Welcome Back to TD

Welcome Back to The Division

There has never been a better time to hop back onto the Division, with new DLCs, map expansions, missions, gear, and weapons being added since the game’s launch. 

For those just joining the game, the campaign is a great place to start, allowing you to familiarize yourself with the mechanics, unlock abilities,  and introduce you to the enemy factions.  

Once you hit level 30, you unlock world tiers. Added in patch 1.4, these scale the entire world to your gear score to ensure enemies are balanced around your power level. 

The real grind begins in world tier 5, where classified gear is unlocked. Classified gear unlocks powerful 5 and 6 piece bonuses that greatly increase your character’s damage, skills, or survivability.

You can save your favorite set combinations in loadouts, which allow you to re-equip your most reliable gear sets and weapons with just the push of one button, or save them if you want to test out new ones.

Once you put together a strong set, put your skills to the test in incursions and legendary missions. In incursions, you and your team must work together to defeat waves of elite enemies and a powerful boss. Legendary missions, the hardest mission type in the game, require coordination between group members against deadly LMB enemies.  

Tired of missions? Head to the West Side Piers, where you will find randomly generated encounters consisting of enemies of all factions working together against you. In the West side piers you will also find three Resistance maps, in which up to four players will battle to survive against hordes of increasingly difficult enemies. You can also head to the Dark Zone, which contains three new zones added in 1.6. In the Dark Zone, you will find powerful gear and weapons, but watch out for rogue players that can turn on you and take your loot. For pure PvP action, try the skirmish mode in which two teams of four battle in a deathmatch to reach 20 kills first.  

You can also try the three paid expansions that have been added since launch. Underground, which was revamped in patch 1.8, throws you into the sewers under the city, where you have to complete various tasks in randomly generated levels. Watch out for hunters, fierce enemies that can one hit enemies with an axe if they get close. If you enjoy PvP, try out the Last Stand game mode, in which two teams of 8 battle for control of capture terminals to download data. The most unique DLC is survival, in which the agent is thrown with nothing but a pistol into the most harsh environment in the game. Loot clothing, gear, and medicine to battle the cold, disease, and various enemies to extract with antivirals for the green poison. 

If you ever need guidance on what gear or weapons to run, or just want to discuss the game with other agents, there are many resources available. In The Division Discord, many veterans are eager to help new players build their sets and discuss the game. There you will also conveniently find LFG channels where you can find teams to play with to knock out any content you choose.  The Division Reddit allows you to post and discuss about anything Division related with others as well. To report bugs, head over to the Official Ubisoft The Division forums. Several dedicated agents, led by RubenAlamina, check every vendor and upload all the items to their reset website free of charge for your convenience. If you are interested in sharing your favorite builds with the community, head over to GrimRReaper’s build website to view and post builds.

Here are the links to the best resources the community has to offer:

The Division Discord

The Division Subreddit

Patch 1.8.3 build guide 

Full patch 1.8.3 guide 

Website where users can create and share builds, by GrimRReaper

Classified/exotic drop rates info, by Ahmad

Weekly vendor reset info, by RubenAlamina

Spreadsheet with all weapon/gear stat roll ranges, made by Ahmad

Skill calculator spreadsheet, by Ahmad 

Reset timer for weekly rewards, by Shadow and Weebix

Map with LZ boss locations

Survival map that shows loot locations and points of interest

DZ map that shows loot/boss locations/division tech locations 

Interactive Map of Survival, DZ, LZ, and Last Stand   

Glossary that explains helpful words and phrases

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