Weathered Sands

The Weathered Sands


The Weathered Sands is a vast expanse of rolling dunes separating <2 CONTINENTS>. Blinding sandstorms rise over the dunes, carried by blistering heavy winds from the east, reshaping the land constantly. Just through the heatwaves on the horizon, you notice what looks to be a tree line marking the beginning of <NEW CONTINENT>. This area is designed to be for a group of 4 players, level 5 ish.


Upon reaching the border, Have the most fitting character roll a History Check:

On a DC 10 History Check, a character would know that the tree line is rumored to be a mirage that has lead many unprepared adventurers to their deaths. Vicious creatures known as sand worms have been rumored to tunnel beneath the surface of the sand, and attack any creatures that come across their path.

On a DC 15 History Check, A character would remember hearing rumors of an ancient tomb that hides amongst the mirages and heat waves. The Tomb of Ali is located in the eastern lands of the Weathered Sands. Ali was rumored to be the last ruler of a group of people that lived in these lands. It’s said that the day he passed, the sands fell still for the first time, and not even the wind dared to whisper. The civilization disappeared shortly after his death, and the winds picked up once again.

 Status Effects:     

Sand Barrage:

Due to the high winds, and the constant barrage of sand, players must make multiple Constitution Saves  after entering into the desert. Each time the group makes a Constitution save it will be accompanied by a TRAVEL DIE roll. These CON saves represent travel distance, and the players ability to cope with the desert hazards. 

A total of Four CON Saves (DC 5/7/9/11) is needed if crossing the desert directly. 

A total of Two CON Saves (DC 5/7)  is needed if seeking out the The Tomb of Ali

Players wearing metal armor (Chain, Plate, Half Plate) have a higher DC by +1. (DC 6/ 8/10/12)

ON A FAILED CON SAVE: The players are pelted with sand, and their breathing grows heavier, their armor grows hotter, they take 1d4 damage.

After EVERY 2 CON save failures: That player gains a point of exhaustion.

Random Events:

Roll a travel die 1d20

1-7: Sand worm Attack.

18-20: Oasis  

** A sand worm Attack and Oasis can only activate once.**

**After before each travel die roll, players must make a CON save for Sand Barrage.. 2 Sand Barrages give the players a chance to PERCEIVE where the temple is** 


On a 18- 20 travel check, the players stumble across an Oasis. The glistening water seems to have healing properties, and it offers a strange sanctum of peace from the weathered sands. Players may rest here for as long as they choose, but once they leave, The oasis disappears completely.

For the curious in the group, Detect Magic would reveal that the small pool of water seems to glow with a evocation magic hue. The sands beneath the players can be investigated to reveal pieces of pottery from the civilizations that have been here before. A DC 15 Investigation check of this area will notice a small indicator carved into a nearby stone, pointing the players towards the direction of the tomb. Upon leaving the Oasis, after having found the stone, players are guaranteed to find the tomb without a Perception Check.


Sand worm Attack:

Whirlpool: A rumble begins beneath the groups feet, subtle at first, growing quickly into a small quake. Players that announce they’re moving are able to skip the following DEX save. As the sand begins to suck down around the group, causing a whirlpool, the players that did not move, must make a DC 12 DEX SAVE or take 1d8 force damage as they are swallowed into the sand.  Players that make the save do not take damage.  The worm bursts from the sand shortly after it’s whirlpool, displacing players that failed the previous save at the base of the worm, within melee range. 

ROLL initiative.


30 feet long, 10 feet diameter.   Monstrosity

AC: 16

 HP: 120

Movement: 40 feet

STR: 20 (+5)         DEX: 15(+2)         CON: 14 (+2)     INT: 3 (-4)        WIS: 10 (0)       CHA: 3 (-4)  

Passive Perception is a 10.

Blind: beyond 30 feet, the Sand worm can not see it’s target. 

Tremor Sense: Within 120 feet, the worm can sense movement. Players in this radius will be invisible unless attacking, casting or moving.  


Multiattack: Sandworm may attack twice

Bite. Melee: +7 to hit, reach 15 ft., one target. 2d8 + 5 piercing damage.

Slam. Melee: +7 to hit, reach 30 ft., one target:  3d6 + 4 bludgeoning damage. The Target must succeed on a DC 12 STR OR DEX saving throw (Player choice)  or be knocked prone. On Successful Save, player takes half damage and is not knocked prone..

Sand Cone: 4d6 and blinded on failed  CON or DEX save DC 12 to players within 30 feet. Requires FULL action to use, multiattack is not allowed with this ability. On a successful save, Half damage and not blinded.

Burrow:  When the Sandworm reaches <30 HP, it will attempt to burrow again> Players within melee range get attacks of opportunity. The Sandworm remains underground for 1 full round, before the rumbling occurs again beneath another player. That player must make a Dex Save DC 12, or take 1d8 force damage, similar to Whirlpool. 


Once Defeated, players may use the corpse of the worm as cover from the harsh environment, and make a nature check to harvest pieces of the worm.

On a DC 12 Nature Check, Players are able to find 1d10 Sand worm Meat, which can be sold for 2 GP per pound.

On a DC 15 Nature Check: They are able to find 1d4 + 1 Sandworm Bones which may be sold for 10 gold pieces, or fashioned into weapons by blacksmiths and other craftsmen.

On a DC 18 Nature Check: Players are able to slice open the stomach of the beast, revealing the foul smelling corpse of an adventurer, half decomposed. In that adventurers bag they will find a pouch containing 100 GP, A journal detailing a loved one of the adventurers who lived in a nearby city, opening up the sidequest <Of Where Hearts Meet>. The Adventurers armor is damaged beyond repair, but his sword seems completely untouched by the stomach acid. This magical blade is named <MAGICSHORTSWORD1>.


Once players make Two Sand Barrage Con Saves, or Encounter a single Sand worm, They may make a Perception check with advantage (assuming others are helping them out). On a DC 15 Perception Check, they will notice the Tomb of Ali, and may choose to walk in that direction. The group as a whole may check one time with advantage, upon failing, whatever they perceive is quickly discounted as a mirage, and they must continue making travel rolls for another 2 Con Saves.


Upon completing the TOMB OF ALI, players that have recovered/replaced the scepter, and successfully put back to rest the <Pharaoh Ali> will have found that the desert winds have come to a halt around their immediate area. In the distance the sand storm still rages on. The occasional rumble of a sandworm miles below their feet still occurs. But the players have conquered the desert, acquired some loot, and are now immune to the desert effects. As they reach the end of the desert, whichever direction they chose to leave, The faint whispers of a spirit at peace thank the group, the scepter glows brightly, then turns to dust, and the roaring desert winds pick up behind them once again. 

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