Van Richten’s Reading Guide for Curse of Strahd Players


Safe/Mostly Safe/Mostly Unsafe/Prohibited 

Mandatory Reading

Recommend Reading

Prohibited Reading


Mostly Unsafe/Prohibited

*While there are no spoilers for Curse of Strahd in the Introduction, there are heavy lore spoilers for the uninitiated. Avoid if possible. 

Chapter 1: Character Creation


Pages 13-15: Haunted Heroes

Pages 31-37: Backgrounds and Horror Trinkets

Chapter 2: Creating Domains of Dread

Mostly Safe

Pages 56-57: Gothic Horror

Chapter 3: Domains of Ravenloft

Mostly Safe

Pages 61-65: 

Nature of  Ravenloft

Pages 66-71: Barovia

Pages 174-183:

Travellers in the Mist + Mist Wanderers 

Chapter 4: Horror Adventures

Mostly Safe

Page 190: Ask Permission

Page 195: Fear and Stress

Pages 185-186: Preparing for Horror

Page 191: Tarroka Deck and Spirit Board

Page 202-221: House of Lament

Chapter 5: Monsters of Ravenloft 


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