TOP 33 Anime Characters Voiced by Omigawa Chiaki Same as [Mitsuba Mutsumi] [Maka Albarn] [Tsurugi Minko] [Best Recommendations]

They are by far the best anime characters Voiced by Omigawa Chiaki! We counts down the best anime characters Voiced by Omigawa Chiaki! to come out all the time, including the likes of Yomaki Komachi, Sassa Maria, Kumabe Chika, and more!

33: Yomaki Komachi

Official Name: 八巻小町

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32: Sassa Maria

Official Name: 佐々マリア

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31: Kumabe Chika

Official Name: 隈部チカ

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30: Megan Davin

Official Name: Megan Davin
Height: 185.0
Date Of Birth: 12.05.????

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Saki: Zenkoku Hen

29: Ishida Isuki

Official Name: 石田いすき
Height: 146.0
Bloodtype: A
Date Of Birth: 10.05.????

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28: Phi

Official Name: ファイ

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Kyokugen Dasshutsu ADV: Zennin Shibou Death

27: Pusu Pusu

Official Name: プスプス

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En`en no Shouboutai
En`en no Shouboutai Ni no Shou

26: Mukai

Official Name: 無飼

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Mob Psycho 100 II

25: Panther Chameleon

Official Name: パンサーカメレオン

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24: Ikumi

Official Name: イクミ

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Ame-iro Cocoa: Side G

23: Paul Bunyan

Official Name: ポール バニヤン

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Manga de Wakaru! Fate/Grand Order

22: Aika

Official Name: 藍香


Kosuke’s favorite character from romance simulator games.

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Rikei ga Koi ni Ochita no de Shoumei Shite Mita.

21: Ruri

Official Name: ルリ

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Seirei Gensouki

20: Magnolia

Official Name: マグノーリヤ

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19: Valkyrie

Official Name: ヴァルキリー

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18: Asahina Kae

Official Name: 朝比奈香恵
Date Of Birth: 23.05.????

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17: Miu

Official Name: ミウ

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Towa no Quon

16: Flora Chapie

Official Name: フローラ チャピー

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Mouretsu Pirates

15: Endou Mami

Official Name: 遠藤マミ


Marika’s classmate. She’s not in the yacht club, but after school, they work together part-time at Cafe Lamp House.
For Marika, Mami is a companion that makes her feel at ease when they’re together.

Source: Official Site

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Mouretsu Pirates

14: Elena Peoples

Official Name: エレナ ピープルズ
Age: 15
Height: 158.0
Date Of Birth: 11.11.2009
AniDB Rating: 6.03


An IFO pilot for Team Pied Piper. She has such a passionate love for the two-dimensional world of television and games. She watches anime even during flight operations and quoting anime dialogue all the time, which makes her behavior not understandable.

Source: ANN

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13: Kusunoki Rikka

Official Name: 楠リッカ
AniDB Rating: 5.78

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God Eater

12: Minos

Official Name: ミノス
AniDB Rating: 7.59

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Jashin-chan Dropkick
Jashin-chan Dropkick Dash

11: Nonomura Manana

Official Name: 野々村真奈菜
AniDB Rating: 8.12

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Chio-chan no Tsuugakuro

10: Angela Johnson

Official Name: アンジェラ ジョンソン
AniDB Rating: 7.11

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Seiken Tsukai no World Break

9: Tanizaki Naomi

Official Name: 谷崎ナオミ
AniDB Rating: 4.23

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Bungou Stray Dogs (2016)
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8: Kamigamo Jun

Official Name: 上賀茂潤
Age: 13
AniDB Rating: 7.94


She is Yasaka’s friend that has made a connection with Kaya and jumps through time with her. Yasaka think she is a guy.

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Natsu no Arashi! Akinai-chuu

7: P-ko

Official Name: P子
Age: 22
Height: 130.0
Bloodtype: B
AniDB Rating: 5.16


A young red-haired girl who grows vegetables for the village. The vision of a clumsy girl, she is literally dangerously clumsy, often turning what should be a simple accident into a massive disaster. It is implied she has a crush on the village chief.

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Arakawa Under the Bridge 2

6: Shiina Sakurako

Official Name: 椎名桜子
Height: 164.0
Bloodtype: B
Date Of Birth: 09.06.1988
AniDB Rating: 4.08


The most cheerful of the three cheerleaders in the class. She likes Negi, but only because she thinks he is cute. She loves karaoke and her pet cats, Cookie and Biscuit (translated as Kukki and Bikke in katakana) and is in the lacrosse club. As a hobby, Sakurako gambles a lot (it was probably a habit instilled in her younger days).

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5: Nazuna

Official Name: なずな
AniDB Rating: 6.95

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4: Arashiyama Hotori

Official Name: 嵐山歩鳥
Height: 154.0
Bloodtype: O
Date Of Birth: 10.05.????
AniDB Rating: 8.15


Clumsy Arashiyama is a girl with a love for mysteries and a knack for getting into trouble. She works for an old lady’s lackluster maid café in a small shopping district. The cafe is largely unsuccessful in attracting customers aside from Sanada, a regular and one of Arashiyama’s classmates (who has a secret crush on her).

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3: Tsurugi Minko

Official Name: 鶴来民子
Age: 17
Date Of Birth: 05.04.1994
AniDB Rating: 4.65


Tsurugi Minko is a 17-year-old apprentice chef and resident at Kissuisou. She has a very cold demeanor, often telling Ohana to ‘die’ following their first encounter, though when this is considered too harsh by Ohana, she settles for calling her a balut instead. Though she is hard working, she becomes passive when being scolded for her mistakes and is usually victim to Ohana’s mishaps. She displays great jealousy when Ohana is praised by other staff. She, together with Ohana, Nako and Yuina are in the same class at high school.

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2: Maka Albarn

Official Name: マカ アルバーン
AniDB Rating: 6.5


Maka is Soul’s meister. They live together in an appartment in Death City, though Maka seems to be the one doing most of the household chores such as cooking. Where Soul seems to be the brawn, Maka is the brain. She always tries to think of a way to beat their opponent by exploiting the opponent’s weaknesses. Maka and Soul make an efficient team, as shown at the start of the series when they had already claimed ninety-nine evil souls. Maka is a dedicated student at Shibusen, and scored highest of her class during doctor Stein’s test. Maka’s father is Shinigami’s current death scythe and her mother was a very powerful scythe meister. They are currently divorced. While she adores her mother, Maka’s relationship with her father is strained. She seems to hate him for constantly flirting with other women (which caused the divorce). Deep down she still loves him though.

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1: Mitsuba Mutsumi

Official Name: 三葉ムツミ
AniDB Rating: 7.07


Mitsuba Mutsumi is Takatoshi’s classmate who forms a judo club at the start of the series. She is dedicated to leading her club, but is also simple-minded. She develops a crush on Takatoshi later in the series and, despite her remarkable potential and drive towards the martial arts, states that her dream is to simply become a bride; in one instance, she combines his family name Tsuda with her given name Mutsumi. Because of her pure maiden nature, she often misses the perverted innuendos from Aria and Shino.

Source: Wiki

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Did YOUR favorite anime character make the cut? Let us know in the comments below!

1. Mitsuba Mutsumi
2. Maka Albarn
3. Tsurugi Minko
4. Arashiyama Hotori
5. Nazuna
6. Shiina Sakurako
7. P-ko
8. Kamigamo Jun
9. Angela Johnson
10. Tanizaki Naomi
11. Nonomura Manana
12. Minos
13. Kusunoki Rikka
14. Elena Peoples
15. Endou Mami
16. Miu
17. Flora Chapie
18. Asahina Kae
19. Valkyrie
20. Magnolia
21. Mukai
22. Panther Chameleon
23. Ikumi
24. Paul Bunyan
25. Aika
26. Ruri
27. Yomaki Komachi
28. Sassa Maria
29. Kumabe Chika
30. Megan Davin
31. Ishida Isuki
32. Phi
33. Pusu Pusu

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