Vilandre – PnP



  Tokens for loot (explained in rules)

  Poison & Power Crystal Markers

Write”Loot” on the back of these cards (Not the tokens)


Write “Creatures” on the back of these cards

Write a 1, 2 & 3 respectively on the back of each of the tiles marked in the bottom left corners.


Tile Placing Adventure Game

1-4 players

30-45 Minutes

Ages 10+

Aside from this PnP you will need two d6. Anytime the rules mention "roll the dice" 2 d6 will be rolled.

You will need some kind of token to mark movement for your characters. The finished product will come with Meeples. You will also need some markers to track health for each character & damage for the tile boss. (whatever works best)

How to win:

The dungeon is separated into 3 levels of tiles.

Be the first player to maneuver through the tiles & defeat the Tile Boss hidden beyond level 3.


Each player chooses a character card & token(this can be anything to distinguish the characters from one another), then places a health marker at max health on their character card. (If at any time your health is reduced to 0 your character dies and is removed from the game). Place the Start Tile down face up. Each player places their character token on the Start Tile. This token will be moved from tile to tile to track that player's movement.


There is a creature deck, loot deck (armor, weapons & mimics), and 3 individually leveled Tile Decks.

Remove the Advance Tile from each Tile Deck. Place these beside each other, face down, to form 3 Tile stacks. Shuffle all decks individually then draw and place 4 tiles on each Tile stack. (These tiles are placed on their respective tile level stack) Place the “Boss Tile” on the bottom of the level 3 stack. Shuffle the creature & loot decks as well.

The player who most recently visited a cave gets to go first. (Or went hiking, some sort of adventure, etc.)

Possible Turn Choices

On your turn you may choose one of the following actions:

  1. Move

  2. Fight

  3. Flee

  4. Loot


You can choose to either move to a tile that is already flipped or to a new tile. When moving to a new tile, draw the tile from the respective Tile level stack and place it adjacent to the previous tile you moved from. This tile must be positioned with the open slots directly touching the adjacent tiles open slots. If the new tile has multiple open slots then the player who is placing it gets to choose how to place it.

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When a new tile is placed, draw a number of creature cards from the creature deck equal to the number of players (unless the tile is a Special Tile – See Special Tile Rules). Place the creatures in a single stack face up on the new tile. The top most creature is considered the active creature for that tile. The other creatures are not active until they are revealed. (During this process if no creatures remain in the creature deck, shuffle the creature discard pile and continue drawing until you have placed all the creatures.)

Then, if there is an active creature on the tile you moved to, you will immediately fight it. (This is also true when moving to a tile that was already flipped.)

When moving you may also choose to move up to 2 tiles. In order to move this way, there must be no active creatures on the first tile you move through. Entering a trap tile triggers traps as normal.

Creatures & Fighting

You can determine a creature's attack & toughness based on the tile level it is located on. On the right side of every creature are rows indicating the creature’s stats per tile level. First row is lvl 1, 2nd is lvl2, etc.

Fighting & defeating the active creature.

Roll the dice, add your weapon & character attack stats to your final total. If the total matches or beats the creature's toughness then you defeat the creature and place it into the creature discard pile. You may then “quick loot” the tile (See loot rules) since you defeated a creature. Then, if any creatures remain on the tile, the top most creature on the stack becomes the new active creature.

If you do not defeat the active creature in this process, then it will attack you. This is done by another player rolling the dice. Add the creature's attack bonus to the final total, and if that total matches or beats your character's toughness then you take a point of damage. Do this by moving your health marker down by 1.


You may choose to run away from, or past, a tile that contains an active creature. In order to successfully flee the tile you must roll the dice and get an 7 or higher. If you do not the active creature immediately attacks you (you do not get a chance to attack). You cannot flee from the lady tile into the boss fight.

When fleeing you may move up to 2 tiles. In order to move this way, there must be no active creatures on the first tile you move through. Entering a trap tile triggers traps as normal.


You may only have 1 weapon & 1 armor at any time. When looting you may discard your new or old loot card(respectively). You cannot move and loot on the same turn (unless you defeated a creature). The Start Tile cannot be looted.

In order to loot a tile, the tile must contain no active creature. The only exception to this rule is “quick loot”. After defeating a creature you may "quick loot" the tile (this simply follows the loot rules below.)

In order to loot, roll the dice.


Lvl 1: 5Lvl 2: 6Lvl 3: 7

If the total matches or beats the table above, then draw a loot card and place it on your Character Card. If you loot on a level 2 tile, then place a +1 marker on the loot. If you loot on a level 3 tile, then place a +2 marker on the loot. (Token markers are on pg 4 of PnP)

Note: If you draw the mimic card from the loot pile then you must immediately fight the mimic. If it is not defeated, then it becomes the active creature, on that looted tile, specifically for the Player that looted the tile. No other players may fight this mimic. This mimic is not active for any other player (so they will ignore movement rules for this mimic)

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Whenever a mimic is defeated draw a loot card from the deck and place an additional +1 marker on it.

Inaction Rule

If a player chooses to actively avoid advancing the game (I.E: Purposefully avoiding combat, excessively looting the same tile successfully, etc.), then another player may choose to cast a vote to place a curse on the character. This curse removes all of their loot, and places a permanent debuff on the player that makes it so that player cannot gain any loot for the rest of the game.

Special Tiles

Trap Tiles

If the tile is a Trap Tile, then no creatures will be placed on the tile. When moving onto a Trap Tile you must attempt to dodge the trap. In order to do so, roll the dice and the total must match or beat the following table. 

Lvl 1: 5Lvl 2: 6Lvl 3: 7

If the roll is successful, then you dodged the trap and can move freely on your next turn. 

Spike Pit – Trap Tile

If you fail the Trap roll, you fall into the Spike Pit. Take 1 point of damage and forfeit your next turn.

Poison Arrow – Trap Tile

If you fail the Trap roll then you become poisoned. At the end of your next two turns, take 1 point of damage.

Power Crystal Tile

When a Power Crystal Tile is flipped you will place half the amount of creatures, rounded up, on this tile. You cannot quick loot this tile.

When no creatures remain on the Power Crystal Tile, then you may spend your turn to Loot the tile for a Power Crystal (see loot rules)

If you successfully Loot for a Power Crystal, then instead of drawing a card from the loot deck you gain a Power Crystal Token (each Player can only have a max of 2)

Using a Power Crystal:

During combat after you have rolled to attack, you can spend your Power Crystal to add an additional 2 points of Damage to your Total. Then you will remove a Power Crystal token from your character card. (see Creatures & Fighting Rules for more info)

Treasure Tile

Many creatures have been defeated on this tile before you. When looting this tile add a +1 to your roll. Does not count during quick looting.

Cave In Tile

The ruins rumble and create a cave in. The player who flips this tile takes 1 point of damage. This tile has no ways out but the way you entered.

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Advancing Tile Levels

A single tile from each level will be specially labeled as “Advance to X”. These tiles were specifically placed at the bottom of each Tile Stack. Only level 2 tiles can be placed on the Level 1 Advance Tile. Only level 3 tiles can be placed on the Level 2 Advance Tile.The TIle Boss can only be fought by advancing through the “Advance to Tile Boss” tile.

Character Abilities

Each character's ability is unique. Some are static, while others can be used once or multiple times. Please refer to the character cards to see when, and how many times they can be used.

Some abilities affect combat rolls. These abilities must be used before you roll to attack. 

Other abilities do not directly affect combat. If used on a tile that contains an active creature, the creature will not attack you unless you attacked it last turn and didn't defeat it. 

Tile Boss

The Tile Boss is located by discovering the specially marked level 3 tile at the end of the adventure “Advance to TIle Boss”. Be wary, you will need some good loot in order to defeat the Tile Boss.

Note: Each player will be treating the Tile Boss as a separate individual fight. So each player's progress should be tracked separately. When you enter the Tile Boss Room place a health marker on your section of the Tile Boss' card at full health.

Fighting the Tile Boss is a little different than fighting the other creatures. Follow the same Fight rules except the Tile Boss has a Health Bar (Tracked separately for each character). Each time you match or beat the Tile Boss' toughness then it takes a point of damage on your section of the Tile Boss' health bar. Move the health marker down by 1. Then the Tile Boss will attack you after each of your turns. When the Tile Boss' health reaches zero then you have defeated the Tile Boss and won the game. 

Congratulations! You crawled your way through the Ruins of Vilandre and you are VICTORIOUS!!! 

Rules v2.01

? 2020 Artisan Games 

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