TOP 15 Anime Characters Voiced by Ishikawa Shizuka Same as [Ooba Eimi] [Inari] [Kaname Kiyomi] [Best Recommendations]

They are by far the best anime characters Voiced by Ishikawa Shizuka! We counts down the best anime characters Voiced by Ishikawa Shizuka! to come out all the time, including the likes of Battle Sister Mocha, Bagu, Tomoru, and more!

15: Battle Sister Mocha

Official Name: バトルシスターもか

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14: Bagu

Official Name: バーグ

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13: Tomoru

Official Name: トモル

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12: Wind

Official Name: ウィン

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11: Isawa Keita

Official Name: 石和恵太


Keita, Keisuke and Keimi are triplets and the younger siblings of Isawa Tae. Since both of their parents apparently died early, Tae tries to replace them for her younger siblings.

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10: Hoshino Konpei

Official Name: 星野こんぺい

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9: Circular Saw Kiriel

Official Name: 回転する剣キリエル

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8: Koganei Tenchi

Official Name: 虎金井天智
Age: 12


The youngest of the Tiger tribe, and Tenka’s only true brother. He initially comes to kill Koushi after learning of his brother’s failure to do so, and is angry at his brother for supposedly abandoning Tenchi after realizing the he could become more powerful than he is, but instead becomes a protagonist towards the end of the series.

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7: Iwasaki Chinatsu

Official Name: 岩崎ちなつ

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6: Sagin

Official Name: サギン


A reticent boy. Along with Rāya, he seems to be part of a running gag in the series as both of them never talk, or are always interrupted when they are about to.

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5: Katsuragi Kamui

Official Name: 葛木カムイ
Age: 12-13
Bloodtype: AB
Date Of Birth: 13.09.????

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4: Tsubaki Ishi no Tsuma

Official Name: 椿医師の妻
Height: 156.0
Bloodtype: O
Date Of Birth: 04.02.????

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3: Kaname Kiyomi

Official Name: 要澄美

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2: Inari

Official Name: イナリ
Age: 8
Bloodtype: A
Date Of Birth: 25.12.????


Inari is the son of Tsunami, the grandson of Tazuna, and was the adopted son of Kaiza before his death.

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1: Ooba Eimi

Official Name: 大庭詠美
Age: 17
Height: 158.0
Bloodtype: B
Date Of Birth: 20.03.????
AniDB Rating: 4.66


Eimi Ooba is an egoistic doujin artist who self-proclaims the title of “Queen of ComiPa”. She is the head of a popular doujin circle called: “CAT OR FISH?!”. She is fiercely competitive and believes the value of the doujinshi is based on how many its sold.

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Did YOUR favorite anime character make the cut? Let us know in the comments below!

1. Ooba Eimi
2. Inari
3. Kaname Kiyomi
4. Tsubaki Ishi no Tsuma
5. Sagin
6. Katsuragi Kamui
7. Iwasaki Chinatsu
8. Circular Saw Kiriel
9. Koganei Tenchi
10. Battle Sister Mocha
11. Bagu
12. Tomoru
13. Wind
14. Isawa Keita
15. Hoshino Konpei

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