Vinesauce Is Hope 2019 ARG Speculation Station:

Vinesauce Is Hope 2019 ARG Speculation Station:

The Great Scumsoft Compromise of July 2019

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Table of Contents




Youtube Videos:


Recovery Guide

Overnight System Recovery Sequence

DAY 2/3

Primary Recovery State

The Fun Zone

Scumgeon Code Wheel Parts

Scrungus Code Wheel

Employee Accounts

7zip files



Recent Findings (Unorganized, Unsolved)


Briefing: Scumsoft is a game development company responsible for the release of VineToad’s Treasure Island and Vine Wrestlemania. Last year Scumsoft’s phone number (415 – 966 – 4151)

Last Year

To see what scumsoft looked like last year, check out the archive:

To hear what scumsofts number was like last year, check out this video:

This Year

A week ago, the scumsoft number was defunct. As in, calling it yielded no results. As of July 15, 2019, the phone number is back in service, and the scumsoft website was updated, displaying a “CRITICAL SYSTEM FAILURE” error (Seen below)

Calling the phone number as of July 15, 2019 will result in this response:

It is believed the person behind the phone is saying “Scumsoft Automated Systems have been compromised”


Youtube Channel


Briefing: Investigator91 is a youtube channel and twitter account created by [Redacted].

Investigator91 is curious about a video game in a video claims not to be his own, recorded June 26, 2006. In a twitter post, Investigator91 says that he was beaten to the punch.


Hey giant collective brain of the internet: does anybody know what this is? I was told to keep an eye out for something similar to this and it looks like this guy beat me to it. Can anyone tell what's going on in the video?

Wow! I'm glad I decided to finally post about this online. I hope we can figure this out together. Does anyone know what the score means? It seems so arbitrary to me.

Is there somewhere else we can use the scores from the video? What other computer things use groups of numbers like this? I'm not very good at computers to be honest, I just recently started getting brave enough to use the internet.

Oh my GOD this website is terrifying! "Obtained illegally"? I hope I'm not going to regret sharing this with everyone. 

I've been clicking around the website with you guys trying to find more of these "recovery codes". I hear the weird voices on the front page, but what really gets me are the long static drone noises of the other pages. It's like they're trying to communicate to us.

I feel like we're soooo close to getting that command! There's clearly a lot of messed up looking images all over the site. Can we salvage anything from them?

Great work everyone! I wish this recovery thing wasn't so slow though. I'm excited, but also afraid it will confirm my suspicions about where these files came from. Sorry about being vague. I'll keep an eye on the restoration and let you all know when it's done.

It sure wasn't kidding about the 24 hour thing. How did we deal with slow computers back then? However, I do have good news. When restoration takes this long, it means there will be DOUBLE the amount of content. Come back tomorrow afternoon, we'll work on this all day AND night!

Are you still there? The recovery finally finished! There's so much more here than I originally thought. There's no way I could sift through all this data alone. I'll try to put context to what you're seeing as I see it. Good luck.

Whoever left those notes behind must have a good grasp on how this site works. Remember when we ran a "/cmd/" on the messed up site a few days ago? We can probably use it here too but maybe put something else we found after it instead.

I find it interesting how this person said it was easy for them to pass the interview process after they asked around. Is there anywhere we can get more information on that? Don't give up on trying to find the /cmd/ thing too, it's been a lot of fun so far.

When I watch that video again, at the end he finds the correct way to step through the whole thing without stopping and analyzing it. It would be easy to remember something like that for your first day on the job. Also, has anyone tried running /cmd/ on everything that we found?

Remember how a few days ago we made a /cmd/ by combining a long series of words that were scattered all over? It probably works a similar way here. We were throwing around all kinds of random words earlier, let's find a way to put them in order and throw it at the system.

Youtube Videos:

Found a strange old game

What happens in “found a strange old game” video:

In the bottom left corner of the screen, scores appear. Those scores are





Turning those into an IP address gives us

Now the fun begins… is a website found from Investigator91’s first video, utilizing the points that Investigator91 gets in the game. This website is a corrupted version of .


We discovered the main site for the ARG;, from the video InvestiGator sent us as explained above. We have to find 5 ‘recovery codes’ so we can dig deeper into the site.

Recovery Guide

The error code at the top of the page means recovery guide, which leads to, requiring 5 recovery codes:

1: Sequence

2: Recovery
3: Overnight
4: Initiate
5: System

(Later it was discovered that the correct order is Initiate Overnight System Recovery Sequence)

There are bolded question marks on the main page. Hovering over them reveals numbers. Those numbers read:

101 99 110 101 117 113 101 115. Converting those numbers from decimal turns them into “ecneuqes,” which is sequence spelled backwards

The 4 broken webpages (,,, contain audio files. Each has a spectrogram revealing 2 letters each. Those letters spell out recovery

The main page contains a string of numbers:

119 101 108 99 111 109 101 32 116 79 32 63 63 63 32 63 63 63 63 63 63 63 63 32 63 63 63 63 63 63 63 63 33 32 119 101 39 86 101 32 98 101 101 110 32 112 114 111 100 117 99 105 110 103 32 63 63 63 63 63 63 63 32 63 63 63 63 63 32 63 63 63 63 32 63 63 63 63 63 63 63 63 63 63 63 63 32 102 111 114 32 108 111 110 103 69 114 32 116 104 97 110 32 63 63 63 32 63 63 32 63 63 32 63 63 63 32 63 63 63 63 63 63 63 63 46 32 101 118 101 110 32 116 104 111 117 103 104 32 63 63 63 32 63 63 63 63 32 63 63 32 63 63 63 63 63 44 32 119 101 32 110 101 118 101 82 32 63 63 63 63 32 63 63 32 63 63 63 63 32 63 63 63 32 63 63 63 63 63 63 63 63 63 63 63 63 32 111 102 32 63 63 63 32 63 63 63 63 32 63 63 63 63 32 63 63 63 63 63 63 63 63 32 63 63 63 63 63 63 63 46 32 111 118 101 114 32 116 104 101 32 121 101 97 114 115 32 119 101 39 118 101 32 63 63 63 63 63 63 32 63 63 63 63 32 63 63 63 63 44 32 97 110 100 32 78 111 119 32 63 63 63 63 32 63 63 63 63 63 63 63 63 32 63 63 63 63 63 63 63 63 63 63 63 32 63 63 32 63 63 63 63 46 32 63 63 63 63 63 32 63 63 63 32 73 115 32 97 32 63 63 63 32 63 63 63 63 63 63 63 63 63 32 71 63 63 63 32 102 111 114 32 63 63 63 32 40 63 63 63 32 63 63 63 63 63 63 41 32 97 110 100 32 63 63 63 32 63 63 63 63 33 32 99 72 101 99 107 32 111 117 116 32 63 63 63 32 63 63 63 63 63 32 63 63 63 63 63 63 63 32 102 111 114 32 100 101 84 97 105 108 115 32 111 110 32 63 63 63 32 63 63 63 63 63 63 32 63 63 63 63 63 63 46

When decoded from decimal, it reads

welcome tO ??? ???????? ????????! we'Ve been producing ??????? ????? ???? ???????????? for longEr than ??? ?? ?? ??? ????????. even though ??? ???? ?? ?????, we neveR ???? ?? ???? ??? ???????????? of ??? ???? ???? ???????? ???????. over the years we've ?????? ???? ????, and Now ???? ???????? ??????????? ?? ????. ????? ??? Is a ??? ????????? G??? for ??? (??? ??????) and ??? ????! cHeck out ??? ????? ??????? for deTails on ??? ?????? ??????.

The capitalized letters spell overnight.

On the home page, there is a bar with the colors red, green, and blue.

When you save this image, and open it as a text document, at the start it spells out “i n it ate”, or well, initiate.

Splitting up the frames from and analyzing individual blocks, aligning those blocks on the grid from reveals the word system, in hexadecimal.

Overnight System Recovery Sequence

Putting the words in the right order (Initiate Overnight System Recovery Sequence) after “”, gave us the link , which told us to wait up to 24 hours & to get some sleep, concluding day 1.

DAY 2 3

Primary Recovery State tells us that the files will be available at within 24 hours of completing Day 1’s challenge. Now, was it 24 hours? No. It was ~36 hours.

As of July 17, 2019 (24+ Hours after solving day one :^) ) is revealed, showing us remnants of the scumsoft main website.

Home Page

The home page of Primary Recovery State.

About Us

At the bottom of the About Us page, there are two x’s. Hovering over the bottom x reads:

If youve made it this far, then you youre [sic] probably in search of what happened here. I cant tell just anyone. Theyre still out there looking for us. Looking for him…and her. I convinced someone to infiltrate their hiding spot and break or steal a bunch of their things, but the fact that youre here now means it was worth it. This is our story.” Image 2 says: “I interned here long ago. It was easy to get the job if you knew who to ask and what to ask. They assigned me a guest account. It can be accessed with /employeelogin/username/password, but youll have to figure out what they are. Everyone here had an account. Use a /cmd/ after this recovery state followed by anything suspicious, it might contain data that you can extract. Ill see you at the end. Good luck.”


The Help Page of Primary Recovery State reveals a small friend named Drippy. You can use the text box provided on his page to input words. Certain words will yield certain results. Capitalization does not affect the results.


Game’s page lists a bunch of different scumsoft games which click through to image galleries. Used to solve later puzzles.


The Fun! Page of Primary Recovery State contains a number of gifs. A notable gif is “lights.gif

This gif has lights that light up randomly. Those light numbers are: 2, 15, 4, 1, 3, 9, 15, 21, 19. When turning those numbers into letters, it spells out “BODACIOUS”

There are also a bunch of gifs on the page, each having a specific word that appears when you hover over them:

1 Baby – Anchovy

2 Skull – Bugle

3 Y2K – Zombie

4 Robot – Mudman

5 Skeleton – Yacht

6 Bunny – Crane

7 Party Hat – Waffle

8 Grover – Fajita

9 Peanut – Dog

10 Man – Haircut

11 Hamster – Electron

12 Mushroom – Vacuum

13 Crowned Frog – Xenon

14 Alien – Umami

15 Clown – Gecko

16 Phone – Topaz

17 Banana – Swamp

18 Snowman – Isopod

19 Spinning Man – Rubble

20 Astronaut – Jackalope

21 Stick Man – Quail

22 Cartoon Frog – Ketchup

23 Cat – Postbox

24 Gnome – Liquid

25 Green Man – Onion

26 Smol Dog – Napkin

These two elements turned out to be the next step: primaryrecoverystate/cmd/bugleoniondoganchovycraneisopodonionumamiswamp/ led to a new page, claiming an unknown party issued a data extraction and asking for a security override.


This overlay is for the Emergency Recovery Guide from Day 1.

Decrypting this gives “cmsuegstu02”, which rearranges to “scumguest02”, our username mentioned by the intern.

For our password, we used the hints provided by InvestiGator91 to put in a password one would use to solve the puzzle in the video: xdoggunx.

Reading the emails suggests to go to drippy with a new instruction from Tara, and the PFS at the bottom of the page holds the first portion of a code wheel.

Drippy input

Drippy Output


Hail, and well met newcomer! It is I,

The Dripping One, and I'm here to send

you off on your first quest as a

citizen of Scumsoftia. Say I am ready

to venture forth to continue.


Tell me, newcomer, what is it you seek?

Say I seek the…


What wheel are you referring to?


Ahhhh, the Wheel of Wisdom, a noble

pursuit! I see that part 2 of the

wheel has already been bestowed upon

you by the wise, mighty, powerful,

beautiful, creative, pulchritudinous

Tara! You must be in search of its

better half. Say I wish to restore the

wheel to its full potential.


Just as I'm about to hand you the

wheel, a wild Goblinoid appears and

snatches it away! What do you do? Say

I wish to attack the Goblinoid or I

wish to cower in fear.


You strike the Goblinoid with great

force, but, unfortunate for you,

violence has no place in this world.

Your journey ends here.


You drop your weapons, fall down to

your knees, and cower in fear. The

Goblinoid, a so-called adversary to

the human race, gazes down upon you

sympathetically. He gently sets the

wheel down beside you, and wishes you

goodluck on your journey. Say violence

is never the answer.


Congratulations, newcomer! You've'

overcome an obstacle greater than most

ever conquer in their entire lifetime.

The Wheel of Wisdom is now yours (some

assembly required). Perhaps you can

find a new use for it, since…it's

actually just an obsolete anti-piracy

measure. Good luck! Say reveal to me

where I can find the wheel of wisdom.


From the land of electronic mail, slash

your way through the mystical forest.

There you will find wheel one dot png.

This last statement leads us to which contains the other half of the code wheel

Scumgeon Code Wheel Parts:


Wheel 1 after playing choose your own adventure with drippy (start with tarasentme with drippy)


Card cipher found from Patience title screen screenshot-inferred by matching the letters in patience to the cards. Diamond and Sword (the black suits) correspond to a-m and Heart and Shield correspond to n-z

Scumgeon screenshots 1 and 7 lead down paths of answering codewheel+cards

From here, each set of cards translates to a word, and a 3 digit number is translated from the codewheel by matching two sprites on the screenshot and choosing the number from the hole corresponding to the area name. The number and word are appended to the previous leak, and continues on for several iterations

ALL CODED SCUMGEON SCREENSHOTS (album order is wrong 🙁 )













Next solution gets added eg

Final screenshot solutions with /cmd/ gives

Gives Tara’s login

Scrungus Code Wheel

Both parts were found in Tara’s employee directory



Scrungus screenshots led to codes in the excel document in tara’s account to access other accounts.



L1DFUR – username1:xdli0l

GH2358 – password1:e93jt7tw


SBVQFJ – username2:ufe5dk

KP93XC – password2:6j0ri6nb


DSAIQI – username3:6hh98b

J8DFIO – password3:lzcd98f3


AXSBQI – username4:q6tbzlk

DKM – password4:e1o3slf4


NNMASD – unused?

Employee Accounts

The info for everyone else’s logins were found by Decoding the first letter of Each Scrungus Sector in the game’s Screenshots using the 2nd Codewheel from Tara’s Account, then matching the decoded IDs to Tara’s Master Reset Excel Sheet for a Username or Password. Every two sectors would result in a User/Pass for an employee.

Goes to user accounts for all employees with lots of puzzles







Has 2 weird grids with instructions and 8 blank spaces.

Solution: 86637848

. = print / – = subtract / + add / < left / > right

Follow the instructions to move through the grid and add or decrement numbers. For each period, take the current cell and place it in the 8 blank _ at the bottom 

Next puzzle is the same but with words instead of symbols

Words are in the same order as the operations on the first puzzle.

Solution : 12342069


Has 5 color block images

Has image with 5 keys in her folder.The number of keys in an account determines how many parts of the zip files are present within the account.Grace has 5 keys, which are encrypted in the content of each file in the blocks directory.

By using the glitch image found in the About section of scumsoft, each image can be deciphered. This leads to a set of 5 different keys.

Solutions: chromaticdiscord, cultcollusion, glutamicacid, basalganglia, amnesiacasset


Has 2 forest images that look like trees spread in other peoples folders

Tree images were found in all employee folders, 26 in total making up an alphabet

Solved forest images

Forest Solutions: overseerincognitomode, isolatenervestasisactiveconditioningoverride

Has 2 images with coordinates and 2 images with flags

Each image with corresponding background is ? of a key. Globe coordinates point to countries. First letter of each country is the first ? , second image has flags of corresponding countries to spell out 2nd half of solution. Cities is the same but using first letter of cities, lat/long orientation is taken from the arrows on the right of the image.

Cities Solution 1: traveler

Cities Solution 2: d1gitalx

Globe Solution 1:patient

Globe Solution 2:zerodna

Solution 1: patientzerodna Solution 2: travelerd1gitalx

Has 2 mazes

Other employee folders had images of phrases with maze shapes. Grace’s folder had one long image which was the alphabet A-Z in maze form. 1st maze had red highlighted letters that spelled “demons” (found early).

The 2nd maze had no red squares and was on a 10×10 grid. Solution was finding a small 10×10 image of red dots in Grace’s folder and overlaying it on the larger maze.

Solution 1: demons

Solution 2: tritanopia


Both Keys encoded in song:


Sir Peter’s Essential guide gives piano key cipher

Screenshots below are from sound files in 5 zip folders

2 screenshots give Binary and Hex that translate to



Which link to:


Bassline in the song is morse code

Melody is piano cipher

Most bass messages are not keys.

Lead2.mid gives the following – TGG GTA CTC TAC CGC TTA TAG TTA ATG CTC GAG AAT ATC ACC 


Using genetic decoder on gives the solutions

Solution 1: themaninyellow

Solution 2: freetheirmindsgivethemsight

Extra music solving:

lots have spectrogram images


Song has find the midis find the stems

One file has bass1lead2bass3lead4 etc

One file mpx.mp3 has binary binary is hard to read at this resolution, gives something scrambled




Has phone calls, that sounds like the ones from last year’s hotline

7zip files

7zip files are scattered across the website. All of them must be found and extracted. Received by bringing key phrases to drippy from the solutions to all the employee account puzzles

All 15 files combined extract to creepy redacted documents

File 1: (maze/lost souls)


File 2: (Tara grid)



File 3: (Tara funny.png grid)


File 4: (trees2)


File 5: (globe+flags)


File 6: (cities+flags)


File 7: (MIDI – Lead 2)


File 8 (blocks)


File 9 (blocks)


File 10 (blocks)


File 11(Maze/Dots)

File 12 (blocks)


File 13: (MIDI – Lead 3 + base 5)


File 14 (blocks)


File 15! (trees1)



Tweet goes live tweeting that scumsoft site is back up

Has a bunch of emails from two employee’s who are mentioned in the creepy documents

Page has soup.png mix of letters and symbols. Overlaying the space codewheel pointing at the moon at the top reveals “anomaloscope805” going back to

Which has a download for playable bullet sponge game

The game seems to have secrets…

Level 1 Secret:

Find 5 buttons hidden behind secret walls, opens up a portal to a room full of symbols. Symbols correspond to objects around the level. Count the objects in the level and enter in binary to the lockbox for the corresponding object shape.

Gives half of a code

Level 2 Notes (sorry GreatSphynx!)

– Most of the main level is linear, just run through until you get to the room with a long stretch of acid. Before you move through the door on the far end of the room, hug the left wall to find a secret door. Moving forward and turning left will bring you to a looping corridor; keep moving until you’ve passed the red door three times (there will be a water cooler in the corner after the third pass). Despite appearing locked, you can interact with this door to open it and find a red button behind. This is one of the 5 secrets in the map.

– Continue onwards until you find a room with a BSOD on the far wall. A floppy disk can be found by going to the far back and right of the room and interacting with the one computer turned on, grab it for later.

– Head through the door on the left of the BSOD (i'm not noting this because I missed it for ten mins, why would you think that), take out the enemies, then head to the box barrier on one end of the room. A secret door is placed near there. This will take you to a sliding box puzzle; completing the puzzle will show allow you to press a red button. 

– Head back out and move through the map until you get to a room full of health. Hugging the wall on the right side of the door you entered will get you another secret door. Move through the acid on your left to eventually find another secret door, which will lead you to a looping corridor. Walk backwards to defeat it and hit the button. 

– Go back to the room with the health, then continue forwards to fight a giant virus boss. Defeat him by punching 5 cacodemons Scumsoft Original Property Enemies into him, then steal his blue keycard.

– Before you leave, one of the corners of the room has a secret door. Head through and interact with a computer inside to insert the floppy disc, opening the door to another secret.

– Leave through the blue door in the boss room to find a cross of catwalks. Enter the blue door on your right to find a yellow keycard in the cubicles. (this is just for completion of notes- you don’t actually need this for where we’re going)

– Head back to the bluescreen room real quick and enter the blue keycard door there. There's another secret door behind it, and then a long hallway to find another secret. At this point you should now be notified that a door has opened somewhere.

– Leave your secret room and enter the green door that’s now appeared in the BSOD room. Congrats, you made it to the sound test, which has the piano we’re all going insane over.

SEEMMETOR DID IT, HE’S A HERO (but not without the help of everyone else)

Input the notes 

d a g hd hc a g hd a g d f hc a g  

to get a final piece of paper with a code!

Use the code



On the “Enter Code” option on the pause menu to access the third level.

Level 3 Walkthrough and notes:


Recent Findings/Misc Stuff

(Unorganized, Unsolved)

Idea: Move link to a new section called Decryption Tools

Since there’s nowhere else to put it; is a really good decrypting site 🙂

The audio file on the main menu is currently deduced to be a conversation between two persons. While this element may not be important to the progress of the clues, this could potentially contain lore about the Scumsoft mishaps. It has been heavily modified, distorted, sped up, equalized and compressed, rendering the restoration task slow and complex. First third of the main menu audio file on Starts off with “Professor, we too at the […]” The rest is still a mess of distortion and is being worked on. Currently applied effects : 65% speed, 14% pitch decrease, Hard Overdrive applied. The last third of the main menu audio file on Understandable sections include “Alright, Richard, look it up. […] You don’t understand any of this […] Too many kids.” (unsure about last words) Effects applied : 80% speed, 8% pitch increase, equalizer stabilized, Soft 

Overdrive distortion applied


code on the adventure game? 9AK3955,

Forest Tree keys

Emoji grid = 12149953

Execute function grid = 34135517 ( Both Might be wrong D:)

Piano Puzzle Hint

Key in scrungus

Lat/Long positions required for 

Plan 1 & Plan 2


1 & 2


1.37.6878/176.1651v >

Tauranga, New Zealand


2.24.7136/46.6753^ >

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


3.34.9285/138.6007v >

Adelaide, Australia


4.45.4408/12.3155^ >

Venice, Italy


5.58.2214/26.5068^ >

Enno, Estonia


6. 20.8783,156.6825^ <

Lahaina, Hawaii

A (Usa?)

7.6.8667/81.0466^ >

Ella, Sri Lanka


8. 32.9587/60.6930v <

Rosario, Argentina



Normal flags

1. 13/122



2. 28/3



3. 23/121



4. 22/77












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