UESRPG File/Link Compendium

The Unofficial Elder Scrolls RPG – File/Link Compendium

Welcome to the landing page for the Unofficial Elder Scrolls RPG, a fan-made Tabletop Roleplaying game set in the Elder Scrolls universe as portrayed in the series of video games by Bethesda Softworks. 

Here you will find links to files for the game’s various editions, updates on project status, and links to community pages where you can discuss the game and find others to play with.

We sincerely hope you enjoy playing the game as much as we enjoyed making it!

  • Seht, Anon133, and the rest of the UESRPG design team

Latest News

  • Game Status Update, 8/13/2021: UESRPG 3e is no longer under development. Initial work on the next edition of the game has begun. If you are interested in keeping up to date with the development process, or in joining the design team, drop into the Discord server (linked below) and introduce yourself!

Community Links

Guar and scrib love you, and so do I.

3rd Edition Files 

3rd Edition Game File Downloads (3rd edition, 2nd edition files are on the next page).

UESRPG 3e Living Errata Online reference document for latest changes to the game.

UESRPG “Arcana Unearthed” WIP versions of unreleased material from 3e development.

  • Core Books

    • Core Rulebook (Version 3, v2 is provided for posterity)

The core rules needed to create characters, and play the game.

  • Players Handbook (Version 1)
    Contains new playable races, racial variants and a selection of optional rules for character creation and play that the GM can choose to include in the game.

  • Supplements

    • Scroll of Beasts (Version 1)
      Contains the bestiary profiles for most of the common, and some uncommon beasts and pests of Tamriel.

    • Scroll of Thu’um (Version 1)
      Contains the bestiary profiles for the various Draugr and the Dragon Priest, along with the Tongue elite advance giving access to the powerful Thu’um.

    • Scroll of Undeath (Version 1)
      Contains the bestiary profiles for the various undead foes of tamriel, and the rules for being a necromancer + the Lich elite advance.

    • Scroll of Oblivion (Version 1)
      Contains the bestiary profiles for the commonly summonable daedra, along with the Conjuration school and advanced rituals + rules for crafting daedric gear.

    • Book of Circles (Version 1)
      Contains new weapons and shield types, along with expanded smithing rules.
      Also includes new Weaponry talents, and the Sword-Singer elite advance granting access to the powerful art of Shehai Shen She Ru.

    • Scroll of Solstheim (WiP, ETA unknown at this time)

Contains the bestiary profiles for the unique creatures of Solstheim, and expanded rules for cavalry combat.

  • Scroll of People (Version 1)
    Contains profiles for humanoid NPC’s, ranging from simple bandits to specialized regional NPC’s like the Thalmor Justicar and the Dunmer Mabrigash.

  • Tamrielic Artifacts (Version 1)
    Contains rules for various Aedric, Daedric and man-made Artifacts in Tamriel.

  • Support Files

    • Black Book of Apocrypha (v1.0)

Errata and new/reworked content produced for 3e v3 by Anon133.

  • Character sheets & combat quick references

2nd Edition Files

The 2nd edition of the UESRPG, which is mostly finished. Development has been abandoned in favor of a 3rd edition to improve and streamline core mechanics.

2nd Edition Game File Downloads

  • Core Books

    • Core Rulebook (v1.22)

The core rules needed to create characters, and play the game.

  • Player Handbook (v1.1)

Additional playable races, and advice for players of the game.

  • Supplements

    • Arcane Arts (v1.04)

Introduces rules for a variety of the unique types of magic found throughout the world of the Elder Scrolls.

  • Dark Paths (v1.1)

Introduces rules for Vampires and Werewolves.

  • Inhabitants of Tamriel (v1.01)

A thorough bestiary containing both mundane and magical monsters and NPCs in your campaign.

  • Secrets of the Dwemer (v1.01)

A combination of rules and advice for playing Dwemer characters, and for using Dwemer ruins and artifacts in your campaign.

  • Tamrielic Artifacts (v1.03)

Contains rules for using many famous artifacts from Tamrielic history in your campaign.

  • Support Files: Character sheets (PDF and Excel), Quick Reference.

1st Edition Files (Legacy Version)

The 1st edition of the UESRPG, essentially a heavily modified edition of the Dark Heresy rules.

While heavily outdated, it is listed here for the sake of completion and nostalgia.

1st Edition Game File Downloads

  • Core Rules (Beta 1.05)
    The core rules needed to create characters and play the game.
    Contains several extra rules, various elite advances, artifacts etc.

Other TES RPGs

None of these are ours, but I’ve gathered them from across the internet so you can enjoy them!

Game File Downloads

  • Morrowind RPG .996.8

  • TES Morrowind

  • The Elder Scrolls d100 v0_55

  • The Elder Scrolls d6

  • The Elder Scrolls V – Skyrim – Five Years Later

  • The Elder Scrolls for Savage Worlds v1-2

  • True20 Tamriel

  • The Elder Scrolls RPG

    • Monster Manual

    • History of Tamriel


A cool 5e conversion by Teluusa!


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