TOP 16 Anime Characters Voiced by Sakakibara Yui Same as [Kishimoto Ayase] [Navi] [Nekomiya Nono] [Best Recommendations]

They are by far the best anime characters Voiced by Sakakibara Yui! We counts down the best anime characters Voiced by Sakakibara Yui! to come out all the time, including the likes of Matsukaze Umezaemon, Sister Pchela, Fujimi Ena, and more!

16: Matsukaze Umezaemon

Official Name: 松風梅左ェ門

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15: Sister Pchela

Official Name: シスター プチラー

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14: Fujimi Ena

Official Name: 富士見恵那

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13: Tama-chan

Official Name: タマちゃん


This small, green sphere is called Tamachan, it is the 984th Sphere Tom made by Takamine Koyuki. It normally floats at the end of her magic wand, but is able to detach itself as well. It is very insecure and is afraid nobody remembers its number…

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12: Ibuki

Official Name: イブキ
Height: 144.0

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11: Priecia

Official Name: プリーシア


The female protagonist in the anime. Priecia is thought to be the princess of Wind land. She is also enrolled in the knight school where she met the other characters, such as Hyaweh, Kagura, Fel, Filia. In the school, she was widely known for her expert swordsmanship as well as her beauty, however, she did not have any friends at first, mainly due to her arrogant attitude. Her weapon of choice is her rapier Ruby Flash, which is approximately a foot shorter than her.

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10: Kumaneko

Official Name: くまねこ

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9: Yakumo Hamaji

Official Name: 八雲はまじ
Height: 155.0
Bloodtype: O
Date Of Birth: 29.07.????


One of Takuma’s classmates. Despite his feminine appearance and voice, he is in fact a boy who crossdresses like a girl. He has an optimistic personality, and likes to play innocent when he plays bad jokes on others. He seems to favour Takuma.

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8: Kajiura Hisako

Official Name: 梶浦緋紗子
Height: 168.0
Bloodtype: AB
Date Of Birth: 08.01.????


Hisako is Mizuho’s homeroom teacher to his class of 3-A and is the one of the only people in the entire school who knows that Mizuho is in fact a boy, other than Mariya, the headmistress, the deputy head teacher and later Shion and Ichiko. She has a helping personality and even told Mizuho to come to her if anything was bothering him. She often gives out candy to her students.

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7: Leona Garstein

Official Name: レオナ ガーシュタイン

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6: Kamisaka Haruhi

Official Name: 神坂春姫
Height: 163.0
Bloodtype: A
Date Of Birth: 01.04.????


The main heroine in the story. She is a mage in training and is seen as very skilled amongst her peers, who have been known to think of her as a genius when it comes to using magic. When she was younger, Yuuma was able to use some magic in order to help her from some bullies which made her want to become a mage herself. She harbours feelings for Kohinata Yuuma.

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5: Ariake Mieru

Official Name: 有明美絵瑠
Height: 159.0


Mieru is a second-year student and is Yuuki’s classmate. She is the president of FNOS, a’ association at Takafuji Academy.

Source: Wiki

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4: Marie

Official Name: マリィ
Height: 160.0
AniDB Rating: 5.14

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3: Nekomiya Nono

Official Name: 猫宮のの
Height: 139.5
Date Of Birth: 10.04.????
AniDB Rating: 8.9


Nono is the main heroine of Yotsunoha. Despite being one year younger than Makoto, she is really helpful, taking tasks such as cooking and homemaking for Makoto and Iori, who lived next door to her prior to their separation. She has moved to Kansai region after the school’s closure.

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2: Navi

Official Name: ナヴィー
AniDB Rating: 6.83


A woman who appears in Ash’s dreams night after night. Her true identity is…?!

Source: ANN

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1: Kishimoto Ayase

Official Name: 岸本あやせ
Height: 168.0
Bloodtype: O
Date Of Birth: 29.01.????
AniDB Rating: 7.04


Ayase is a third-year Suimei Academy student by day and vocalist by night. She sings for a popular indie rock band named “Phantasm”. Her stage name is “FES”. The lyrics in her songs appears to describe the events of the recent murders, leading the police to see her as a potential suspect.

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Did YOUR favorite anime character make the cut? Let us know in the comments below!

1. Kishimoto Ayase
2. Navi
3. Nekomiya Nono
4. Marie
5. Ariake Mieru
6. Kamisaka Haruhi
7. Leona Garstein
8. Kajiura Hisako
9. Yakumo Hamaji
10. Kumaneko
11. Priecia
12. Ibuki
13. Fujimi Ena
14. Tama-chan
15. Matsukaze Umezaemon
16. Sister Pchela

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