in stronghold due to dragonborn having trouble pronouncing complex words

Dwarvish includes burps as certain words, with some dwarves having a certain burp as a name

Elves live around 3 thousand years, reaching maturity at 300 but being fully grown by 200

Due to the way celestials work both tieflings and aasimar range from demonic to angelic instead of tieflings simply being demonic and aasimar being angelic, the distinction between the two are: Tieflings need to be born from Tieflings, they are naturally occurring, whereas aasimar are seemingly randomly born from anything, from halflings to minotaurs





In case you weren’t aware, this is the Zevia map

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