Way of the Living Blade

Monastic Tradition: Way of the Living Blade

It’s a common saying that a sword is an extension of one’s body, however, for those that practice this martial art, their body is their sword. Practitioners train in a way that mimics the effects of a finely crafted blade, often performing better. 

Honed Ability-

 When you follow this path at 3rd level your martial arts can deal your choice of piercing, slashing, or bludgeoning damage. In addition, you may spend 1 ki point to raise the damage die of your martial arts by 1 level until the end of your turn. Eg. 1d4 to 1d6 and so on. This effect does not stack.

Will of the Edge- 

Starting at 6th level, you can focus your mind to razor clarity, strengthening your will and body. As a bonus action, you may enter a meditative frame of mind, while in this state you have resistance to bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage. You have additional resistances to charm and possession effects along with advantage on perception and insight checks. As a reaction to taking damage from an enemy within 5 ft., you may end this effect to counterattack with advantage. Moving or performing another action will also end the effect.

Armor Piercer- 

At 11th level your strikes have the ability to puncture even the strongest of defenses. You may spend 1 ki point to treat a target’s AC as 2 less than it’s true value until the end of your turn (this effect does not stack). In addition, you may spend 3 ki points when dealing damage to force the target to make a constitution saving throw, on a failed save the target’s AC is permanently reduced by 1.

Blade Breaker- 

At 17th level you establish yourself as the apex of weaponry. Whenever you land a critical hit, instead of dealing additional damage you may weaken the target’s weapon (natural or otherwise), reducing the weapon’s damage die by 1 level (d6 to d4 and so on). If a weapon’s damage is reduced beyond a d4 the weapon breaks, and natural weapons are reduced to an unarmed strike. If the weapon is magical, you must also spend 3 ki points to weaken it.

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