The Weaver Subclass

The Weave of Magic is all around us. While we may not notice it the very strings and threads of the universe are plucked and strung everytime an action is taken. Through rigorous training, discipline and enhanced gear fighters can use these strings to their advantage. 

You may be a guard in training for Vassar, a curious individual who stumbled upon these objects on a fallen soldier, or simply talented enough to build your own

Mobile Strings

Once you reach 3rd level and pick this subclass you can see the strings of magic around you by focusing hard enough. With these strings you can do a multitude of things. The first of which being to propel yourself in multiple directions.

As a bonus action or as part of your attack action as long as you have a hand free and are equipped with your Weaver equipment you can funnel magical threads through your finger tips to swing and whip about, choose a solid point to anchor yourself onto within 30ft, with your movement you can then move to any point in a 30ft radius sphere of that anchor point. While anchored if you begin to fall the wire catches you unless the fall is shorter than 30ft.

Using both hands however increases your speed while propelled, allowing you to detach your strings mid pull to move 60ft in a direction. However doing this counts as “stowing” an object as your free action.

If you take damage while anchored you must make a concentration check similar to the spellcasting rules of the players handbook

Careful Strings

At 3rd level over a period of 10 minutes you can create a series of magical wires invisible to the naked eye unless aided by detect magic, truesight or they can see into the ethereal plane. After 10 minutes you cast the Alarm spell using your intelligence modifier. However the mental ping function of the alarm spell works over any distance except through different planes.

Impeding Strings

At 7th level, you can shoot your strings in a line to stop opponents in their tracks. As a bonus action or a part of your attack action you can grapple a foe with your strings. To do this you roll a d20 using your intelligence modifier + proficiency. If the creature fails this contested check using their athletics or acrobatics it is grappled. Using both hands provides disadvantage to the opponents roll and causes them to be restrained and grappled.

You can also choose to just anchor yourself to an opponent freely as long as they are a Large size or larger, using an attack roll of your intelligence modifier + your proficiency against their athletics or acrobatics check. While anchored to an opponent you can use your Mobile Strings ability, keeping in line with all the previous rules. 

Threaded Weaves

At 10th level your use of the naturally occurring magical strings allows you to even fashion them invisibly on your person.

As a reaction you can shoot a thread from your clothes and body when falling to slow your fall, reducing the damage by half.

As well as being resistant to some magical effects, you are resistant to force damage and if you are targeted by the Magic Missile spell or its variants, the spell rebounds and hits the caster instead.

Dampening Strings

At 15th level your mastery over the strings of the cosmos coalesce in you being able to cut the connection of other users of the weave.

You have advantage on saving throws against spells while you are conscious

When a creature grappled by your Impeding Strings ability attempts to cast a spell you can use your reaction to have them make a roll with their spell modifier against your Impeding Strings modifier. The spell fails if your roll beats theirs.

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