Traveling in Jungles of Lituria


6x4 hour watches Dawn, Morning, Noon, Afternoon, Evening, Night.  One action per watch. 

Check for encounters at Dawn (2in6) and Nightfall (1in6)

Resolve a Day encounter during the first 4 watches and roll for a Nightfall encounter (1in6) during Evening or Night watches.

Not eating for more than 8  watches causes hunger and a disadvantage to all rolls. 

Evening Watches not spent resting or camping requires Wis saves, taken with disadvantage, to avoid getting lost and torch usage die is reduced in size.

Night Watches not spent resting or camping requires Wis saves, taken with disadvantage, to avoid getting lost and a torch fully burns out. 

Move to adjacent Hex

  • Navigator saves WIS to avoid getting lost (if they have maps or directions, all lost rolls are at an advantage.)

  • If lost, no progress. Next move roll with DIS. Spend one watch to remove disadvantage.

  • Travel along Roads or waterways is faster and 1 watch gains 2 hexes of movement. 

  • Rough Terrain takes 2 watches per hex. 

Explore Hex 

  • 4in6 chance to find a new location.

  • Can find previously discovered locations without rolling. 


  • Check for an encounter again. 

  • WIS Test to gather food and water.

    • Success gives each participating member of the party 2 Rations. Critical Success gives each member of the party 5 rations.

Quick Rest 

  • Set watch order

  • Rest: Gain HP equal to Con Modifier.

  • Bad Dreams: 1 or more PCs talk about a dream or vision they had. Worth 20xp

Make Camp - 2 Watches

  • Describe Campsite

  • Set watch Order

  • Fireside Chat. 1 or more PCs tell a story, sing a song, ect. Worth 20xp

  • Bookkeeping: Divy Treasure, Repair goods, study, pray, plan, update maps.

  • Eat Rations.

  • Rest: gain 1d8+con HP




2d6 Lizardman Hunters. Stalking a wild Boar


1d6 Lizardman Foragers. Picking medicinal herbs .


Blood Elf gang. 2d3 Blood Elves. 


Crypt Elf gang. 2d3 Crypt Elves. 


Jungle Ranger Patrol made up of 1d3 rangers and 2d6 fighting men. Either actively pursuing an enemy of the Underlord, or patrolling for “poachers” (Natives). 


A small band of adventurers. Torna, a tan skinned Warrior, Galmud, a spry young Sorcerer, and Gert, an alcoholic and lackluster Cleric. They are either camping, hunting, or traveling. May be interested in trading goods or info. 


1d8+2 Ork hunters. Looking for wild game, but won’t back down from a fight if challenged. On a 1-3 they are Chainbreakers, on 4-6 Demonbloods.


A merchant caravan containing any combination of the following elements. 2d4 Fighting men, 2d6 porters carrying goods, 1d4 beasts of burden, Gulifarse the Merchant, a wagon drawn by a mule. 2d10 laborers. 




1d6 Frog Demons. Wreaking havoc


Procession of 2d4 Moon Monks. Headed to or from Ungol on a resupply trip. They have 1d10 Pounds of Jade.


Giant Lizard. Neck Snared in a trap. Hisses threateningly and is wary of PCs. If rescued will vomit an Arrow of Ringing.   


Bandit Camp. 2d6 Bandits setting up, breaking down, or milling around a campsite. Drinking? Singing? Fighting?


Dino Ambush. A pair of hunting dinos stalk the party. 


Migrating Lizardmen. 6d10 Lizardfolk with twice as many noncombatants travel through the jungle in a caravan. They look weary and hurt. They have been driven from their home by Frog Demons. 


A pair of baby gorillas play catch with a rock up ahead on the trail. Their mother forages nearby unseen. 


A Trap set by either an Elf Gang, or Jungle Rangers. Will return to check in 1d6 turns. Roll a d6. 1-2 40ft Muddy Pit full of foul water, 3-4 20ft Pit full of spikes. 5-6 a hanging snare 30ft high. 


A Standing Stone. Roll from Dysons Strange Stones


Escaped Prisoner of the Jungle Rangers. They are exasperated and manacled. They try to plead for help, but their tongue has been cut out and all of their teeth removed.
Hounds can be heard in the distance. 

Night Encounters


1d6 Ghouls drawn by the light and sound shamble towards camp. If no fire, they are wandering aimlessly.


A tiger circles camp waiting for the right moment to strike


A pair of Jungle Bandits try to steal from the party. Avoid detection. Flee if detected. Fight as a last resort


A loud coughing from outside camp grows louder. A Red Lung poisoned Crypt Elf stumbles through the jungle. 1d3 Blood Elves pursue it. It will collapse in 1d3 turns.


A Lizardfolk hunting party is pursuing a Giant Boar. It’s headed this way. 


Light moves through the jungle not far from camp. A procession of child-like jungle spirits carries the body of a lightly armored and grievously wounded human. If attacked, they will summon a 15ft tall Mud Golem to protect them. They proceed in a winding fashion for about a mile before entering a shallow cave. The cave contains a small natural hot spring. They place the human under the water then one by one hop into the water and disappear. In the morning the human will be healed and with no memory of who they are. 

Coastal Sea Encounters


A drifting boat. Sea Birds circle en masse. A glint of gold on the boat.


A Boat comes into view from around the coast. 1-2Pirates 3-4Fishermen 5-6 Both


bloated pale bodies bobbing along the coast


A wall of fog hides A shipwreck, sharp rocks, the floating corpse of a giant beast.


The party finds itself rowing through a thick flotilla of large jellyfish getting washed ashore to die. If they land, they have to fight scavengers (crabs!) and avoid the jellies' still-hazardous tentacle-stingers. If they keep rowing (at a difficulty due to the thickness of the flotilla), they will be stuck in the middle of a giant/dire seagull flock's feeding frenzy.


A statue on the shoreline of a strange giant humanoid. It stoops at the edge of a pool of water seeming to peer within. Sticky Sword Trap

Minor Hex Features

When the party explores a hex with no keyed location choose one from below. 

If the party explores a hex with a known location. Roll a d6, on a 4.5.6 pick from below, otherwise, they find nothing of interest. 

Geyser. Geyser with something shiny in it. Geyser goes off every 1d2turns. There is a crawlspace accessible inside the fumarole that leads to a small room containing a shrine and a magic item for small people. Getting caught in the geyser is save or die. 

Demon Idol. A 16′ stone idol of a demonic, spine-headed humanoid stands covered with vines. Its white opal eyes stare blankly ahead, but if approached by anyone with a visible spellbook, the idol begins to weep as deep azure pupils appear in the opals and follow the mage’s movement. If the mage attempts to provide comfort or assuage the idol’s sorrow, he gains the idol’s sight for 1d4 days. Any attempt to remove the eyes causes the offender to weep constantly (CHA -2) until treated with Remove Curse

Dinosaur Graveyard. Clearing filled with Bones of giant lizards. Bones animate? 

*Meteorite.  A steaming porous cone of flakey greyish stone about 4 feet tall rises from the center of a desecrated clearing. No plants grow here and the soil is ash grey. Blood red moths fly around the stone. Stepping into the clearing results in extreme internal pain, and immediate bleeding from the eyes and nose. Con Save every turn or take 1d6 Con damage. The stone itself is brittle and chips away easily at its center is a Crimson ball of liquid. It holds its shape, and can be held in hand, but is clearly a liquid. If crushed, the Moths liquefy instantly and the resulting liquid is blood red and irritating to the skin. Wounds exposed to the liquid, no matter how old bleed heavily causing 1d4 Con damage.

Baal Sphere. 

A 3-inch diameter ball of red liquid. It retains it’s shape at all times and can be held like a solid, but it is most certainly a liquid. It is corrosive to nonmagical metal, but not anything else. Ingesting it will cause all spells cast by the PC to de doubled in some way. And tests the PC must make regarding their spell casting are done at a disadvantage. The sphere empowers but can make spells harder to cast. If a double 1 or double 20 is rolled on any of these tests, the PC immediately burst into a pool of blood, their flesh and possessions seemingly vanishing. The Pool acts as a permanent portal to a Blood Hell. Any possessions carried are now there. 

A rotting log.  hums quietly but aggressively. The log contains 4d6 2 foot long velvet worms. The in a mating frenzy and disturbing them would be unwise as they secrete a sticky caustic substance. They are quite valuable to magicians and medicine makers.

2d6 Baboon's sit in the trees surrounding a stone Dias in the middle of a small clearing. They chatter and howl at any who enter. If anyone steps on the dias the Baboons fall silent and give that person their full attention.They like funny songs, bad jokes, and love stories. They hate boasting, war stories, and art critique. They will reward those they like with 2d100 gold, and pelt those they do not with fruit.

Small Ruined Building. Covered in mushrooms and moss. Inside, a mushroom obscured statue of an Ancient Elf Warrior standing atop a dead demon, sword through it's chest. There is a 1 in 6 chance anyone standing within the ruin for more than a round causes the mushroom weakened floor to collapse. Increase this chance by 1 for each other person in the ruin. Dex save to cling to ropey shrooms and avoid falling. Anyone who falls will do so for 50 or so feet before coming to rest safely in a canopy of giant mushrooms. They will find themselves in a large underground valley, with vertical walls. It is filled with giant mushrooms. Most glow. Within the valley is a mushroomfolk "village" and an Ancient elven ruin.containing a sealed demon, and the tomb of the elf who slew him. 

Clear - Nothing

Light Rain - Limited Visibility. Saves to avoid getting lost are made at +1

Thunderstorm - Very Limited Visibility. Saves to avoid getting lost are made with Disadvantage. Resting without shelter heals no HP.

Heatwave - Traveling during Morning or Noon Watches requires a Con save. If more than 50% fail, then no progress is made. If less than 50% fail, progress can still be made, but those who fail were pushed too hard and take 1d6 damage. 

Fog - Very Limited Visibility. Saves to avoid getting lost are made with Disadvantages.

Heavy Wind - Missile Weapons roll with disadvantage. 

Lighting Storm - 2 in 6 chance of a nearby lightning strike every watch. Dex save to avoid if out in the open. 10d6 damage on a critical failure. Have fun with it.  

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