Ultimate Guide for a F2P player in Crossing Void

Ultimate Guide for a F2P player from an 8 month Taiwan Server Veteran in Crossing Void

Hello all its JDawgs from the Void Managers on the discord. For those of you who don't want to spend money on the game, (and to be honest I won't be either) here is a guide for how you should manage your resources for the game as you get into it for the real grind! This guide won’t cover any in game mechanics but purely just my recommended ways to get and spend your resources. Here is my character box and team to show you where 8 months has gotten me!


First off, we have Maigo, Your Free maigo can be used for a variety of things, and it’s more than enough for however you want to play the game. You get 50 Maigo a day from daily quest completion, and approximately 100 maigo every 3 days from decrepit dream assuming you don't stuff up ranking and rank around the middle. This means you should get 1000 maigo a month from decrepit dream alone and 1500 maigo a month from daily logins alone. totalling 2500 Maigo every Month from just logging in and ranking average in Decrepit dream. You have the permanent daily sign in bonus every 21 days that gives 200 maigo on the 14th day. Which brings that to 2700 every month. I'm not counting bonuses from events, story completion or achievement rewards either, so in the first month of gameplay you should definitely be able to accumulate a decent amount of Maigo. Here are Images for more details on how to access these sources.

Daily Quest Reward in the Missions tab:

Daily sign in every 21 days:

Decrepit Dream ranking in at average for any F2P Player should be around the Veteran 2 mark. (rewards come in approximately every 3 – 4 days):

Additional Pandemonium Maigo after lvl 45

When you get to level 45 and unlock Pandemonium, for each ticket as long as you clear all 3 floors, you will get 45 maigo, equating to 90 maigo a week (2 tickets a week).

Meaning at lvl 45 + you will be getting an extra 360 maigo every month, bringing us to 3060 maigo a month!

How you can spend your maigo

How you spend your maigo is up to you! Here are a few things that I can recommend or have seen other veterans do:

Progress in the game: 

the game can literally be finished with your starter team (I'm not joking i’ve seen people do it in Taiwan), the only constraint is time. In game you can use 60 maigo to refill 100 energy 4 times every day. For a F2P player this can be done once every 2/days for 40 maigo profit every two days instead. You can do this if you are competitive and want to play the game to see the damage numbers get higher! 

Getting Limited characters: 

Since I am a collector more than anything, this is the option i go with for my maigo. A limited banner comes out every 2 -3 months if global is going to follow Taiwan (though that wasn't the case with the Alice banner this time around). 2 – 3 months = approx 5000 – 7500 maigo saved up. Any limited character can be guaranteed at A class or Above on the 34th roll, and each roll costs around 150 free maigo, adding up to 5100 maigo for a guaranteed limited . This means you only need 2 months of game play to save enough maigo for a Limited character. Limited banners also come back eventually so that means if you really want a certain limited character, you definitely are going to be able to obtain them eventually! Even if you do get your limited character at A class you can use talent shuffle with the origin fragments you get for free to give them good talents and maybe even promote them to S class if you are lucky! The difference between A and S is very small and doesn't make too much of a difference later on unless the S class's 4th talent is at a high level. 

Just use it for normal gacha: 

So you don't want limited Waifus/Husbandos, fair enough, just save both your maigo and tickets for 91 S guarantee of a rate up of any character that comes, plenty of those will happen as the game goes along so keep an eye out for those!

Gacha Tickets

Gacha tickets can both be used for Normal Gacha banners, rate ups and Also Impression Gacha, for the late game. I suggest that you save your gacha tickets up for at least a 91 pull for future banners instead of relying on luck to get the characters you want, otherwise you are really going to experience gacha hell.


Free roll:

Everyday you already get a free roll for gacha in any banner apart from limited banners, I suggest investing those in the normal banner to increase the rate up for S or for a banner you want to pull 91 for so that you can discount 7-8 pulls of it and make it easier on your saved gacha tickets or maigo. 

Guild Shop:

If your guild is active, you can also buy gacha tickets using the guild honor you get for contributing to the guild's donations and also via Void agency. This can be done 5 times every day. There are also a variety of other goodies you can buy from there as well so check it out when you get in a guild. 

Daily Login Bonus:

Every 21 days from daily login you can get 2 gacha tickets from the 3 day login reward, this can be accessed through the events tab on the main menu screen. You also get 1 gacha ticket from each of the other “weekly” milestones (7 day, 14 day and 21 day) rewards.

Expedition shop:

Every week expedition shop resets and you can also buy 2 gacha tickets from there, you can either save your expedition coins for the gacha tickets and origin fragments or for an S class character (Haruyuki sup and Alicia sup) or even swimsuit mikoto in the encounter section. (will take a grind but it’s definitely worth it) 


These are all the reliable sources you can obtain gacha tickets other than in game events, first time rewards and compensation rewards.

The rarity of the impression gacha tickets is completely understandable with so many sources to earn gacha tickets for.

Gacha points

Gacha points can be earned by pulling in both normal, rate up banners and Limited banners. Even the daily pull gives gacha points. Each pull gives 15 gacha points that can be used in the exchange shop to exchange for either an S character or an S hue (not recommended to get hues), this exchange shop rotates every week and includes new characters that get released as well (apart from Limited characters). Below are some examples of what can be exchanged:

So in fact, we actually have 2 pity systems: the 91 guarantee (34 limited A class guarantee for Limited banners), and the gacha point system which can be used to redeem an S class character of your choice as long as it’s in rotation.


The game is fairly free 2 play as you can see, and lots of your currency can be saved up rather quickly and allow you to choose what you want to spend on. Even if you have the worst luck in the world, you can still use the game’s gacha point system to redeem an S class character. As mentioned before the sources above are the consistent and reliable sources you can get the premium currency for and there are more events and login rewards that can happen which can provide even more of it! Hopefully this guide helped you with your resource management for now! Thank you for reading for now, I may update it in the future with more content later on if I find something that I have missed!

Contact me/feedback/questions

If you have any questions or feedback about the guide please DM me in discord, my discord name is : JDawgs#4979

Update Log:

30/11/2019: Added an additional source of maigo that is available after lvl 45 (Pandemonium).

26/05/2021: Removed the share for gacha ticket since it is now no longer available. Added more info on the update to login bonuses (7 day, 14 day and 21 day) milestones now give + 1 gacha ticket

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