Way of the Centauri

Tradition for the 5e Monk Class
Way of the Centauri

Yaka Arrow

Starting when you choose this tradition at 3rd level, you can spend 30 minutes to infuse a single arrow with a gem of your choice. 

The colour of the gem gives the arrow advanced properties that come in effect at a later level.

Once you infuse an arrow, you no longer need to use a Bow or Crossbow to fire it. instead you can whistle to have the arrow float by your side, you can then whistle again to make a ranged weapon attack against a target within 60ft. 

You can also use the Yaka arrows with “Flurry of Blows”  ability, the damage for the Yaka arrow is equal to your Martial Arts damage die.

Yaka Element

Starting at 6th level when you make an attack with a Yaka arrow, you can whistle again and expend  3 Ki points to empower the gem infused with the arrow;

  • Red: 1d6 fire damage, the creature must make constitution save at the start of their turn or catch fire until extinguished, they take 1d4 fire damage each turn.

  • Green: Roots sprout from the arrows tip, the creature must make a strength saving throw or become grappled. 

  • Yellow: 1d4 thunder damage, the creature must also make a strength saving throw or drop whatever they are holding.

  • Blue: 1d6 cold damage, the creature must make a constitution saving throw or have half speed.

Flight of Arrows

Starting at 11th level, you can use a Yaka arrow to gain the ability of flight. Whilst holding an arrow you gain a flying speed of 15ft. You can increase your flying speed by 15ft by spending a Ki point.


Starting at 17th level, when attacking a target you cause the arrow to burst either within or infront of the target.

  • Within: The creature must make a constitution save or take 1d8 piercing damage each turn until the fragments of the arrows are removed.

  • Infront: The creature must make a dexterity save or become blinded.

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