Tlou 2 remake: Characters


Main character from the first game

From 14 – 19 years old in the remake 


Side character from the 2nd game, plays a crucial role in this remake; Needs to have a villian type voice but concern and caring as well.

From 14 – 19 years old


Dina’s younger step brother, they have been with each other since they were born. Is also the villain but sweet and flirtatious

From 13 – 18 years old


A side character, but is one of Ellie friends; is the mom of the group and very elderly.

From 16 – 21 years old (in the remake) 


(Her design can change), one of Ellie’s friends, seems very annoyed by everything but can warm up to the characters. 

From 18 – 24 


Ellie’s  brother (He is supposed to look similar to Ellie), very child-like and energetic.

From 12 – 17 years old


Ellie’s father figure, a whole badass and a very important role in the remake.

Around 40 – 50 years old


Joel’s brother, is the leader of Jackson. Very kind and responsible, a side character.

Around 30 – 45 years old 


The main Antagonist, is a very sad and depressed character but has anger and seeks vengeance

From 6 – 16 – 25 


Abby’s friend, very clueless but supporting and empathetic. A side character in the remake

From 16 – 22


Abby’s antagonist, very rude to Abby but is the head surgeon in Abby's QZ. Friends with Owen and has a child. 

From 16 – 25


abby’s best friend, very caring about others put others instead of himself. Doesn’t agree with abby’s current situation of vengeance. 

From 15 – 20 years old (in the remake) 

Yara and lev 

Siblings, plays a very small role in the remake but is crucial for abby’s arc.

Yara: 14 Lev: 10 


Abby’s friend and nurse, wants to make a better world and encounters Ellie and joel. 

From 15 – 24


abby’s friend saves Abby in a scene. Child-like and rude but helps Abby because he cares for her.

From 12 – 19 

Background characters are much appreciated as well. From random characters to infected. 

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