TOP 48 Anime Characters Voiced by Sendai Eri Same as [Takanashi Touka] [Triela] [Kasugano Tsubaki] [Best Recommendations]

They are by far the best anime characters Voiced by Sendai Eri! We counts down the best anime characters Voiced by Sendai Eri! to come out all the time, including the likes of Hongou Atsuko, Harmonin, Suzuki Maho, and more!

48: Hongou Atsuko

Official Name: 本郷あつこ

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Yomigaeru Sora: Rescue Wings

47: Harmonin

Official Name: ハーモニン


Harmonin first appeared in episode 9, but met Pretty Cure in episode 10. She is mostly seen with a treasure box with her. Her symbol in the chairect is the treasure chest.

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Futari wa Precure Max Heart

46: Suzuki Maho

Official Name: 鈴木真央
Age: 15

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Gunparade Orchestra

45: Sendou Michiru

Official Name: 仙道みちる

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Top Secret: The Revelation

44: Mary Holmes

Official Name: メアリー ホームズ

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D.C.III: Da Capo III

43: Ayako

Official Name: 綾子

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Yumedamaya Kidan

42: Panna

Official Name: パンナ

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Nepos Napos

41: Kitayama Kuan

Official Name: 北山くあん
Height: 149.0
Bloodtype: A
Date Of Birth: 10.02.????

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Happy Seven: The TV Manga

40: Kokuyou Honoka

Official Name: 黒曜ホノカ

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Gaist Crusher

39: Kiritani Rin

Official Name: 霧谷凛

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Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo Returns (2015)

38: Arika

Official Name: アリカ

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37: Tasaki Chinako

Official Name: 田崎ちな子

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Sasami: Mahou Shoujo Club
Sasami: Mahou Shoujo Club 2

36: Oume Ayumu

Official Name: 桜梅歩
Age: 15


Ayumu is Rino’s best friend, classmate and the one to introduce her to the Best Student Council.

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Gokujou Seitokai

35: Safura

Official Name: サフラ

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Toriko (2011)

34: Airu

Official Name: アイル

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33: Mizuki

Official Name: みずき

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Lady Jewelpet

32: Shimatani Saho

Official Name: 島谷早穂
Age: 16

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Majin Bone

31: Saotome Rei

Official Name: Blair Flannigan

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Yuu Gi Ou: Duel Monsters GX

30: Agawa Nanami

Official Name: 阿川七生

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29: Sherri

Official Name: シェリー


A fairy who accompanies Tina. She is a little conceited, but does help the two whenever they need assistance. (from Production I.G.)

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Wellber no Monogatari: Kanashimi no Senshi Galahad no Banka
Wellber no Monogatari: Sisters of Wellber
Wellber no Monogatari: Sisters of Wellber Dai Ni Maku

28: Arashiyama Yukiko

Official Name: 嵐山雪子

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Soredemo Machi wa Mawatte Iru

27: Nonomiya Kiyone

Official Name: 野々宮清音


Nonomiya Kiyone attends the middle school section of Fuuka Academy and is a member of the choir along with Alyssa Searrs. She is attacked by an Orphan, an event for which Sister Sanada Yukariko blames herself.

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26: Suou

Official Name: スオー

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Kamisama Dolls

25: Katsuragi Chikagi

Official Name: 桂木千鍵
Age: 16
Height: 157.0
Bloodtype: A
Date Of Birth: 29.04.????

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Carnival Phantasm

24: Makana

Official Name: マカナ


One of the two survivors of an Island clan of Tera Guardian, and twin daughter of the former leader. Their entire clan was killed by Reishin and Hiyou in their attempt to destroy the Tera Stone.

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Kurokami The Animation

23: Ayase Asuna

Official Name: 綾瀬明日奈
Age: 16


A female high school student who lives in the same town as Shouta. She has an energetic personality and is an honor student at her school. She often visits Shouta at the abandoned building to talk. However, she has a huge secret. Her father makes money by forcing her to participate in sexual videos. When he mentions doing the same with her little sister Miku for a cash bonus, she finally snaps and kills him, wanting to protect Miku. When Shouta learns the truth, she stabs him to death as well and plans to escape into hiding. However, she recieves a shigofumi from him expressing his love for her, and she goes back to the abandoned building in order to launch the rocket he left behind. While she is in the progress of launching it, Detective Nojima finds her. A gust of wind blows a tarp onto the rocket, and she runs at it with a knife to cut it free. Another detective misunderstands the situation and shoots her to protect Nojima. She suffers a fatal wound, but she dies as she watches Shouta’s rocket successfully take off and fly into the sky.

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22: Kuroki Michi

Official Name: 黒木未知
Height: 164.0
Bloodtype: A
Date Of Birth: 08.05.????

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Nora to Oujo to Noraneko Heart

21: Mikawa Fumika

Official Name: 美川文歌
Age: 16


Kaname and Natsuka’s friend who has been in the hospital for 3 years in a coma after shooting her father, Mikawa Kirameki. She has dissociative identity disorder stemming from her father’s abuse, and the postal worker Fumika is her alternate identity.

Mikawa Fumika is the more shy and reserved personality. She calls the other Fumika Mika-chan.

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20: Shimabara Yuuhi

Official Name: 島原夕姫
Age: 12

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19: Milk

Official Name: ミルク


Debuts in episode 21. A white-and-pink lop rabbit who, unlike Nuts and Coco, is unable to transform into a human. Milk and Nozomi are always in constant disagreements over food, especially chocolate. In Gogo she obtained the ability to turn into a human, her alias Kurumi Mimino, after picking up a glowing blue seed in episode 7. Milk may also have a crush on Coco, as she has shown affection around him, and is jealous when Nozomi shows affection to him.

Like Coco is close to Nozomi and Nuts is close to Komachi, Milk and Karen share a close friendship.

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Eiga Precure All Stars New Stage 3: Eien no Tomodachi
Eiga Yes! Precure 5: Kagami no Kuni no Miracle Daibouken!
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Yes! Precure 5 Go Go!

18: Shizuku Ishiki

Official Name: シズク イシキ
Age: 15

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King of Thorn

17: Misaki Runo

Official Name: 美咲琉乃
Age: 11

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Bakugan Battle Brawlers
Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge

16: Natsumi

Official Name: 那柘美

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Jungle de Ikou!

15: Akiyama Yoshiko

Official Name: 秋山好子

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Girls und Panzer
Girls und Panzer Gekijouban
Girls und Panzer: Saishuushou

14: Hoshi Nanami

Official Name: ホシ ナナミ


Nanami is Yuuri’s research assistant. She is seemingly close to Yuuri, and has a very lively personality. She is later revealed to be a spy for the Gillard military, but she continues to worry over Yuuri.

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Dragonaut: The Resonance

13: Aya

Official Name: アヤ


Bassist of Love Crisis.

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12: Takatsu Aoba

Official Name: 高津あおば

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Code: Breaker
Code: Breaker (2012)

11: Morita Yukari

Official Name: 森田ゆかり
Age: 16
Height: 153.0
Bloodtype: A

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Rocket Girls

10: Kourin

Official Name: 香鈴
AniDB Rating: 5.93

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Saiunkoku Monogatari
Saiunkoku Monogatari 2nd Series

9: Kubota Shiho

Official Name: 久保田志穂
AniDB Rating: 5.35

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Eiga Futari wa Precure Max Heart 2: Yukizora no Tomodachi
Eiga Precure All Stars DX3: Mirai ni Todoke! Sekai o Tsunagu Niji-iro no Hana
Futari wa Precure
Futari wa Precure Max Heart

8: Suzuki Kana

Official Name: 鈴木佳奈
Height: 148.0
Bloodtype: B
Date Of Birth: 16.06.????
AniDB Rating: 8.37

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Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai

7: Miffy Lotten

Official Name: ミィフィ ロッテン
AniDB Rating: 3.93


A first year student of the Liberal Arts Department. A blonde girl with two pony-tails, she is Machen and Naruki’s Best Friend. Curious and inquisitive, she got interested in Layfon instantly at the inauguration ceremony. Her dream is to be a reporter someday so she work on a part time at the editing team of a magazine called “Lukkun Weekly.”

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Koukaku no Regios

6: Shinsen

Official Name: 神泉
Height: 156.0
Bloodtype: A
Date Of Birth: 24.02.????
AniDB Rating: 6.07


3rd year student, the previous Student Council’s clerk. She has a weak stomach, and may vomit from from even a little shock.
She got her nickname (Barfy or Pukey depending on the translation) after accidentally vomiting on the stage after a school assembly.

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5: Ishimine Aiko

Official Name: 石嶺愛子
AniDB Rating: 4.01


One of Kio’s classmates and a member of the film club.

Source: Wikipedia

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Asobi ni Iku yo!
Asobi ni Iku yo! Asobi ni Oide

4: Caesar

Official Name: カエサル
Height: 165.0
Bloodtype: A
AniDB Rating: 5.62

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Girls und Panzer
Girls und Panzer Gekijouban
Girls und Panzer: Kore ga Hontou no Anzio-sen Desu!
Girls und Panzer: Saishuushou

3: Kasugano Tsubaki

Official Name: 春日野椿
AniDB Rating: 4.54


The Sixth Diary user. A frail girl with bad eye-sight, she is the leader of the Omekata cult (御目方教 Omekata Kyou) where she’s serves as the group priestess. The scroll she carries is actually her Future diary called the Clairvoyance Diary (千里眼日記 Senrigan Nikki) which allows her to read what her followers see. However, Tsubaki does not trust what her diary tells her because what her followers see may not be accurate and her fear of traitors from within.

Tsubaki is introduced afterYuki, Yuno and Keigo are invited to her cult’s shrine to help deal with a Diary user who is disguising himself as one of her followers and planning to kill her in exchange she surrenders Minene to them after her cult captured her. Yuki agrees to help her due to her condition and Tsubaki’s claim she has no interests in winning the game much to Yuno’s jealousy.

She is named after Proserpina, the Roman goddess of the spring.

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Mirai Nikki (2011)
Mirai Nikki Redial: Data Ikou

2: Triela

Official Name: トリエラ
AniDB Rating: 8.92


A former victim of a Mafia child smuggling group based in Amsterdam, Triela was one among many who regularly suffered abuse in the form of drugs, torture, rape and mutilation which was taped as a snuff film. She was rescued by a pair of Europol detectives, one of whom was her future handler, Hilshire. After being mortally wounded in a gunfight, Hilshire’s partner bravely used the last of her strength to perform CPR on Triela, enabling Hilshire to save the child’s life.

Extremely pragmatic with just a hint of rebellion, Triela has a sarcastic wit and prefers to wear masculine clothing. She serves as a sort of mentor to the other girls of the SWA and, of them all, she retains the most realistic outlook on their situation. She is given a minimal of conditioning, like Henrietta, and is collecting a great variety of teddy bears. Triela’s preferred weapons are the SIG-Sauer P230 SL pistol, the M1897 Trench Shotgun with the bayonet attachment, the H&K G3A3 battle rifle, and the H&K P7M8 pistol.

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Gunslinger Girl: Il Teatrino
Gunslinger Girl: Il Teatrino OVA
Gunslinger Girl.

1: Takanashi Touka

Official Name: 小鳥遊十花
AniDB Rating: 6.92

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Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren
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Takanashi Rikka Kai: Gekijouban Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!

Did YOUR favorite anime character make the cut? Let us know in the comments below!

1. Takanashi Touka
2. Triela
3. Kasugano Tsubaki
4. Caesar
5. Ishimine Aiko
6. Miffy Lotten
7. Shinsen
8. Suzuki Kana
9. Kourin
10. Kubota Shiho
11. Morita Yukari
12. Hoshi Nanami
13. Aya
14. Takatsu Aoba
15. Milk
16. Shizuku Ishiki
17. Misaki Runo
18. Natsumi
19. Akiyama Yoshiko
20. Mikawa Fumika
21. Shimabara Yuuhi
22. Makana
23. Ayase Asuna
24. Kuroki Michi
25. Sherri
26. Arashiyama Yukiko
27. Nonomiya Kiyone
28. Suou
29. Katsuragi Chikagi
30. Airu
31. Mizuki
32. Shimatani Saho
33. Saotome Rei
34. Agawa Nanami
35. Oume Ayumu
36. Safura
37. Hongou Atsuko
38. Harmonin
39. Suzuki Maho
40. Sendou Michiru
41. Mary Holmes
42. Ayako
43. Panna
44. Kitayama Kuan
45. Kokuyou Honoka
46. Kiritani Rin
47. Arika
48. Tasaki Chinako

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