Trouble in Arwood


Thinking 3 days of uninterrupted travel, the merchant will notice that the relic is missing.

Merchant will attempt small talk, see if he can pull stuff out of the PC’s

Merchant will say they need to pull off to Arwood, for re-upping of supplies before they start their trek to get to Linden.

Hidden Motivation is that the merchant needs to send a message back to Ien’Del through one of the contacts in Arwood, but must continue on with his journey as to not seem sus.

Players will eventually come to the Hamlet of Arwood, which is north of the large town of Linden.

Walking into Arwood:

As you enter Arwood, the first thing that catches the eye is what looks to be a destroyed house, with glowing red crystals growing from the wreckage. 

A broken cart lies in the middle of the road, in front of an Inn with broken windows, and loud laughing and banging coming from inside.

  • The town had been raided by bandits the previous day

  • There are still 4 bandits inside of the Inn

    • A loud ruckus can be heard from inside the inn

      • Adene is inside, being harassed by the bandits.

Once the bandits are dealt with, either Adene or the bandits themselves will state that the bandits were previous Eldinian army members, but have deserted. They will also mention that there are more camped in the forest, and that they took her daughter Mithra and killed her husband. 

If players choose to chase the bandits and get Mithra back.

  • Go off of general direction or straight up tracks northwest into the forest.

  • Will eventually find a bandit camp surrounding what seems to be a ruined building.

  • a few guards at the front.

  • If at night a faint blue glow emanates from the entrance that has been cleared of rubble.

Ancient Ruins

  1. As you descend the spiral staircase, a faint blue light seems to emanate from the bottom of the stairs. At the bottom, you find yourself in a small circular room and four stone pillars. Around the walls, you see what seems to be support brackets bracing the walls made out of a coppery metal. You see three glowing blue crystals in the walls, placed evenly throughout the room. There are obvious signs of degradation in this room, one of the pillars has collapsed. There is a hallway to the north.

  2. A red glow emanates from a slowly accumulating pool of red liquid. Growing from the liquid and up the walls are jagged red crystals, faintly pulsing red. 

    1. A perception DC10 or higher will show small crystals forming on the edges of the little river of liquid.

    2. A dead bandit lays at the foot of the pool. A few arrows stick out from his back.

      1. DC 10 or below will wake the bandit, and cause a fight.

      2. DC 15 or higher will show that the bandit also has crystals growing from his face and head.

    3. To the east are two statues in alcoves.

      1. A DC10 will see how elegantly these statues are made of the same coppery metal. As well as inscriptions carved into the baseplate of each in a language they've never seen before.

      2. A DC 15 will see 12 fingers on each hand, and a taller skull structure than would be normal for a human or elf.

  3. As you walk further in, more dead bandits lay scattered amongst a hastily set up camp. Bedrolls and stolen food stacked next to tents. A river of red liquid seeps from a large outcrop of red gems to the northeast. Smoldering embers lay in a makeshift fire pit in the center of the camp.

    1. If the players have not woken the first bandit, they all wake now.

    2. A DC 15 on the river will see its flowing from cracks in the wall to the north.

    3. If players roll to check bandit supplies they will find normal weapons, bows, daggers, swords. Foodstuffs such as rations, some bedrolls.

    4. A DC 15 I will roll mundane loot

    5. A DC 20+ i will roll magic table, and players will find an “artifact item”

  4. After the fight, players will hear people shouting from down the hall. The hall itself is littered with rubble, and is hard to pass through.

    1. The players will notice a path to the south, blocked with a broken door made of the same silvery metal, and piled up rubble, creating a half-cover in the doorway. Bandits have blocked this path and are holding up in the next room.

    2. The room is a long pillared room, with a basin of water on both west and east walls. Blue light suffuses the room from the many gem-lights on the walls. At the back of the room is yet another statue, surrounded by an elegant metal structure of coppery metal and glowing blue lines of liquid contained in what seems to be glass. 

      1. The structure has a glowing blue orb in the center. Touching this orb with an artifact will move the statue enough to find a small hallway with a room behind it.

      2. Inside the room they will find Mithra, the innkeeper's daughter, with glowing red crystals crowning her head huddled in a corner next to a large coppery metal mechanism with glowing blue lines covering it.

        1. On a DC 10 they will see that the mechanism has yet another blue orb where the lines of blue energy connect in the middle.

        2. On a DC 15 they will see that the mechanism seems like it could be pried open.

        3.  HANDOUT: On successful opening, they will find a small coppery orb about a foot in diameter, with a glass circle in the center. The orb is elegantly made, with flowing lines of metal that smoothly turn about each other in intricate patterns. It Weighs about 5 pounds.

  5. The room is once again bathed in pale blue light. In the center is a pillar in fairly good shape compared to what you’ve seen so far. On the east wall are two boxey mechanisms covered in glowing orbs. To the north are two large mechanisms line the northern wall. On the ground next to the pillar is a pile of what seems to be scrap metal, oozing the red liquid onto the ground.

    1. A perception DC 17 in this room will notice two medium sized Metal Hole in the ceiling surrounding the column.

    2. The north mechanism will show that the circles are 10 evenly spaced glass circles, with more ancient writing on tiny plaques underneath each circle. They all glow a faint blue, except one, the 5th.

      1. Each plaque has a set of numbers correlating to a research file.

    3. Looking at the one on the south will show a smattering of  blue glowing circles with glowing lines connecting each. Show handout.

    4. One of the north chests is open. Breaking or failing to open the other one will drop a Golem from the ceiling.

      1. Chest AC 10 HP 20

        1. DC 17+ lockpick

        2. If opened, the chest will contain an Aether grenade. 

  6. A long corridor, with spiked pits where one would walk. Two long planks run down the corridor creating a walkway over the pits. The plank closest to you has fallen inward, and  the far end rests on a small ledge between. A dead bandit sits at the bottom of the first one splayed and impaled by multiple spikes.

    1. Dc 10 acrobatics to cross planks

    2. Players will need to figure out a way to get the plank up.

    3. Dc 18+ will notice a pressure plate activated.

  7. A long rubble strewn hallway bracketed with coppery metal supports, to the north and south are doors, the north one large and intrinsic. The south one normal but still metal.

    1. North Doors, DC20+, if fail, more Constructs drop out of ceiling.

      1. Two doors, back to back.

    2. A dead bandit lays in the center of the room. Will wake and attack if someone gets near.

    3. Another lies near the south door. Same deal.

  8. You enter a room that seems to have once been a library. Bookshelves line the walls, and books, pages and scrolls litter the ground. At the far end you see faint orange light glowing from around the far center bookshelf.

    1. Two golems have been activated here, and a dead bandit lies at the back of the room.

    2. A dc 15 perception check will notice that one of the bookshelves has been moved to the north wall.

      1. A 15 DC strength check will move the bookshelf, showing a cavernous opening in the wall. 

        1. This opening seems like it was not supposed to be here.

    3. Searching the room

      1. PC’s will find most of the books and scrolls here are in terrible and unreadable condition.

      2. DC 17 will find 2 scrolls. 1 Find Familiar. 2 Ray of Sickness

      3. A 12 DC or good time spent looking will find an ancient book in good condition. Bound in the same coppery metal, with pages intact.

        1. This ancient book is a research report on each experiment and the effects of their time spent on Aether. Will take a long time to read.

  9. A small cavern strewn with spider webs. A red glow emanates from the far north darkness.

    1. Dark area, those without good sight will be blind.

    2. Touching the spiderwebs will trigger spider swarms to come out.

    3. At the back of the cavern is a huge pile of red glowing eggs.

      1. Breaking the eggs will cause spider swarms to come out unless they use fire.

  10. Glowing blue and red light suffuses the space. Large glass tubes filled with blue liquid line the walls. Small metal consoles sit in front of the tubes, with ancient writing across them. A pillar has fallen into one of the glass tubes, destroying it. Red liquid seeps out from it and flows into the caverns. The entire room is covered in thick spider webs.

    1. Dc 10’s on the tubes will show dark floating figures inside.

    2. Touching the spider webs, or noise, will trigger the Phase spider to attack.

  11. A huge mechanized door covers the east wall. Glowing intensely with complicated patterns of blue lines. A small river of red liquid seeps from under the door. Standing in front of the door is a small pillar, with a bowl shape at the top. It stands about 3ft high.

    1. The inside of the bowl is also filled with tightly woven blue lines. 

    2. If the Coppery orb is placed inside, it starts spinning its movable pieces erratically, eventually settling into a position where all the blue lines line up.

      1. A Deep wiring sound can be heard, and the door shudders slightly, then begins to open.

  12. Behind the door lies another hallway strewn with rubble. The river of red liquid seems to be coming from this direction and paints the hallway in dim red light. Blue light can be seen from the end of the hallway.

  13. You walk into a large circular room with high ceilings that look up into darkness. Ornate pillars line the walls, with blue glowing gems spouting from them. The red liquid is pooling from the center, nearly filling the floor. A huge glass tube dominates the center of the room.

    1. As you approach, you see that the tube has a large crack, blue liquid seeps from the tube, and as it runs down to the floor changes from blue to red. 

    2. At the base of the tube is a metal console. It is strewn with ancient writing. A Triangle shaped glowing blue gem sits on the console.

      1. A 13DC will show that the gem seems to not be fully part of the console. It has some wiggle if touched.

      2. Pulling on the gem, you hear a crack, as if glass broke. A crack appears on the gem as it comes loose and the blue quickly turns red. It spins as you pull it. Revealing a corkscrew shaped length of coppery metal attached to the gem.

      3. The room rumbles a little, and two golems fall from the ceiling.

    3. As the fight goes on, hissing can be heard coming from up above, and the tube starts to drain.

    4. After a while, the tube is emptied completely, and a Humanoid figure lays at the center. 

    5. This figure gets to a kneeling position.

      1. The humanoid has smooth grey skin, with glowing blue eyes, and no mouth. It wears no clothes, and has no genitalia. It is however man shaped, with wide shoulders.

      2. The figure goes to stand, and stumbles a little. It looks up and notices its surroundings. If the golem fight is still going, it waves a hand, and a wall of force knocks a golem into the wall, breaking it.

      3. After the fight, it looks at one of the players. It puts its hand in the air, and blue energy seems to be pulled from one of the players, dealing 1d6 damage. The figure then takes on the appearance of said player.

      4. Then when they try to interact with it, it creates a line in the air, which seems to slowly rotate upon itself. The Line creates a rectangle, floating in the air. Fresh and slightly chilly air blows through the hole, and players can see blue skies and some mountains.

      5. Walks through, with the portal closing behind it.

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