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The Stranger

The Stranger, also known as "I Do Not Know You" or The NotThem, is an otherworldly power that tends to emulate things that are almost human, but not quite. It is the manifestation of the fear of the unknown and the creeping sense that something isn’t right. It manifests as objects pretending to be humans, like mannequins and taxidermied people. One of The Stranger's most common manifestations is that of replacing someone. The Stranger kills a host and takes their life, appearing as an entirely different person appearance-wise to The Host, yet blending in perfectly to their lives. No one notices the sudden difference to their friend, sibling, lover or coworker, despite The Stranger looking, sounding, and acting completely different. One person will often realize this person was replaced, which is how The Stranger will get its fear. The person who notices will be driven mad with the realization and will have no proof to support their claims, as The Stranger changes each picture and video of its original host to its new form. Symbols of The Stranger: wax figures moving just out of view, taxidermy whose eyes follow you around the room, CGI humans that look almost TOO real, a friend who isn't quite like you remember, a mannequin that you swore wasn't in the room just a second ago, eyes you were sure were green, not brown, someone you've just met going in for a hug. Heavily connected to the "uncanny valley."


As a sworn warlock of The Stranger, you serve your entity in order to further everything into The Unknowing, the ritual that will bring your patron into the world, creating a universe where The Stranger can enter the world and remake it in its own image.


The Stranger lets you choose from an expanded list of spells when you learn a warlock spell. The following spells are added to the warlock spell list for you.



Dissonant Whispers, Disguise Self


Alter Self, Phantasmal Force


Meld With Stone, Tiny Servant


Phantasmal Killer, Polymorph


Bigby's Hand, Animate Objects



Starting at 1st level, you gain proficiency in Deception. Any roll in an attempt to pass yourself off as someone not who you are is made at advantage. If there is a corpse of a humanoid no more than 48 hours near you, you may take the skin from it and wear it as if it were your own. While disguised in this manner, everyone that knew the creature regards you as if you were them except for one creature, determined at random by the DM


Uncanny Mind

Starting at 6th level, you cannot be frightened or charmed. You have advantage on mental saves (Wisdom, Charisma, Intelligence). You can also tell when there is a shapechanger about. You do not know their true form, but you know they are a shapechanger as like recognizes like.


Uncanny Body

Starting at 10th level, you gain resistance to nonmagical bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage as your patron begins to make you less flesh and bone and more…something more fitting. Your weight doubles and your AC increases by your constitution modifier.


Unnerving Simulacrum

Starting at 14th level, you may make a human-shaped simulacrum out of clay, flesh, stone, metal, or wood. This process takes 10 days and costs 1500 GP. It also requries a sacrifice of an intelligent creature. After the process is complete, you must keep the simulacrum somewhere safe. If you die while your simulacrum is intact, your skin and organs grow into the simulacrum and you revive 5 days later so long as no one interrupts this process.

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