Way of Drunken Master v.01


                 DAMAGE DICE                ARMOR                  HP


MAX:                CURRENT:


  • Chaotic

Start at least one brawl in a civilized place.

  • Good

Protect someone who is not worthy of that protection.

  • Neutral 

Avoid an argument that are petty or secondary to your goals. 


  • Elda – Elves

You learned martial arts so that you could protect yourself and forest. When you take the Defend move and guard a plant or animal of the forest, On a 10+ gain +1 Ki point.

  • Firya – Humans

When you observe an enemy’s fighting style, ask the GM how much damage they do.

  • Phuru – Dwarves

You ignore the forceful tag on any attacks made against you.


_______ has never been drunk, I will correct this life mistake.

_______ judges me for my drinking habits, I do not trust them.

_______ trusted me with a secret. 

I have sworn to protect _______ .

Starting Moves

Unarmored Defense 

You always have an armor of 1.

Raised By Mystics

When you first enter a civilized settlement the local Monastery will offer you hospitality and taking the Recover move there will allow you to remove all debilities.

Martial Arts

When you punch or kick a target using your martial arts prowess Roll+DEX. On a 10+ choose two, On a 7-9 choose one.

  • Your attack gains the precise tag.

  • You may deal an additional 1d4 damage without opening yourself up to danger.

  • Your attack gains the forceful tag.


Your training allows you to harness your inner power and use it as you wish. After meditating roll+CON. On a 10+ gain 3 Ki points. On a 7-9 gain 1 Ki point. You may spend a Ki anytime you want to gain one of the following bonuses. Your max Ki total is 3.

  • You may deal an additional 1d8 damage without opening yourself up to danger.

  • If an attacker hits you, you may spend 1 Ki point and they take -1 ongoing when attacking you.

  • You may remove one debility. 

  • You gain +1 forward when Roll+DEX on Defying Danger.

When you gain a level from 2-5, choose from these moves.

Make a Mighty Brew

When you take the time to brew a fine ale, a merry mead or a wicked wine Roll+INT. On a 10+ you make one barrels worth of alcohol(5 uses) and gain +1 forward to Chug Chug Chug with that alcohol. On a 7-9 you make 1 bottles worth of alcohol(1 use) and gain +1 forward to Chug Chug Chug with that alcohol.

Chug Chug Chug

When you drink an alcoholic beverage, Roll+CON. On a 10+ you gain 2 Ki points up to your max. On a 7-9 you gain 1 Ki Point.

Drunken Saunter 

Move to your destination without raising any suspicion or drawing any attention

  • 10+ Get to your destination without anyone noticing

  • 7-9 Pick one

?Get to destination but someone notices you.

?Stumble halfway to your destination then slip and fall causing.

  • 6 – Go home, you’re drunk 

Slow Fall

Gain +1 when you Defy Danger due to falling. You may spend a Ki point to gain an additional +1.

Debilitating Strikes.

When you use Martial Arts against an enemy, on a 10+ Apply a debility of your choice to the target. On a 7-9 you may choose to do +1d6 damage but expose yourself to the enemy’s attack or Spend 1 Ki point to apply a debility of your choice.

Be Like Water, or You Know Mead.

Spend 1 Ki point to

? Flow around a missile attack, dodging the danger without needing to Defy Danger

? Slip free from anything physically restraining you

Friends in Low Places.

When you drink with a companion or NPC and parley with them, you gain +1 forward.

Drunken Discussions

When you Spout Lore while drunk gain +1 forward.

Drunken Clarity

When you meditate or drink alcohol, the GM will give you a useful insight into a problem at hand. Take +1 forward when you act on this information.

I Can’t Feel My Face When I Drink Booze, But I love It.

While you are intoxicated your armor is equal to your current Ki points total.

When you gain a level from 6-10, choose from these moves or the level 2-5 moves.

Drunken Hadoken

When you drunkenly direct energy out of your body and towards a target. Roll+CON, On a 10+ choose 2, on a 7-9 choose 1.

  • Spend 2 Ki and shoot an energy blast that deals 1d6 damage to 2 targets.

  • Spend 2 Ki and shoot an energy blast that does 1d10 damage to 1 target.

  • Your energy blast has the forceful tag.

  • Your energy blast has the messy tag.

  • Your energy blast has the far tag.

Beer Bottle Armory

Fighting with a beverage in hand, the drink or bottle adds one of the following tags to your attacks.

  • Messy

  • Forceful

  • Stun

  • Precise

  • Thrown

Nerve Strike

When you use Martial Arts, on a 12+ you disrupt your foe’s Ki, disabling one of their limbs or senses in additional to dealing your damage.

Well Preserved

You don’t take your Last Breath so long as you hold Ki. If you take damage while at 0 HP, lose 1 Ki instead.

Drunken Frenzy

When you shout with great force as you use your Martial Arts your attack gains the reach tag, deals +1d6 damage, and gains the forceful tag.

Make a Magical Brew

Requires Make a Mighty Brew

When you Make a Mighty Brew you may place a magical ingredient in the mix, you drain the magic from the ingredient and transfer it to the brew. When you make an unarmed strikes after drinking this brew, you may imbue that attack with the effects of the drained magic. You may only have one effect at a time, drinking a new magical brew replaces the one you had before.

Drunken Master

Your max hold or Ki points total is 4.

Comfortably Numb

Replaces I Can’t Feel My Face

While you are intoxicated your armor is equal to double your current Ki points.

Way of the Intercepting Fist

When you use Martial Arts on a 10+ you may also move your foe somewhere within your reach, knock them down, or pin them in place.

Drunk Fu

When you perform an act of uncanny agility, balance, or coordination, roll+DEX. On

a 10+ choose one. On a 7-9 choose two.

? The action requires some of your focus, spend 1 Ki

? You wind up somewhere you didn’t intend to be

? Your action causes some unintended collateral damage or change to the environment

? You strain yourself, take -1 ongoing to all DEX moves until you take a few minutes to stretch and limber up

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