Vorago Guide

Vorago Guide

By Night Eyes

With great feedback from foxis and patchi

Table of contents

Table of contents1


How to use this guide5

Terms used at Vorago5

Quick Guide6


Quick overview of phases:7



General items8

Overload/Standard Setup9

Berserker Essence Setup10

Specific Perks11

Phases and Mechanics in Detail12

Basic Attacks and Positioning12

Phase 113

Red Bombs15

Phase 216

Dropdown and Bleeds16


Gravity Fields and Bring Him Down17

Phase 319

Ceiling Collapse19



Green Bomb22


The End/Purple Bomb23

Phase 427


Stone Clones27

Phase 529

Green Bomb30

Purple Bomb30


DPS guide34

Phase 134

Phase 234

Phase 335

Ceiling Collapse35



Green Bomb36


The End36

Phase 437

All weeks except The End37

The End37

Phase 537

Purple Bombs38




Base Tank Rotations40

Phase 140

Phase 241

Phase 442

Tagging Bombs during Purple Bomb42

Bomb Tank Rotations43

Learning to Bomb Tank43

Phase 144

Two stepping red bombs44

Phase 245

Phase 345

Ceilings + Teamsplit46



Green Bomb46

Purple Bomb47

Phase 447




Green bomb48


Purple Bomb48

Phase 549

Purple bomb and Green Bomb49

Teamsplit and Vitalis49

Bomb Tank Switching50

Note on Duos51



Vorago is an extremely fun group boss with much potential to learn and perfect dps/tanking rotations, providing challenge for beginners all the way to experienced PvMers due to the difficulty rising with smaller groups. The money from Vorago is decent, though not extremely high, but the enjoyment of doing a kill more than makes up for it. It’s a boss I would personally recommend for everyone to learn.

In this guide I will cover the roles/phases and touch on how to dps them. I will cover the mechanics first and then add a section on what everyone should be doing dps wise. Keep in mind that there are different dps rotations that work, these are just the ones that i personally find to work quite effectively in any team size. 

I’m hoping that anyone who is learning or even a bit experienced at Vorago can find something here, and maybe complete learner teams could even start getting kills 😀

Of course it’s good to have good general dps at this (and any other) boss. For a general dps guide i can really recommend “The Junesong” and his DPS for dummies series on Youtube. For combat styles Magic is most used, because magic has a wide variety of utility and debuffs, detonate being extremely useful and a wand having more range than a crossbow. There is also some things on specific weeks like magic having the highest accuracy on scopuli. That being said, Ranged is fine too. Melee with a scythe/lance is good as well, though more risky and harder to use. Any other melee weapons require you to go melee distance, and that's not recommended at all. When explaining DPS rotation i will name magic abilities as those are the most common. Just replace the abilities with the range equivalents if using ranged.

Using full manual is recommended, though revolution works fine with a few extra tricks needed during bleeds. Legacy is not recommended (especially for tanks) and i’d seriously recommend trying at least revolution. Auto Retaliate should always be off at Vorago and so should ability queueing. 

Lastly excuses for my interface, i’m used to it, but it might disturb people in my images. I also don’t speak english as a first language, so grammar might be incorrect at times.

If you are doing Vorago for the first or one of your first times, but have an experienced team to help, I’d recommend reading only the mechanics (for your specific week) and skipping the dps rotations and rest of the weekly mechanics for now. Get to those later and focus on learning the basic mechanics for now.

How to use this guide

Obviously this guide is quite a read, and a lot of information. The way to use this would be to only read the parts concerning your current situation. 

For example, if you are new to the boss and its teamsplit week, read terms used at vorago, roles, quick overview of phases, gear, phases 1/2/3/4/5 in detail, but only the parts concerning teamsplit week, disregard any other weekly mechanics. Also do not read the dps guide yet, read that once you get a few kills and get an understanding of the basic mechanics. 

If you are learning to bomb tank, read the bomb tank rotation, but do not read basic mechanics in detail, as you will likely already know most of this.

Of course if you are interested and want to read everything that's fine too, but keep in mind that if you’re learning you should focus on the mechanics first, dps and tank rotations can come later.

The setups and abilities are for magic, if you are using ranged you can switch all these items for ranged equivalents.

There is a quick guide, which gives only the necessary information to survive a kill, though i would highly suggest reading the rest of the guide for anyone who’s interested in learning the boss.

Terms used at Vorago

MD –  melee distance, one square from something. (in this case Vorago)

Off – Stop attacking, usually for reflects, sometimes to prevent Vorago from resetting hp.

Move in/out – Get closer or further away to/from Vorago, for if someone is mispositioned and taking bombs/swipes or about to.

Random Red – When a Red bomb goes to someone that’s not the Bomb Tank.

SV – South Voke, when the base vokes Vorago to turn him around so the TL5 can jump

Tick – 0.6 seconds. This is the unit of time of the game. So everything happens in ticks, for example global ability cooldown is 3 ticks.

GB – Green Bomb.

PB – Purple bomb OR “the end” mechanic.

Stall – When Vorago moves on p5 this delays his attacks and we call it stall.

Quick Guide

I do not advise using this section unless you are in a hurry or only care about getting a single kill. For anyone actually interested in learning the boss read the rest of the guide. This section will only give the necessary information to survive a kill and not kill teammates.

  • Always stand between 2 and 5 squares from Vorago, or on another experienced dpser.

  • If you get a message saying you received a red bomb, run away from dps pile.

  • Stop attacking when your team says off.

  • Run away from rocks falling on you if it’s ceilings week.

  • Kill scopuli on scopulus week.

  • Stand on any vitalis orbs if it’s vitalis week.

  • Stand next to people if it’s green bomb week, run away after a green bomb bounces on you.

  • Enter teamsplits on any week with them.

  • Enter and follow the arms on purple bomb and cade when Vorago stands up.

  • Enter the waterfalls on p4 and kill any clone you receive after.

  • Hug the south wall on p5 and maintain the 2-5 square distance.

  • If there’s purple bombs run to the opposite (north wall) at 5 ticks remaining on the timer, wait for it to detonate and run back south.

  • Freedom any bleeds you receive and pray melee if you get a second.


DPS: Deals damage to Vorago

Tl5: Top Lure Voke 5. Jumps on Vorago in phase 1, takes and clears the fifth bleed. At the end of the kill the tl5 also mauls to finish it. When not needing to do something role specific the tl5 is a normal DPS.

Base Tank: Keeps Vorago voked on him and stands in melee distance. Takes first and second bleeds and is in charge of Vorago's positioning. During phase 3 and 5 is a normal dps, though depending on the week might have to go melee distance sometime during phase 3.

Bomb Tank: Stands furthest away from Vorago in order to receive blue bombs (magic attacks). Additionally takes the third and fourth bleeds. During p5 the Bomb Tanks main role is pushback reduction with cade/debilitate. Experienced Bomb Tanks also provide dps for the team during phases 1/3/5. 

Quick overview of phases:

Phase 1. Dps phase in smaller team sizes, Timed in bigger teams. Dps until the tl5 jumps on vorago, then bring hp to 0 to finish the phase. Tl5 receives the first Ancient weapon piece.

Phase 2. Timed phase. Lure 4 (red) gravity orbs into Vorago, then spam click and dps him for 10 seconds or so. If enough damage was done Vorago drops the second Ancient weapon piece. Finish the phase by bringing Vorago’s hp to 0. Otherwise lure another 2 orbs into Vorago and repeat. 

Phase 3. Changes per week, though every week is a dps phase. Get Vorago’s HP to 0 to finish the phase while dealing with the weeks mechanic.

Phase 4. Timed phase. Some mechanics will change each week. After 3 waterfalls Vorago drops the third and final Ancient weapon piece, after this happens bring his HP to 0 to end the phase.

Phase 5. Dps phase. Mechanics change per week. Push Vorago to the east side by DPSing him. Vorago pushes back to the west side when he deals damage to your team. When Vorago has been pushed all the way east the TL5 Mauls Vorago to finish the kill.


For all roles the gear is nearly identical, as the tanks should ideally be dpsing. However depending on experience more/less food can be brought and more advanced switches can be left out. I will show 2 main setups, one for magic and one for melee. This is the gear i personally use and it can be improved. Keep in mind that if you’re learning you do not need to bring some of the stuff listed. I will point those out.

Because maniacal has been buffed to stack its stat boost with overloads, using berserker essence is no longer superior to overloads. However it is still very viable if you’re not on maniacal. Simply replace your overload with a supreme magic potion, and add the berserker essence to your inventory. You may also want to switch saradomin brews for guthix rests, as these will not drain your stats.


For learners using a tortoise, yak or unicorn is advised, but as soon as you feel comfortable with the basic mechanics look to upgrade to a nihil. A steel titan or any other dps familiar is useless because Vorago is immune to familiar damage. For this reason an ice nihil is as strong as a smoke nihil too, as it cannot apply the debuff.

General items

Super prayer renewals – Restores a lot of prayer points over time and lessens the drain indirectly.

Super Restores – Restores prayer points. You use about 2 flasks per kill.

Saradomin Brews – Heals more than a rocktail, but in smaller doses and doesn't use adrenaline, does reduce stats.
Guthix Rest Flask – Restores health, does not have any negative effects, but heals half as much as a saradomin brew.

Rocktails/fish – Heals instantly, but drains 10% adrenaline.

Adrenaline/replenishment flask – Gives 25% adrenaline, great to use when you sunshine.

Phoenix necklace – Heals on dropdown as long as the team is 5 man or smaller, can bring one extra for a second kill.

Portent of life – Sign of life effect. (not needed)

Ring of vigour – To be used as a ring switch when you sunshine, giving more adrenaline.

Sunspear/planted feet item – To be used as a switch when you sunshine, extending the duration. (not 100% needed, but a strong recommendation)

Guthix staff – Used for the special attack which applies a strong debuff. (not needed)

Enhanced excalibur – The active heals for 40% hp and is can be used on p1/3/5. (not needed)

Drygore/Barge switch – Used to barge with to clear any third bleeds on p5. Not needed in 4man+ teams. 

Luck of the Dwarves – Switch to this ring at the end of kills to get free Seismic Wands. (not needed)

Runes (also in pouch) – to cast spells. They may vary depending on whether you’re using ancients or normals. Both books can be used in any role/setup. If you have intercepts you should bring runes for those.

Book/Scrimshaw – Dps pocket slot item. (not needed, but recommended)

Amulet of Souls – Good damage and increased heals/defenses, can be switched with a reaper necklace. You may also bring both to use the reaper necklace on p5.

Magic Setup

This setup uses (supreme) overloads, and because of that can use saradomin brews freely. This can be considered to be the standard setup for vorago, in any role. Additional things to bring could be: Water runes for shield done, Chaos runes if on normal spellbook for vulns. Intercepts if you’re on ancients. An augmented mh melee weapon with aftershock 3 on it instead of a darklight, as to not lose aftershock stacks while barging. Less super restores if doing 1 kill trips (2-3 is more than enough).

Melee Gear

Melee is very strong at Vorago if used correctly, This guide will not go over the specific dps rotations for melee, but they are similar to the magic rotations, just make sure that when you zerk  you have the time to do damage, as while a sunshine might last through reflect and boost your detonate, zerk does no such thing. So for example it’d be better to zerk after a reflect on p3 if its 3 blues > reflect.

This setup uses both the Noxious scythe and the Zaros Godsword depending on your role and who the boss is aggro’d on. Vamp scrims is very nice for when you’re required to tank things. Statius warhammer is extremely useful in smaller teams for p3 and p5, though quite expensive to use. Because you generally should not be using a shield very much the combat style does not matter too much. While a melee shield would be better, in practice it's a very small difference, if anything relevant.

This setup brings runes for both intercept and shield dome, which can be very useful.

Specific Perks

Some perks have specific interactions at Vorago that are worth pointing out. Whether or not you want to use these is up to you. For a general perk setup there are many guides on the internet

Lucky 5. When this procs it blocks 1 hit. This effect blocks pushback and can be worth using as bomb tank, however it does not proc often and generally there are better perks to use.

Turtling 3. This perk extends your barricade, but increases the cooldown. It’s a very strong recommendation to use this when you want to bomb tank as you can potentially catch 2 extra attacks in your barricade, which is very strong for p5.

Crackling 3. This perk can activate on reflect, which can kill people. In normal mode it’s not too bad and still worth using, but keep it in mind. Especially at hard mode this can be deadly.

Reflexes.  Halves anticipate’s cooldown and duration. This can be used to help with adrenaline stalling though it is not needed. It can be combined with crackling 3 in one gizmo.

Aftershock 3. Always worth using, though it can stop your movement at times where Vorago is usually immune. And example would be if you’re running into a waterfall, but aftershock procs and it stops you. You can click into the waterfall again, but it can be annoying.

Mobile. Can also help with adrenaline stalling and help you if you surged a bit before teamsplits or waterfalls. If you ever end up needing to solo clear bleeds it's also a great help. However as you get more experienced you might find getting the adrenaline from escaping or surging very useful, so the perk does have its drawbacks.

Phases and Mechanics in Detail

Basic Attacks and Positioning

Vorago has 2 basic attacks, a melee swipe and a magic bomb. Melee attacks splash around the base tank in a 5×5 area, while bombs splash around the BT in a 7×7 area.

The melee attacks go to the base tank (or whoever Vorago is voked on). These also deal splash damage 1 square around Vorago, meaning if you stand anywhere within MD (Melee Distance) of Vorago or under him, you will take Melee damage up to 5.5k damage. 

The magic bombs will always target the person standing furthest away from Vorago. Usually this is the Bomb Tank. The Bomb Tank will stand 7-8 squares from Vorago. This means as DPS you should always stand closer than 7 squares to Vorago, and more than 3 squares away from the Bomb Tank. 

Here is a very good image showing where to position at Vorago, made by Wumpery, the leader of Cursed Combatants clan.

Vorago also has a maximum attack range. While this is a large range this means that if a team wants to lobby, one way to do it is to have someone bring vorago to one direction, and the team surging the other direction.

If 11 or more people are in the kill Vorago will send out 2 bombs instead of 1, meaning there need to be 2 bomb tanks. If enough people die to make the team size drop to under 11, Vorago will return to sending out 1 bomb.

During phase 5 the dps should still be standing between 2 and 5 squares from Vorago, however they must hug the south wall. This is because during the phase 5 the arena transforms from a big square to a big rectangle. The BT hugs the north wall and because the arena is now only 5 squares wide if anyone stands too close to the Bomb tank (3 squares) the bombs will splash on them. 

Phase 1

On dropdown into phase 1 everyone will receive 50k damage divided over the team size (up to a maximum of 12.5k damage). It is recommended to bring Phoenix Necklaces and an enhanced excalibur for this in smaller team sizes. To get 12.5k hp you can bonfire, equip a t90 shield and eat a rocktail(soup). There is currently a bug where you can fortitude and eat a soup at the bank, then lobby. Lobbying turns off your prayer, but your HP stays boosted, withdraw another soup from the bank and you’ve saved 1 inventory slot.Everyone excluding the TL5 should be standing close to the middle, so the first bomb spawned will go to the TL5, who can use resonance to heal from this bomb. 

After Vorago sends out the first (red) bomb he will be lured north east by the base tank. The dpsers stand north, around 3-4 squares from the north wall. Here they will be in a position where they can dps both when Vorago is lured north east and north west. 

Meanwhile the TL5 has passed a rock at the west side of the arena and start climbing up along the walls of the arena to a spot north west from the arena. Here the TL5 will stand in an L-shaped crack, located 2 squares north and 2 squares west from the protruding rock and then Voke Vorago 

Spot where the TL5 should voke from

The TL5 stays there until Vorago has finished moving. The base tank then moves south of where Vorago is now standing, goes in MD and then vokes to make Vorago face away from the TL5. This allows the TL5 to jump on vorago from the protruding rock, which allows the phase to be ended and gives the TL5 an Ancient Weapon Piece. The TL5 will therefore need 1 empty inventory space to jump. Additionally the TL5 should ideally jump when Vorago has around 15-25k HP, though this is not extremely important. 

Jumping on Vorago

During all of phase one Vorago has 3 attacks, His normal melee swipe and Magic bombs, as well as a red bomb, fired after every 4 basic attacks (a single blue, single melee swipe, combination of melee + bomb all count as 1 basic attack). 

Here’s a video of me as TL5 doing phase 1. Pay attention to the spot I lure Vorago to and making inventory space for a maul piece.


Red Bombs

These red bombs usually go to the person standing furthest from Vorago, though they have a chance at going to a random person. Whoever receives a red bomb will receive a message saying “Vorago has sent a bomb after you. Run!” both in chat box and as a popup in the middle of your screen. These red bombs are fired simultaneously with a blue bomb, which is homed on the location of the person who received the red, meaning you can dodge it by running 3 squares away from where you were standing when you received the message. The red bomb itself will follow its target, though travelling reasonably slow. Once it hits it deals 2k typeless damage and drains 5% adrenaline, the damage increasing by 1k for every other person standing within a 7×7 (3 squares from the receiver). It also deals splash damage in a 3×3, dealing the same amount of damage, A red bomb deals a maximum of 7k damage per person. Additionally it resets most defensives, though Barricade will block the typeless hit first. One very useful trick if you are bomb tanking and struggling with food is to use transfigure. Red bombs do not cancel this effect and it results in at least a 5k heal. That being said, if your team is struggling to dps Vorago down it’s usually better to help out with dps.

When the phase is done Vorago will jump around the arena, dealing typeless damage if he jumps on/near someone. The damage depends on how far away you are from vorago and your current hp. It does have a minimum hit of about 1k if you’re in the centre, so it can kill you. This happens at the end of every phase. You should also be stalling adrenaline using defensives like anticipate/freedom/resonance/surge/escape and more. You can use all of them if done fast, if you stop building you can click on your selected spell on an actionbar, this will let you build again.

Phase 2

Dropdown and Bleeds

At the start of this phase the base tank will lure Vorago to the base spot. Afterwards Vorago ideally does not move from that spot. Base spot is important because it is the only spot where you can lure all gravity orbs into Vorago without having to move Vorago around. More on this later.

immediately upon dropdown Vorago will start using Bleeds/Smashes. These bleeds deal about 1k melee damage. If you take a second bleed while the first isn't cleared you will take 6k typeless damage. There are 5 bleeds in total on phase 2/3/4.The very first bleed at the start of phase 2 does not have an animation, but will apply the bleed instantly upon dropdown. The base tank should freedom instantly, then voke vorago (after applying the first bleed Vorago will randomly aggro on someone else, this is only for the first set of bleeds). After voking the base will receive the second bleed. To clear this one he will need to get 7 squares from vorago, done by escaping backwards, or surging sideways if on Revolution (because if you don't click to the side to get off Vorago, revolution will use another ability so your escape/surge will be late). So to reiterate, Base tank should do Freedom > voke > wait (click to the side if on revo) > escape/surge).

Afterwards the bomb tank will voke Vorago as the base tank escapes the second bleed and then freedom the third bleed/escape the fourth bleed. You can fit in an ability between the voke and freedom if you voked on time. Again, if on Revo, click to the side after freedoming, then surge. 

When the third bleed hits, Vorago will release a blue bomb, This one should go to the base tank, as he just escaped and is furthest away from vorago now. This is a good opportunity to get a resonance for the base tank. After resonancing, move back to md as base tank (try not to bomb the dps). 

After the Bomb Tank escapes/surges, the TL5 should be MD and will voke it and freedom the fifth bleed (again, can fit an ability between voke and freedom). Then the Base Tank vokes back Vorago and the bleeds are done. Ideally Vorago does not move at all and only turns around during bleeds. This happens when everyone vokes in MD and no one steps under or away from Vorago while clearing bleeds. An easy way to come MD is by using an item on Vorago (such as runes). For revo users, click close to Vorago before using an item on him, this gets you out of combat so revo won’t use an ability before you can voke.

After finishing bleeds Vorago will use 3 Basic attacks before the next Mechanic,


3 attacks after the last bleed Vorago will use a reflect. Essentially all damage done to vorago for 10 seconds will be redirected to 1-2 people (depending on team size). This is very deadly because the damage is enhanced a bit, and it’s everyone's damage. This means that even if 4 people use wrack, it can potentially deal 8k damage to someone on the team. 

The way to deal with this mechanic is just to stop attacking Vorago (make sure auto retaliate is off!). After 3 Basic attacks (10 seconds) you can get back on Vorago and continue DPSing. 

In general it’s recommended to use the off time during reflects to detonate or start a sunshine when he fires the second bomb/swipe. Alternatively you can build up with defensives (anticipate/freedom/preparation/resonance).

If your team pk’s a lot during reflects just use resonance or devotion and hope you survive (and tell them not to do it again. You’re allowed to get angry).

**Fun Reflect Facts**

Smash knocks off the deflect prayers of the person the reflect is on. Incendiary shot retains its AoE damage and can do the bulk of the damage after reflect. Dismember can get people double bled (4.5k damage) on p5.

Gravity Fields and Bring Him Down

When Vorago reflects on P2 he will also spawn a Gravity Field (also called Orbs). You will need to click on this orb to pull it into Vorago. If Vorago is still in the base spot it will always fire into Vorago. If not the Base might need to bring Vorago closer to the orb. You need to lure 4 orbs into Vorago to end the phase.

After the reflect ends (3 basic attacks from the start of reflect) Vorago fires off a red bomb (discussed in Phase 1). After the red bomb fires he cannot be moved again. It’s recommended for the base tank to stay MD so the Bomb Tank does not receive 4 blues after the red (he won’t like the base very much). After the red Vorago uses 4 basic attacks and starts bleeds again.

After the fourth orb is lured into Vorago you will need to spam click Vorago to fill up a bar while taking rapid 150 typeless damage hits. 

Once the bar filled up you will need to deal high damage to Vorago. In anything but duos everyone using Sonic Wave > Wild Magic > Dragon Breath > Asphyxiate is more than enough. If enough damage (50k to be exact) was done, Vorago will drop the second Ancient Weapon Piece and can now be brought to 0 HP to finish the phase. If the damage was not enough Vorago will gain a lot of HP back and you will need to lure another 2 orbs into him. Try to be 100% adrenaline when ending this phase and stall it into phase 3.

Phase 3

The mechanics in this phase change per week. There are 6 weeks in total and it changes every wednesday at reset. You can check which week it currently is in the Beast tab ingame. The six weeks in order are:

  • Ceiling Collapse

  • Scopulus

  • Vitalis 

  • Green Bomb

  • TeamSplit

  • The End (Purple Bomb)

Every week is considered a dps phase, where the phase ends when Vorago reaches 0 HP. Therefore everyone is expected to DPS as much as possible. Later i will touch upon the DPS rotations used, i will explain the mechanics first. 

Vorago’s attack rotation for each week is


*Image taken from the RS wiki*

Ceiling Collapse

During a ceiling collapse Vorago will point his right arm into the air and fire off a projectile into the roof. Next a shadow will appear somewhere in the arena. A few seconds later rocks will fall down in a 7×7 area and stay there, blocking off the area. When they fall down they deal 8k damage, divided over everyone hit. The rocks can be cleared away by right clicking and destroying them, though this will deal 4k damage to the player clearing it. Both hits can be blocked with barricade. Usually the Bomb Tank uses barricade after 2-3 rocks have fallen down and clears them if the phase lasts any longer. Additionally any rocks remaining at the end of the phase will drop down into phase 4 as well, so if there are rocks north west for example, stay away from there upon dropdown into phase 4. (if you get hit after phasing you will take 4k damage and pushed away, but you can be pushed into another rock, which will also deal damage!).

While the rocks are falling Vorago will start firing blues and then when the rock falls Vorago will jump to a different spot on the map. Usually because of this repositioning the DPS pile will receive a blue bomb, try to resonance this (and get off for reflect if there is one).


During this phase Vorago cannot be attacked. Instead you should kill the two Scopuli he spawns, one south west and one south east. When these die you will progress to the next phase. 

They only attack with melee, and aggro on people randomly, Because of this the DPSers should pray melee. They can hit about the same as Vorago melee swipes (5.5k max). They each have 150k HP, though when one dies the other enrages and heals some HP. The enrage means it will deal more damage. 

Scopuli can be voked, but can also change their aggro upon taking hits. For this reason using bleeds should be kept to a minimum if bomb tanking this phase. Scopuli can also start attacking your familiar, though they generally will not kill them.

While the Scopuli are being killed Vorago will send out a constant stream of blue bombs. Because of this the Bomb Tank should hug the south wall. If this phase takes long the bomb tank may have issues with food, as the bombs get quite intense.

If you’re using debuffs they are very much worth using on the scopuli.


When Vorago uses the Vitalis attack he spawns a light blue orb that moves outward along the floor

Once the Vitalis orb reaches about halfway to the edge of the arena it explodes and deals 2k damage to everyone in the area. This damage can be caded or even debilitated. Even though it deals damage everyone should go and stand on the orb. This is because the orb will spawn vitali depending on how many people were hit by the orb. If at least 5 people stand on the orb no vitali will spawn. The damage from the orb only applies when a vitalis has been prevented from spawning. So if 7 people stand on the orb, only 5 people take damage.

If Vorago has not been moved from his spawn point during that phase, the first orb will always be fired north, northeast or east. Meaning if everyone stands north east after dropdown it will be easy to get to the orbs. This also goes for phase 4. If Vorago has been moved the orbs may go in any direction. 

A vitalis is a small minion, that takes up 1 square of space. They will run around damaging people with melee attacks that can hit about 1k. The real problem is that they act as walls, so you cannot attack through them. This becomes a huge problem once too many spawn as they can surround people, preventing them from moving or attacking vorago. They are also a problem for the bomb tank, as he will be pulled in.

This week is considered one of the harder/more annoying weeks.

Green Bomb

During this week Vorago will fire a Green bomb. This bomb will first hit the ground somewhere, where it leaves behind green mist in a 7×7. This mist will drain run energy, HP and adrenaline. After this it will bounce off and target a player. This player will receive a message saying “Vorago has sent a green bomb after you.”. 

The bomb will then follow that person until it hits, when it hits it drains 10% adrenaline and resets defensives (cade will not block any damage from green bombs!). If the player is not standing within 2 squares from someone else it will deal 10k damage and disappear. If he is it deals 1k damage within a 3×3 around the player it hit, then bounce off and target someone who was within 2 squares from the person it just bounced on. He then needs to pass on the bomb to someone else in the same way. However if the same person receives 2 bounces, for example it bounces off you to someone, but he stays close and it bounces back to you, you take 7-9k damage, the green bomb will continue to bounce afterwards. If the player is taking a second bounce, but is also not next to anyone it will deal 10-11k damage and disappear. The bomb bounces 5 times on p3, and 4 times on p4/5. The last bounce, regardless of phase does not deal damage (unless the last person isn’t next to anyone, in which case at 10k hit). 

Most teams deal with this by having the dps stand in either a square or a line, both with 1 square between players. In the square it doesn’t matter who takes the first green, in a line that person should go to the start/end of the line. In both cases the first two people run away after the bounce to prevent double bounces. The last two people should stay where they are as the last bounce deals no damage, regardless of double bouncing. This means the third person being hit will take 2 bounces. This is if clearing with 4 people, if there are more the first 2 still run away, everyone else can stay. Someone on the team should be assigned to bridge bombs between the Bomb Tank and the dps pile, this is done by running to the Bomb Tank to let it bounce to you, then running back to the dps pile.

If at any time the Green Bomb hits someone not standing next to anyone, dealing a 10k hit and disappearing, Vorago will skip to his next special attack, regardless of how many blue bombs were left. This happens every phase during this week. On Phase 4 it's optional to have someone tank the 10k to skip to bleeds (or have the bomb tank intercept and cade). This is done for faster kills and no hassle with surprise 10k hits.

This week is also considered one of the harder weeks, though it provides the fastest kills for experienced teams.


Everyone on the team becomes either Red or Blue. Then around the arena 2 boxes spawn, they are 2×2 and one is red, one is blue. Run into the box of your colour to prevent taking damage. Anyone who did not make it into his box, or entered the wrong colour takes 8k typeless damage. At the start of a teamsplit all defensives are reset and put on cooldown, meaning you cannot barricade or reduce the damage. You can however use transfigure or reprisal on this damage. Boxes may spawn under Vorago, so keep an eye out for that.

Once inside the teamsplit its recommended to spam click on Vorago and an ability (usually wild magic) to instantly cast it and if the teamsplit is far from Vorago, also move in doing it.

The End/Purple Bomb

During this week Vorago will use a more complicated attack, called “The End”. In this he will block off a corner of the map, he signals which one by moving his arms up in that direction.

Once his arms are fully raised he smashes them down and anyone in that corner can no longer leave it. Anyone standing outside of that corner take typeless damage, starting at 100, and increasing by 100 every 2 ticks. After 3.6 seconds he moves one arm over to the next corner, allowing everyone to move to the next corner (goes clockwise). After a little bit he closes off the corner again and anyone still in the previous corner gets smacked into the wall, taking 2.5k typeless damage. If you did not get into the first corner the way to get back in (and stop the typeless damage), is to move over to the next corner, when he opens it up the arm just passes over you. Vorago will not attack during the end, until he stands back up

A closed off corner looks like this:

In this image you might notice a red, blue and purple bomb in the middle of the last 3 corners. These actually contain a certain number of bombs of that type. Depending on how large the team is. If someone clicks on a blue/red bomb, it will fire one of those to that person, reducing the amount of stored bombs. So if there are 4 red bombs stored, and someone clicks the red bomb 4 times, he will receive 4 red bombs, but there will not be anymore red bombs left. It should be noted that tagging the blue bombs puts your devotion on cooldown! 

Tagging a purple bomb will fire all the purples to everyone in the room. Purple bombs turn you into a vitalis (it's only visual). You will get a timer in the middle of your screen indicating when the bomb will hit you (it's in ticks, not seconds). No two purple bombs can hit people at the same time, so in large teams there can be pretty long timers, this is mostly noticeable in phase 5, and the purples hit people 1 by 1. Purple bombs deal 2k damage and drain 5% adrenaline, but do not reset any defensives. They also splash their damage in a 3×3 around the main target.

While in the first corner everyone deals full damage to Vorago, however in the corner with the red bomb everyone deals ? of the normal damage, ? in the blue bomb corner and ? in the purple bomb corner. In phase 4 the damage is ? in all corners.

When Vorago reaches the last corner (with the purple bomb) he will stand up after a small delay. At this point all remaining bombs fire off to everyone. In smaller teams people may receive multiple red/blue bombs. Additionally Vorago himself will start attacking again (reflect after 3 blues). Usually people sunshine or barricade and spread out to prevent splash damage and increased red bomb hits. Someone should tag the purple b

omb, this makes it fire early and hit before the red. If no one does this the purple will hit after the red bomb, because the red bomb resets defensives this makes people who cade also take purple bomb damage.

Another method is to have someone tag all the reds, then have someone intercept that person and barricade. This prevents any red bombs from firing and reduces the damage taken by a lot for everyone. If someone does this no one needs to tag the purples. 

There is currently a significant bug that makes a big difference for this phase. When Vorago changes corners from south west to south east and south east to north west it’s possible to stand right in the middle (where his arm would go to close it off). You will not take damage and it allows you to exit the blocked off corner and move around freely (once you entered a corner there is no more typeless hits, so this doesn’t damage you).

That’s it for the weekly mechanics. The other mechanics during p3 have been previously discussed and can be found above.

Here is a video showing me glitching out of the arms. https://youtu.be/sUCHsF_k5E4

Phase 4

Again phase 4 changes depending on the week, It includes mechanics from previous phases that i will not go over again. It does contain 2 new mechanics which i will explain. Here is another image displaying the full attack rotations.

*Image taken from the RS Wiki*


A waterfall will spawn in one of the 4 corners of the arena. Simply surge or run into the waterfall to not take any damage. If you do not make it into the waterfall you will take 9-10k typeless damage. When the waterfall spawns all defensives are reset so you are unable to block the hit. Players should be careful as the edges of the waterfall are bugged, and there’s a chance of still taking the damage, though it looks like you are inside the waterfall. An easy way to prevent this is to stand as far into the corner as you can. Similar to teamsplit once inside the corner you can spam click vorago and one ability (usually wild magic) to instantly cast it and move closer to Vorago.

Stone Clones

3 bombs after the waterfall ends 1-2 people will receive a stone clone of themselves. This clone is your combat level and attacks with your style using abilities like bleeds/wild magic/stuns. Only the person who received a clone can kill his, though once your own clone is dead you can help someone else with his/her clone. 

After the clone spawned Vorago takes massively reduced damage, so everyone should be building adrenaline and not use thresholds/ultimates as they have little effect. This damage reduction lasts for 20 seconds (6-7 blue bombs). After this the weekly mechanic happens, followed by bleeds in most weeks and then a reflect.

After the third waterfall Vorago drops the third and final Ancient Weapon Piece and you can now bring his HP to 0 to end the phase. At this point the TL5 should have all the maul pieces and be able to assemble the maul. Again everyone should try to be at 100% adrenaline for the next phase.

**After the third waterfall the next teamsplit (on teamsplit week) is broken/bugged. Vorago will fire off the blue bombs during the teamsplit and bleed right after, clicking on Vorago will also move you out of the teamsplit. If no one deals damage to Vorago during the teamsplit he won't send out bombs. This means everyone should stop attacking and not apply any bleeds to Vorago right before the teamsplit!

Phase 5

This phase is the most important and probably the hardest (especially in small teams). During this phase you play a tug of war game with Vorago. Every 25-30k damage dealt to Vorago pushes him 1 square east, however Vorago will also be pushing back to the west whenever he deals damage to your team, the amount of pushback for blues is 2/x where x is team size. Most weekly mechanics do not deal damage that counts for pushback, bleeds and blue bombs always count. In general blue bombs and bleeds push back less the larger the team. If your team is pushed all the way to the west side Vorago will push you off the edge and instant kill your team (ignoring signs/immortality). If your team manages to push Vorago all the way east the TL5 will be able to maul Vorago to finish the kill.

Attack Rotations during P5 for each week.

*Image taken from the RS Wiki*

If Vorago does not move during reflect you need to wait about half an attack after the third blue before attacking again, otherwise you will pk someone.

During this phase both DPS and damage reduction are incredibly important. Because of this there is no base tank, meaning there should only be blue bombs, so the bomb tank can focus on reducing damage taken.

Debuffs can be very strong on this phase, as the 10% increased damage does count for pushing Vorago and the debuff lasts for 1 minute. However generally you’ll want at least the bomb tank(s) on ancients for intercepts and shield domes.

Not all defensives actually reduce pushback. In fact only Barricade and Debilitate block pushback. Because of this it’s very important that the Bomb Tank uses these two abilities to their highest potential. I will explain the Bomb Tank rotation in a later section. Shield dome and the lucky perk both block pushback as well. However shield dome has the weakness of you not being able to build adrenaline while channeling it, making it inefficient. A 25% shield dome or less will not reduce pushback

Positioning during this phase has already been explained, but i will say again that it’s very important.

I will only discuss green/purple bombs and Bleeds as all other mechanics are the same as on other phases. Something to note is that vitalis orbs provide 1sq pushback when it’s spawned, regardless of whether or not the damage is taken.

Green Bomb

The only thing that changes is the way the green is cleared. Because it bounces only 4 times (4th doesnt deal damage), only one person needs to step out of the dps pile to not get double bounced. So the first person should step over 2 squares to the north side so there is 1 square between him and the dps pile. Now the bomb will hit him for 1k and pass on to the dps pile, he then goes another square north and hugs that wall until the green bomb is cleared. The rest of the dps just stay south and let the bomb bounce. The reason the first person steps out is so the rest don’t take the 1k hit which provides pushback. The 1k hit does not provide pushback if it only hits the target of the green bomb. If the green bomb 10k hit is tanked this also provides 1sq pushback, this will push back even if the actual damage is intercepted and caded.

Purple Bomb

The purple bomb again remains the same, However clearing it is more difficult. Again the 2k hit provides pushback if it hits anyone other than the target of the purple bomb. To prevent damaging the whole team and massive pushback people take turns letting their purple bomb explode on the north side. To do this people run all the way north when their timer hits 5 ticks. This means you always need to pay attention to your timers, and try to be decently high hp for if someone else forgets to run theirs. Running purples is more important than anything else, so cancel your asphyxiate or onslaught for it! If doing a trio you can simply have 1 DPS always standing north.

Someone running his purple


In phase 5 there are 3 bleeds in total, However Vorago is immune to vokes and aggros randomly, meaning anyone can receive these bleeds. Bleeds still deal about 1.1k melee damage, but when taking a second bleed while the first isn't cleared you will only take a 4.5k typeless hit. When someone receives his first bleed he should freedom. After this he should move to the middle of the arena, then attack vorago to face him. Now he can escape his second bleed. This is because if you do not move to the middle your character will try to escape diagonally into the wall, which will deliver the message “your destination is unreachable”.

From this position you can escape backwards freely. 1 square left of this works too.

After receiving a second bleed it’s unlikely in larger teams that you will receive a third bleed, if you do however you can clear the bleed by moving closer to Vorago (in p5 bleeds clear by getting away from the spot you took the bleed), for this reason you should bring a main hand melee weapon to barge back in after escaping (if you take the bleed! Don't barge early). This will instantly clear the bleed if done on time. If you do not have a melee switch, but do receive a bleed you should take 1-2 steps away from vorago prior to taking the third bleed, then once you receive it run back to melee distance. You take a few steps back because Vorago will likely push your team back because of you taking bleed hits, and if he does you otherwise won’t be able to clear it anymore. Clearing bleeds is again of utmost importance, and should take priority over dpsing. For people learning i’d recommend simply getting off and focusing on clearing bleeds until you are comfortable with them (especially on small teams).

For those looking to maximise dps and instant clear bleeds. As a general rule, between bleeds you can fit 2 abilities if done fast. When rago pushes or gets pushed you will not always be able to fit in an ability. In large teams it's okay to use one more, since you might be fine. But in trios or duos it's recommended to not attack if Vorago moved between bleeds. Be careful with the timing, as using one ability late might force you to wait for the next bleed. For people using revolution who want to dps while instantly clearing bleeds i’d recommend using either concentrated blast or asphyxiate, and cancelling them for bleeds.

At the end of phase 5, when Vorago is pushed all the way to the east and in the “Maul Spot” the TL5 should click on the maul in his inventory while within 2 squares from Vorago to finish the kill. 

Gratz on getting the kill!

DPS guide

On every phase you should pray soulsplit unless stated otherwise.

At the end of every phase you can build with about 2-5 defensives if you’re fast. After dropping down into a phase you should stall with defensives. This goes for every role. One trick to stall with defensive thresholds after you dropped down into the next phase is to use an offensive ability like dragon breath. After you get the message saying you do not have a target you can use abilities like devotion/revenge/reflect/reprisal to stall adrenaline.

Debuffs in general wear off quite fast on Vorago, making them not worth using on most phases. The exception to this are the p5’s for any rotation and scopulus p3’s. This is because debuffs do last for 1 minute on scopuli and p5 Vorago.

If you do not have onslaught you can use Metamorphosis with an adrenaline potion instead.

Phase 1

As DPS just build up to 100% adrenaline and then equip a Ring of Vigour and your planted feet switch and sunshine. Drink an adrenaline potion and then use wild magic, asphyxiate, tendrils, wild magic, asphyxiate as they come up (wm and asph can be switched). In between try to use strong basics like corruption blast/sonic wave/dragonbreath. This goes for anytime you sunshine and should be standard.

The TL5 should be jumping when your sun has a few seconds left on it. Afterwards just threshold the phase and build up a bit. If the TL5 has problems getting it in the right spot just threshold after your sunshine runs out.

Phase 2

For this phase there are many different rotations, the one i personally use is pretty standard and will result in a max (26.6k) exp drop even off aura if you have a good general dps rotation. On dropdown use some thresholds and slowly build your way to at least 84% adrenaline on the reflect. When the reflect hits (3 basic attacks after the last bleed) you use storm shards and anticipate (another defensive if you do not have shards). This should bring you to 100% adrenaline. When Vorago fires off the second blue during the reflect you can use sunshine and start attacking again. Because of the global cooldown if timed right you should use your first ability as the reflect wears off. Keep dpsing in your sunshine and thresh when it runs out. 

Try to be close to 100% adrenaline before the next reflect. This time use 1 defensive and charge detonate. When the third blue/swipe fires release your detonate. You can have Detonate and Dragonbreath hit in the same tick by pressing them right after eachother when releasing. You can additionally stack an auto attack with this by clicking on the spell you’re using right before you release Detonate + Dragonbreath. For people using ranged you can use snipe when vorago releases the second bomb, and it should hit right after the reflect ends. Be careful with sniping early please as it easily pk’s people.

After releasing Deto + DB you use one more basic and then onslaught. After onslaught build back to 100% for the reflect. After this you will use sunshine again on the second blue during reflect. 

When you have clicked your way past bring him down you should use Sonic wave > Wild Magic > Dragon Breath > Asphyxiate > Sonic wave. After this continue to use thresholds to finish the phase, and try to end at 100% or close to it.

Phase 3

Ceiling Collapse

On dropdown use Asphyxiate > Dragon Breath > Wild Magic *run to Vorago if needed* > Deep Impact  if you can’t get there fast, off for reflect. You might need to resonance if someone pulls in a Bomb. Shards and Anticipate during reflect then Detonate. Release with Dragon Breath once the third blue fires, build and run to Vorago after he jumps, then onslaught once in a better position. Vorago should be near dead at the end of your onslaught, otherwise continue building and using thresholds.


Sunshine with adrenaline pot on dropdown, then dps down the scopuli. Ideally everyone first targets one scop, then the other. Which scopulus this is depends on the team. Debuff the scopuli as fast as possible. Pray melee unless the scopuli are far away, Make sure you stand decently close to Vorago so you do not receive blue bombs. Also regardless of your role, make sure to voke any scopuli aggro’d on the BT.


Stand near the north east corner of the arena, once Vorago spawns use Wild Magic > Dragon breath (while moving to the orb) > Asphyxiate > Sonic Wave > off for Reflect. After tagging the orb (when asph is ending) go melee distance of Vorago (can use a rune on Vorago). Pray Melee and charge Detonate. Dpsers go melee distance because this way no Vitali can get between Vorago and the dps pile. Release your detonate after the third blue and then use onslaught (stay melee distance!) For those without onslaught, again use Metamorphosis with an adrenaline pot. This should end the phase, but if it doesn't, just continue to use thresholds.

When doing 4mans or smaller, the fastest method is to have everyone stand in md. Everyone stands in a different corner to not share blue bombs. Sunshine with a planted feet switch, if you do not have one, you may also tresh on dropdown and then sunshine on the second blue of reflect, to not pk with the sunshine bleed passive. Blues fired to someone in melee distance are invisible, so this method takes good knowledge on the timing of blue bombs hitting the player to properly prayer flick, and is not recommended for learners.

When bleeds happen the person who’s standing in the southwest corner will voke, freedom the first bleed and escape the second. After this the other 3 players voke and each freedom 1 bleed in order to not move vorago. The key to a successful p3 during vitalis tends to be to not move Vorago. 

Green Bomb

Everyone except the bomb tank should be standing close to each other and onslaught immediately when Vorago Spawns. Just finish the onslaught and off for reflect. This should either end the phase or get Vorago really low. In the latter case just build and threshold after reflect. 

In smaller teams it’s be better to sunshine and adren pot dropdown, and then Detonate reflect. When doing these small teams it’s often advised tank the 10k’s from the green bombs, make sure to agree beforehand on who will take the damage for which green bomb.

Remember to clear any Green bombs (using the methods mentioned earlier) and that if someone tanks a 10k the reflect comes instantly!


Very similar to Ceiling Collapse. Enter the first teamsplit, then Wild Magic > Dragon Breath > Asphyxiate > Deep Impact > Off for reflect. Shards > Anticipate > Charge Detonate > Release Deto + Dragon Breath > Enter second teamsplit. Then Wild Magic > Dragon Breath and adren pot to Onslaught.

If you use Metamorphosis, use it right after the second teamsplit. 

The End

Enter the first corner. Then use Asphyxiate > Wild Magic > Dragonbreath. Afterwards build up and try to glitch out then sunshine when he reaches about the second/third corner. Sunshine regardless of if you glitched out or not, if you weren't able to just run back into your sun when you can. Try not to sunshine close to other people. Build up in your sunshine then put on magic prayer and drop a Wild Magic > Asphyxiate, then off for reflect. Use Detonate during reflect and get into the next corner after the reflect finishes. On the second Purple Bomb (or The End), you can glitch out and onslaught when he reaches about the second to last corner. If you cannot glitch out you can threshold instead.

Alternatively if you’re a learner or the team is very large you can use barricade after Vorago stands up, and click on the purple bomb a few seconds before he stands up, this way you will block all the damage, Though it’s a lot less dps.

Phase 4

All weeks except The End

Enter the Waterfall, the spam click Vorago and Wild Magic out of the waterfall, follow that up with an Asphyxiate and Dragon Breath. Then kill your minion if you got one and get back on Vorago. Do not use any thresholds or ultimates, as you deal massively reduced damage for 20 seconds. After around 5-6 Bombs (6 on weeks like reflect where you can build during teamsplit) you want to sunshine and build, then when the weeks mechanic is used you can start using thresholds. Continue to dps with thresholds and then Detonate the reflect. (release on the third blue or it wont hit). Repeat for the second waterfall.

Note that for Vitalis, if Vorago has not been moved from the middle you need to go north east and sun there to catch the vit orb that spawns. If the BT has intercepts he should cade the dps pile.

If you really want to maximise dps you can sun adren after the first waterfall. Then after the second waterfall. about 2 bombs after the minion spawns you can natural instinct and sun asap. This will essentially give another adrenaline potion. You do this after the second waterfall because you will have your adrenaline pot back available on phase 5. If you get a stone clone, and you were intending to use natural instinct, you need to make sure Vorago is your target when you natural instinct, otherwise your natural instinct will be nulled upon killing your minion.

The End


During this week you need to go into the end mechanic and this can move you out of your sunshine if you sunned. You deal reduced damage anyway during the mechanic. Because of this you sun near the end of the mechanic, when he moves his hands to the third corner or so. You can Natural Instinct in the first corner for an adrenaline pot. Remember to pray magic when Vorago stands up.  

Phase 5

During this phase its most important to not make any mistakes. That's because this phase can be failed, even if everyone has food and signs. Not taking damage is most important of all, so that consists of: correct positioning (south wall, 2-5 squares from vorago), clearing bleeds and not pking on reflects. Apart from that dealing dps is very important to push Vorago, but always prioritize the above. 

During all weeks you can use Guthix Staff during bleeds (especially if you already sunned). You can also use it right before reflect if you’re in a sunshine and want to use up all the adrenaline you can. You do this because it hits pretty hard and accurate, and also applies a debuff that increases your affinity (increases your hit chance). The damage boosts from maniacal and damage scrimshaws do not increase your push, instead using an accuracy scrimshaw or god book. Maniacal is still great fine since it not only increases accuracy but also stats.

For dpsing during the bleeds, please refer back to the Bleeds/Smashes section under p5, Phases and Mechanics in Detail. Bleeds can be a good moment to use thresholds if you’re not building towards a sunshine.

Purple Bombs

All the dpsers should hug the south wall and run purples north. In trios one dps should always be north so there is no need to run bombs.

In larger teams everyone should sunshine on dropdown with adren pot, then use thresholds and off for reflect, don’t forget to run your purples. Build with defensives or detonate the reflect and then build during the bleeds while clearing them if needed. After the bleeds are done everyone should onslaught. If this does not push Vorago far enough you sun when the next set of bleeds finish and then rotate sunshines and onslaughts. If your onslaught is on cooldown either threshold or sunshine. Remember to run purples and clear bleeds!

If the kill goes on longer the ideal rotation is to alternate between sunshining during bleeds and onslaughting after bleeds. Use your adrenaline potion in a sunshine if it’s up.


Enter the teamsplit while adrenstalling, spam click Vorago and then Wild Magic > Asphyxiate > Dragon Breath. If you have reprisal off for reflect and Detonate, build up during bleeds and then sunshine when you can. You can then tank the second teamsplit (and any other, just not the first). 

If you do not have Reprisal i’d recommend sunshining earlier, on the second blue during the reflect (instead of detonating) After this just keep using sunshine during reflect or bleeds whenever its up and try to detonate reflects. Onslaught is generally not worth it on this phase due to it having no time to build up to the big hits. If the team is really large you can onslaught at the end of bleeds and hope there is enough stall.


Use Asphyxiate > Dragon Breath > Wild Magic > Sonic wave. You might have to get off before you use Sonic Wave due to having no stall. Try to sunshine while clearing bleeds and then dps in it. You can also onslaught during this week, just keep the hit from the Vitalis Orb in mind. If the bomb tank cannot cade and intercept you can use debilitate right before the vitalis orb as this reduces pushback. Try to move back to catch the vit orbs, and prioritise any vits that spawn.


Sunshine on dropdown with an adrenaline potion. Then dps for 5 blues and off. Clear any bleeds you get and then onslaught after the bleeds. If this doesn’t end the phase put down another sunshine after bleeds and from there keep sunshining after bleeds. If onslaught is off cooldown you can use that too. Make sure that the first person taking a green moves out of the dps (2 squares north of everyone, so there is 1 squares between him and the dps pile). 

In a trio the method changes. One person stands south, 2 north a dpser in front and the BT in the back. If the GB is on a dpser the BT can cade and intercept them to prevent any damage. If the GB is on the bomb tank, the north dpser takes it off him, then passes it to the south side dps. They can then pass it between them repeatedly without anyone getting a 10k hit. Bomb tank switch on bleeds and continue this method. Bomb tank switching will be further explained in the Bomb Tanking section.

Base Tank Rotations

Base tanks should only really tank during phase 1, 2 and 4. During phase 3 and 5 you are a DPS. However during some p3’s (most notably Teamsplit and Ceilings) your bomb tank might ask you to go melee distance on reflects. This is because they might want to onslaught sometime after the reflect, so not taking damage during the reflect really helps. Some other small things are voking Vorago during reflect on Vitalis week so he doesn't move towards the Bomb Tank and “bridging” during Green Bomb week. Bridging involves running from the dps pile towards the Bomb Tank if the green bomb is on him and letting it pass to you. You then bring it to the dps pile and let it bounce out. 

In small teams you may be asked to Bomb Tank switch on p5. This is needed for trios and duos. This is covered in the Bomb Tank rotations section.

For these reasons I will only explain the base tank rotations for p1/2/4. For p3 and p5 refer back to DPS rotations.

Phase 1

During phase 1 the base tank usually brings Vorago north, tending to the northeast side. While doing this try to dps on staff and perhaps take a resonance. Make sure to pray soulsplit when you resonance. If you do not get a resonance, either because he did not use any melee swipes or they all splashed, you can use devotion. In a large team you can feel free to use reflect/debilitate, but in smaller teams (4 mans and lower), it becomes more important to dps on staff. If you are dpsing you should use either sunshine or metamorphosis. Sunshine is great if someone else volunteers to south voke, or if you expect it to take a while before Vorago reaches ~20k hp. If the dps is good and you need to south voke, metamorphosis can be better due to the mobility and short duration.

Phase 2

Immediately upon dropdown head over to 1 square south of the L-Rock to move vorago into the Base Spot. 

If you stand there and Vorago applies bleeds to you he will move you, and that moves him into the Base Spot. Upon dropdown the first bleed is instant and does not have an animation. After that, click on Vorago and use voke to force him back on you. You click to make sure Vorago is your target. After voking you should use escape. If you’re on revolution you should click to the side after voking. Do not click under or away from Vorago. After using escape, switch to staff or offhand and soulsplit for 2 abilities, then resonance the blue bomb fired to you. After you resonance the bomb come back to melee distance and voke Vorago back after the TL5 has taken his bleed.


Here’s a video of luring Vorago into the base spot and clearing bleeds. https://youtu.be/LMlsuhLnQ0Q

After bleeds count the reflect. Try to be 100% adrenaline, then you can sunshine when Vorago uses his second basic attack. Alternatively you can cade and intercept the bomb tank (who will love you forever). If you do not have intercepts you can still cade of course. This is done because the Bomb Tank will receive a red, which can really hurt if it’s followed up by a few blues. Cading him really saves the Bomb Tank a lot of damage. You can do the same thing for the third red.

In the meantime try to keep Vorago in the base spot, or move him to the orbs if necessary. Do this for 4 orbs and then thresh bring him down and finish off the phase.

Phase 4 

For most experienced teams you act as a normal dps until the weekly special happens (6-7 blues after the minion spawns). When this happens you come in MD (make sure it’s voked on you first). From there deal with the weekly mechanic and stay MD, depending on the week clear bleeds and off for reflect. 

Some Bomb Tanks might ask you to come in melee distance immediately after the waterfall ends. If they do this just go in MD and take some swipes. It’s fine to camp shield until the weekly mechanic because of the reduced damage. They can also ask you to not voke Vorago on you until the minion has spawned. This is because whoever Vorago is voked on will not receive a minion, and they might not want to get one. If this is the case make sure you voke Vorago back after the minion spawns and then continue as normal.

If you want to dps this phase you can sun right before the weekly mechanics ~5 blues after the minion spawns. Then just continue dpsing while dealing with mechanics.

Tagging Bombs during Purple Bomb

You might be asked to tag bombs during the purple bomb mechanic. The idea is that the Base and Bomb Tanks work together to clear the bombs before Vorago stands up. Usually this involves tagging only the red bombs. As Base you usually click on all the red bombs, and the Bomb Tank will intercept you and cade. Once Vorago stands up it is then your job to intercept the Bomb Tank, and any DPS standing nearby and cade. This prevents a lot of people from taking any damage and is especially useful in either very small teams or very large teams. 

Bomb Tank Rotations

qLearning to Bomb Tank

Bomb tanking is arguably the hardest role to do correctly. Because of this there is a bit of a learning curve and personally I’d advise learning it in steps. Do not try to do the best dps rotations while praying flicking and using essence if you have only Bomb Tanked 2 kills before. If you are trying to Bomb Tank for the first time using a pack yak is advisable and shield camp a bit more. Some steps you can take to improve from there are: 

  1. Soulsplitting when you will not be taking damage, such as bleeds, bring him down, dropdown.

  2. Switching to your staff when you are using devotion or will not be taking damage.

  3. Replacing defensive ultimates with sunshines and onslaughts.

  4. Using a Nihil instead of a tortoise/yak

One of the more important things is to find a rotation for each phase. Ideally you want to use resonance on the same bomb every kill. Cade at the same times and sunshine at the same times. This does a few things, for one it gives consistency, because you always know what ability you should use next. It also aids in counting of attacks. 

Maybe the most important thing to using less food (and improving dps) is to learn soulsplit flicking. The first step to doing this would be to soulsplit when you know there will be no bombs coming. From there try to do it more often, for example you can soulsplit if a red bomb does not come with a blue bomb. Or when Vorago sends out a Vitalis orb/Green bomb. The last step would be to do it on every single bomb coming to your way. Soulsplit flicking is especially powerful if you also camp a staff because this improves the heals you will get.

The goal for a Bomb Tank should be to never have to eat, while still camping the staff, using a shield only for resonances and cading when it’s necessary. That being said you have food with you for a reason and do not be afraid to use it. If you’re learning and you notice you barely eat food anymore, it’s high time to take another step towards improving your dps.

Some might disagree and say that you should learn bomb tanking the correct way immediately. I personally find that for most people that's too mechanically intense and they lose motivation after dying. Either that or people forget about mechanics because they are focused, or the other way around and they’ll take a few bombs with ss on because they forgot they need to flick.

Lastly for most phases I decided to describe the rotations for more experienced Bomb Tanks, if you are learning you may disregard most mentions of switching to staff or soulsplit flicking. I will also include extra defensives where a learner might find them useful. However, learner should still read the correct rotations and try to work towards them. Whenever I say to be on staff, replace that with wand + orb/book if you’re not using a staff.

Phase 1

Phase 1 is arguably the toughest phase on the food supply of a Bomb Tank. This is because Vorago will send out a lot of red bombs, which can really hurt as they reset your defensives. To deal with this soulsplit ficking is probably the biggest help, so if you cannot use this yet you will likely have to eat more and use defensives on the red bombs. Keep in mind that eating reduces your adrenaline so eating too much can have adverse effects. If you need to eat using brews would be better as it leaves you with adrenaline. You still lose dps but at least you have adrenaline for any ultimates or thresholds you need to do.

On dropdown stand towards the middle of the arena, slightly to the south east. This puts you into a position where you will not  take the first red, but it only takes a few steps to start receiving blues. Use your enhanced excalibur and from there make sure you’re on a staff, on soulsplit and at about 4-5k HP. Then build up while attacking Vorago, when he sends the first blue that targets you, switch to a shield and resonance. Switch back to a staff and keep building while flicking any bombs. Ideally build up to sunshine and then use an adrenaline potion and continue dpsing. You can also choose to continue with thresholds and use devotion. After your sunshine runs out you can take another res (or during sunshine) and the phase should end soon.

If the team is large or the phase takes long you can choose to use a defensive to block a red bomb.This is fine here even for experienced bomb tanks as in these situations your dps does not matter anymore. I’d recommend using transfigure as it can heal you up to full hp, essentially blocking a red and 3-4 blues after. If you used anticipate/freedom or your transfigure is on cooldown you can use cade too. Keep in mind that if Vorago sends out a blue bomb right after the red bomb, it will hit you after the red. This means cade or devotion will not block it normally. 

Try to use resonance when it is up and if you are struggling consider using preparation more. 

Two stepping red bombs

If you’re caded or devo’d and you do not want to take damage from a potential blue coming out right after the red bomb you can two step it. This means stepping 2 squares towards vorago right when he fires the red bomb, then moving 2 squares back right when he fires the blue. If done correctly the blue will hit before the red. This does mean you will tank the non homing blue that comes with the red, but as you have a defensive up this will not matter

Phase 2

As phase 2 is a timed phase your dps really does not matter here and you should not be too worried about it. However, this can provide a good opportunity to practice your prayer flicking and staff switching as there is no problem with eating a bit since the dps loss does not matter. Obviously if you already have problems with food you should focus on that first. 

On dropdown head over towards the middle of the room. Get in MD using methods described in bleeds, phase 2, phases and mechanics in detail. The first bleed does not have an animation, so you need to voke it right when the animation for the second bleed happens. Then you have time for one ability, if you are on revolution click to the side to avoid using an ability, then freedom when you receive the first bleed. After that wait and then escape the second bleed. You can soulsplit and use staff when clearing bleeds and right after bleeds. If you are near 100% adrenaline you can use wm/asph. Resonance the first blue that hits you, or the second one if you were full hp. Count 3 attacks and off for the reflect. Here you can either sunshine or cade on the second attack during reflect. After the reflect a red bomb will likely be fired at you, if you caded you can two step it, if you sunned just quickly run away from the non-homing blue. After 4 attacks head over to MD (make sure you don't bomb people) and clear bleeds again.

From there you can repeat this 3x, for the second reflect your sun/cade will be on cooldown. You have a few options here, you can use whichever one you haven’t used before, for example if you sunned the first reflect you can cade the second. You can devo and thresh after or even transfigure the red bomb. Another more risky option is to devo > adrenaline pot > onslaught. You will take damage from the red and any blues after so you will likely have to eat up. 

If your Base Tank has intercepts he can cade and intercept the first and second red you receive, however this is up to the base tank and not every base can or is willing to do it.

Make sure you tag any orbs close to you.

Phase 3

As each phase 3 is different i will keep them a bit more to the point. Your dps matters here and you should be trying to dps. If you only have a few bomb tank kills or it's your first time using shield isn't that bad, but i’d recommend anyone who’s more experienced to camp staff as much as possible. 

Ceilings + Teamsplit

Eat up a bit before Vorago spawns, then use asphyxiate > Dragonbreath > Wild Magic > Sonic wave. Get off for reflect and Resonance the First blue that comes out. If you’re high hp you can use Detonate, otherwise eat up a bit. Then after the second Teamsplit/Ceiling Collapse use Devotion and then Onslaught. Alternatively you can use sunshine at the start of the phase and then dps in it, though you may be pulled out of it due to ceilings or the teamsplit being very far away. If the phase does not end at the end of your sunshine or onslaught just threshold the rest of it. Remember to take any resonances you can, but do not resonance before a teamsplit, as the teamsplit will cancel the resonance.


Head south and sunshine on dropdown, build up, wild magic, then resonance the first blue when you reach about 5k hp, this should bring your hp back up a bit, then asphyxiate and afterwards devotion. The reason for such a late devotion is because at this point one of the scopuli should be about to die, so you can get an extended devotion, which helps massively. If the scopulus will die earlier you should devotion earlier as well. You should be able to resonance again after your devotion. If the phase goes on for too long you can use defensives like reflect and cade. Debilitate does nothing as it only reduces damage from the scops, who do not hit you.

As a learner you can tank a few bombs > resonance > cade > devo > resonance > reflect. 


Always head south after drop down, there are two main methods to this phase. Personally I prefer to sunshine and adrenaline pot on dropdown, then deto reflect and continue dpsing. Depending on the base tank you might need to clear the first and second bleeds instead of the third and fourth. If this is the case you need to run into MD right before bleeds (3 blues after the second vit orb).

The other method is to use thresholds and then devotion and onslaught right after reflect, you may need to cancel your onslaught early if the base asks you to take bleeds 1 and 2.

The phase should end during or right after bleeds, if not it's time to start running around with melee prayer on and flick it for blues.

Green Bomb

On dropdown head south, if the team is large be full hp and use devotion into onslaught. If all the dpsers do this the phase should end before reflect. If not off for reflect, take a resonance, flame your team briefly and use debil > continue dpsing. If at any point the green bomb is on you the base tank or one of the dpsers should get it off you. If the green is about to hit you and no one is coming to save you just run it into the dps pile and bomb them. It's almost impossible for the Bomb Tank to survive a full green bomb hit.

If the team is smaller it’s usually better to sunshine and adren pot on dropdown and then use thresholds with a resonance in between, For the reflect you can use devotion and detonate. In trios and duos it's pretty likely that you will receive a green bomb, but the dpsers should be taking turns to intercept them off you, so you can continue to dps. Just remember that there will be an instant reflect one the green bomb 10k’s someone.

Purple Bomb

Depending on the team you might need to tag red bombs. If you do need to the base tank or someone else will click on the red bombs and therefore receive a large stream of reds. It’s your job to intercept and cade him. Whoever tagged should intercept you back once Vorago stands up, so you can use thresholds and not worry about taking damage.

Regardless of if you’re tagging on not, you should always use Asphyxiate > Wild Magic > Dragonbreath in the first corner. From there tag or get ready to if you’re tagging bombs. If you’re not tagging bombs you can build to sunshine and then sun whenever, glitch out when possible and dps. You will take quite a bit of damage, but you can resonance the first bomb. It’s pretty likely that you will need to eat. 

If you’re learning or the team is large enough that your dps won’t matter, you can cade. If you cade without tagging red bombs you should stay in the arms and click on the purple bomb before Vorago stands up, this forces the purple bomb to hit you before the red bomb, letting you block pretty much all of the damage.

Phase 4

You should always wild magic > dragonbreath > sonic out of the waterfall, regardless of the week. From there you can resonance the first or the second bomb, depending on your hp. The minion will spawn with the third bomb. If you are low on hp its recommended to debilitate the second blue (res the first ofc), if debilitate splashes you can eat or reflect. When the minion spawns start attacking it and devotion the first blue after the minion spawns, if you get it you should be able to kill it fast enough for an extended devotion. Your devotion should last until about 1 blue before the weekly mechanic.

Never use resonance on the last attack fired before a waterfall, as waterfalls cancel your defensives and you will not res it. It’s also advisable not to use devotion during reflect as it will not be up for after the next waterfall, you can use reflect if you want though.

Because this is the same for each week I will not mention it again.


Towards the 5-6th blue before the ceiling collapse use cade and clear any rocks in the arena, including the one Vorago is throwing out during your cade. Right after voke Vorago for bleeds (you may have to leave 1-2 rocks). Clear bleeds like normally, build back up and take a resonance off the first blue after bleeds.


Cade towards the 5-6th blue, this will still catch the red bomb, afterwards build up and clear bleeds. Catch a resonance either before or right after bleeds and get off for reflect. 

If you want to sunshine you should do it at the time you would normally cade.


Head north east and cade right before the vitalis bomb starts, if you have intercepts you should intercept as many of the dps pile as possible, otherwise bomb them for 1 blue. This should prevent any vitali from spawning, if any do leave them alone for now as Vorago needs to be your target for bleeds. After bleeds feel free to kill any vitali still alive. Make sure you kill them before the waterfalls, as they can push you and others out of it. Off for reflect.

Green bomb

Cade on the 6-7th blue and get ready to intercept someone’s green, if it's on you, pass it on to someone else, unless a dps will intercept and devo/cade. If you do not have intercepts the dps should tank the 10k, you may then feel free to still cade or alternatively sunshine. After the green bomb, clear bleeds and take a resonance, then off for reflect.


Enter your teamsplit and threshold out on soulsplit, you should be able to resonance the first or second blue out of the teamsplit. Clear bleeds and continue using thresholds and then off for reflect.

Purple Bomb

Enter the arms, then use thresholds, if you’re tagging go do that (as described in phase 3). If not you should stay in the arms and tag the purple, then cade to prevent a lot of damage. After the purple bomb Vorago will fire a red bomb towards you, dodge the blue and tank some damage, you can use debilitate or reflect after the red hits. Off for reflect and enter the waterfall.

Phase 5

Here its most important to follow the rotations as pushback will directly influence whether or not you will get the kill. dps can come later and is of secondary importance, negating any pushback is always the most important. Only 2 abilities successfully block pushback, Barricade, which blocks 100% of the pushback for 10-13 seconds and Debilitate which blocks 50% if it hits. Because of this the most important thing is to have these two abilities up when specified. Clearing bleeds is also pretty important, and as bomb tank you should run in after the first bleed hits, regardless of if you got it. This puts you in a position to escape back. When the third bleed hits you can run back and should still receive the first blue. You should always use reflects to build with defensives.

The bomb tank should be standing north west from Vorago, preferably at maximum range.

Purple bomb and Green Bomb

Be 100% adrenaline on dropdown, then Wild Magic as soon as you can. Afterwards use Corruption Blast > Combust and get ready to barricade. Barricade as soon as the first blue hits you and it should last into the reflect. Resonance during the reflect and then get ready for bleeds. Clear them and run back out to bomb tank range. Then Sonic wave > debilitate and tank the next few blues. You can use sunshine whenever you get the adrenaline for it, alternatively you can use reflect/devotion. Try to dps until the next reflect, clear the bleeds and debil afterwards, this time you should have barricade up again, so you can use barricade when the first blue after purple bomb release has hit you. From there just keep rotating until you get the kill.

For green bomb if the green bomb is on you one of the dpsers should bridge and take it off you. It will still cancel your barricade however and you can devo/reflect after.

Teamsplit and Vitalis

Be 100% adrenaline on dropdown, Wild Magic > Corruption Blast > Combust out of the teamsplit and then barricade the first blue. The barricade should last until the last or second to last blue during reflect. You can use resonance when your barricade is going to run out for a heal, but if the first bleed is on you it will cancel the barricade/resonance and you might tank 1-2 blues. For this reason it’s good to pray magic, even though your resonance will be lower. Clear bleeds and then Sonic Wave > Debilitate, tank the 3 blues and get into the teamsplit. Use thresholds/devotion out and get off for reflect. After the next set of bleeds use debilitate and then Wild Magic out of the teamsplit again and Barricade after. Keep rotating this until you get the kill.

For Vitalis the rotation is the same, except its a good idea to cade earlier, meaning you can’t always wild magic on dropdown. If you have intercepts you should intercept the dps pile so no one takes damage from the vitalis orb. This is important because this damage provides pushback. Make sure you are also caught in the vit orb explosion to prevent vitali from spawning.

Bomb Tank Switching

This is usually done in phase 5 when trioing or duoing. You do the first part of the rotation for that week, this meaning the barricade after the weekly mechanic, but then after/during bleeds you use sunshine or onslaught and dps while someone else bomb tanks. You keep dpsing until the next set of bleeds, after which you are bomb tanking again. Debil after bleeds and then cade after the weekly mechanic. You keep switching like this to reduce as much pushback as possible, essentially optimizing barricade/sunshine cooldowns.

An added benefit is that on purple and green bomb weeks, if there is enough stall you can debilitate the reflect as well as after bleeds.

If you start the phase as the person who starts as dps you should sun dropdown, during teamsplit weeks you can use sunshine a bit after the teamsplit spawns.

You can use guthix staff during bleeds when you’re going to switch to bomb tanking. You can also use it to use up the last bit of adrenaline in your sunshine right before reflect.

Note on Duos

Attempting and doing Vorago duos can be incredibly fun, and it is quite a challenge. I can personally really recommend trying with a good friend, even if you aren’t actually good enough to get a kill. It provides much entertainment and many good memes. And it’s great incentive to improve gear and rotations.

The hardest part of a duo is p5 and i have 2 big tips for that. The first is to always prioritize barricade and debilitate when those need to be used. This means to give up on using an offensive threshold if you’re going to need to use a defensive one. And the second is to focus on adrenaline management and building. Watching videos of duos can help too. 

The p5 rotations are fairly similar to trios, with the exception of teamsplit weeks, where both bomb tank and dps go in MD during bleeds, while the bomb tank intercepts the dps. You do this because melee swipes are instant hits, and this way your cade will block more hits.


Thank you for reading my guide 🙂 You should now have a good understanding of the mechanics and damage/tank rotations at Vorago and I hope you will have much fun at the boss. A lot of this guide also extends to hard mode Vorago, which can be fun to do once you get experienced at normal mode Vorago. 

If you have any questions regarding Vorago or my guide feel free to pm me ingame (RSN: Night Eyes) or contact me on reddit (u/arcusaeterna). Any feedback is greatly appreciated as well.

Good luck on kills and don't forget to give me a split of any wand/singularity drops!!

    ^ thats a joke (not really)

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