What am I supposed to do when I have no skills, find a job or work on Upwork/Freelancer?

Why don’t you think in opposite way! Assume yourself as an employer and you have some job to be done! So to find someone for the work you have decided to post a job on Upwork / Freelancer.

Let’s say, after an hour you have started to review all the application that were submitted by freelancers. So how are you going to shortlist ? Definitely you will search for someone with knowledge on the skill set as per your job requirements. Also prior experience will be a plus..

You mentioned above that you have no skills : that’s a lie ! You definitely know something because of which you have created your freelancer account. Don’t try to be a Jack of all trades, master of none.

First figure out your skill set then bid on only on those projects that’s match with your skill set. Don’t make the proposal to look like an essay. Just mentioned your skill set and how you are going to do the job in brief!

If you really have no skills then I am sorry friend 🙁

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