TOP 3 Anime Characters Voiced by Murata Ayumi Same as [Mochida Hinako] [Himekawa Kaori] [Kurosu Kanata] [Best Recommendations]

They are by far the best anime characters Voiced by Murata Ayumi! We counts down the best anime characters Voiced by Murata Ayumi! to come out all the time, including the likes of Kurosu Kanata, Himekawa Kaori, Mochida Hinako, and more!

3: Kurosu Kanata

Official Name: 黒須カナタ
Date Of Birth: 28.10.????

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2: Himekawa Kaori

Official Name: 姫川佳織

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1: Mochida Hinako

Official Name: 持田雛子
Age: 10
Bloodtype: A
Date Of Birth: 05.08.1997
AniDB Rating: 7.34


Hinako is ten years old at first but becomes eleven in the course of the story. She is in love with Shuusuke from when he saved her from three bullies who took her bag and would not give it back. She seems to want to learn how to be the girl he will like and asks Sana and Aoi for help. Hinako has a personality comparable to Aoi’s, however being only in the fifth grade, she is childish as a result of her age.

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1. Mochida Hinako
2. Himekawa Kaori
3. Kurosu Kanata

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