What are some good, new Android app ideas (no games)? It can be made on other platforms.

  • -16 AirBnB for objets from users nearby like Wap machine, jet-ski, lawn machine, food mixer, car, would be great for poor countries, renting or exchanging home things and objects. It could have it’s own currency like credits for borrowing for others more than borrowing for self. More dedicated users would have small inventories to make their earning.

    15 AirBnB for cars. Rent a car from a private owner.


-13 an APP for women period that warns women (and men if they want to know about women in his life) about their periods. Important that it does not only warns about fertile period or about PMS, but also about the women monthly emotional cycle. It reminds the women of her likely emotional state based on her period ,like the video below. It warns her with popups of very cute emojis that represents the emotional state.

  • -12 We have good apps and websites to provide information, answers and points of views like Wikipedia, Google or Quora, but we still need a system to provide solutions. One that you can recur to when you need any solutions. Sometimes encyclopaedias, books or even professionals doesn’t provide us solutions. So what would an app have to be to constantly feed solutions? Maybe a system that filter information after the pragmatic stuff? Maybe a system that connects people to other that have notably/provably solved problems?

-11 A social media that connects people by their social value, their social meaningfulness, their social contribution in the broader sense. It’s not linkedin because it should value other stuff like being a good matriarch, it’s not facebook because it’s about the social value not social image or social interaction, it’s something different.

-10 one that will voice out loud any text in any app or place on your phone. It will auto read e-mails, horoscope, notes, anything that you open on your phone.

-9 one that links patients of rare or complicated conditions to dedicated researchers and specialised doctors. It should help to keep track on new papers. It should help diminish medical ignorance amongst professionals and patients.

-8 Like “9gag”, yet only with hopeful, fate restoring, beautifying memes. Aimed for grown ups, elders, etc..

-7 Like “Yousician”, an interactive game like tutorial, but for cooking, bodybuilding, jelqing, programming, child education, or other hobbies

-6 A video player that play youtube videos for children, but changes the sound waves and add noises, dimmers brightness, etc.. to make them sleep faster.

– 5 Like “Uber”, but for calling a freelance personal chef, for parties, events, or other occasions. (I imagine an old lady coming to my house, making grandma’s food)

-4 Just like “Yodha my Astrologer” but for accounting, legal or medical issues.

-3 One that orient stept by step on how to care for a Baby. Vacines dates, types os cry, proper food… So the inexperienced or lone mother may do it right effortlesly.

-2 Dating app that matches people according to diverse compatibility theories (socionics, astrology, enneagram, Fisher’s etc..). Could be a Facebook, POF, or Tinder feature.

-1 One that facilitates casual partners, for going to movies, playing tennis, chess, jamming, discussing specific topics, etc.. You just type the subjects and see people on your area and their disposability time. Should aim for trustfulness like Airbnb.

0 – One that sends allert messages from the phone anytime gps detects phone went out of usual course. Say your kid was kidnapped and GPS shows the location on a dangerous comunity.

1- One that alow you to make a realistic budget for house renovation.

2-One that alouw you to make realistic mockups of a house renovation over taken pictures. Wall colors, basic itens on a menu like couch, and google shopping pictures as itens.

3- An ‘UBER’ for sleepovers and couch-surfers.

4- An ‘UBER’ for immediate house fixes, for quickly hiring reliable professionals.

5- A very visual friend localization map. It will show where your friends are on the city map. If the person has the app and leaves the gps on, it will broadcast the location. So on a saturday night you know where your friends are and what they are up to, or their intentions (food, party, pub) just by looking the avatar over the map.

6- A ‘medical and health Quora’. An app, for the use of health professionals, mothers and hypochondriacs.

7- an app for tax declaration.

8- one for i-watch that give you reports on your health based on your heart-beat through the day. It should be able to read heart beats periodically thru the wrist.

9- One that takes pictures whenever someone types the wrong code on your phone and sends the picture to your e-mail.

10- One that identifies when you are looking at the screen and takes pictures without you noticing. Later on you can access your database and see what was your face during the day or week or months. It should give reports of when you smile, when you look stressed, when you have dark circles, etc..

11- A friendly chat bot for loners. A very nice virtual character will be nice with you with customizable periodicity. It will ask stuff , show compassion and exchange information (useful links, inspiring links, like ted videos, or self help, or anything positive). It should notice patterns on your likes and dislikes.

12- One for the use of homeless people. Maybe an app so you can adopt a local homeless. Maybe check on the person status, if any local has given any food or not.

13- One that warns you when nearby restaurants are giving leftover of good food away so you can eat for free and they can ethically get rid of it.

14- An app that simulates a concierge and a contractor for tourists. You type the city, the neighbor, the activity, the budget, the desirable quality standard, the desired distances, etc.. And it will return the best options based on tags, location, price and open hours. It’s like any travel searching site that alouw you to search for tickets and hotels, but it narrows the choices in a combination, crossing location, price, number of stars, distance, etc.. It’s like a tourism agency, a very easy “TripAdvisor”.

15- One that alouw you to match personalities on a group according to some popular personality measurement such as MBTI, Eneagram or Astrological sign. Maybe a matchmaker app based on those.

16- One where individual philanthropists and miserable individuals both can access. It stimulates a healthy connection between them.

17- One that identifies coke snoring sounds and sends a message to the parents. For parents. A version of the ones that identifies baby crying.

18- One that guides you resourcefully on how to get a visa, or how to do other stuff, like, house repair, wall building..

19- One that is just like facebook but much more simpler. It’s just a screen with avatars and contained visual spaces. Avatars can be dragged, put on folders, or on highlights. It’s like a visual and interactive phone agenda. Clicking on avatar you can go directly to whatsapp, e-mail, site, whatever. User may be encouraged to change avatar and short description constantly, like it’s a facebook of one picture and one post without any database. It should be very visual and ludic like an i-pad screen.

20- one that has a customizable routine of automated switching on music. For example, app can start your i-tunes on chosen track for meditation music on a slow crescendo every Wednesday at 18:00. Or it switches on your audio book everytime when you are getting the bus back home. For people who needs a routine enhancer.

21- one that reminds you who you need to call and when. It will appear on the screen “have you called your mom, it’s already 10:00? if you wish to call just tap on the screen”, “have you called your grandmother? It has been 5 months since you last called her and she had the flu last time, if you wish to call just tap on the screen”

22- a “very important things” sticky note. Just a sticky note on screen, that stimulates you on sticking important things to be reminded. It has a couple options on levels of importance. You may write 3 notes of 3 words each on each sticky. If you flick the note with your finger it will lead to an empty space where you can add 3 more notes. It will always show the main folder called ‘ALWAYS AND SOON’. When flicked it goes to ALSO IMPORTANT. flick again and it goes to WAIT A LITTLE. Flick again and it goes to LATER. After 40 seconds it will always goes back to the first ‘Always and Soon’. You can drag from one note to the other. If you choose to add more than 3 notes on each sticky, it will slip to the following. You can only make 12 notes. You can detail each note with a to-do list that shows a part.

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