What advice will you give to a new freelancer like me who wants to earn via free lancing?


Welcome to the freelancing world !

Things which I feel should be shared with you. Listing them as below.

  • Gain sufficient industrial experience so that you would know what clients expect and how is the market in your domain.
  • Learn and master skills in your domain to give quality product / service to customers / clients. Keep learning more and more about your subject knowledge so as to stand out in the crowd ( read freelancers ).
  • As you have just began to freelance, do it as a part time with a regular job so that the income flow would keep you financially secured.
  • Do not spend any more than you earn in freelancing or for your freelancing career.
  • Take project one at a time and accomplish it with quality results and keep your online profile top ranked.
  • Try to finish the project before deadline.
  • Ask your clients to write a feedback about your services ( positive ones, obviously).
  • Register yourself in multiple freelancing websites to get projects to work on and not just depending on one particular site.
  • Start your freelancing career, from a known reference so that you get used to working in deadlines and again experience.
  • Put your work on display, especially if you are freelancing in software side of business, which would impress clients.
  • Make contacts in your domain both for projects and knowledge sake.
  • Join a community ( online or offline ) and provide solutions to create a brand for yourself. Create FB YouTube, LinkedIn, pages to show case your expertise.

Hope this helps. Take care. All the best.

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