Twilight Imperium Comparison

Twilight Imperium Comparison – TI3 vs TI4

This document only covers the little changes, you can find the big changes (trade rework, technology rework, politics rework, strategy card rework) here:

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Action Cards (2)

  • only 80 cards instead in 103 TI3 base game

  • may refer to planet traits (Learn to Play, Component Actions, Page 10)

Bonus Counter

  • removed, you now put trade goods on unpicked strategy cards (73.2)

Bombardment (15)

  • does not count as combat roll (15.1)

  • A dreadnought with a war sun may use this ability against a planet which contains units that have planetary shield.

Capacity (16)


  • starts with capacity 4 (can be increased by technology unit upgrade to 6)


  • has now capacity 1

  • cost decreased to 4 from 5


  • can now be built outside of home planet space docks 

Gravity Rift (37)

  • increase movement by 1 (37.1)

  • ship are destroyed on 1-3, instead of 1-5 (37.2)

Mecatol Rex (26)

  • Mecatol Custodian are replaced with an influence requirement of 6: You can only land on Mecatol Rex if you spend 6 influence (you can still be in the system with ships but can’t land on the planet) (26.2)


  • Advance-Fighters can no longer block the movement of other ships 


  • A ship that begins the “Movement” step of a tactical action in a nebula treats its move value as “1” for the duration of that step, but other abilities and 

            effects can increase this number.

Objectives (52)

  • A player cannot score public objectives if he does not control each of the planets in his home system, but he can score secret objectives (52.16 )


  • It is not allowed to place wormhole next to each other, unless it is the only possible spot (Rule Reference, Complete Setup, Page 3)

Speaker Token (69)

  • token is switched by the player who used the political strategy card

Space Docks

  • can now only be built through construction strategy cards


  • can no longer pick up and move PDS (74.3)

  • can be upgraded to fire through wormholes (89.2)

  • Space Cannon from PDS don’t count as combat roll (66.3, 66.7)

  • can now only build through construction strategy cards


  • can only retreat into systems that contain a ship or planet you control  (67.7)

  • ground forces on planets can now retreat with your fleet in space combat (not invasion), place those units into space (67.4)


  • non-home planets have traits, used by some cards (55.3)

  • red = Hazardous Planet

  • blue = Cultural Planet

  • green = Industrial Planet

  • Technology Specialist (technology discount in the past) can now be exhausted to reduce the technology requirement (79.14)

Promissory Notes

  • If you receive “Support of the Throne”, you must put it faceup in the play area

  • Promissory notes in the play area cannot be traded (60.5)

  • You can trade away promissory notes you received from other players (60.5)


  • systems connected by wormholes now count as adjacent for all purposes, not just movement (89.3)

Not Included in TI4

  • 8 Player Support

  • Artifacts (maybe in form of some cards)

  • Bonus Counters

  • Distant Sun (Domain Counters / Space Domain Counters)

  • Facilities (maybe in the form of some cards)

  • Ion Storms

  • Leaders

  • Mechanized Units

  • Mercenaries

  • Representatives

  • Scenario

  • Preliminary Objectives

  • Shock Troops

  • Space Mines

  • Trade Stations

  • Transfer Action

  • Wormhole Nexus

  • Imperial Rex (Stage II Public Objectives that ends the game immediately) 

Spoiler Warning

The next sections might show information that you want to discover by yourself, e.g. in your gaming sessions or by unboxing.



Racial Technologies: 

Generic Technologies: 

Unit Upgrades:

Racial Promissory Notes:

Public Objectives I:

Public Objectives II:

Secret Objectives: 

Action Cards: 

Action Card Overview: 


Generic Promissory Notes: 

Plastic Units: 




AgendaCard Overview: 


Sardakk N’orr

  • Front: Back: 

  • Note: The +1 only applies to combat rolls, not for Bombardment or Space Cannons

  • Race Unit: Exotrireme I (Dreadnought) with Bombardment 4 (x2)

  • Flagship Stats are now 8,6×2,1,3 instead of 10,5×3,1,1

  • Starting Technology NONE instead of 2 red (Hylar V Assault Laser, Deep Space Cannon)

  • Starting Units now 2 Carrier instead of 1 Carrier

  • Promissory Note “Tekklar Legion”: Return to apply +1 to all combat rolls during an Invasion. If fighting the N’orr, they receive -1 for that Invasion

  • Racial Technologies

    • Exotrireme II (Unit Upgrade)

      • Prerequisite: 2 Blue, 1 Yellow

      • No changes: After a round of space combat, you may destroy this unit to destroy up to 2 ships in this system. 

      • Bombardment 4 (x2) instead of 5 (Dreadnought I)

    • Valkyrie Particle Weave (Red)

      • Prerequisite: 2 Red

      • New: In ground combat if enemy produces 1 hit, you produce 1 additional hit

      • Removed: At the end of a round of Invasion Combat, roll one die for each casualty you take. For each 10 you roll, your opponent must immediately take 1 additional casualty

The Arborec

  • Front: Back:

  • Race Unit: Letani Warrior 1 (Reworked old TI3 ability as race unit)

  • Flagship

    • Stats are now 8,7×2,1,5 instead of 10,6×2,1,5

    • Reworked: You can now build directly after system activation

      • TI3: You may not build units with this ship if it has moved during the same activation

  • Starting Technology are now 1 red (Magen Defense Grid) instead of 1 green (Stasis Capsules) and 1 blue (Antimas Deflectors)

    • Dreadnought have now 1 capacity by default

  • Promissory Note “Stymie”: Placed face up, Arborec cannot produce units in non-home systems adjacent to those containing the holder’s ships. Returned if holder activates an Arborec system

  • Racial Technologies

    • Letani Warrior II (Unit Upgrade)

      • Prerequisite: 2 Green

      • No Changes: Same as Infantry II, but with Production 2 instead of 1. (TI3: This was the tech Spore Acceleration)

    • Bioplasmosis (Green)

      • Prerequisite: 2 Green

      • Reworked: You can now move any number of ground forces to planets in your system or adjacents systems.(TI3: Only 1 Ground Force, but is was allowed to move to uncontrolled planets)

The Barony of Letnev 

  • Front: Back:

  • Abilities

    • Reworked: You can now spend 2 Trade Goods at the start of a round of Space Combat; if you do, you may reroll any number of dice (TI3: Give +1 to Spaceships and +2 to Ground Forces)

    • Reworked: You can now have up to 2 more non-fighter units over your fleet supply (instead of one unit).

  • Flagship Stats are now 8,5×2,1,3 instead of 10,5×2,1,2

  • Starting Technology 

    • Antimass Deflectors (blue)

    • Plasma Scoring (red) instead of Hylar V Assault Laser (red)

  • Starting Units added 1 Fighter

  • Promissory Note “War Funding”: Return at the start of a Space Combat round to be able to reroll any number of your dice. The Letnev player loses 2 Trade Goods

  • Racial Technologies

    • L4 Disruptors (Yellow)

      • Prerequisite: 1 Yellow

      • New: Enemies cannot use Space Cannon during Invasion

      • Removed: You can use your ability without spending Trade Goods

    • Non-Euclidean Shielding (Red)

      • Prerequisite: 2 Red

      • No Changes: Sustain Damage absorb 2 hits instead of 1

The Clan of Saar 

  • Front: Back: 

  • Race Unit: Floating Factory 1 (Reworked old TI3 ability as race unit)

    • Since the Floating Factory 1 has Capacity 4 it can transport Ground Forces

  • Flagship Stats 8,5×2,1,3 instead of 10,6×3,1,4

  • Removed XRD Transporter (blue) technology, they have now only Antimass Deflector (blue)

  • Promissory Note ”Ragh’s Call”: Return when landing on a Saar planet to return all Ground Forces on it to another planet belonging to the Saar

  • Racial Technologies

    • Floating Factory II (Unit Upgrade)

      • Prerequisite: 2 Yellow

      • No Changes

        • Production 7 instead of 5 (Floating Factory1)

        • Movement of 2 instead of 1 (Floating Factory 1)

        • Capacity 5 instead of 4 (Floating Factory 1)

    • Chaos Mapping (Blue)

      • Prerequisite: 1 Blue

      • New: Other players cannot activate asteroid field that contain 1 or more of your ships.

      • New: You can produce for 1 in an system with at least 1 ship.

      • Removed: You can move into asteroid fields with fleet supply 3 (in TI4 this is with Antimass Deflector possible)

The Embers of Muaat 

  • Front: Back: 

  • Race Unit: Prototype War Sun 1 with 12,3×3,1,6 (Reworked old TI3 ability as race unit)

  • Missing: Muaat cannot end in supernova 

  • Flagship Stats are now 8,5×2,1,3 instead of 10,5×3,1,4

  • Starting Technology are now 1 red (Plasma Scoring) instead of 2 yellow (Enviro Compensator) and 1 red (War Sun)

  • Promissory Note ”Fires of the Gashlai”: As an action, may remove 1 token from the Embers’ Fleet Pool and gain the War Sun technology card

  • Racial Technologies

    • Prototype War Sun II (Unit Upgrade)

      • Prerequisite: 1 Yellow, 3 Red

      • New: Movement increased to 3 instead of 2

    • Magmus Reactor (Red)

      • Prerequisite: 2 Red

      • New: You can move into supernovas. You gain 1 trade good if you use production in a system with a war sun or adjacent to a supernova

      • Removed: War Suns have +1 Movement and cost 10 (Refactored in Unit Upgrade: Prototype War Sun II)

    • Removed Nova Seed

      • As an action, you may remove the card from the game to replace a system you control with a Supernova system tile. This may not be used on mecatol Rex, a Home System, or adjacent to a red-bordered system

The Emirates of Hacan 

  • Front: Back: 

  • Abilities

    • New: You can negotiate transaction with players who are not your neighbor

    • Reworked: Action cards can be part of your transaction (TI3: You can trade actions cards during Status Phase)

    • Removed: Nobody can break Trade Contracts, unless starting a war with you

    • Removed: Your trades don’t require approval

  • Flagship

    • Stats are now 8,7×2,1,3 instead of 10,7,2,4

    • Reworked: You can now spend 1 TG to apply +1 to the result instead of rerolling one die

  • Starting Technology

    • Antimass Deflectors (blue) instead of Enviro Compensator (yellow)

  • Promissory Note “Trade Convoys”: Place face up, you may have transactions with anyone even if you are not neighbors. Returned if you attack the Hacan

  • Racial Technologies

    • Quantum Datahub Node (Yellow)

      • Prerequisite: 3 Yellow

      • New: You must now spend 1 CC and 3 Trade Goods to swap Strategy Cards

    • Production Biomes (Green)

      • Prerequisite: 2 Green

      • Reworked: Exhaust as Action with 1 CC to gain 4 Trade Goods and another player get 2 Trade Goods.

      • Removed: Limitation that you can only use if you have less than 6 Trade Goods

The Federation of Sol 

  • Front: Back:

  • Race Unit: Advanced Carrier

    • Capacity 6 instead of 4

  • Race Unit: Spec Ops (Ground Forces)

    • Combat value 7 instead of 8

  • Abilities

    • Reworked: You now gain 1 additional CC EVERY Status Phase

  • Flagship

    • Stats are now 8,5×2,1,12 instead of 10,5×3,1,3

    • Remove: GF on this ship do not count towards its capacity (instead this ship has 12 capacity)

    • New: At the end of the status phase, place 1 infantry from your reinforcements in this system’s space area

  • Starting Technology

    • Neural Motivator (green) instead of Cybernetics (green)

    • Antimass Deflectors (blue)

  • Starting Units added 3 Fighters

  • Promissory Note “Military Support”: Return at the start of Sol turn to place 2 infantry on one of your planets, and the Sol lose 1 Strategy counter

  • Racial Technologies

    • Spec Ops II (Unit Upgrade)

      • Prerequisite: 2 Green

      • Combat 6 instead of 7 (Infantry II)

      • You need a 5 instead of a 6 (Infantry II) to revive the Infantry next turn on the home system 

      • Removed: Each time you roll a 1 during Invasion combat, you may re-roll that die. You must use the second result

    • Advanced Carrier II (Unit Upgrade)

      • Prerequisite: 2 Blue

      • No Changes Capacity 8 instead of 6 (Carrier II) with Sustain Damage ability

The Ghosts of Creuss 

  • Front: Back: 

  • Abilities

    • New: +1 movement if starting in home system or system with a or b wormhole

    • Removed: can no longer block wormholes

    • Reworked: Creuss Gate does not count as a home system (in TI3 it counted for objectives) 

  • Flagship

    • Stats are now 8,5,1,3 instead of 10,4,1,3

    • Rule clarification for flagship d wormhole

      • Flagship may move BEFORE or AFTER all other ships

  • Starting Technology 1 blue (Gravity Drive) instead of 2 (Antimass Deflectors, XRD Transporters)

  • Promissory Note “Creuss IFF”: Return to move or place a Creuss Wormhole Token into a system that either contains one of your planets or does not contain enemy ships

  • Racial Technologies

    • Wormhole Generator (Blue)

      • Prerequisite: 2 Blue

      • Refactored: You can now place the A or B wormhole token in a system that contains a planet you control or any non-home systems without enemy ships (TI3: only allowed friendly non-home systems and empty ones)

        • If all players have ships only in the homeworlds you can place the token on any non-homeworld tile

    • Dimensional Splicer (Red)

      • Prerequisite: 1 Red

      • No Changes: At the start of a battle in a system containing a Wormhole and at least 1 of your ships, you may assign 1 hit to 1 enemy ship of your choice

The L1z1x Mindnet 

  • Front: Back:

  • Race Unit: Have Super Dreadnought from the beginning 

    • 2 capacity instead of 1 (TI3 this was the Dreadnought Invasion Pod)

    • Unit Upgrade changes Combat and Movement 

  • Abilities

    • New: Conquer PDS and Space docks 

    • New: Can bombard every round 

    • Remove all old abilities 

      • Dreadnought cost now 4 for everybody

      • Dreadnought combat value is increased by Unit Upgrades 

      • You have no additional CC from the Start

  • Flagship Stats are now 8,5×2,1,5 instead of 11,5×3,1,2

  • Starting Technology

    • Neural Motivator (green) instead of Stasis Capsules (green)

    • Plasma Scoring (red) instead of Hylar V Assault Laser (red)

    • Removed also Enviro Compensator (yellow)

    • Removed also Cybernetics (green)

  • Promissory Note “Cybernetic Enhancements”: Return at the start of your turn to steal one Strategy counter from the L1Z1X

  • Racial Technologies

    • Super-Dreadnought II (Unit Upgrade)

      • Prerequisite: 2 Blue, 1 Yellow

      • Combat 4 instead of 5 (Dreadnought II) 

      • Bombardment 4 instead of 5 (Dreadnought II)

    • Inheritance Systems (Yellow)

      • Prerequisite: 2 Yellow

      • No Changes: Spend 2 Trade Goods to ignore technology prerequisite

The Mentak Coalition 

  • Front: Back:

  • Ability Reworked: If one of you neighbour gains trade goods or resolve a transaction and he has 3 or more trade goods, you can take 1 of his trade goods or commodities 

    • TI3: You can can take one trade good from two different players during the status phase if they have at least 3 trade goods

  • Missing: No return fire is allowed on before combat fire 

  • Flagship Stats are now 8,7×2,1,3 instead of 8,5×2,2,2

  • Starting Technology 1 yellow (Sarween Tools) and 1 red (Plasma Scoring) instead of 1 yellow (Enviro Compensator) and 1 red (Hylar V Assault Laser)

  • Starting Units

    • 2 Cruisers  instead of 3 Cruisers

    • New: 3 Fighters

  • Promissory Note “Promise of Protection”: Placed face up, Mentak cannot steal from you. Returned if you activate a Mentak system

  • Racial Technologies

    • Mirror Computing (Yellow)

      • Prerequisite: 3 Yellow

      • No Changes: 1 Trade Good count as 2

    • Salvage Operations (Yellow)

      • Prerequisite: 2 Yellow

      • Reworked: You get now only 1 Trade Good for each space battle, but if you won you can still rebuild a destroyed ship

The Naalu Collective 

  • Front: Back: 

  • Race Unit: Hybrid Crystal Fighter I with Combat 8 instead of 9 (default) (Reworked old TI3 ability as race unit)

  • Ability Rework: You now have a Naalu “0” token to indicate that you are first in initiative order

  • Flagship

    • Stats are now 8,9×2,1,6 instead of 10,8×2,2,6

    • Reworked: During invasion you can use fighters as like ground forces (TI3: +3 Fleet Supply)

  • Starting Technology

    • Neural Motivator (green) instead of Antimass Deflectors (blue)

    • Sarween Tools (yellow) instead of Enviro Compensator (yellow)

  • Starting Units 3 Fighters instead of 4 Fighters

  • Promissory Note “Gift of Prescience”: Return at the end of the Strategy Phase to steal the Naalu’s Initiative 0 token and gain that ability this round

  • Racial Technologies

    • Hybrid Crystal Fighter II (Unit Upgrade)

      • Prerequisite: 1 Green, 1 Blue

      • New: Combat value 7 instead of 8 (Fighter II)

      • Reworked: Only Fighters count ? against fleet supply (TI3: Carriers and Fighters count ? against the fleet supply)

    • Neuroglaive (Green)

      • Prerequisite: 3 Green

      • Reworked: If the opponent activate a system that contains 1 or more of your ships (TI3: what is under your control) remove 1 CC from his Fleet Supply

The Nekro Virus 

  • Front: Back:

  • Abilities

    • Reworked: You now predict once in the agenda phase the outcome, if correct you gain 1 technology 

    • Reworked: You gain now once in combat directly a technology if 1 opponent ship is destroyed

  • Flagship 

    • Stats are now 8,9×2,1,3 instead of 9,9×3,1,1

    • Ability switched with The Yin Brotherhood

      • TI4: Ground Forces can participate in battle

      • TI3: KAMIKAZE, if this unit is destroyed destroy all other units

  • Starting Technology Gen Synthesis (green) and Hylar V Assault Laser (red) are replaced by two racial technologies (Valefar Assimilator X, Valefar Assimilator Y)

  • Starting Unit

    • 1 Dreadnought instead of 1 Mechanized Unit

    • 1 Cruiser instead of 2 Cruiser

    • New: 2 Fighters

  • Promissory Note “Antivirus”: Nekro cannot copy techs from you during combat. Returned if you attack the Nekro Virus

  • Racial Technologies

The Universities of Jol-Nar 

  • Front: Back:

  • Abilities

    • Removed: Reroll a die for a CC

    • Reworked: You must now spend a CC to resolve the primary Technology Strategy Card ability instead 

      • You can no longer execute primary and secondary ability from technology 

    • New: Ignore 1 prerequisite of a non unit upgrade technology

  • Flagship

    • Stats are now 8,6×2,1,3 instead of 10,2×2,2,2

    • Rework: 9 or 10 before applying modifiers produces 2 additional hits, in TI3 natural rolled 10 produces 2 hits

      • Maybe some cards can flip the die?

  • Starting Technology

    • Hylar V Assault Laser (red) replaced with Plasma Scoring (red)

    • Enviro Compensator (yellow) replaced with Neural Motivator (green)

  • Promissory Note “Research Agreement”: Return after the Jol-Nar research a tech to gain that tech

  • Racial Technologies

    • Spacial Conduit Cylinder (Blue)

      • Prerequisite: 2 Blue

      • Reworked: You now exhaust this card if you have at least one unit in the activated system (TI3: you must only control the system) and then all systems with at least one unit are adjacent (TI3: all controlled systems were adjacent)

    • E-Res Siphons (Yellow)

      • Prerequisite: 2 Yellow

      • Reworked: You now get 4 Trade Goods if an enemy activates your system (TI3: 3 trade goods)

The Winnu 

  • Front: Back: 

  • Abilities

    • New: You do not have to pay 6 influence to remove the 1 victory point token from Mecatol Rex

    • New: You can place 1 PDS and 1 Space Dock on Mecatol Rex for free if you gain control of it during a tactical action

    • Remove: Planets are immune to Local Unrest Action Card

    • Remove: You must not spend a CC to execute the Secondary ability of the Technology Strategy Card

    • Remove: You can always add the influence values of your homeworld to votes

  • Flagship Stats are now 8,7,1,3 instead of 10,7,1,3

  • Starting Technology you can choose any technology without prerequisites instead of 1 blue (Antimass Deflector), 1 yellow (Enviro Compensator) and 1 green (Stasis Capsules)

  • Starting Units 2 Infantry instead of 3 Ground Forces

  • Promissory Note “Acquiescence”: Return at end of Strategy Phase to swap 1 Strategy Card with the Winnu

  • Racial Technologies

    • Lazax Gate Folding (Blue)

      • Prerequisite: 2 Blue

      • Refactored: Action: (TI3: Status Phase) If you control Mecatol Rex (TI3: also if uncontrolled) exhaust this card to place 1 Ground Force on it

      • New: During your  Tactical Actions, if you do not control Mecatol Rex it contains an A and B Wormhole.

    • Hegemonic Trade Policy (Yellow)

      • Prerequisite: 2 Yellow

The Xxcha Kingdom

  • Front: Back: 

  • Abilities

    • Reworked: You can spend 1 CC and change the Agenda Card if reveled (TI3: Similar only for Political Cards)

    • New: After you resolve Diplomacy (either Primary or Secondary abilities) you gain control of 1 empty adjacent planet (not MR).

    • Removed: You can use the primary Diplomacy instead of the secondary

    • Removed: Enemy receives -1 on first space battle and invasion round

  • Flagship

    • Stats are now 8,7×2,1,3 instead of 9,6×2,1,4

    • Reworked: Has 3 Space Cannons instead of 2 PDS

  • Starting Technologies

    • Graviton Layer System (yellow) instead of Enviro Compensator (yellow)

    • Removed: Antimass Deflector (blue)

  • Starting Units now 4 Infantry instead of 2 Ground Forces

  • Promissory Note “Political Favor”: Can be returned to force the Xxcha to use their agenda discard ability

  • Racial Technologies

    • Instinct Training (Green)

      • Prerequisite: 1 Green

      • No Changes: Exhaust this card and spend 1 CC and cancel an Action card.

    • Nullification Field (Yellow)

      • Prerequisite: 2 Yellow

      • Reworked: If an enemy activate a system with at least one ships (TI3: a system you controlled) spend 1 CC to end his turn

The Yin Brotherhood 

  • Front: Back: 

  • Abilities

    • Reworked: You can spend 2 Influence to convert an enemy infantry to yours (TI3: You roll a die, only on 5+)

    • Reworked: You can now sacrifice a cruiser or destroyer after any space battle round to assign 1 hit to a ship of your choice (TI3: Only before the second space battle round)

    • Removed: You can reverse Resource and Influence value as an action

  • Flagship

    • Stats are now 8,9×2,1,3 instead of 10,5×3,1,4

    • Ability switched with The Nekro Virus

      • TI4: KAMIKAZE, if this unit is destroyed destroy all other units

      • TI3: Ground forces can participate in battle

  • Starting Technology

    • Sarween Tools (yellow)

    • Removed Hylar V Assault Laser (red)

    • Removed Automated Defence Turrets (red)

  • Promissory Note “Greyfire Mutagen”: Return after a system is activated to prevent the Yin from using any faction abilities or faction technology during that activation

  • Racial Technologies

    • Yin Spinner (Green)

      • Prerequisite: 2 Green

      • Reworked: When you use production gain 1 free Infantry (TI3: one free unit for each space dock)

    • Impulse Core (Yellow)

      • Prerequisite: 2 Yellow

      • Rework: At the start of a space combat sacrifice a cruiser or destroyer to produce 1 hit that is must the opponent assign to a non-fighter ship

    • Removed Fanaticism

      • You may use your race’s special ability (convert enemy Ground Forces) twice at the start of each Invasion Combat 

The Yssaril Tribes 

  • Front: Back:  

  • Abilities

    • Reworked: You must discard 1 action card to skip your action (stall)

      • TI3: free, but it was not possible to skip two actions in a row

    • Reworked: You draw 1 more action card whenever you draw action cards, but then you must discard 1 from your hand

      • TI3: You draw one additional action card in the status phase

    • Removed: You look into enemy actions cards

  • Flagship Stats are now 8,5×2,2,3 instead of 9,7×2,2,5

  • Starting Technology 1 green (Neural Motivator) instead of 2 blue (Antimass Deflectors, XRD Transporters)

  • Promissory Note “Spy Net”: Return to look at Yssaril’s Action Card hand and take one

  • Racial Technologies

    • Megeon Implants (Green)

      • Prerequisite: 3 Green

      • Refactored: Exhaust to look at opponent's action cards and steal one (TI3: Looking at opponents action cards was an ability)

    • Transparasteel Plating (Green)

      • Prerequisite: 1 Green

      • New: During your turn passed player cannot play action cards.

    • Removed Shuttle Logistics 

      • At the start of the Status Phase, you may choose a system that does not contain any enemy ships. Your GFs in the chosen system may move to any friendly planet in the same or an adjacent system (that does not contain any enemy ships)



  • Plasma Scoring

    • New Technology

    • Prerequisite: Nothing

    • You may roll 1 extra bombardment or PDS roll

  • Magen Defense Grid

    • Prerequisite: 1 Red

    • New: Exhaust the card in an invasion combat with an planetary shield to force your enemy to skip this combat round 

    • Removed: +1 on all PDS rolls, and on all defending Ground Force roll with a PDS present

    • Removed: Ground Forces with PDS get +1 on all combat rolls during Invasion Combat

  • Duranium Armor

    • Prerequisite: 2 Red

    • Reworked: Now you can only repair a damaged unit that did not use sustain damage during this combat round

  • Assault Cannon

    • Prerequisite: 3 Red

    • Removed: Each Dreadnought has a free shot before space combat

    • Added: At the start of a space battle, where you’ve 3+ non-fighter ships, your opponent must destroy a non-fighter ship


  • Sarween Tools

    • Prerequisite: Nothing

    • Reworked: Production power is now combined, it reduces now the cost by 1 in every system (TI3: You get 1 more resource for each space dock)

  • Graviton Laser System

    • Prerequisite: 1 Yellow

    • Added: Before firing with Space Cannons, you can exhaust this card, to force opponent to assign hits to non-fighter ships

    • Removed: One free reroll for each missed PDS roll

  • Transit Diodes

    • Prerequisite: 2 Yellow

    • Reworked: Need to exhaust this card instead of spend 1 Command Counter to move 4 Ground Force to a planet you control

  • Integrated Economy

    • Prerequisite: 3 Yellow

    • Reworked: You can produce units (and must pay for it) after gain control of a planet up to the resource value (TI3: You can place units in activated, adjacent empty or friendly system, ground forces and PDS on any friendly planet in range)


  • Antimass Deflectors 

    • Prerequisite: Nothing

    • New: You can move into asteroid fields

    • New: Now also gives -1 to enemy PDS rolls

  • Gravity Drive 

    • Prerequisite: 1 Blue

    • Reworked: Gives now only +1 movement value to one ship (TI3: +1 Movement to every ship if starting adjacent to Gravity Rift or a Wormhole)

    • Removed: Don’t roll when moving out of a Gravity Rift

  • Fleet Logistics

    • Prerequisite: 2 Blue

    • Minor change: You can now take two actions of any kind (TI3: You can only take two tactical actions)

  • Light/Wave Deflector

    • Prerequisite: 3 Blue

    • No changes:  You can move through enemies ship


  • Neural Motivator

    • Prerequisite: Nothing

    • No Changes: Draw 2 action cards instead of 1

  • Dacxive Animators

    • Prerequisite: 1 Green

    • New: Gives now 1 free infantry to the invaded planet, if invade was successful

    • Removed: After successful invasion, roll for every Ground Force killed. For every 6+ result, revive one Ground Force

      • This is now part of the infantry II Unit Upgrade

  • Hyper Metabolism

    • Prerequisite: 2 Green

    • Reworked: During Status phase, you get 3 CC (Typo), instead of getting +2 (Typo).

    • Removed: Before drawing an action card you can discard 1 and draw a new one.

  • X-89 Bacterial Weapon

    • Prerequisite: 3 Green

    • Removed: Lose all Action Cards.

    • Reworked: Exhaust this card (TI3: Automatically) to destroy all Ground Forces on a planet if the system contains any ship with the bombardment ability.

Unit Upgrades

  • War Sun

    • Prerequisite: 1 Yellow, 3 Red

  • Cruiser II

    • Prerequisite: 1 Green, 1 Yellow, 1 Red

    • Combat increased to 6 from 7

    • Movement increased to 3 from 2

    • Capacity increased to 1 from 0 (TI3: Stasis Capsules)

  • Dreadnought II

    • Prerequisite: 2 Blue, 1 Yellow

    • New: Immune against “Direct Hit” Action Cards

    • Movement increased to 2 from 1 (TI3: Type IV Drive)

  • Destroyer II

    • Prerequisite: 2 Red

    • Combat increased to 8 from 9

    • Anti-Fighter Barrage 6 (x3) instead of 9 (x2) (TI3: Automated Defense Turrets)

  • PDS II

    • Prerequisite: 1 Yellow, 1 Red

    • Can use Space Cannon against ships in adjacent systems (Deep Space Cannon)

    • Space Cannon 5 instead of 6

  • Carrier II

    • Prerequisite: 2 Blue

    • Movement 2 instead of 1 (TI3: XRD Transporters)

    • Capacity 6 instead of 4

  • Fighter II

  • Infantry II

    • Prerequisite: 2 Green

    • Reworked: If this unit dies, roll a die, on 6+ place a unit in this card. Next turn put all units on the card on your home system (TI3: Gen Synthesis)

    • Combat 7 instead of 8

  • Space Dock II

    • Prerequisite: 2 Yellow

    • Reworked: Production value is 4 more than resource value of the planet (TI3: Enviro Compensator)


Al list of all planets can you find here, with the little difference

  • Technology Specialist

    • There are now 2 of each Tech Specialty (TI3: 6 Red, 6 Green, 6 Blue, 0 Yellow)

  • Homeworlds

    • Darien (Yin) have now 4 resources instead of 2  

      • TI3: They could get 4 resources by swapping its resource and influence values, but they lost that ability in TI4

    • Nestphar (Arborec) lost Green Specialist

    • Winnu (Winnu) lost Yellow Specialist

  • 12 red tiles

    • 5 Empty space (TI3: 6 empty spaces)

    • 2 Asteroid fields

    • 1 ?-Wormhole

    • 1 β-Wormhole

    • 1 Supernova

    • 1 Gravity Rift (TI3: not included)

    • 1 Nebula

  • 20 blue tiles

    • 6 one planet systems

    • 2 one planet systems with wormholes

    • 12 two planet systems


Thanks to all suggestion from various contributors, feel free to add you in this section 😉

Thanks to “Steve Williams” for this great summary post on bgg

Thanks to “The Rules Girl” for the great unboxing video with detailed shots of nearly all components 

Thanks to “Zsolt Trásy” for the Technologies section.

Thanks to “Lou Lessing” for the Planet section.

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