Werewolf Roles and Rules Variants

  1. Alpha Wolf    

    1. Is a werewolf who appears to be a villager while being investigated

    2. Can kill another person when they die

  2. Apothecary

    1. Can prevent any non-killing effect on another player during the night

  3. Apprentice Seer 

    1. They become the seer after the seer dies.

    2. They can spend two nights in a row for a seer investigation.

    3. They can gain a seer investigation after two investigations (not necessarily in a row)

  4. Aura Seer     

    1. Can learn if a target has a special ablity or is normal. Villagers and regular Werewolves are considered normal.

    2. Can determine if a player is on the villager’s side. Best for large games.

  5. Baker           

    1. During the night, the baker gives one player a loaf of bread, revealing his identity.

    2. If the baker dies, the innocents have just three nights to dispose of the werewolf, or the innocents starve, and the werewolves win.

    3. A player with a special ability can volunteer to become the Baker if they give up their current role

  6. Bodyguard    

    1. Defends others at night. Typically, they will awaken at night before the werewolves have woken and point at one person to protect; that person will survive any night-time attack. They are typically allowed to protect themselves, and are commonly barred from protecting the same target on successive nights.

  7. Cleric           

    1. Each night selects a player to cure; if a werewolf is cured, they awaken as an innocent, but must not reveal the other werewolves identities.

  8. Cult Leaders 

    1. Recruits followers at night instead of kill; they act as an independent faction, usually with the ability to talk at night. Wins by charming every surviving player; she charms players at night, who then know each other (but not the cult leader) but are otherwise unaffected.

  9. Cupid           

    1. Chooses a pair of Lovers on the first night. If one Lover is killed the other dies immediately. The Lovers can only also win the game (regardless of whether they are werewolves, villager, or both) by being the last two standing.

    2. (Valentines day variant) Cuipid acts everynight. Led to hilarious 12 person chain death

  10. Cursed         

    1. If the Cursed is attacked by a werewolf during the night then it will become a werewolf on the following night. Cursed should be woken every night and had it indicated to him whether they have changed or not

  11. Doppelganger

    1. On the first night the Mythlomaniac points to a player and they gain all powers and restrictions of that player for the rest of the game.

  12. Elder

    1. Will survive the first attack, but not the second. This includes lynchings, night attacks, poison, ect.

  13. Fool 

    1. Cannot vote to save

    2. Is a player who is made to believe he is the seer when in fact he is not. Both are seer cards marked to be separate. The Fool is then given random answers to his investigations.

    3. The Fool isn’t told of his status when the real Seer dies

  14. Freemasons  

    1. Knows the identity of all other Masons and that all Masons are also villagers.

    2. If the Bodyguard, Witch, or other player uses their power to directly save the life of a Mason he will become one immediately.

  15. Ghost           

    1. Usually the first player to be lynched

    2. Can write notes to the survivors one letter at a time. One letter for each death

    3. Must use their off hand

    4. 5 second time limit for writing

  16. Hangman

    1. While the hangman is still alive, if the village lynches a werewolf (or other villager enemy) another lynching is preformed

  17. Hapless Victim  

    1. If a player next to the easy mark is attacked then this player dies instead.

    2. This includes lynchings

  18. Hierophant    

    1. Is shown how many evil characters are still alive.

    2. In a No-Reveal Game show the card of the last evil character to die.

  19. Herbalist       

    1. Does not die when attacked by werewolves

  20. Hoodlum       

    1. Chooses two players on the first night. They win only if they are alive, those players are dead, and the villagers win.

    2. They choose 4 players and win instantly if all those players die while they remain alive

  21. Hunter          

    1. Can kill another person with them whenever they die.

    2. If targeted by someone else at night [sometimes just for a kill] this player will instead kill that player, regardless of alignment or intent. It is also common for this player to be allowed to use their one-time passive kill actively, meaning instead of waiting to be targeted, they can choose a target of their own.

  22. Infected        

    1. May kill a werewolf if attacked at night

  23. Insomniac     

    1. Can check if a player has awoken during the night

  24. Jailer

    1. Can remove a player from the game for a full day night cycle. Player and jailer cannot speak vote or use any other powers. (Suggest you have them leave the room)

  25. Kingmaker    

    1. Is a civilian, who, each night, names a King/Queen/Mayor for the following round. The Kingmaker cannot choose himself, and he cannot choose the same person for two consecutive rounds. The Kingmaker must choose someone.

  26. Lawyer         

    1. Selects someone during the night, and if that person tops the lynching vote the next day, saves them

  27. Little Girl       

    1. Is told who the werewolves are during the first night, while the werewolves are not told the little girl’s identity

    2. Is allowed to secretly peek and watch as the werewolves choose their victim; if discovered doing so by the Werewolves, she dies of fright

  28. Lone Wolf     

    1. Wins only if he survives as the last wolf.

  29. Martyr          

    1. May sacrifice themselves in the place of a player being lynched

    2. May also sacrifice themselves at the end of a night phase in someone’s place.

  30. Mayor          

    1. Has 2 votes for purposes of lynchings

  31. Medium        

    1. Wakes during third night to find out how far away from the closest werewolf or seer the previous werewolf victim was. Moderator indicated with fingers and does not indicate direction. Werewolf or seer is not indicated.

  32. Traveler        

    1. Is a Villager who appears guilty

  33. Mortician      

    1. In a no reveal game he finds out the method of each death.

  34. Murderer       

    1. May kill someone if lynched during the day

  35. Mystic          

    1. Can assume the role of someone who died the turn before in a no reveal game.

    2. The first night they know who the seer is. The seer doesn’t know their identity.

  36. Necromancer

    1. Has the power of a seer but are on the werewolf side.

    2. They can only spot the seer

  37. Noble           

    1. If noble is killed Day cycle is skpped. No one is lynched that day.

    2. The first night is told how many werewolves are in each half of the village

  38. Old Man       

    1. The Old Man dies a number of turns into the game equal to the number of werewolves in the game plus one

  39. Omega Werewolf           

    1. Must say the word “Werewolf” at least once per day.

    2. You don’t wake at night with the other werewolves until after a werewolf is killed.

  40. Oracle          

    1. At night they can choose a player and force them to reveal their card to the Oracle. Once per game.

    2. Reveal is public during the day cycle.

    3. Oracle must alsot reveal their card during the day

    4. At night can pass messages to the moderator to read aloud during the first phase of the morning.

  41. Paranormal Investigator  

    1. Once per game they can point to someone during the night and be told if the target or either of the people sitting adjacent to them is a werewolf. No more than a single yes or no for all three players is given even if all three are werewolves.

  42. Priest           

    1. Cannot vote to kill

  43. Remorseful Werewolf     

    1. Is a mole within the werewolf pack who acts with the Mafia but wins with the innocents.

  44. Scapegoat    

    1. If there is a tied vote and the scapegoat is still alive they are lynched.

  45. Old Crone     

    1. May select any other player at night, and prevent them speaking during the following day. They may not silence the same player on successive days. They can still raise their hand to vote

  46. Scryer          

    1. The Scryer and the Seer identify each other. During the Night they open their eyes and learn who will die that night. Then, they are given a moment to communicate with the Seer silently.

  47. Seer

    1. Can choose a player during the night and determine whether they are a werewolf or a villager

  48. Servant        

    1. each night she must choose a house to sleep in: They die if a wolf is chosen, otherwise nothing happens (henceforth she knows that that person is not a wolf)

    2. If the Chosen person is attacked at night the servant dies as well

  49. Sheriff          

    1. This role is taken in addition to the assigned role, and it endows the player with additional, overt, daytime powers. Empowerment can be random, but is usually made by vote.

    2. They can be elected each morning, and can be replaced at any time with a vote of no confidence

    3. Gain two lynching votes

    4. Can moderate discussion in parliamentary fashion.

    5. Have the sole lynching vote.

  50. Sorcerer       

    1. Wins as the werewolves team

    2. Can attempt to dominate a player each night. If a werewolf is chosen that player joins the Sorcerer’s team, but does not wake with him or the werewolves. The Sorcerer then chooses a target for his werewolf each night. Dominated Werewolves die if he is killed.

    3. Kills the seer if he is investigated

  51. Spellcaster    

    1. May choose to either mute or prevent a player from voting (Including themselves) during each night phase. Once per game each.

    2. Will silence anyone that targets them for any reason at night. They cannot choose who they silence.

  52. Tavern Keeper

    1. Can disable the powers of any selected target, but not the same person twice in a row

  53. Thief

    1. An additional townsfolk card is added before dealing, and the Thief may choose on the first night to steal the role of another player or to take the unused role card. The player whose role was stolen gets the unused role card and the Thief card is discarded.

    2. Can choose a player at the beginning of each night. That player cannot act (if he normally would) for this night.

  54. Tracker         

    1. May see what someone's night action was, or the target of their action.

  55. Troublemaker

    1. Until the troublemaker dies there are two lynchings per day

    2. Chooses one player to bully for the day. That player must vote the same way the troublemaker does.

  56. Turncoat       

    1. Is randomly assigned an allegiance at the beginning of the game. They can switch allegiances at night, but not on consecutive nights

    2. They switch randomly allegiances each night

  57. Vampire        

    1. Members of a separate team, in opposition to the werewolves as well as to the villagers. Have the same powers as the wolves and should be handled the same way by the moderator (but of course the wolves should not be allowed to see who the vampires are, nor vice versa). All rules involving werewolves also applies to vampires

    2. Each night a vampire chooses a wife if they end a complete day night cycle with three wives they win.

    3. If the werewolves don’t pick a target within a prescribed amount of time they choose one. If all players who wake at night die then he wins.

  58. Vigilante       

    1. Is an innocent who kills every night, in his own night-time phase, in some variations, having a limited bullet supply for the entire game. Some variations introduce a time limit of two nights before the player in the Killing Role can exercise his right to kill again.

    2. Has the ability to kill one person at night if she so chooses.

  59. Village Drunk 

    1. Secondary role assigned by the village (Tavern Keeper, Sherriff or Mayor).

    2. Player can only speak with an outrageous accent. Too many or any significant violation results in death.

    3. Player must say the word werewolf at least once a day

    4. Player can only speak in gibberish

    5. Player cannot speak

  60. Village Idiot   

    1. Has the objective of convincing the town to kill him,

    2. Is required to vote in favor of all proposed lynchings.

    3. Successful lynching of the Village Idiot results in the werewolves being able to kill two people that night.

  61. Villagers       

    1. No abilities

  62. Were-Hamster

    1. They don’t die if they are targeted by werewolves.

    2. They die if the seer targets them.

  63. Werewolves  

    1. Collectively choose a player to kill each night

  64. Witch           

    1. Civilian who can elect someone to save or kill in the night usable only once each.

  65. Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing 

    1. May sacrifice themselves at any time. During the next night they may choose a villager who then becomes a werewolf

  66. Worshipper   

    1. Is not a werewolf, but works to protect them and hamper the town during the day cycle, and wins only with a Mafia victory.

  67. Zombie         

    1. Each night the player to the right of the Zombie joins the horde. They are secretly notified.

    2. They still act as a regular player. They win when all remaining players are part of the horde.

    3. They can no longer vote or speak. They continue to spread leaving it up to the villagers and the werewolf to team up to kill them

    4. The zombie chooses one player who can no longer vote.

Die Rolling daily variant

  1. 2

  1. The next night the werewolves target becomes a new werewolf

  1. 3

  1. The first player nominated and seconded is instantly lynched

  1. 4

  1. Two lynchings today instead of one

  1. 5

  1. Indicated the last player chosen by the seer

  1. 6-8

  1. None

  1. 9

  1. Same variant as the previous day

  1. 10

  1. The process of elimination is used

  1. 11

  1. No discussion except for nominating and seconding nominations

  1. 12

  1. The next night the target of the werewolves loses his special ability instead of dying

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