TOP 5 Anime Characters Voiced by Yamamoto Keiichiro Same as [Tajima] [Oogami-sensei] [Very Good] [Best Recommendations]

They are by far the best anime characters Voiced by Yamamoto Keiichiro! We counts down the best anime characters Voiced by Yamamoto Keiichiro! to come out all the time, including the likes of Iori Kouhei, Charlotte Noisette, Very Good, and more!

5: Iori Kouhei

Official Name: 伊織浩平

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Kin`iro no Chord: Blue Sky

4: Charlotte Noisette

Official Name: シャーロット ノアゼット
Age: 41
Date Of Birth: 15.12.????

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One Piece

3: Very Good

Official Name: ベリーグッド
Date Of Birth: 10.09.????


Very Good was one of the Marines who helped to attack the Straw Hats during the Buster Call at Enies Lobby.

Source: One Piece Wikia

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One Piece
One Piece

2: Oogami-sensei

Official Name: 大上先生

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1: Tajima

Official Name: 田嶋

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Did YOUR favorite anime character make the cut? Let us know in the comments below!

1. Very Good
2. Oogami-sensei
3. Tajima
4. Iori Kouhei
5. Charlotte Noisette

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