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> The Collector 

On its purpose, nature and history.

> Important Quotes

Hunter’s Journal: 

Dark figure locked inside the Tower of Love. Preserves Hallownest's creatures in glass jars, with particular attention given to Grubs.
A shadow that sometimes flits through the caverns, making strange noises to itself. I've never seen it clearly so I have no idea what type of creature it is.

Collector’s Dream Nail Dialogue:

  • My love! My love! Protected at last!

  • A safe space, for you! And you! And you!

  • It must be saved!

Love Key Corpse:

"Too long… spent together. We became as one…"

Hall of Gods description:

“Joyful god of protection”

> On its Creation

Being the shape that it is, it most likely was a creation by The Pale King. Its body shape very much resembles that of an unarmored Kingsmould though with far more distinguished fingers and head. It is unsure whether it ever wore bindings like Kingsmoulds and lost them, or simply never had bindings at all. Though at some point it was locked up within the Tower of Love for the most likely rationale that it went insane.

The current most common theories are: It is a failed Kingsmould who broke its bindings, it went psychotic and developed an interest in grubs of its own understanding. However, this theory stands to possibly explain some oddities and details that the other theories have not. 

This theory is going to work off the fact that The Collector is not a failed Kingsmould. Despite some visual similarities, The Collector’s unique fingers seem to be designed just for it, and rather not a mutation of any sort nor a variation of a Kingsmould. As well there could be a perfectly viable explanation as to why it looks so similar to a Kingsmoulds. 

> Base Theory

First of all, being a creation of the Pale King, The Collector was most likely created with a purpose imbued. To try to understand what its purpose was, its Dream Nail dialogue states:

“My love! My love! Protected at last!

A safe space, for you! And you! And you!

It must be saved!”

Along with a portion of his Hunter Journal description:

“…Preserves Hallownest's creatures in glass jars…”

Additionally, with the Godmaster update the description of The Collector is:

“Joyful god of protection”

What could this imply? Well also taking into account that a multitude of the creatures captive in jars within the Tower of Love is not just solely grubs, this could mean that The Collector was given the single purpose by the Pale King to “Protect”, the kingdom at least. Though it may have taken this to its very own meaning. Timeline wise, given its design, it seemed to be created as a solution to the infection, probably before the creation of Vessels. Its features are nearly identical to the Kingsmoulds most likely because of the fact that Pale King decided to reuse his Kingsmould mould but give it minor modifications. Pale King’s reasoning for doing so could stem from the time constraint of saving the kingdom that he was in. After receiving its order to protect, The Collector possibly decided that the best way to protect this kingdom was to trap its inhabitants in glass jars, which seems to be proven to work as seen by its effect on keeping the grubs alive and uninfected. When or how it lost its bindings, or even if it had bindings, to begin with, is unknown and irrelevant to the fact that its behaviour was the cause of it getting locked away within the Tower of Love.

The original collector… is not The Collector we see now? For this portion of the theory, The Collector we know to be the boss it is will now be referred to as a “Void construct”. Within the Tower of Love, there lived a bug who ran the building, it had an unending obsession over grubs and wanted to seal them all away for unknown purposes. This bug will be known as the collector and he is the one who drew the Vitruvian Grub, the Collector’s Map and all those other writings within the Tower of Love. As far as evidence points, no void construct nor creation has ever displayed the ability to write other than possibly the Vessels in some manner, and even so, this distinct behaviour could be attributed to their outer shells being living biological bugs with sentience rather than being just a binding. If so, and Void Being could not be the culprit behind the writings, then who would have drawn those intricate diagrams and the map? Rather the collector is the bug we find holding the Love Key in Queen’s Gardens. He was the owner of the Tower of Love when Pale King decided to have his “failed” void construct locked away in the collector’s tower. 

How did this lead to the death of the original collector? Well, his Dream Nail dialogue in Queen’s Gardens says:

“Too long… spent together. we became as one”

Natural Void beings generally do not have minds as demonstrated by the fact that Siblings and the Shade cannot be Dream Nailed and neither can the Void Tendrils. Not having Dream Nail dialogue would point towards no mind to think any thoughts. Kingsmoulds supposedly have their thoughts derived from the bindings and will placed upon them by the Pale King. So, what does this all lead up to? Well at a certain point it seems as if The Collector (Void being) either “stole” the bug’s mind completely or joined consciousness with the bug. The Collector we see ended up taking on the persona and voice of the original collector, and at some point, this bug decided to lock away the void construct and run, but judging by the state of its corpse it seems as if it had been too late and had succumbed to the effect of the Void. What points to the original collector and the new void construct’s obsession over grubs? Well from The Hunter’s Notes we know that there was a point not too long ago when the void construct was free to roam and was already insane by the time.

“A shadow that sometimes flits through the caverns, making strange noises to itself.”

How would this be possible if the void construct were locked away because it was deemed mad? All the way back during Pale King’s rule no less. Well to restate, it was the original collector who had an obsession with grubs, and now he also had this newcomer to his home, so what was he to do with it? Well, of course, to send it to do his bidding, and so the void construct was probably sent out to trap grubs in jars supplied. While the Void Being was out the collector himself busily tracked down the location of each grub and made a map. This may seem hard to believe but never has any void construct known to be capable of the ability to write or otherwise, so who else could have sat down at that desk to work out a complicated map?

> Additional Note

New evidence from analyzing the lore tablets in Lurien’s quarters in Watcher’s Spire gives some small details and possible answers. Featured on all three tablets (one interactable and two backdrops) are jars identical to the ones found on the Vitruvian Grub and the other lore tablets scattered around the Tower of Love. The only difference between these is a lack of grub imagery in Lurien’s Tablets. However, the presence of the jars may give answers to the huge stockpile of jars found within the Tower of Love. Perhaps given that the corpse holding the Love Key is a Husk Dandy or a royal husk, it may have even served under Lurien and gained the position to control the tower. Whatever the case Lurien most definitely had something to do with the jars and perhaps even got those orders to create those jars from Pale King himself as Lurien is shown to be a devout follower. In addition, this concept could prove that what The Collector was doing may have been completely intentional and orchestrated by Lurien or even Pale King. However, the fact that the Tower of Love tablet is quite literally a segment of the Watcher’s Spire tablet but modified could suggest that the original collector may have used this method to trick the void being by simply altering the commands a small bit to contain grubs.

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